The Professor’s Women Ch. 04

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This is the fourth installment of my story about a family with an interesting dynamic. In this chapter, I tell you about how the professor deals with the loss of his wife, and a growing daughter as she matures and convinces her father to make her a woman.


The Professor’s Women

Chapter Four: A Daughter’s Seduction

The big black limo pulled up in front of the house just as Aunt Becky and little Traci were walking out of the house to drive to the Amtrak station to pick up the Professor. When the little girl saw her ‘daddy’ get out of the limo, Traci ran to him screaming “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!” He dropped his bags and grabbed her hugging and kissing her. When he finally set the little girl down, Aunt Becky reached him and embraced them. He then turned around and thanked George again, grabbed his things, and headed into the house with his two ladies.

Jackson sat down in the big overstuffed chair by the fireplace, and little Traci climbed up on his lap. Aunt Becky went into the kitchen and finished preparing the dinner she had started to prepare for the three. The little girl looked up into her daddy’s eyes and said “Mommy will be fine now daddy. She is looking down on us from Heaven and she loves all of us” and curled up in his lap.

The conversation around the dinner table was light as it seemed that a weight had been lifted from the three of them. After dinner, Jackson said to Traci, “Well I guess I should take your Aunt Becky home.”

“No daddy, you don’t need to,” the little girl said “she can stay with us.”

“But where would she sleep baby?” Jackson asked “We only have two beds.”

“Silly daddy.” the little girl said, “She can sleep in your bed with you.” The two adults stared at each other speechless. The little girl then looked at her ‘father’ and said “Mommy told me that she didn’t want you to be alone in bed and that Aunt Becky really likes you.”

“Are you sure this is what Mommy wants?” Jackson asked the little girl.

“Yes daddy, she told me that in my dream last night, just before she kissed me goodbye.” The little girl answered.

As soon as dinner was finished, Jackson followed the little girl upstairs and prepared her bath. After she finished, he tucked her into bed and said prayers with her. As he was leaving her room he asked the sleepy little girl “Are you sure Mommy wanted me to sleep with Aunt Becky?” The little girl nodded and rolled over to sleep.

When Jackson returned to the living room, he found his sister-in-law sitting on the couch with two cups of coffee in front of her. He sat down next to her and took a sip from the second cup. He put down the cup and looked at her and finally said “Do you think that Liz would really want us to ‘get together’?”

“I don’t know Jackson” she said “we only talked about it once, when you two were dating. She talked about your ‘Monster’ and how addicted she was to it in addition to how much she loved you. I asked her if she would be willing to ‘share’ you with me. She said that she was going to have to be selfish and not share. Now that she is gone, I don’t know what to think.”

“Well, there is a lot of precedence for this sort of thing, both in the Bible and in many cultures throughout the world.” Jackson said. “This whole thing has me at wits end, so to speak. We both know how much of a free spirit Liz was, and how she was completely unabashed about all things sexual.”

“I must admit” Becky said “the thought of that thing of yours inside me has me very wet right now.”

“Becky,” Jackson said “I have really never really looked at you until tonight. I actually never looked at another woman after I met your sister. She captured my heart that day at the donut shop and never let go of it until this morning when she died in my arms. Now, looking at you I feel a familiar stirring and a little voice in my head is telling me to ‘go for it’.”

They turned towards each other and embraced, kissing and ‘making out’ like a couple of teenagers. Then they broke apart they stood up, and without saying a word, climbed the stairs to the front bedroom/office. As soon as the door closed, they started undressing and stood in silence, gazing at each other’s nude bodies, lit by the streetlight outside.

Where Liz was short, slender and blonde, Becky was about 5′ 6″, and more curvy. She had dark brown hair and a full bush. Her hips were fuller and her boobs were about twice the size of her sister’s. They sagged slightly and were topped with brown nipples that looked like large pencil erasers, and two inch diameter light brown areolas. He definitely found her attractive and his ‘monster’ started to come to attention.

Since he had slipped out of his boxers, she could not take her eyes off of his penis. Although she had been with many men in her twenty-seven years, she had never seen an uncircumcised cock before. She watched as it grew from a flaccid nine inches to a rock hard ‘monster’ nearly a foot long standing at attention like a soldier.

