The Party House Pt. 01

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The Party House: Part 1

Copyright (c) 2021 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved.

This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright.


The following is a work of fiction and as such all characters mentioned herein are fictional and any resemblance to any persons living, dead or fictional is coincidental. All characters mentioned herein that participate in sexual activities are adults (18 years of age or older).


Have you ever been so mad you could spit nails and pound them in with your dick? I was that way and more when I found out how my homeowner’s association fucked me in the ass without any lubricant.

I had bought a house on the outer edge of the subdivision I wanted to live in. I bought that particular lot because a) I liked the builder, b) I liked the house plans and c) because the next subdivision over (which was right behind where my new house was to be built) had platted the land as entrance way and there were to be no homes built there.

Fast forward three years. The master developer for my subdivision bought the subdivision behind my house. The original developer was having cash troubles and you know the story. So now the land belonged to my master developer. Since the roads were already in place (thanks previous developer) they said they had no plans to change the layout of the subdivision.

One day I drove through the new subdivision and one of the motherfucking builders was pouring two foundations. It took a couple of days to contact the county and I found out that the cock sucking HOA had let the builders replat the subdivision to allow houses on the strip of land right behind my house. So instead of having a nice entryway with utility easement behind my house I now had the potential for neighbors. And it was filed and approved by the county so it was now set in stone.

Two of the other builders each started building two model houses on that land the following week. Of course all six models were two story houses and the first three looked directly into my back yard. I had just finally convinced my wife that no one could see us and she had relaxed enough to let us have sex in the pool and the hot tub once in a while. As soon as the first boards went up on the models the sex outside dried right up. She wouldn’t even try to tan topless out on the patio anymore.

I was so pissed off.

Fast forward another year and a half. Two of the three builders went bankrupt and sold their models at fire sale prices. Karma is a bitch. The third decided to pull out of the development and sold their models at fire sale prices as well.

It was very strange though because nobody was living in the first three models or at least the two models behind our house were dark except on weekends. The one directly behind us put in a pool and I noticed that there were always people around on weekends but almost never during the week and it didn’t make any sense.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon in early July, I just finished mowing the yard and I could hear the music booming from the house behind us. After putting the mower away, curiosity got the better of me and I got the binoculars and went up to the guest bedroom to see what I could see (the guest room was the only second story room with windows that faced the backyard and therefore the house behind us).

All I can say is wow! As I focused the binoculars, I saw a very hot blonde with a porn star body came out of the back door. She was wearing the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen. By bikini, I mean the bottoms only, she wasn’t wearing a top and her breasts were the kind you only see in the finest of gentleman’s magazines.

I followed the blonde as she walked over to the hot tub. I could only see about half of it thanks to the fence but what I could see was a guy sitting on the edge of the hot tub with his legs in the water and his dick in the mouth of a young black lady. As I watched she shifted position and the rest of her came into view. That included the black dude with a huge dick that was fucking her from behind. From my angle I couldn’t tell if he was in her pussy or her ass, but he was really rocking her.

The blonde bent down and kissed the guy that was getting blown and wiggled her fingers at the black guy before she walked away and jumped into the pool.

Looking across the pool I could see two of the lounge chairs were now occupied. The first had a black guy lying back with a redhead on his lap in a reverse cowgirl position. As she lay back on him, her legs came up spread and I could clearly see that he was deep in her ass. The second lounger had a white dude getting his cock sucked by a young black lady. As I watched she lay back on the lounger and he climbed up between her legs and began to fuck her vigorously.

As I put the binoculars down, I kicked myself for not grabbing the camera. So off I went to find the camera and the big ass telephoto lens.

As büyükçekmece escort I got back with the camera, the blonde was just coming back out the back door again so I zoomed in and started snapping pics. She was wiping something off her face and licking it off her finger. I would have been content to just follow her with the camera’s eye but there was a guy that followed her out that came up alongside her and patted her on the butt. He was totally naked and his cock was at half-mast and dripping. I got some shots of all of that activity. One guess what they had been doing and the first guess doesn’t count.

