The Other Side Ch. 02

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“Goddess of Sex?” I parroted back at the beauty standing before me. We were both completely naked and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I didn’t believe in god’s. But then again, I looked around me at the completely whitewashed barren environment and realised I had absolutely no explanation for what was happening. Or perhaps that was just a failure of my imagination. With everything that happened to me over the last few days, I had started to question everything I thought I knew.

Before me was a beautiful naked women with deeply tanned skin unbroken by tan lines. She glowed a golden hue and her beauty took my breath away, literally. She smelled faintly like exotic spices, her vibrant emerald green eyes reflected her power and her long dark blond hair flowed past her firm round ass.

“Yes John. I am Aphrodite. Although in your world I went by many names. Freyja, Rati, Qetesh, Bastet and many others.”

I knew Aphrodite, that was Greek mythology. This beauty that was keeping me rock hard with her gleaming pussy and massive breasts was claiming to be a Greek god? She certainly gave the impression of power, but a Greek god?

“You’re trying to tell me you’re a Greek god?”

“Yes, and no. We inspired their ideas and beliefs, but they didn’t know us very well. The truth is a little different. You could say the Greek gods are based on us.”

I tried to process what she was saying but she continued speaking.

“We were human once. Living in a land we called Atlantia. I believe your Plato wrote about it once, not that he’d ever seen it, even then it was only a myth. We evolved a keen intellect far beyond other humans. And since we mostly kept to ourselves, speciation eventually occurred and we could no longer breed with humans. We discovered the scientific method far earlier than your species and advanced to a point where we started manipulating our own genetics. We became mostly immortal and so to control out population growth we made ourself infertile.

Unfortunately my brethren became jealous of each other. They began hording their power, killing each other for it. Only one of us can kill another, and so our population shrank through war with no way of increasing until the separation pact was made. I tried to reverse our infertility, but with everyone fighting each other my attempts were in vain.”

Aphrodite looked like she was lost in her own thoughts, my attention drifted down to her firm, large breasts.

“… and so the handful of us left each went our separate ways, creating our own splinter realms. You’ve just come from mine.” Her attention snapped back to me at this point, “The forces attempting to pull the realms back together keep events flowing in step with the alpha realm, I’m sure you’ve noticed the continued similarities between our realms.”

“That’s a lot to take in.” I said once I realised she was waiting for my response.

“Yes, Well I’ve been watching you for the last 4 days, I felt it only fair you know a little about myself. But now the history lesson is over.”

She paused and looked at me in a way that made me feel small and powerless, the effect enhanced by being on my knees.

“So I was in your world, eh, realm? Where am I now?” I asked. We stood in a completely white space, no ceiling or walls. All I could see beside myself and Aphrodite was pure white.

“This is… a simple way point I created to intercept you on your journey to yet another realm.”

“Another realm?”

She completely ignored my question. “You’re unique John. As unlikely as it is you have the beginnings of an ability to travel between realms. Perhaps given enough generations and some kind of selective pressure it could evolve into a stable, controllable ability. You don’t know how lucky you are to have stumbled into my creation and not that of any of my brethren.”

“Brethren?” I asked, my mind failing to keep up.

“Ares, Zeus, Athena, almost any of the others… worse of all, Hades.” she replied. “Most likely they would have assumed you to be a spy and killed you on the spot, thinking another amongst us had broken the pact of non-interference. Unlike my brothers and sisters, I don’t have a violent temperament so I studied you after your arrival and determined you were not a threat.”

A lump caught in my throat. If I wasn’t so lucky as to land in a sex world purely by chance I would have landed somewhere else and been killed for it.

She paused for a moment. Just as I was about to break the silence she continued. “I enjoyed your visit over the last few days John, and I know you did too. So I’m going to do you a favour. I will fix your current situation in your realm. It’s technically a violation of the pact, but the others won’t notice. If you like I can also alter your genetic sequence to stabilise this new ability and lock its coordinates to my realm and your own. You will then be able to travel back and forth at will without risk of arriving in some place you don’t belong and getting yourself killed.”

