The Power of Naked Pictures Ch. 01 Pt. 02

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Chapter 1: Leslie

Part 2

“What? What in the fuck is wrong with you!?”

Her eyes were wide and filled with disgust. She attempted to cover her cleavage and hide her tits with her arms but only managed to squeeze them, pushing them up higher on her chest and squishing them outwards where her arms weren’t covering. Although I felt some disgust with myself I couldn’t help but want her. My conscience told me what I was doing was wrong, how could I say those words to my sister? How could I look at her with lust in my eyes? These were the thoughts going through my mind, but I wasn’t thinking with that head. I was thinking with my dick. Hard and pressed against my boxers to the point of pain. I could feel my heartbeat pounding in my ears and I could feel the blood pumping through my dick. I thought for a moment about leaving. Turning around and hoping this could all be forgotten, but my body wouldn’t move. I must have been within my head for too long because Leslie spoke again.

“Jake! I’m your fucking sister! That is fucking sick what you just said to me! You need to get out of here!”


“Yes! I’m telling Mom what you said to me you sick little perv!”

“No you’re not. She won’t believe you. She’ll just think you’re trying to get me in trouble for finding your pictures.” She didn’t have a response for this. “No, here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to drop that towel on the floor, then you’re going to wrap those giant tits of yours around my dick and I’m going to fuck them until I cum. After I do, I’ll keep my mouth shut about your pictures and we’ll forget this ever even happened.”

“Jake, I am not giving you a titfuck! That is disgusting, you’re my brother! How can you even ask me to do this!? I’ll tell Mom about the pictures myself!”

“Oh you will? She’ll stop paying your phone bill. She’d probably stop paying for college too Leslie. You may be 21 but we both know that Mom is still in control of you. Could you handle being cut off? No more shopping, no more going out with your friends. Could you really handle that?”

The words spilled out of my mouth faster than I could even think of what to say. I could hear the malice in my voice. I sounded as if I was angry but in truth I was obsessed. I had seen my sister’s body and I wanted nothing more in the world. After I spoke them her head fell, staring at the floor. She knew I was right.

“Please Jake, there’s got to be something else you want.” She didn’t look at me this time, her head remained hanging.

“There isn’t. The faster we do this the faster it’ll be over for you.” After these words her arms fell to her sides. She looked up at me, right into my eyes. I could see all of her emotions; sadness, disgust, anger, but also defeat.

I took two steps towards her to close the gap between us. I placed two fingers at the top of her cleavage and slowly slid them ataşehir escort bayan downwards. Tucking them slightly in between her tits until my fingers met the towel. Her tits were as soft as silk and radiated with body heat. I hesitated for a short moment then pulled. I leaned back as her towel fell to the floor. I took in every inch of her gorgeous, plump, soft body. In person and up close her huge tits looked even bigger. After being released they sagged down a few inches and moved away from each other just slightly, giving me a view of the skin hidden between. The area my dick would soon be placed. After being exposed to the air her areolas shrunk slightly, becoming a darker color and her nipples became erect.

“So now we need to lotion them up.”

“No Jake! Let’s just get this over with!”

“But we need lubrication! So… I can lotion them, or you could suck my dick to get it nice and wet!”

“You’re fucking sick!” Leslie walked to the night stand next to her bed and picked up a bottle of lotion. As she walked away from me I caught my first view of her ass. Just like her tits it was huge, no signs of cellulite, just a perfectly fat, round, pale ass. Just as she was about to squirt the lotion into her hand, I spoke up.

“Oh no, I’ll be doing the lotioning,” I walked to her and took the lotion from her hands. “Turn around.”

She groaned in disgust but turned her back to me. I squirted the bottle three times into my hand, threw the bottle on the bed then rubbed them together. I took a step forward so now my chest was pressed to her back. I could smell the shampoo in her hair and my massive, throbbing cock was pushed into her fat ass, separated only by my boxers.

“Arms up.”

She placed her hands on the top of her head so that her elbows were bent and pointing each direction. I reached around and placed each lotion covered hand on her giant I cup tits. I felt her shiver just slightly. The lotion was cold? My touch disgusted her? Perhaps my touch aroused her?

I ran my hands over every inch of her tits. Never applying pressure but making sure that they were completely covered with the lotion. Her nipples stuck out like beads and her areolas were just slightly more rough than the rest of her skin. After a long moment of just running my hands over them I began to squeeze. I pushed them together and I pulled them apart. I lifted them to feel their weight. I manipulated them in every way I could. I ran my fingers around the darker, tight skin of her areolas, I pinched and tweaked her nipples. With the first pinch I could have sworn I heard a near inaudible moan escape her lips. Through all of my titty play I had established a light, slow rhythm of grinding my covered dick into her ass.