I burned up two memory cards watching the various pairings split up and recombine as the partiers swapped partners and sometimes coalesced into larger groups.

The two girls on the lounge chairs each collected an additional suitor for a double fuck times two, both were getting stuffed in their pussies and asses. The threesome in the hot tub had swapped around and the white dude got to fuck the chick while she tried valiantly to suck on the black guy’s cock. It was a monster and she could only get the head in her mouth and settled for using her hands to give him a handjob.

I debated and finally decided to just go out and get a couple more memory cards. On my way out, I pulled around the block and checked the house out. Nothing looked out of the ordinary, so I just scribbled the house number down and headed off to the store and picked up two more high capacity memory cards.

When I got back, everybody had apparently decided to go indoors except for a guy in board shorts and the blonde. I could stare at her all day. The guy was grilling and watching him made my stomach growl. I watched and got some shots of the blonde stroking his cock through the shorts and then she pulled them down and began to blow him. He had a very impressive member. She gave him an impressive blowjob and he came on her tits. Then he piled the burgers on a platter, the blonde pulled his shorts up and the two of them went inside.

I went down and set up my laptop on the kitchen table and made myself a sandwich. I copied all the memory cards and set up the pictures and movies to back up to some Blu-ray data disks

I was hard as a rock and had no idea where my wife was or when she would return. I was just about to go wank one off in the bathroom when I heard the front door open.

“Hi honey,” I heard my wife call out.

“I’m in the kitchen,” I called back.

I got up and met her in the hall. She took one look at my shorts and said, “Oh my. Have you been watching porn again?”

I looked down and said, “Not exactly. But if you are offering to help a guy out…”

She giggled and said, “C’mon sailor and you can tell me all about it,” as she pulled her shirt off and unsnapped her bra.

My wife is not quite in the same class as that blonde, but she is still quite a beauty. She stands 5 foot 9 or 10 inches tall in flats or nearly 6 foot when she wears those red fuck me pumps with the 3 inch stiletto heels. Gravity has begun its inevitable decline on her breasts, but they still hold up and I like the way the nipples still stand up and the areola crinkle when she is in the mood and I could see that they were standing up and crinkling now.

She grabbed my hand and led me off to the bedroom. I pulled her shorts down without unsnapping them and laid her down on the bed and buried my face between her legs. I unsnapped my shorts and slid them off as I tasted my lady. Her pussy was a little more pungent than normal, like she had been horny for a while. There was also a bit of saltiness that was normally not there.

After she came, she pulled on my head and patted the bed next to her. I got the hint and climbed up alongside her. She kissed me and then thoroughly licked my face, cleaning her pussy juices off my lips and my cheeks. This was something new.

When she was done, she held my face in her hands and looked at me with those sea blue eyes of hers. “Don’t be mad, but I went over to Alex and Gary’s,” she said then stopped as if groping for words.

While she was groping for word, I should explain a few things.

Alex was actually Alexandra, Gary’s wife. They were our next door neighbors. I guess you could say they were neighbors with benefits. We had been doing some soft swapping with them over the last six months. Basically it was just heavy petting with each other’s spouses while we all were in the same room. It started six months ago at the start of the lockdown from the pandemic. All of us were working from home and cabin fever was starting to set in. Since we were basically in the same sort of bubble (go nowhere except the grocery store and pharmacy) we decided to get together for dinner and movie night. The second one was at our house and we were going to watch the latest superhero team up movie but when I turned on the DVD player it started up with the disk that was still in çağlayan escort there. Of course, it was a porno movie and we had turned it off just in the middle of a big beach orgy, so that’s where it started back up.

I thought I was going to die and quickly moved to shut it off but fumbled with the remote which gave Alex a chance to say, “Leave it on. I don’t think we have seen this one.”

So we watched the orgy scene and the girls were squirming in their chairs and Gary and I were trying to hide our erections. Alex broke out laughing, “We are quite a bunch here,” she said, “A bunch of adults embarrassed about watching a porn movie. Sandy, do you mind if I sit in Rob’s lap and we start the movie from the beginning? I didn’t catch some of the finer plot points.”

