The Party

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Fifteen years ago, I happened to find myself at one of those uncomfortable pseudo liberal parties in the hills of Hollywood where people usually went to get not-so-quietly drunk, abuse prescription meds and talk about endless unfiltered politics. I was there but for the good graces of my clique, a ragtag group of pirate Nixon’s if I ever saw one. It was a view into a world I had little use for but could not pull away from. I had somehow come to take up the “token Black guy” position in this group and the cost of my vicarious entertainment at this party was the endless sermonizing and apologizing for slavery. The righteous indignation at the audacity of blacks for wanting reparations for said slavery. As usual I just smiled and nodded at these displays of inept buffoonery and social awkwardness that emanated from “Not Knowing”. Hell, I even admit culpability by my very presence. Anyway, you’re reading this for a juicy sex story, so let’s get on with it. The host of the party “Bill” had unknown to me, promised to hook up one of these “Arty Farty” types with a big black guy. Never mind that I was of medium height and build, my bespectacled demeanor far from the Mandingo she was probably looking for.

Yep, there’s a saying in Hollywood … “They either wanna fuck you or they wanna FUCK YOU” (Think about it.). This was unknown to me at the time, my plight as it were; Leslie had starred in a couple of C movie pics, was blond, frighteningly thin and had one of those fucked up page boy, Ellen De Generes haircuts. I spent the evening alighting from one social group to the next, most of the guests talking about local indie music and bands. A lot of them were talking about the latest Wienerdog video [local performance artist]. Leslie spent her evening spot chasing me from clique to clique. You just got to love Los Angeles social politics. Go to a party to a party just to hang out with the friends you came with and if you’re lucky, you snowball into someone else’s group of friends. I always tried to tell myself that this wasn’t me, that I was so much better than the social climbers around me.

I was wrong.

Leslie was becoming increasingly frustrated to the point of heated distraction and had decided to lay it all on the line most bluntly.

“What’s a girl got to do to get a little cock out of you?!!” I was unwilling to answer, perhaps due to the initial shock factor or perhaps that my answer would have elevated the threat level to red.

“Do you want some white pussy or not bra?”

“Uhm-I guess not.” At this point Leslie “accidentally spilt her drink on my windbreaker and stormed off. Leaving me relieved and very, very wet. I fought my way through the crowd only to find the restroom full of people having that “Scarface moment” with a pile of coke. Recreational drugs are only recreational if you can take the shit and avoid fucking with the clean people in the room. People usually take that shit and start getting pissed at the square which was usually me. Anyway, I found my way to Bill’s personal restroom which was off limits to everybody but Bill. Fuck him, he had placed me in the fire with that dried-up twat any way. I would quietly enjoy using his meticulously monogrammed towels and gleefully pissing all over his oak toilet seat [Bill sat down to piss, because he didn’t want to damage the material.]. Those towels were fucking sweet and repressed twit that he is … Bill even had fiber optics running through the towel rack that heated the material.

After cleaning my windbreaker to the best of my ability, I turned to find a woman seated on the toilet quietly pissing and nonchalantly staring at me. I’d seen her in clique number seven that some of my people knew, but I hadn’t caught her name.

“Hey, how’s it going? Were you sitting there the whole time?”


“Not saying anything, cool with it?”

“Yeah, illegal bahis so I’m not having a cow or nothing’ besides, I saw that old chick dump her drink on you, totally fucked up”.

“Excuse me, but you are using the bathroom, aren’t you?”

She flushed.

“I was.” I was still reeling from the fact that she was sitting there as she stood pulling her flowered granny panties up over surprisingly voluptuous thighs. She smiled and said her name was Diana. She was wearing what looked to be a catholic school girl’s uniform, knee high socks and all. She looked like a white girl, but her voice branded her something else entirely. Kind of sounded a little street but not in the fucked-up show “bizzness” way you usually find at these parties.

“Aren’t you gonna use the john?” I didn’t answer.

“Oh- Okay.” She turned her back to me.

“You might wanna step outside Diana.”

“Fuck no, I was here first. Besides, what do you think I’m gonna do anyway?”

“It’s just that uhm, screw it.” I took that nagging piss. Forgot to piss on Bill’s seat though. Diana explained that she had been squatting in the bathroom to get away from a particularly annoying roommate who was trying to get into her pants. I told her my story. We talked and talked about everything. Leslie was from South LA and was half Russian and half Latina. She always downplayed her mixed heritage because people made a big deal out of it and constantly questioned her.