She ataşehir escort paused and broke her eye contact with me, her gaze dropping down to my erect penis which twitched at the sudden acknowledgement of it’s existence. I studied Aphrodite’s breasts for a moment and marvelled. Was I really looking at the breasts of a goddess? She was certainly a powerful being of some description. When she spoke again I was drawn back to her eyes.

“Do you accept?”

I thought on it for a few moments. What did I have to lose? What other options did I have? Getting killed the next time I passed out and landed somewhere I shouldn’t? “…Yes.” I finally choked out.

“I’ll send you back now. Enjoy my gift, use it however you wish. You will always be welcome in my realm. Now I’ll accept your payment.”

“Payment?” I asked.

“These things always require payment.” she said. Her voice was calm and soothing.

Aphrodite raised her arm and touched the tip of her index finger to my forehead. Suddenly my balls ached. An intense pleasure ripped through my cock and almost immediately I began to cum. My cock erupted and semen flew through the air, splattering itself over Aphrodite’s legs.

Her eyes closed and she arched her neck backwards in what appeared to be pleasure. I looked down and watched as a second spurt left my dick and struck her left leg. I continued to spew semen at the goddess for an incredible length of time. I must have shot at least 10 rounds. When my divine ejaculation was finally spent I just stared dumbfounded at her cum drenched legs.

I felt her finger leave my forehead and suddenly I was somewhere else. It took me a moment to get my bearings, then I found I was kneeling on the carpet in my apartment. I knew I was back in my own world, and sure enough a quick check of a photo on the wall revealed clothed subjects. It had been a long day so after checking everything was alright and the apartment was locked, I went directly to bed. I couldn’t sleep of course, but eventually after what must have been hours I did succumb to my exhaustion and slept the rest of the night and part of the next day.

The next day I spent all my time trying to sort my life out. I found that all my bills had been payed while my friends and family all thought I had been on holiday. Nobody even had a clue that I had vanished from the Earth for 4 days. My bank account was no longer empty, but had enough balance that I could survive for quite a while. Aphrodite had been quite generous.

Once I finally had everything sorted out late that evening, I tried to go back to the other side, Aphrodite’s realm. I had no idea how it worked, so I just closed my eyes and concentrated on being in unJohn’s apartment. Nothing happened and I soon gave up. The next day was the same, I spent a good portion of the day trying to cross over with no success.

On Friday I felt something. It felt like I was being pulled, not in any external direction, but inward. Beyond that I still achieved nothing. I gave up to go to dinner at my parents place. It felt weird seeing Caitlin there, having seen her naked but knowing she had no idea. I felt a little uncomfortable, but overcame it quickly enough. We spent the evening watching a movie. Although Caitlin left to go out with her friends part way through the movie. She had changed into a blue tank top that showed off her cleavage and midriff, and a pair of tight jeans that really showed off her shapely ass. Her shoulder length brown hair framed her cute face in a way I hadn’t noticed before, My cock hardened reflexively.

I arrived home at 10:30 that night. As I was about to get changed I decided to try and cross over one last time before calling it a night. I felt the pull immediately and struggled to maintain it. A minute or so must have passed as I stood in my bedroom focusing on unJohn’s apartment and I became much more efficient at maintaining the pull with less conscious effort. Then all of a sudden, I crossed over.

It felt like when you wake up with a start and for a moment feel like you’re falling. My body jumped and my stomach flew up into my throat for a second before everything was solid again and the pull was gone. I opened my eyes and found myself in my living room. The TV was on and when I turned to look at it a naked chick was on screen advertising some sun cream… or something. Not only had I jumped to the other side, I had moved location from the bedroom to the living room. I wasn’t expecting that. Did this mean I could teleport as well?

Before I could contemplate it further I heard a noise from my bedroom over the noise from the TV. It was grunting. I snuck over to the open door and slowly looked in, trying to be quiet. Based on the sounds, my double in this universe was no doubt having sex so I couldn’t give myself away. As I cleared the door I saw unJohn on his knees with his dick buried in some girls twat. She was on all fours as they fucked doggy style. I could see them clearly in the light from the TV that was coming kadıköy escort bayan through the door. Luckily they were facing away from me. I kept my head as close to the door frame as I could so I didn’t block much light and grab their attention.