She walked to him and fell escort ataşehir to her knees and started ‘worshiping’ him with her mouth and tongue. As she tried unsuccessfully to swallow him, she thought ‘how in the fuck did Liz get all of this thing inside her’. Suddenly, she felt his hands on her shoulders, picking her up and placing her on the bed behind her.

The next thing she knew, he was between her legs pleasuring her like no one, man or woman, had ever done before, and very soon she was experiencing the most explosive orgasm of her life. She actually lost consciousness, and as she was coming around, she felt something probing her that was both soft and hard. When she opened her eyes, she saw a familiar face asking her if she was ready. She nodded and as he pushed inside her, she felt arousal, passion, and pain, all at the same time.

He took his time, playing with her boobs, kissing her lips, nibbling on her earlobes and neck, and gently pushing until she felt like there was a baseball bat buried in her vagina. Finally she looked down and saw that he was almost all of the way inside her!

She relaxed as the pain seemed to go away and was replaced with intense pleasure. He started to move and she moved with him. She was lost in a feeling that she had never experienced before. She had been with big men, small men, bull dykes and femme lesbians. She had had large toys rammed into her pussy and asshole. She thought she had experienced sexual pleasure before, but this was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

As his tempo increased, she met his thrusts with her own, and before she realized it they were totally connected as he had bottomed out in her. Their bodies were touching at the end of their thrusts. ‘He is really all the way inside me!’ she thought as her vagina started to spasm around his ‘Monster’.

Her orgasm built until when it reached its peak she shouted “Thank You Elizabeth!” and completely lost control of her body. As she floated semiconscious in a dream state, she saw her sister’s face and heard her whisper ‘You’re welcome big sister’. When she opened her eyes, she was looking at the face of her brother-in-law grinning at her.

“Did you just have an out-of-body experience?” he asked her.

“No,” she said “but I did have a visit from my sister.”

He then said “I could have sworn I heard her voice in my head saying ‘I love you baby, take care of my sister’ Just before you screamed ‘Thank You Elizabeth’ during your orgasm.”

“Holy Fuck, Haunted Sex” they both exclaimed in unison and started laughing hysterically.

It was then that she realized that he was still inside of her and still erect. “You didn’t cum yet, did you?” she asked. After he shook his head no, she said “Roll over.” And they did without uncoupling. She sat up and started to ride him as he grabbed her cantaloupe sized boobs, mauling them, and pinching her nipples which were now as hard as his cock.

She continued riding him, giving herself two more orgasms until the third one caused him to erupt, filling her and causing her to squirt for the first time in her life.

When she awoke in the morning, he was still buried inside of her, and she felt his morning wood as he grew to full mast. She started riding him and he awoke as they shared another mutual orgasm. They both realized they had morning duties to attend so they uncoupled and went to the bathroom together. She sat on the toilet and scooted all the way back as he stepped up and they urinated together.

They dressed after finishing their morning necessities, and went downstairs for breakfast. He made the coffee while she fried a half pound of bacon and scrambled six eggs in the bacon grease. As soon as the toast was done, they set the table together and sat down to eat. Over breakfast they decided to discuss the ‘elephant in the room’.

Jackson started off saying, “Becky, while I really enjoyed last night’s ‘activities’, I feel a bit uncomfortable about it, in the ‘light of day’.”

Aunt Becky agreed saying, “Although you are an amazing lover, and you took me places I have never been before, the apparition of my sister was a little ‘creepy’.”

He agreed and said, “The ‘voice in my head’ really did give me the chills.”

She said, “Jackson, I’m not built like Liz ‘down there’ and I’m very sore this morning. I’m not sure I would be able to handle you any more than occasionally.”

Eventually they agreed that the previous night would be a ‘one off’. They decided to remain good friends, but not lovers.

Soon after they finished their conversation, they heard little footsteps on the stairs followed by a sleepy little voice saying “Good morning.” As Jackson cleared the breakfast dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher, Aunt Becky got a bowl of cereal for little Traci. As the child ate her breakfast, the two adults made plans for the coming week over a second cup of coffee. Because there would be no body to bury they decided to have a ‘Celebration of Life Ceremony’ kadıköy escort at the Student Center.

