The Publican’s Daughter

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Big Tits

Sam locked the door behind the last of the boozy customers and heaved a sigh of relief. It had been another busy Friday night, and the pub had been heaving with people since 8pm. He looked across the bar towards his pretty, dark haired daughter, Karen. Karen had been working for her father behind the bar of the pub since her 18th birthday only 3 weeks earlier, and had so far proven to be a big hit with the male clientele. Perhaps this was due to the low cut tops and short skirts that the girl wore. Her choice of clothing meant that generous amounts of deep valleyed cleavage and long, lithe thigh were on display, and that was bound to draw the punters.

Sam had mixed feelings about his buxom daughter’s popularity. She definitely attracted the boys and drew them into the pub, where they spent their hard cash and ogled at Karen’s voluptuous curves. Sam was entirely happy to take their money from them, but he had grown very concerned about the interest they had in his daughter. Karen was a vivacious, pretty girl, with her large bosom and long legs adding to her obvious attractiveness. She had been getting on well with one of the local lads, a little too well Sam thought, and he knew for a fact he had good grounds for his concern.

He had returned early from town two days before in the week and had let himself into the living area that sat above the public rooms, coming home to what he had presumed to be an empty house. He thought that Karen must have gone out, visiting a friend or perhaps she was on some other errand, but he was alerted to someone’s presence in the house when he heard noises coming from the third storey of the building.

His curiosity was piqued and Sam climbed the stairs to investigate the noise. The third storey of the big old place was virtually disused, being put to use mainly for storage and Sam was puzzled by what, or who was up there. His mind worked overtime as he stealthily climbed the old staircase. If it was an intruder he wanted to catch the person by surprise, and hence his quiet, stalking approach.

Sam crept along the landing and headed towards where he assumed the noise to be coming from. He noticed that the door to one of the old bedrooms was ajar and silently slipped up to it. He pressed is eye close to the door jamb and peered into the room. What he saw shocked him to the core, and Sam felt himself grow light headed as the full impact of what he was witnessing hit home.

He stared in stunned disbelief at his pretty daughter as she knelt on the carpet completely naked. Karen was using her hands and knees for support and was offering her rounded buttocks up to a finely physiqued young man whom Sam recognised as a customer from the bar. The young man was as naked as his daughter, and was in the process of pushing a fine erection against her labia. Karen was looking back at the man over her shoulder and smiling happily at him as he presented his magnificence to her body.

‘Stick it in me, baby,’ Sam heard his daughter say. ‘I want to be royally fucked, so don’t you dare disappoint me.’

The young man laughed and pushed against Karen’s opening, sliding the first few inches of his cock into her. He grunted and gripped Karen’s broad, pale skinned hips, closing his eyes as the sensation of Karen’s tight cunt gripping at his cock overwhelmed him. ‘Fucking hell, girl,’ he sighed. ‘Your so fucking tight, I can’t believe it …Fuck… Oh fuck.’

Sam was frozen with sheer lack of understanding of what he was actually seeing, and it took him several moments to comprehend exactly what was going on. His daughter? It couldn’t be, not Karen. She was too young to be doing this; she was his little girl. No, Sam’s thought shouted silently inside his head. No, she couldn’t be… But the truth was undeniable. It was right in front of his bulging eyes. His lovely daughter, the apple of his eye since her mother had died, was being fucked. Not only was she being fucked, she was obviously enjoying herself immensely.

In spite of the fact that it was his youngest daughter in that spare room, kneeling on the floor and being taken so masterfully from behind, Sam found himself staring at the young couple as if he was spellbound. He found the sight of his daughter’s ripe, round buttocks very endearing, and instead of storming into the room, shouting and raging, he could only stand and watch in fascination.

His cock was shockingly erect, pressing hard against his trouser front, and as Sam continued to spy from the passageway he slowly unzipped his flies and quietly pulled his thick organ from inside. As the man fed his thick prick into Karen’s body, grunting and swearing with the effort of holding his impending climax in check, Sam slowly pumped his fist up and down the swollen length of his own shaft.

‘Oh yes, fuck me with that big prick, stuff me with it,’ Karen was shouting, obviously thinking her father was in the town doing the konyaaltı escort banking and whatever other business he may have to conduct there. She obviously had no idea that at that very moment her father was spying on her as she cavorted nakedly with her big cocked lover. ‘Come on, fuck me with it, make me come,’ the girl continued lewdly, her filthy instructions only arousing the hidden Sam more and more.