I told her I was just black using the N-Word. Diana laughed, I was relieved because usually people got upset when I said the N word in Un-African American company. It’s okay to think it, but you just can’t say it.

“Wanna kick it?” Diana blinked her heavily shaded eyes and tapped me on the shoulder.


“You wanna go with me and vibe; just hang in a car talking shit.” I nodded and followed Diana out into the party. She had tied a sweater around her waist, but it did little to conceal her curvy bottom. I was nervous and a little anxious. Unfamiliar territory for me these days. We ended up chilling in somebody’s Honda Civic listening to the local college stations. She’d recently graduated from the Art Institute to bounce around from one freelance art direction job to the next. She managed to make pretty good money but found it annoying working for other people. I didn’t want to share which seemed to be no problem for my companion who liked talking about herself. Diana shared her continual annoyance regarding her ethnicity admitting that her Russian mother had always pressured her daughter to solely acknowledge a single heritage while her black father could care less. Her mother worked two jobs to keep her in private school while her father balked at the idea of “passing” just to get ahead.

“When it was all said and done, people at those snooty schools still asked me “what I was” daily. I stopped lying at sixteen and stopped talking to classmates altogether a year later. Honestly I was relieved when everyone started saying I was a stuck-up bitch.”

“I feel you.”

“You feeling me?” Diana’s gaze trailed off towards a thick bit of wooded foliage just outside her window.

“Yeah, I’m there.” It was honest. It was as real as I liked to get with unfamiliar people. The way she spoke reminded me of the inherent disconnect I felt daily at work and abroad. Even though I’d been living in the city of angels for a little under five years, I still struggled to make any sort of connection with another human being.

She leaned in pressing her lips against mine pushing her tongue inside as her palm caressed my cheek. I responded in kind caressing her offending appendage with my own leaning in her direction cupping a breast through her clothing. Diana’s hand dropped down into my lap outlining my tumescence. I fumbled with a few of the buttons on her blouse losing one or illegal bahis siteleri two in the process while she deftly slid my zipper down. We continued making out as she stroked my cock methodically. She was wearing a sheer nylon bra that let nothing to the imagination. I could only see one breast having gave up on getting at her tits to enjoy the impromptu handjob I was receiving.

Her slow measured cadence was pleasurable putting pressure on my shaft as the head of my cock played a game of hide and seek.

“Feel good?” I nodded secretly wishing I could drop my pants to my knees to give her better access to Diana better access to everything I had to offer. She leaned forward as much as she could drooling a stream of saliva on the thick head of my member before ramping up her actions; her right hand a blur. I was on the verge of exploding all over her hand when she abruptly stopped.

“Relax, you’re gonna cum soon enough so don’t be a child.” Diana sounded condescending but I wasn’t going to allow righteous indignation to stop me from getting a piece. The available space in the backseat was limited enough but Diana managed to wedge her torso between the front seats. Her plaid covered backside obstructed my field of vision letting nothing else distract me as I nervously cupped the outsides of her thighs pushing inward. This had the added effect of creating a deep crease in the center of her rounded bottom.

“Come on now, I’m giving you permission to do what you want; surely you can do better than that.” That condescending tone drifted in stinging me a little making me feel as if I was supposed to consider myself lucky to get some. There was something inside beating in my chest and stirring up something primal.

“Yes ma’am.” I muttered under my breath.

I flipped the back of her skirt up finding myself looking at a big pale butt that was bigger than I expected. Diana covered her huge ass with a pair of fullback black panties adorned with a pattern of tiny broken hearts. Her cheeks bubbled up out of the bottoms of the silky material. My hand descended in a broad loud slap to her rear making her expectantly groan in pleasure. I slapped her right cheek several times before ending it with an exceptionally hard strike on her left side that made her butt jiggle.

“What else you got?” She whimsically demanded sounding nonplused.

I yanked up on the material wedging her panties into her crack with all my might while she bounced her butt in my face. Two fingers from my left hand pushed into her curving upward touched a bumpy ridge inside, massaging it. Diana gasped and buckled under her own weight. My tongue traced a path from the crease at the back of her thick thigh across most of the reddened expanse of her right cheek. She shivered a little and gasped when I circled her backdoor before pushing my finger inside.

