The Nurse

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I walked into the hospital early Monday morning. My knee had been hurting for months, since I played that touch football game I knew I shouldn’t. I wasn’t quite hobbling but I constantly knew my knee was there for months. The result of my mind saying zig right but my body zagging left. A trip to the doctors, a couple of x-rays a rearranged schedule and here I was, go ahead doc… do your thing.

The nurse that took my temperature was a knock out. Not the glamour blonde beauty that you’d see in bad B grade movies, but the beauty that you see rarely in day to day people. Fine brown hair pulled back into a loose bun (never my favorite hair style but somehow she made it work), deep brown eyes that sparkled with beautiful eyelashes, long skinny fingers and trim hands. The nurses uniform didn’t do her body justice. The curves were there but were muted, difficult to determine, but she had gorgeous legs with trim ankles in her hospital white sneakers.

“Hi, how are you today?” were the first words I spoke to her.

“I’m doing great and you?”

“A little nervous to be honest.” As badly as I wanted to give her some studly response I couldn’t find it in me to lie to her. I’d known her for exactly 6.5 seconds and already I found I couldn’t lie to her. I have often wondered why.

“Nothing to be nervous about” was her response with that distant I don’t really see you smile that all nurses must be required to practice in the mirror a million times before they get their degrees. “you’ll do fine…” the completion of that non committal attitude.

“…said the proctologist as he bent the patient over the table” I muttered as I began to unbutton my shirt and I noticed her head jerk, her eyes looked at me for the first time as something other than another piece of equipment, truly looked at me as a person, and I saw a smile, a real one, start to curl the corners of her mouth.

“What’s your name?”


“Spinosa Smith? Spinosa Jones?”

“No, you goof, Connie Spinosa” she said, actually starting to laugh a little. She had a captivating smile, sensuous lips, white teeth, not quite perfect, more the natural perfect, not the orthodontist perfect and I found that I really wanted to make her smile as much as I could.

She was writing on her clip board as I tried to engage her in conversation, I got a few uhuhs and mmmm’s as she took my temperature, blood pressure weight and height. “you need to get into the hospital gown for me”

“for you anything” my smart ass reply, but again she gave me that look. It was a softening of her eyes, a softening of the slight concentration wrinkles at the corners of her eyes that let me know she knew that I was actually human. Those deep brown eyes just seemed to suck me up.

“I promise not to watch your ass as you walk down the corridor in your hospital gown Mr. John” and I saw a true smile on her face.

“Would that be because you’re not interested? Or is it just because you’re trying to be decent?”

“Oh, only because I feel it’s only fair, if you show me yours I’d have to show you mine” and a deeper laugh… God I liked to make this woman laugh.

I knew I needed to take a chance, if I didn’t, in three minutes I’d walk out, or she would leave and I’d never see her again. “I’ll make you a deal… you can look if you’ll go out to lunch with me when I get back on my feet.”

“You’re not really in a position to argue” and she laughed as my expression fell… “I’ll take your number and call you when you’ve had some time to recoup, we’ll discuss it then, Mr. John.”

I couldn’t figure this out. I had known her for only minutes, not enough dialog to fill two pages but I was definitely smitten with this woman. I was sad to see her stand as the gas passer walked in the room. I noticed a subtle change in her as she stood, now the consummate professional, the staid business oriented nurse, back to the looking through you instead of at you.

A short interview with the Dr. and it was time to go to the operating room.

“Come on Mr. John I’ll take you to the operating room now.”

“Call me John and I’ll walk if you don’t mind”

“Oh no you couldn’t do that, it would make the Dr. feel funny if you could walk when you came in the operating room but had to be wheeled out… that’s kind of backwards don’t you think?”

I couldn’t argue with her logic so I tried my last ditch effort to keep my dignity and walk to the operating room… “but you’ll miss the show and I’ll never get that lunch”

“Don’t worry about the lunch” but her tone had turned conspiratorial as the anesthesiologist walked back in the room. “We’re late, Lets go” he said and sped out of the room.