‘Shit Karen,’ the young man moaned. ‘I… I can’t hold it back… I’m coming…’

He groaned and his head fell forward. Sam saw the man’s fingers dig deep into the flesh of his daughter’s hips as he crouched low over Karen’s slim back and began to pump his semen into her body.

As the man gushed his lust into Karen, Sam found his own orgasm threatened to overwhelm his senses and he was forced to stifle his own groans of ecstasy as his thick cum spurted form the eye of his cock, spattering thickly against the back of the door. Jet after jet of his spunk hit the peeling paintwork and dribbled obscenely down its mottled surface.

Sam was mortified by what he had done and had no opportunity to clean up his mess because Karen had pushed the man from her body and was already standing in the room beyond Sam’s position. He had time to notice his daughter’s heavy breasts as they jiggled and swayed with her movements before he became alarmed that she might discover his presence at any moment. Sam left his cum to trickle wetly down the woodwork, and could only hope Karen wouldn’t notice his deposit as he made his way quietly back down the stairs to the rooms below.

He let himself back out of the pub and took a long looping walk around the park. He had to think about what he’d seen. On one hand he was shocked that Karen was sexually active, but on the other hand, she was 18 after all. She wouldn’t be a child forever and Sam realised that his youngest daughter was maturing into a fine bodied woman. A woman with needs and desires of her own, and he found he was more disgusted with himself and his reaction to his discovery, than he was with Karen’s behaviour. It wasn’t natural to harbour such lustful feelings for your own daughter, and he had compounded the sin by masturbating whilst watching her being fucked, which only exaggerated his guilt.

Later that night, and also the following nights, Sam was tortured by the mental images of his sweet daughter and the memory of the foul language she used while fucking her young lover. He fought against the temptation to masturbate, but would eventually succumb to the insidious lust that possessed him, finally crying out aloud with the release as his semen spurted and trickled thickly over his wrist, the pool of his goo rapidly cooling on his belly.

Sam had been watching his daughter all that Friday night as she smiled at customers and pulled pints for them. She was wearing her long, dark hair piled on top of her head, pinned up and making her look incredibly attractive in her father’s eyes. Her skimpy top revealed the outline of her tight nipples as her big breasts pushed the material taut against Karen’s chest, and her long legs were shown off to near perfection in the mini skirt and knee high boots she was wearing.

Sam looked at his daughter with the lust burning deep in his belly, and he had to fight the almost irresistible urge to go to her and force himself upon her. He hadn’t had a woman in months, not since he’s paid a prostitute for her services, an act that caused him to feel used and dirty, and Sam was in desperate need of some relief as he gazed at Karen’s tight, nubile body.

‘Is everything ok, Dad?’ Karen looked at her father, puzzled.

‘Yeah, yeah sure,’ Sam replied, Karen’s voice breaking his reverie.

‘Really?’ Karen said, approaching Sam, concern contorting her pretty features.

Sam remained silent as he watched Karen come closer. His eyes flickered down, and he looked at the succulent swell of his daughter’s bosom as her big jugs wobbled tantalisingly where they were concealed beneath her tight top.

‘Are you sure you’re ok?’ she asked, stopping just in front of her father, her face changing when she noticed that he was looking at her breasts.

‘Yes,’ Sam sighed heavily, looking up into his daughter’s bright green eyes. ‘Just a bit tired I suppose,’ he made his excuse, shrugging his shoulders at the same time. ‘Come here,’ he said, holding his arms out to Karen. ‘Give me a hug.’

At that moment he was sure when he looked back, analysing the moment again and again in his mind, that he really did just want a comforting hug from his daughter. He tried to convince himself that he was innocent of any carnal thoughts when he held her close to his chest. In spite of his fevered and sordid nocturnal imaginings, Sam was certain that he didn’t consciously think about what happened next.

As he held Karen close, Sam could smell the clean scent of her hair. kültür escort He could feel her big, spongy breasts pressing against his chest through his shirt, and as he ran his hands down her back, Sam felt his cock thicken with arousal. As soon as his prick stiffened, the desire for his daughter surged through his veins like some sort of drug that had been injected into him. He couldn’t stop himself, and his hands moved lower along the curve of Karen’s spine, right down and over the swell of her firm buttocks.