“Fuck yeah; do that nasty shit.” Diana moaned her approval as I pushed against her prostate and G-Spot at the same time. I couldn’t see her face but her voice sounded labored and gurgled with some occasional gasps of pleasure. She carefully bounced on my hands while her pungent smell filled the car. My cock was hard as diamond and coated with precum crying out for attention.

“Fuck me.” The entitled princess finally ordered shivering and dripping profusely from her most private of places.

Her thick, ponderous cheeks were a chore to part but my cock hit home dead center sinking wetly into her snatch up to the hilt.

“Don’t move, let me get used to it.” Diana leaned back resting her full weight on my lap revealing that she was heavier than I thought. She reached down grabbing both of my hands raising them to her exposed breasts. A solid handful, her tits were just enough to fill my eager palms. I kneaded and squeezed them rolling her erect nipples between my fingers.

“Can canlı bahis siteleri you feel it?”

“What?” I was puzzled.

“Stop moving for a moment.” It took a few seconds before I realized that her cunt was steadily pulsing and retracting on my cock. I thought it was probably involuntary but Diana was responsible giving me an exquisite internal massage.

“That feels incredible.”

“You like that; feel good?” She glanced back smiling at my flustered expression.


“Good because it cost me a lot of money to learn this shit.” I was in the throes of her undeniable skill; Diana was using her cunt to work me with only the slightest movement of her hips. Her pace was so slow and methodical that I was completely entranced by it allowing my head to roll back on the seat. I reached around her tapered waist to find her snatch shaved clean with prominent lips. Her thighs were soft and a little muscular barely yielding to my fingers. My two middle fingers teased and pinched her clit eliciting a reaction as she clamped her thighs around my wrist.

“You’ve got really good hands.” I didn’t respond opting to simply nip at her ear tasting the last vestiges of her hairspray. It was bitter on my tongue but I would not be denied taking her lobe between my teeth pearl earring and all. This seemed to be her trigger as her thick butt wedged into my groin burying my cock deeper than it had been before. Diana began roughly twerking her hips back and forth taking me for a ride and causing the entire car to rock. Trying to get control of the situation was out of the question so I yanked her skirt up her back rewarding myself with an unobstructed view of her wide butt as it stood in relation to her waist. She leaned forward between the front seats giving me a brief opportunity to push my cock up into her before crashing back into me like a freight train.

“Gonna cum.” I warned, thighs tightened up beyond the point of no return.

“Fuck man; blow your load already!!” She admonished me caring little that I was inside.

“But-?!!” I pushed up on her butt while she worked it back down completely sheathing me in her swirling snatch.

“BUST THAT NUT; CUM ALL UP IN MY HALF BREED PUSSY MOTHERFUCKER!!” Her harsh words triggered a spasming, powerful orgasm forcing me to cry out in an embarrassing yelp of pain and pleasure. Diana continued rocking her hips back and forth milking every last drop before leaning back exhausted with little care that I was under her. I could still feel her tensing up around my depleted member. We were both gassed from the experience breathing hard while “Life in Mono” drifted throughout the car from the radio. I wondered if it had been playing the whole time we were dogging one another.

“Excuse me.” She leaned forward disengaging us and earning a bonus squirt of semen that soiled those fucking broken hearts that decorated her underwear. She seemed lingered for moments allowing me to push my cock between her bun for a brief assjob before she settled next to me checking her watch. Things were decidedly awkward as she touched up her makeup and hair silently. I sat there watching dumbfounded with my semi-erect cock draped across my leg. My orgasm had been epic and there was a small pool of cum in my lap. Diana dabbed some makeup on around her eyes. I noticed some slight wrinkles there which took nothing away from her allure.

“Good looking out.”

She offered her fist for me to bump and I robotically completed the action as she bounded out of the car at a quick pace. It was obvious she didn’t want me to follow. I ended up cleaning myself off to the best of my ability with some leaves from a nearby tree. The path leading back up to my friend’s house was a long narrow one bordered on one side by a wooded slope leading down into the Hollywood area with an overly large fenced in section on the other side. A breeze caressed the base of my skull while crickets chirped from the shadows. I made my way quietly back into the house reintegrating with my clique. Later, I was introduced to some guy named Steve.

… and his girlfriend Diana.

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