“here hold this for me” and she handed me the bag of saline solution as she started to wheel me down the hall. I dropped the bag on my lap, (what did I know right?) and she pushed me into the operating room. They strapped me down to the operating table and I looked up as they hung the bag on those güvenilir bahis little hook things and I said “uh oh”

The doctor jerked towards me and said “what” in an order giving, barking tone of voice.

“Look” I said trying to motion with my head to the bag hanging down,”the blood’s running up the tube”

“Mr. John, there are two things we don’t say in either a cockpit or an operating room and they are ‘uh oh’ and ‘oh shit’… now good night.” And with a smile, he put a needle into the hose hanging from the bag attached to my arm and my vision went blurred as he faded from view…

My eyes opened to see those hospital lights, the florescent ones with the tiles that we all counted the holes in when we were in elementary school and had to lay on the nurses bed for some feigned math test evading illness or another. The oxygen running into my nose felt so good, smelled so good I just lay there breathing it for a minute or two, I felt so tired, I just wanted to sleep again, and drifted off….

My eyes slowly came into focus, to see, leaning over my bed… Connie….

“wha…. Wha…. What are you doing here… ” My voice was just not working… and fuck, my knee hurt, but still the only thing that mattered to me was that I was seeing her again…

“I was just finishing my shift and thought I’d check in on you”

The emotional warmth that spread through me at that time was incredible. I had been widowed a couple of years ago, spent my time working and tending to the kids and had no one that was concerned about my welfare for all of that time. The thought that someone could think of me as something other than daddy or boss was so…. I don’t know, deep I guess… It had to be deep, it couldn’t be the massive doses of feel good juice they had given me could it? This was the deep quandary that was going through my mind as I dropped back into the gray…

When I woke up it was dark outside. I was in my hospital bed, my knee was down to a dull throb and I had to pee… I mean I really had to pee… Really really had to pee. I knew with my knee like this I just didn’t have the time to deal with this… I looked in the drawer in the nightstand next to my bed and there it was, the holy grail, the pitcher of salvation, not made of gold, or expensive metal but of basic plastic, a piss bottle.

That finished, I was about to push the button when to my surprise in walks…. Yep, you guessed it, Connie. “Wha… what are you doing here….?” The voice still wasn’t working so great and, apparently neither was the brain. “What, did they give you a frontal lobotomy? Is that all you can say?”

The fuzzy memories of the recovery room came back to me…

“It’s good to see you…” and I started to think of my appearance. There is absolutely no dignity in laying in a bed, mussed hair, no underwear, and a full piss bottle hanging on the rail of the bed. I tried to sit up a little straighter, tried to straighten my hair.

“You’re getting released today, I checked your chart.”

“Oh, will I see you again before I leave?”

“Probably not, I have to start my shift”

“Will you call me from time to time?”

“I’ll think about it” her noncommittal response. What was the deal with this woman? She was cool, aloof, but she kept coming back… This was the longest conversation I’d had with an object of desire since I lost the wife. I knew I couldn’t be an object of desire to her in my fucked position, I really felt defenseless. I couldn’t understand why she was interested in me after only a few minutes of light surface conversation.

“I’ve gotta get to work… I’ll talk to you soon…” and she gave me a concerned, seemingly emotional smile. I just couldn’t figure this woman out. What did I know about her? What did she know about me? Not much.

A few days later, resting on the sofa bed watching TV where I had set up my recovery station, the phone rang. When I picked it up I heard her voice. I had been fantasizing about her almost constantly. What was it that she had that so intrigued me? I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

“hey Mr. John, it’s Connie, ummm from the hospital?” as if wondering if I remembered her.

“Hey! Connie! How are you?”

“You sure sound better… How’s it all going?”

I gave her the diatribe… Yeah I’m semi Ambulatory now, doesn’t hurt much, almost getting back to work, kids still at grandma’s etc. etc.

“I was thinking about you earlier today and was just wondering how you were doing” her noncommittal response. Did this woman practice non-committal? I was pretty sure she had some interest or why would she keep contacting me but she was giving me absolutely no signals at all.

“Doing better and better everyday”

“That’s great, well I’ve gotta run…”

“Hey stop by anytime would you? Haven’t had any visitors to speak of since I got home”

Silence… and more silence… had she already hung up?