‘Dad!’ she called out urgently when she felt her father cup the cheeks of her arse in his hands. ‘What do you think you’re doing; stop it,’ Karen’s voice rose shrilly.

‘Oh my baby,’ Sam croaked when he felt Karen’s firm body in his hands. ‘You’re so beautiful, so sexy, you drive me mad. …I saw you. …Saw you the other day, …upstairs.’

Karen struggled to free herself but stopped when she heard her father saying that he’d seen her. The confusion was taking hold, the shock of her father’s grasping hands feeling her body in a way that was far too intimate for a father to hold her, coupled with the revelation that he’d seen her fucking Tim. Her mind whirled, and conflicting emotions ripped at her senses.

Sam pulled the hem of Karen’s tiny skirt up high, revealing the soft globes of her arse, the bootlace thickness of her thong sandwiched between the cheeks. He kneaded the pliable flesh and his passion grew to new heights. Sam was now aching to possess his daughter, the madness of lust overriding all logical, decent thoughts. He wanted her and he fully intended to have her as Karen began to struggle against her father’s tightening grip. She could feel the urgent, hard maleness of him as his thick, stiff cock pressed against her tummy. The feeling of her own father’s excitement scared the girl and she began to sob.

‘Daddy, w… what are you doing? Please, this isn’t right. Please stop.’

Sam was deaf to her tearful entreaty and he pulled at her cotton shirt, determined to, pull it from his daughter’s body. ‘It’s ok baby,’ he muttered over and over again like a mantra. ‘It’s ok; Daddy loves you. Please, I’m so desperate.’

There was something in her father’s voice that struck a chord deep within Karen. As frightened as she was her father’s words somehow got through to her and she stopped struggling against him. There was something profoundly pathetic in her father’s tone, something childlike, and in that moment Karen felt that their roles had been reversed, that she was the parent and Sam was the child. Despite the fact that it was her own father pawing at her breasts, Karen was overcome by a wave of maternal emotion, and without fully realising what she was doing, she reached to peel the clinging shirt from her body.

Sam gasped and just gazed at Karen’s bountiful breasts when they were gloriously revealed to his eyes. Karen hadn’t bothered with a bra and her tits swayed and jiggled heavily when they bounced back into shape.

‘Is that what you wanted?’ Karen whispered. ‘Did you want to see my breasts?’

Sam could only swallow heavily and nod dumbly. He was still transfixed by his daughter’s superbly shaped jugs, shaking his head from side to side in silent wonder.

‘Touch them if you want to,’ Karen’s voice was barely audible as she made her invitation to her father.

Sam looked into his daughter’s eyes and slowly reached forward. His fingers lightly brushed Karen’s breast flesh, her nipples puckering instantly. ‘Shit,’ Sam hissed as he cupped Karen’s weighty globes in his palms. ‘You’re so beautiful,’ he continued, bending his head to suckle on his daughter’s engorged teats.

‘Oh,’ Karen gave a sort of cough when she felt her father suckling her. ‘Oh yes, that’s so nice,’ she whispered, her hand stroking Sam’s hair gently as he nuzzled at her like a baby. Sam lifted his face from his daughter’s bosom and they kissed. Karen’s lips parted when her father forced his tongue into her mouth, and soon they were kissing like lovers, tongues twisting wetly in each other’s mouth.

‘Let me take you in my mouth Daddy,’ Karen said as she squatted down on her haunches in front of Sam. She unzipped his flies and his big cock jutted menacingly from the gap in the zip. ‘Fuck you’re big,’ Karen gasped when she saw her father’s size.

Karen’s use of profanity turned Sam on hugely, and he growled as he held her dark head and pushed his thickness against her lips. He fought the urge to buck his hips as Karen bravely fellated his girth. If he’d surrendered to the urge and fucked at Karen’s mouth there’s no doubt he would have damaged the girl, and he could only hold back the urge for so long.

‘Me now,’ he grunted and pushed his daughter’s face from his groin. ‘I want to taste you,’ he elaborated when Karen looked up at him from her kneeling position in front of him.