I played for many minutes before my right hand moved lower. Still slimy with lotion I ran my hand over her entire belly. Lightly escort kadıöy kneading her fat and pushing it around. She didn’t say a word until I moved just below her stomach and felt the flesh where her pubes should have been. Completely smooth, and not the kind of smooth from shaving but from waxing. As soon as my fingers made contact with this flesh she grabbed each of my hands and pushed me off of her body.

“Sit on the bed, let’s just get this over with.”

I did just as I was bid to. I laid with my ass right at the edge of the bed, legs bent at the knees, feet flat on the floor, torso supported on my elbows so I could watch the action. Before me stood a beautiful, chubby goddess. Her hair still damp from the shower, her huge tits and belly slick and shiny from the lotion. It was an amazing sight. Knowing what would happen next caused the blood flowing through my cock to pump even harder. She knelt before me as I spread my legs to allow her room. As she knelt her belly brushed against my cock and I felt it twinge. After her knees met the floor each of her tits rested against my hips.

“Take them off.” I said, motioning to my boxers with a nod of my head. She let out a disgusted groan and looked at me with a piercing glare. She placed her fingers in my waistband and pulled the boxers to my ankles in one quick movement. She now sat a little further from me, her ass resting on her feet. As my wide, 9″ cock sprung free her eyes grew wide and she let out a quiet gasp. After a moment of her looking at it with bewilderment I spoke.

“I thought you wanted to get it over with.”

Her eyes met mine with the same piercing glare as before as she leaned forward and placed each of her tits on either side of my throbbing, rock hard member. I pushed the base of my dick and it stood to attention, slapping against the thin strip of skin between her breasts. She let out one more disapproving groan, placed her hands on either side of her tits and pushed them together. All but the head of my cock disappeared in the soft hold of her giant tits. It felt heavenly, the soft, smooth, slippery, warm flesh enveloping me. She began to move her whole body which forced her tits up and down. The feeling was extraordinary, my cock head would disappear as she moved up, then break through again as she moved down. All I could hear was the squishing sound as my cock moved between her tits. When I would look at her face, her eyes would lock onto mine. Her face was emotionless, I couldn’t tell if she was angry or not. In the moment I couldn’t care less. As time passed she squeezed her tits tighter, increasing the pressure. She began to just move her tits instead of her whole body.

As I said before I wasn’t much into bigger girls. Therefore I had never received a titfuck like this. The biggest tits I have had before Leslie’s were D cups, barely capable of wrapping around my huge maltepe escort dick. Let alone giving me the pleasure I was receiving.

She moved her tits up so my cock head disappeared and squeezed even tighter. She then moved each breast separately, moving one up while moving the other down, focusing the pressure on the head. She was a pro, definitely done this before. But of course she has, with her massive I cups I’m sure she’s had more than a little practice. As she continued to focus on the head I felt my orgasm begin to grow within my balls. I started to buck my hips so that now I was pushing my cock up and down. She understood exactly what I was doing, she pressed her tits tight together as I thrusted in between them. As I fucked my sister’s chest I felt my orgasm grow closer, moving up from my balls and into my cock, causing it to grow larger and harder. Though I didn’t say a word Leslie knew that I would cum soon. She pushed down on my hips and I stopped moving. She adjusted her hands on her tits so that she could push them tighter than she had the entire time. She applied more pressure and slowly moved up and down, engulfing my entire cock.

The small pocket that she had created felt tighter than any pussy I had ever been inside. After a few long, drawn out, slow, strokes up and down my cock I felt my cum blast from my balls, through my shaft and shoot. I fell completely on my back, the feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt. I let out a loud moan as the first jet of cum was released. She kept her same slow but tight pace. As her tits hit my hips each time another load shot from cock. My orgasm felt as if it lasted forever, I shot squirt after squirt of cum, at least a dozen times. Even after the climax had passed she continued her rhythm. The sensation was incredible as every inch of my cock was now more sensitive. I propped myself back up on my elbows and what I saw was beautiful. Her face showed no emotion but her eyes looked as if they were glazed over with lust. The bottom of her chin, neck and the top of her tits were covered in my cum. Completely coated with a layer of white and clear goo. The larger globs slid down to her nipples and onto my legs. This was easily the largest load I have ever had, and I loved it.

“That was amazing Leslie.”

A small smile shown upon her lips. “So you won’t tell Mom?” She still had not released my slowly softening cock from the clinches of her cum drenched tits.

“For now, no. But that was the best feeling I’ve had in my life, and who knows? Maybe I’ll want to feel it again.”

She released the grip on her tits and leaned back, letting my cock go free. She looked at me with hatred and anger. “Get the fuck out.”

I stood from my seat on the bed with a smile on my face. As I reached the doorway to her room I turned to look back at her. Still kneeling on the ground, fat ass resting on the heels of her feet. I felt my cock twinge ever so slightly. I thought to myself, “perhaps another time.”

That orgasm drained me. I laid on my bed, as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep. Perverse dreams of my sister filled my head that night. I knew I had to have more.

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