It was strange watching myself having sex from a 3rd person perspective, I couldn’t tear myself away. I knew they probably wouldn’t mind me watching but I doubted he had told her he had a twin living here, for all he knew I was never coming back.

UnJohn was squeezing the womans ass cheeks in his hands as he pumped his cock into her hot cunt. I couldn’t see much of the penetration from my perspective. The woman started to buck and thrash around as my double pounded her from behind. This must have made it difficult for him to thrust and remain inside her as he popped out, prompting her to stop thrashing and look over her shoulder at him.

I recoiled back behind the wall as I saw her face, both so she couldn’t see me and also from shock. It wasn’t some random hottie he was banging. It was unCaitlin. My double was fucking his own sister. Our sister. What the fuck.

“Dammit, I’m not going to be able to cum if you keep pulling out.” called unCaitlin’s voice.

“Then stop moving so much, I can’t stay in when you do that.” unJohn replied.

I slowly backed up through the living room to the apartment door and quietly made my way outside where I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. I didn’t recall seeing or hearing anything about incest in this world. Was it as taboo here as back home, or was it just another practice here that was accepted as normal like everything else sex related? I needed to do some research.

It was pretty late but I wasn’t going to be able to sleep after this. I needed access to the Internet in this world, but I couldn’t think of how at this time of night, everything was closed and unJohn’s computer was in his bedroom. I pulled my phone out of my pocket automatically, before realising I wasn’t signed up to a supplier on this side.

Then I considered unJohn’s wifi in his apartment, I should be able to access it from here. I just hoped his password was the same as the one I used. I soon found that it was. I connected successfully to my doubles network and opened up the browser on my phone. I typed “incest” into Google, sitting on the pavement freezing my ass off as it loaded. The first result was the Wikipedia entry, I followed the link and began reading.

‘Incest is sexual intercourse between close relatives that has been controversial in many countries of the world. In the western world and most of the east incest is legal and usually not strictly taboo, although it is sometimes frowned upon. In most of the middle east and surrounding regions incest is either illegal or socially taboo. The type of sexual activity and the nature of the relationship between people that constitutes a breach of law or social taboo in these regions of the world vary with culture and jurisdiction. Some societies consider it to include only those who live in the same household, or who belong to the same clan or lineage; other societies consider it to include “blood relatives”; other societies further include those related by adoption or marriage.’

The page then continues to give some stats taken from public surveys.

‘In the US, leading researchers reveal that 1 in 3 people have had sexual intercourse with a sibling or extended family member at some point in their lives, 1 in 4 have had sex with a parent, 1 in 10 are secretly incestuous on a regular or semi regular basis and 1 in 30 are openly incestuous on a regular basis.’

Perhaps unJohn was one of these people doing it in the closet, or maybe this was a once off.

‘Other regions of the world tend to follow the same trend, except for a few European countries such as Germany and Sweden where incest is much more prevalent with almost everyone having had intercourse with a family member at least once, and the Middle East where it is much less prevalent. Interestingly many tribal cultures in remote areas of the world embrace incest the most. There is a tribe in New Guinea where men have sexual intercourse with their daughters when they come of age in order to teach her the ways of sex before she can marry. Virginity in such cultures is seen as lowering a womans value.’

This was bizarre. I decided I should go home if I could, I had been excited to show unJohn that I had returned but I was too anxious now to speak to him. I closed my eyes and tried to return home. The pull came faster this time, then in only a few seconds I jumped and found myself back in my own bedroom. It was now 11pm so I went straight to bed but the image of my cock impaling my sister was burned into my brain and I couldn’t sleep.

After a few hours of sleeplessness and trying to not think about fucking Caitlin I finally gave in. I got out of bed and masturbated while thinking about my sister impaled on my dick. I shot my wad into some tissues and cleaned up before escort maltepe going back to bed. Now that my turbulent mind had settled and my urges had been satisfied to a small extent, I finally fell asleep.