That was the perfect thing to say to snap the tension and we all broke up laughing.

Gary looked at the two of us and exploded with, “Plot points? Dear, it is pretty simple, he fucks her, that one fucks the blonde and the brunette gets a dick up her pussy and one in her ass and if she is a good girl she will have one in her mouth too.”

Sandy got up and went to sit in Gary’s lap. Turning to lick his ear, she stage whispered, “I thought you said you haven’t seen this one before?”

That started a new round of laughter. Alex came over and sat in my lap and there was no way she was missing the boner that was squashed into my pants. That was a certainty when she adjusted herself to press the length of my cock into the crack of her ass. Thank god for yoga pants. Her ass cheeks molded themselves around my cock like a glove.

I restarted the movie and pretty soon Alex and I were tongue deep in each other’s mouths. I took things a little further by sliding my hand up her shirt and she moaned into my mouth when I cupped one of her breasts.

The movie was all but forgotten except for occasional comments by one of us. The one that got the biggest response was when Gary said, “See I told you the brunette was going to get double fucked,” when the brunette took a huge cock into her pussy and another in her ass.

That got Alex squirming in my lap and she whispered softly into my ear, “I hope someday to be that brunette between you and Gary, but for now, just unsnap my bra and play with my tits.”

What can you say to an invitation like that? It didn’t get too much farther that night. I slipped her shirt up and sucked on her nipples while I rubbed her pussy through her yoga pants until she came. Gary had Sandy’s shirt unbuttoned and her bra off and had been sucking her nipples. Shortly after that the movie ended and the girls by unspoken consensus stood up and put their tits away and kissed their movie partner.

Alex said with some regret in her voice, “I think that is enough for tonight. I know it is hard on you guys. I would so love to take you to bed Rob and I am sure Gary feels the same about Sandy. But I think we need to talk this over with our partners and see how to proceed.”

I nodded acceptance. My dick certainly didn’t. I could all but hear it screaming, “Shove me into that hot wet pussy. You know you want to. Just do it. If you take Alex, Gary will take Sandy and it will be all even. Don’t be a wussie. Look at that wet spot in her crotch. Fuck her you coward. FUCK HER!!!”

I stood up, kissed her and helped snap her bra back up. Gary following my lead did the same for Sandy. Both of us had circus tents pushing out our pants as Sandy and I walked Gary and Alex to the door.

Sandy gave as good as she got that night, but after I came for the third time we fell asleep in each other’s arms exhausted.

Back from wherever she had gone in her reverie, Sandy started talking again, “I came back from dropping off the dry cleaning and I could hear the lawn mower so I knew you were in the back yard. I saw Alex out watering her flowers so I went over and talked to her. When she saw me she waved me over and said, ‘Oh my god you have to see this.’ I asked ‘See what?’ She just turned the sprayer off and dropped the hose, grabbed my hand and pulled me into their house. We went into their guest room, which is in the back of their house, so it looks into the backyard of the house behind us.

“Gary was already in the bedroom looking between the slats of the blinds with some binoculars. His shorts and boxers were around his ankles and he was stroking his dick. I started to ask if this was what she wanted me to see. She pressed a finger to her lips to tell me to be quiet. So I did.

“She carefully walked into the room, got down on her knees and put her lips around Gary’s cock. He jumped about 6 feet in the air. ‘Fucking hell babe, you scared the shit out of me,’ he yelled. She laughed and said, ‘Go back to your watching and I’ll keep on blowing you.’

“She waved me over and pointed to Gary’s dick. She whispered in my ear, ‘I’ll make it up to Rob tonight.’ So I figured we have been blowing you guys for a month çapa escort now so it wasn’t really a violation, since Alex would blow you tonight. Before I wrapped my lips around him, Alex asked Gary, ‘So paint me a picture, since I can’t see what is going on.’