Jackson told his sister-in-law about his wife’s conversion to Catholicism, which took her completely by surprise. “I always thought she hated the Church after what our step-father Hugh did to her as a teenager” Becky said.

Jackson told her about what had happened during their trip ‘out East’ and how the visit to the Cathedral had affected her so profoundly. Jackson suggested that they have a small Requiem Mass for her at the Newman Center Chapel before the Student Center gathering.

They decided to both go to the college to make the arrangements that day after Traci went to school. After they watched little Traci get on the bus, they walked across the Quad to the student center offices. They sat down with the manager and told him what they wanted to do. He offered condolences because this was the first he had heard of Mrs. Powell’s passing. He said that the next weekend was already booked but the following Saturday was open. He said that he would take care of all the details.

Next they went to the Newman Center and met with the priest who had been giving Liz her instructions after they returned from Rhode Island. He had already been informed of her passing, and that a priest on staff at the hospital had performed the ‘Last Rites’ on her at the hospital in Springfield shortly before Jackson left.

When they told Father about the plans they had made with the Student Center for the next Saturday, he checked his calendar and confirmed that he could turn their 10AM Mass in the chapel into a Requiem Mass for Elizabeth. Father Doyle told them that all he needed was a framed photo of her and he would make all of the necessary arrangements.

As they walked back to the house, Becky said she wanted to wait until Traci to get home to say goodbye to her before she had him take her home. They loaded he bags into the wagon and waited on the front porch for Traci to get home.

When Traci saw them waiting for her she came running up the steps to the porch and plopped on the porch swing between them. When Jackson told her that they were going to be taking her aunt home, she said “OK.” When he asked why she was not upset or surprised that Aunt Becky wanted to go home, she said “No, Mommy told me that you two had an ‘itch that needed to be scratched’ so I knew she wouldn’t be staying long. I’ll put my books away and meet you in the car.” and ran into the house.

The two adults looked dumbfounded at each other and thought ‘What a precocious child.’

The next week was a bit of an adjustment for Jackson. He had not slept alone in nearly seven years, and although his nights were filled with dreams of his life with Elizabeth and all the crazy things they had done, he still woke up alone and lonely every morning. By the time the following Saturday came, he was just getting used to his new routine with his daughter.

The day of the ceremonies dawned bright and sunny, and the small chapel at the Newman Center was filled to capacity. As the Mass proceeded, Jackson sat in the front pew with Aunt Becky and Traci, and thought about how Elizabeth had touched so many people during her short time on this earth. Later, as he stood in the receiving line at the Student Center, he heard stories from friends and complete strangers about how the love of his life had impacted so many lives in ways he had never known.

When the ceremonies were finished, Jackson and his daughter walked across the Quad to their home, where he put her to bed and collapsed, both physically and emotionally exhausted, without undressing in his bed.

Monday morning, after Traci had left for school, he walked across the street and into Dr. Palmer’s office and told him that as soon as he found someone to watch his daughter, he would be ready to go back to work. His superior told him that the semester was just about over and he could start at the beginning of the summer session in two weeks. That day as he walked across the campus, a succession of young coeds offered to babysit little Traci so he could go back to work.

The next day he posted notice the Student Union bulletin board with instructions about what was expected of these Au pair’s. He listed his home number and went home to wait for the calls. When Traci got home he told her about his plans to go back to work and asked her if she would be OK having someone watch her while he was at the college.

Traci said “It’s OK Daddy, I’m six years old now, I can take care of myself now!” Her father explained that he knew that she would be fine by herself, but the school wouldn’t allow her to be left alone at home after school. She said that she understood and would ‘play their game’. ‘Such is the life with a precocious child’ he thought.

He was inundated with calls and narrowed the applicants down to ten by how they sounded on the telephone. He interviewed them all one at a time in one of the meeting rooms at the Student Union. He narrowed maltepe escort bayan them down to three who were both qualified and whom had also been students in his department. He gave each one of them a week trial and decided on Victoria, a redheaded, twenty year-old Sophomore Psychology major. He chose Victoria because Traci and her ‘clicked’.