“we’ll see…. Well gotta go…”

I said türkçe bahis bye to the dial tone. What was with this woman? I had no idea how to get a hold of her, I guess I could call the hospital, I knew her name.

I drifted off into my afternoon nap and when I woke I realized four things. I had had a really good erotic dream, I was erect, it was dark and I was not alone.

“Who’s there?”




I felt her hand on my leg, gently massaging the muscles, slowly traveling up towards my crotch. I was already hard and this wasn’t making it go down… I felt her hand travel up under the blankets to pass lightly over my hardness…

Was this a dream? If it was it wasn’t going to be long before it became a wet one. I felt her fingers close over me and a gentle pump running the full length. The tingles spread though my body and my head fell back… I tried to reach out, to pull her to me only to have her push my arm down. “No… we have to do this my way….”

I was going to argue with her? Not a chance… One thing I have learned in life is to never argue a woman who holds your manhood in her hand. “Just relax, feel what’s happening to you and enjoy…”

Her hand slid over my cock, her fingers tracing the outline, slipping slowly and gently under the band to wrap around me with skin to skin contact. And so began an incredibly erotic slow sensuous handjob. I wanted to feel her, I wanted to feel her nipples get hard, to feel if she was wet, to feel her vaginal walls grip my fingers while she came but she wouldn’t let me touch her.

Her fingers were wrapped around me gently, skin barely touching skin, the slowness of her strokes were maddening. I wanted to thrust my hips, to increase the friction, I wanted to speed up her strokes, to get her to grip harder but she had disarmed me. My head fell back and I couldn’t see much in the darkness so I was left to concentrate only on her ministrations… The tingles were so intense…

I could feel her breath on my face as she leaned down and put her mouth to my ear… “does that feel good sweety?” in a breathy quiet whispering voice…

“Do you like it when I rub your cock like this?” and her hand slid up the full length to twist slightly at the top of her stroke, pulling the skin back as it traveled back down…. “I love how hard your cock is I love to feel it fill my hand… Tell me, does it feel good baby?”

“oooohhhhhhhhh god yes!” also in a whisper. The mood was so charged and I was losing control. The tingles were so intense as her hand passed over the sensitive spots, her fingers pressing against that little spot below the head, the tingles spreading down through my legs, up through my stomach. I loved having her control my cock with her hands while she watched the pleasure on my face. I was trying to hold back.

Her hand was still going maddeningly slow. I was sure if she only gave me one quick firm stroke I would come, but no, she continued so slowly, enough to bring me right to the edge of coming but not enough to get me over the edge, and she kept me there… every muscle in my body was struggling, tense, tight. My hips clenched pushing my cock straight out, but still she continued slowly, softly… I could feel my testicles pulled up tight, ready to discharge… Ohhhhh god! I wanted to cum.

“I’m going to keep you here until you can’t stand it any more… Until you absolutely have to cum… until you cum with your entire body….”

“Ohhhh…. I’m so close…. Please please make me cum… ” My body was shaking with the intense pleasure… the tingles felt as if I was cumming but felt as if I could cum even better… My cock was leaking precum at a prodigious rate lubricating her hand, making the tingles even more intense.

“do you need to cum? Do you absolutely have to cum?”

“Ohhhhhhh god please… please let me cum”

her hand sped up slightly, but with such a gentle pressure… How I wanted to grab her hand, How I wanted to stroke until I came… The tingles went through my body as a rush, I felt like I was cuming constantly, the waves rushing through my body but still I hadn’t cum… Nothing existed to me other than my cock… I could feel the cum right at the edge, pushing to get out but not quite there… Never had I been this close for this long… and then it happened…

“Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!…. ohhhhh, cummmmming…. Ohhhhhhh unnh unnnhf…” were the only sounds I could utter… and her hand was still so slow, so gentle, The first wave of orgasm was the most intense feeling I had ever felt… So much pleasure it was almost painful. My entire body quivering, out of control, only concerned with my cum… another wave passed through my body, intense white light flashing in my eyes, pearly white cum jetting in streams, again and again… slowing, to dribble down over her fingers, covering the head of my cock and still her hand continued that slow soft maddening pace.