I got out of bed at 7am, unable to go back to sleep once I woke, despite the late night. I had a quick breakfast and started practising my jumping. I needed to learn my limits, and to hone my skills. I tried to jump from one room to another, without crossing to the other side. I had no idea if I could do it, but then I did. I teleported to my bathroom, then back again. Every time I jumped I became faster at it and soon I was jumping on a whim with my eyes open. I didn’t feel the pull or the sudden jerk anymore, there was no time. Visually it was very disorienting, and at one point I had to stop or risk throwing up. One moment I was looking at my living room, then instantly I was staring at myself in the bathroom mirror. There was no intermediary.

I began experimenting with objects. It hadn’t escaped my notice that my clothes jumped with me, so I tried carrying different objects. This worked also, so I ramped up the difficulty to carrying heavier items. Weight didn’t seem to matter, but if I couldn’t lift it would I be able to jump it? I tried jumping my bed into the lounge just by resting my hand on it. It didn’t come with me. I tried over and over again with no success. Just as I was about to give up, my bed was in the living room. It had worked. I jumped it back and forwards a few times. I discovered I had to visualise both myself and the object when I jumped, as well as the destination. It took more concentration, but I became consistent at performing the task. I tried to do it without the physical contact, perhaps the visualising was enough. But it didn’t work, I jumped alone.

I tried many different things, including jumping inside another object. I was scared at first, would I be injured? I tried jumping just close enough to a wall for a book I was holding to occupy the same space as the wall. I couldn’t jump at all, that was a relief, I’d never have to fear landing inside something.

I looked at the time and enough had passed that unJohn would be at work by now, he often worked Saturdays like I used to and I knew this was one of those long weeks for him. I went to my bedroom and jumped to unJohn’s bedroom, without moving my position. It was almost like nothing had happened, suddenly my bed was made while it had previously been messy. There were also some things on my desk that suddenly shifted position or disappeared, like in an old episode of Bewitched when someone disappeared and everyone else in the scene moves a little bit. Excellent.

I setup my smart phone on my bookshelf in the lounge and set it to record video. I hit record and jumped a few times in front of it. When I played the video back I was stunned. It truly was instantaneous. I would be in one place then in the very next frame I’d be somewhere else. Perhaps a high speed camera could shed some more light on the issue, not that I had one of those.

I then tried to jump directly from unJohn’s lounge to a remote area just down the street from my place. It didn’t work. Perhaps I couldn’t visualise it well enough. I tried to think of somewhere secluded that I could remember well and the best suitable location I could think of was the toilets where I had been made fun of for wearing jeans. I don’t think I’d ever been there in my world, but I could remember the layout of it from Aphrodite’s realm perfectly. I tried to jump there in my world, but nothing happened. Then I tried to jump there on the other side and immediately I was there. There was a couple fucking on the bench again. They hadn’t seen me, so I quickly tried to jump back to my world, without moving my position. Instantly the people vanished and the tiles on the floor seemed to get dirtier, interesting. It seemed I could only teleport somewhere I could remember adequately, but I could cross over from one world to the other without moving regardless of whether I had been there or not.

I left the bathroom and walked around the mall, taking notice of all the differences between this world and the other. In place of the sex stations in the central walkway was potted plants and regular benches, leaving a lot more space for foot traffic. I went to Borders and McDonalds reminiscing about the strangeness I had experienced here a few days before, no evidence of the sexualised menus remained. I felt a feeling of calmness like all my troubles were over. Back then I had been anxious and didn’t know if I’d ever get home. Now I knew I could jump back and forward at will. I was excited to go back there, my junk twitched in my underwear at the thought.

I walked to the closest bathroom and immediately jumped home. I was about to start removing my shirt so I could jump to the other side when I had an idea. I imagined myself completely naked while jumping to the mall bathroom on the other side. I appeared in the bathroom and the first thing I noticed was the cold of the tiles touching my feet. I was stark naked. The people fucking on the bench were gone. I jumped straight back home and found my clothes piled on the ground as if they’d just fallen straight down as I disappeared. Too bad I wouldn’t be able to get re-dressed with such ease.

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