Everything seemed to fall into place because Victoria’s schedule allowed her to be available to walk Traci home from school and she even cooked dinner for the family before heading back to campus, which was just across the street. When Victoria graduated Jackson had no problem finding her replacement and their lives continued on as before.

When Traci started sixth grade, father and daughter decided that she was old enough to take care of herself, so the progression of Au pair’s ended then. Traci turned out to be an excellent student as well as a beauty who looked more like her mother the older she got.

The years passed for father and daughter but when she reached puberty, things changed between them. She was always by his side in his classroom as his assistant when she wasn’t in school, or in his office doing her homework.

As an honor roll student at University High School, she was given a lot of leeway and had enough credits, that by her senior year, she was finished with her classes before lunch. Every day she left school at eleven and hopped into her baby blue classic Mustang convertible and drove over to the campus to have lunch with her dad.

Whenever he asked her about boys, she would tell him the she didn’t have time for that nonsense, but he noticed that she seemed to get angry every time a young coed would make a blatant pass at him.

Once fateful Friday in late Spring, just before her graduation from U-Hi, he overheard heard a loud conversation in the hall outside his office with Traci yelling “Stay away from my daddy, you bitch!”

That evening over dinner, he asked her about the outburst. He started “Traci Elizabeth, you must control your temper when you are on campus. I am a respected senior member of the faculty and the assistant department chair. I cannot have you raising your voice because people will think I am raising an unruly child.”

She looked at her father with those blue eyes that looked right into his soul and said “Daddy, I’m not a child any more, I’m an adult. I’m eighteen, I can vote and everything.

The professor scolded “When you yell at my female students for paying too much attention to me, it reflects badly on both of us. If you cannot control your emotions, you will not be able to spend time with me on campus.”

She started to cry and sobbed “I’m sorry Daddy, I just get so jealous when those girls fawn all over you.” Then she stopped crying and her eyes got really big and she blurted out “Daddy, do you know what they call you on campus? They call you ‘Professor Monster Cock’! One of the guys saw you in the shower after your workout and told all the girls about it.”

“Young lady, I will not have you saying things like that in this house. What kind of people have you been associating with that use that kind of language” he said.

She replied “Daddy, they are your students. They all know I’m your daughter and treat me like their little sister. Even the boys are nice to me, they don’t hit on me or anything. Nobody knew I was listening because I was in a bathroom stall when I overheard two girls talking about your, ‘Monster’.”

The professor then spoke quietly and calmly, “Traci, please go to your room after you have put dinner away and let me consider what I need to do about you. I am not sure how to handle this and I need to think.”

She cleared the dishes from the table and took them into the kitchen. When she had finished rinsing the dishes, putting them into the dishwasher and putting away the rest of the food, she walked calmly upstairs and into her room where she undressed and put on a nightshirt. She lay on her bed and started crying uncontrollably.

Jackson had been sitting at his desk in his bedroom/office since dinner, and he heard Traci walk to her room at the other end of the upstairs hall after she had finished putting dinner away.

He entered the bathroom between the two bedrooms, and as he emptied his bladder, he considered the sizable thing he held. He had known since puberty that he was larger than most. Before Elizabeth, no one had ever been able to comfortably take all of him. ‘Professor Monster Cock’, the words ran through his head. ‘Why would anyone call me that?’ he pondered. He shook off the last drops and put his ‘Monster’ away and chuckled to himself.

As he walked out the door, he heard sobbing coming from his daughter’s room and thought ‘My God, did I hurt her feelings that much?’ He walked to her door, tapped gently and said “Sweetheart, daddy is sorry, can I come in and talk to you about what has been bothering you.

She stopped crying and said quietly, “Yes daddy, come in.” As he opened her door, she jumped from her bed and ran to him grabbing him around his chest and burying her tearstained face into his chest sobbing “I’m so sorry I disappointed you daddy, I love you so much. You are the only person I have in the world and I don’t want to lose you like I lost mommy.”

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