And finally she güvenilir bahis siteleri stopped. My body felt completely empty, totally satisfied, like sex wouldn’t enter my mind for years. I could hear her lean back in the chair she was sitting in… I wasn’t sure how she had gotten it next to the bed without waking me, how had she gotten in the house without waking me, why had she come in the house. She clicked on the lamp on the nightstand, I could see the lust in her eyes as she brought her hand up to her mouth to lick the cum from her fingers. The cum on my chest and stomach cooling in the night chill.

She leaned back and looking me directly in the eye and slid her hand down into her pants, black pants with elastic and at the waist. I could see her hand moving as she massaged her clit, could hear her gentle moans as her pleasure was visibly coursing through her body. I wanted to ask her so many questions, but I wanted to watch her cum more.

She was wearing a tight white shirt and I could see her hard nipples pressing out against the fabric, I finally got a feel for her body, skinny, flat stomach heaving in ripples of pleasure as she approached her orgasm, breasts not too big and not too small… she was looking deep into my eyes as she got closer…

“Did you like making me cum?” I whispered to her.


“Do you want to make yourself cum for me?” again whispered….

“oh god I want to….” A quiet whisper but desperate to reach her release

Her legs were spreading and closing on her hand… I couldn’t see anything but the back of her hand moving under the fabric of her pants but the expression on her face was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. I knew she was getting close… her eyes rolled up in her head, so I could just see a little white, you know, the Linda Blair white eyed roll back, her eyes almost closed, her breasts shaking, her legs quivering, low gutteral grunts coming from her signifying each wave of pleasure as it coursed through her body, her nipples were so hard.

And finally she stopped all movement but all of her muscles were tense… frozen but quivering, and she held that pose for at least fifteen seconds, just sitting there quivering….

“ohhhhhhh god! Oh oh oh oh oh unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghf” Her body jerked in several bursts, I could see the pleasure ripple through her flat stomach, her nipples hard sticking out through her blouse. Each jerk of her body accompanied by an explosive but quiet grunt, as if escaping despite all the control she thought she had. Her hand was still except right before she’d jerk, then it would jiggle real fast followed by a shudder and a grunt. It was undoubtedly the sexiest thing I have ever witnessed and went on for about thirty seconds or so. Then she seemed to begin to come down…

“cum again… cum again for me now…” again the subtle whisper. I could see her hand begin to move again, slower this time, bigger circles, but I could see her chest heaving as I watched her hand slide down lower as if her fingers were going inside. Her eyes flew open and she started to shudder, her legs quivering, her chest heaving, redness rising in her cheeks as she once again went over the edge. It seemed as if this orgasm had surprised her. Her groans were louder her eyelids fluttering as I watched her body convulse, her hips pumping as if trying to get the imaginary cock deeper… I could smell her sex, I could hear her juices as her fingers pumped in and out but still could see nothing but her pantrs and the bulge of her hand as she made herself cum.

And then she relaxed, relaxed so much I thought she would slide out of the chair… I reached for her, I wanted to hold her, I wanted to tell her that was the best but again all I got was… “Shhhhhhhhhhh”

She leaned back and turned the light off again and started to stand up,to move away from me… I wanted to hold her , to touch her, to pleasure her like she had me, to fuck her deep, emotionally, but she slipped further away.

“Please, can I have your number? Can I call you?” and again all I got was “shhhhhhhhh” and she was gone, I couldn’t even get up to chase her.

I was left there with cum on my chest, another hardon that I thought would never happen again as hard as she made me cum and … an empty room. Of course the paper towels were out of reach.

What was the deal with this woman. The best sex I’d had in years, maybe ever and I never even got to see her breasts, let alone her naked? How the hell did she find me? I had given her my phone number but never told her where I lived. I was perplexed with this mystery woman, I wanted to get to know her, I wanted to touch her, I wanted…. Her. Why? I still wonder to this day.

A few days later, I had picked up the phone to call her at the hospital at least fifteen times but had not allowed the call to go through. I wanted to talk to her, I wanted her to come back but for some reason I was afraid to track her down. I guess I realized that she needed to move at her own pace, a pace that I could not for the life of me understand. She wouldn’t talk to me, wouldn’t let me touch her but was happy to make me cum and to make herself cum in front of me. What was the deal here.

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