Sam lifted his daughter to her feet and markantalya escort led her to the long bench that ran along one wall of the bar. He peeled her thong from between her buttocks and helped her steady herself as she stepped out of it. He took a moment to study his daughter’s slim figure as she held her skirt high over her hips. He took in the detail of her narrow waist and broad hips. He took a long, lingering look at her neatly trimmed bush, and could see the puffy lips of her labia as they peeked shyly from between her thighs. Karen’s long legs were still covered to just below the knee in the black boots that she had on, and the whole effect was one of complete sluttiness.

Karen lived up to the look by sitting back on the bench and spreading her legs unashamedly for her father. As soon as she exposed her sex to Sam he knelt on the rough carpet and bent forwards to tongue at his daughter’s centre.

The girl began to pant almost immediately and her father tongued deeply at her opening before flicking his tongue over her hard little clitoris. ‘Oh fuck Dad,’ Karen moaned. ‘Oh fuck, lick my clit; please lick it. It’s so good.’

Karen’s hips were sliding backward and forwards as Sam lapped at her. He could taste his daughter’s slick wetness as her juice began to seep from her opening. His chin was soon smeared with his her oily love juice, and Sam probed deeper and deeper inside her body with his tongue in an effort to excite her further. He tickled at the opening of Karen’s cunt with the tip of a finger whilst he tongued solidly at her clit. Karen groaned loudly when her father pushed his finger deeper inside her soft walled tunnel and wriggled his finger against her.

‘Oh Daddy,’ she panted urgently after several minutes of this attention. Sam had progressed to pushing first 2 then 3 fingers inside is daughter’s clenching cunt, and she was in the early stages of her climax.

‘Come on baby,’ Sam hissed as he pushed into his daughter, finger fucking her vigorously. His fingers were slick with her copious lust as the juice now gushed from her.

Finally Karen arched her back and pushed her father’s hand tight against her vulva. ‘Fuck…’ she muttered through clenched teeth, her eyes closed and her body tense. ‘Fuck… I’m coming, oh yes please; I’m coming. Right on your face, …shit.’ Karen wailed and jerked spastically as the wave of her orgasm broke. She continued to writhe and moan for several seconds longer, and just as her climax began to subside, her father moved along her thighs and pushed the head of his cock against her puffy, loose labia.

Karen’s eyes opened instantly when she felt her father’s blunt cock head butting up against her. ‘Please,’ she whispered. ‘Please Daddy; fuck me. I want your thick cock inside me.’

Sam was overcome with lust when Karen quietly uttered those words and he pushed the full length of his prick deep into his beloved daughter easily. He paused when he was fully imbedded inside Karen’s tight embrace and the couple kissed tenderly as they enjoyed the first moments of their union.

‘I love you baby,’ Sam murmured to his daughter as he began to fuck in and out of her.

‘I love you too,’ Karen replied. ‘This is so bad, but it feels so fucking good.’ She looked up at her father as he held her legs wide and pushed himself hard and deep into her tight body. Karen’s tits wobbled on her chest in time with Sam’s thrusting and she mauled at her heavy jugs, pulling and tweaking her thick, stiff nipples in excitement.

Sam began to pant and his eyes glazed over as he steadily increased the tempo and differed the angle of his probing into Karen’s molten core. He grunted and groaned and pushed himself deep into his daughter’s body as his semen spurted forcefully from the eye of his prick.

‘I’m doing it darling,’ he croaked as the first jets blasted inside Karen.

‘I know,’ she hissed in reply. ‘I can feel the hot stuff pumping.’

Sam let 2 or 3 sprays bathe his daughter’s insides and then pulled his prick, still spitting it’s thick, creamy load out of Karen. Spunk arced and spattered onto Karen’s bare breasts and belly, and she gasped with the shock of her father’s semen hitting her exposed skin. Sam sobbed with the pleasure of his longed for release. It was the first climax he’d enjoyed inside a woman’s body for a long time, but already the guilt of incestuously fucking his daughter was beginning to hit him.

What have we done? He thought to himself. He had fucked his youngest daughter, had stuck his stiffness inside her and had let himself spit his seed into her belly. The full implications of what he’d done were sinking in now that the veil of lust had been lifted.

He looked down at his juice covered prick and at his beautiful Karen as she lay with her legs still widespread, her cunt pink and gaping, and with her father’s semen oozing thickly from her opening.

He knew they had crossed a line that night and he vowed never to cross it again. Of course how long it would be before he inevitably succumbed to temptation and fucked his beautiful daughter again was anyone’s guess, but succumb he surely would.

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