“Gary started talking and described the scene. There were three people in the hot tub, two guys and a chick, they were sucking on her tits and from the way her arms were moving, she was stroking their cocks. He said that when they were sitting on the side of the hot tub earlier, the black guy had the biggest dick he had ever seen. He went on to say that there was a guy lying back on one of the lounge chairs and a gal with big tits was sucking his cock. And the other lounge chair had a guy fucking a girl in the ass. Alex’s ears definitely perked up when he said that. By then I was sucking on Gary’s cock and getting really wet. I slid one hand down and started to rub myself. Alex noticed the movement and slid her hands up my shirt and unsnapped my bra. I heard saw her take her shirt off out of the corner of my eye. She wasn’t wearing a bra so those big delicious looking tits of hers just popped out.

“She came back over to me and ran her hands around to my front and started stroking my tits and pulling on my nipples. It was driving me crazy. You know how I sometimes say my nipples are directly hot-wired to my clit. Well, this was one of those days. I could tell Gary was getting close and I think Alex knew it too. She pulled my shirt and bra up over my head and I pulled one arm loose and used it to stroke Gary’s cock while she took the shirt and bra the rest of the way off. Then I went back to sucking on him.”

I should probably say at this point that neither of us had been idle while Sandy was talking. Sandy had been stroking my cock and I had been sucking her nipples and finger fucking her soaking wet pussy.

“At that point, Alex stood up with a big grin on her face and told Gary, ‘Point out the lucky girl getting ass fucked.’ He started to do it and then realized that his cock was still getting sucked.

“He looked down and exclaimed, ‘Oh my god.’ I smiled up at him and took his cock out of my mouth and said, ‘Nope. Just Sandy,’ then pulled him in as deep as I could go without gagging. Alex kissed him and pinched his nipples and he exploded in my mouth. I felt his cock start to swell up and I pulled back so his cum filled my mouth rather than choke me. When he was done, I stood up and pressed myself against Alex and kissed her and I slipped some of his come to her on my tongue.

“We kissed for a lot longer than I originally thought we would and while we were kissing Alex pushed my shorts down and I let her do it. I stepped out of them and stumbled a little and grabbed her tits for support. They felt so good in my hands. She reached down and slid a finger between my pussy lips and rubbed and I came. I was a little weak kneed so I sat on the bed. Alex came with me and before I knew it she had me on my back and she was straddling my face. I have never had any kind of sex with another woman so I froze and then she spread my thighs and slid her head in between them and began to lick me. I didn’t know what to do, but I was getting so turned on I just tried to do what you do to me that makes me feel so good. Pretty soon we were both moaning and I came again and I was able to get Alex to come.

“Alex rolled off me and said, ‘Whew. That was fun.’ She kissed me again and licked her pussy juices off my face. I did the same and then Alex looked over at Gary, who was slowly stroking himself, ‘So what’s new next door?’ He kind of blushed and said, ‘I don’t know. I wasn’t watching them. I was watching my own private sex show staring my two favorite hot porno queens.’

“We all laughed at that. Alex stood up and put her hand out for the binoculars. When she got them, she started looking out the window and said to Gary in an offhanded way, ‘See if you can find those compact birdwatching glasses for Sandy.’ He replied, ‘Got them right here,’ as he handed them to me. I took his place at the window and began to scan the pool area. Wow, there were all kinds of things going on. The black chick in the hot tub was getting spit roasted. But before I could check anything else out, Gary said, ‘Ok it’s your turn to do commentary.’

“Both Alex and I started, since we didn’t know who Gary was talking to. We both stopped and giggled and I told her to continue. ‘I spy with my little eyes some really kinky shit,” she started, ‘There is a threeway in the hot tub and HOLY CRAP, the black guy just pulled out and he IS hung like a fucking HORSE!’

“I quickly swung back to the hot tub and holy shit he WAS hung like a horse. Since Alex was speechless I swung the binoculars back over to the lounge chairs and took over the commentary, ‘There is a black guy on one of the loungers, he doesn’t seem to be hung as well as the guy in the hot tub, but he is banging his dick into the girl riding him reverse cowgirl. Oh wait, a white guy just walked up and she is sucking on him. There is also a girl on the other lounger and a guy just walked up to her and he is eating her out. I think she likes it. She is running her fingers through her hair. Oh she just got another guy walk up and wave his dick in her face and she is now sucking him off.’

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