The Perfect Storm

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The rain outside her dorm window was getting harder and harder. The wind howled so loud that it sounded as though it was tearing out the trees on the front lawn by the roots. Ivy did not like bad weather; it always made her nervous and scared. She hated being so far from home, if only she decided to go to a college closer to her small hometown. All of a sudden she heard the loud crashes of thunder and her room lit up with the flash of lightening.

“That’s it,” Ivy thought, “I am not staying here by myself,” She got our of her bed and ran across her room and out the door. She lived in a co-ed dorm and was lucky that her best friend just happened to be on the second floor and his name was Pete. Pete was a sweet guy and would let her stay with him for the night with no questions asked. She didn’t even have to worry about him coming on to her because Pete had a boyfriend named Trey.

When Ivy got to Pete’s room she did not even bother to knock.

“Pete, it’s me Ivy, let me stay here with you, the storm is scaring me”

“Pete’s not here, Ivy. He is staying at Trey’s tonight, but you can stay with me.” Pete’s roommate Chris held up a side of his blanket looking at this roommate’s friend. Oh yeah, he could protect her from the big bad storm. Ivy was a goddess and did not even know it. She was blond with beautiful blue eyes, plump lips, huge tits that hardily fit into the t-shirt that she was wearing and legs that went right up to that cute tight ass that swayed everywhere she went. Chris even bet that her pussy was blonde.

“I don’t know Chris. I hardly know you. I will just stay in Pete’s bed.” Ivy was not sure what to do. One part of her wanted to go back to her room and the other just wanted to jump into the bed . Chris was a nice example of the male student body. He was very toned in all the right areas and his boxers had the biggest bulge she had ever seen.

“That’s fine, ” Chris said “Enjoy the story.” He wrapped the blanket around him and rolled over.

“Okay, let me in. I don’t want to be alone and if Pete is not here, illegal bahis I guess you will do” Ivy made it sound as though she couldn’t care less.

Once Ivy was in bed with Chris and comfortable again, she finally started to relax and started to fall back to sleep again.

“This is actually pretty nice,” Ivy thought as she drifted to sleep.

About an hour later Ivy was jolted awake by the sound of thunder crashing again. Chris rolled over to her and put his arm around her and whispered into her ear that everything was okay. Ivy started to relax again.. A minute later, Chris’ hand was running up and down her thigh.

“Chris, what are you doing?” Ivy could not believe what was happening.

“I am protecting you from the storm, just relax and I will take care of you.” And take care of her he did.

Chris moved over a little bit so that Ivy was lying on her back. He continued to slowly run his hand up and down her thigh, sending chills all over her. He then moved on to her large tits squeezing them from the outside of her t-shirt. Her nipples became like pebbles poking through the material. Wasting no time he started pulling on the little nubs making them stiffer and stiffer. Ivy was softly moaning for more, she wanted to feel his hands on her flesh. Chris started to lick her nipples through the cloth of her t-shirt.

“Do you like that?”

“Oh yes, it feels great, please don’t stop.” Ivy was feeling pleasure that she had never felt before.

Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, Chris ripped the shirt right off of her and devoured her nipple in his mouth in one swift movement. Ivy arched her back in extreme pleasure. While he was sucking and biting on the one nipple, Chris was pulling and pinching the other. Every once and a while he would switch. Ivy could feel the dampness between her legs and knew that her total undoing was just moment away. Her nipples felt so good in Chris’ hot mouth that she did not want him to stop.

Chris released himself from her glorious globes and kissed Ivy’s mouth hard illegal bahis siteleri and unrelenting. She opened her mouth to him and their tongues played back and forth, tangling with desire. Chris’ hand found its way down Ivy’s flat stomach to the center of Ivy’s pleasure zone. Even through her panties he could feel how wet and hot she was. He put his hand inside her panties and inserted one finger inside her pussy, man was she hot. Ivy moaned. She couldn’t believe the pleasure she was feeling. Chris pulled his hand away and brought his finger up between them and they both licked off her juices as they were kissing.

“Oh, wow you taste so good. I think I am going to have to have some more, ” Chris broke off their kiss and kneed up on the bed. Iv y could see that the bulge in his boxers had gotten larger. She reached out and started to rub the hard rod, now it was Chris’ turn to moan. He got off the bed and threw off his boxers. Getting back on the bed he positioned himself so that they could both taste one another at the same time.

Ivy could not believe the size of Chris’ shaft, her hand just fit around it. She started to pump it just a little and played with his balls. The tip of his dick was so smooth that she just had to get her tongue on it. She swirled her tongue on the tip of his dick and down the side of his shaft. She could feel him shudder. She could wait no more; she took all of him in her mouth giving him the best tongue licking of his life. When she got back to his head she sucked hard and nibbled around the head of his cock while playing with his balls. Chris was going out of his mind. No girl had ever done this before. Just when he thought she was done, she started to suck on his balls and then she stuck a finger in his ass. Chris just about to shot his load than and there.

While this was going on, Chris was working on the beautiful blonde pussy staring at him. Ivy was so wet that it was easy to stick not just one or two fingers in her pussy, but three and he finger fucked her while he vigorously sucked on her canlı bahis siteleri clit. When he knew that she was close to climax he removed his mouth from her clit ands started to lick her swollen pussy lips. He licked her from ass to clit, over and over again. Man she tasted good. He started to play with her ass and she really liked that. Making sure she was good and ready he slowly slipped a finger into her ass.

“How do you like that? Do you like my finger in your ass? I bet you do?”

“Yes, it feels so good, please don’t stop. I want more,” Ivy had never felt this way before and she was enjoying every minute of it.

With a finger up her ass and two in her hole, Chris went to town sucking an nipping again at her clit, bringing her to one of her hardest orgasms ever. Ivy was steel reeling from the pleasure. She could not believe that she had never felt that before. She almost fainted from the sheer pleasure, but was brought back to reality when Chris told her that it was not over.

“Get on your stomach and stick up that beautiful ass of your so that I can fuck you from behind.” Ivy wasted no time in doing what she was told. She got on all fours and stuck up her ass in the air.

Chris wanted to see her ass when he filled her pussy with his hard cock. She could hardly wait she wanted to be fucked by that beautiful cock since the first time she took it in her mouth. Chris kissed her ass and pussy a couple of time before grabbing his cock and diving it into her waiting pussy. He spanked her ass a couple of times turning it a nice shade of red.

“Oh yeah, spank me, I have been so naughty” Ivy had never been spanked before but it felt good.

He only had to thrust a few times before he felt his load getting ready to shoot. He quickly turned Ivy over and shot his load into her mouth just a loud crash of thunder shook the room. Ivy took every drop and kissed her way up to Chris’s mouth where thy kissed each other until all the juices were gone.

Chris lay back down in the bed. Ivy was getting dressed with what was left of her clothes.

“Are you getting back into bed, Ivy?” Chris asked “It is still storming outside?”

“Thanks Chris, but I think I just got over my fear of storms. Maybe next time.” Ivy winked at Chris, blew him a kiss and went back to her room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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