The New Me

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I walked into Victoria’s Secret with almost $500 dollars in my purse and anger in my mind. My boyfriend, Brad, had just dumped me because he told me I didn’t dress sexy enough or show my body off like other girls. Worst part is he had never offered to buy me some sexy lingerie or clothes. I figured I would show him a thing or two. As I walked in the store a nice looking girl with sassy red hair came out to greet me.

“Hello and welcome to Victoria’s. I’m Amy and if there is anything I can help you with just ask.” Amy told me.

I told her I was looking to spice up my lingerie wardrobe. She informed me that she they had many great sexy items that might be of interest to me. So, for the next hour or so Amy helped me pick out and try on tons of different lingerie. Mostly different bras but I also tried on some corsets; bustier, different panties and some night wear as well. When I was satisfied on a number of items I had Amy ring them up and I headed down the mall to my favorite store, Branded, a western wear store.

I went in and picked out a few pairs of low rise jeans and some tops that I had never considered, low cut and super tight. I might be going for a new look but I wanted to keep my cowgirl image, now we would just be a hot sexy cowgirl.

Thirty minutes and 4 complete outfits later I finally walked out of the mall to my truck. One thing I figured I had that all the boys wanted was my truck, a 1995 Chevy 4×4 with pipes and nerf bars and a lift kit. What can I say it’s the Cowgirl in me? It was late when I got home so I quickly put all my things away said good night to my mother and father and headed back to my bedroom for bed.

Waking up at my usual 5 am I put on my spandex running shorts and blue sports bra, along with sock and my running shoes and headed out the door for my morning run, 3 mile loop around our block, country roads. I had never gone running with just the spandex shorts and sports bra but figured if Brad wanted me to be sexier I was going to do it full time. I got a little look from my mother as I headed out but she had always let me be my own person so she just smiled and said have a nice run honey.

Soaked in sweat and breast heaving up and down, I made the last turn into the driveway and slowed down to a fast pace walk. My nipples were clearly hard as çapa escort they strained against my sports bra. I did my cool down and head for the shower, time to get ready for school. While in the shower I thought that my new sexy panties didn’t look that great with pubic hair sticking out so I took a bit longer and shaved every last hair off my pussy. I took a look in the mirror and thought my large pouty lips looked very sexy indeed.

Once back in my room I selected a tiny black v-string and red front clasp bra for my 36D’s. A tight pull over top that barely covered my belly button, low rise jeans and my black Tony Lama boots rounded out my attire for the day. I got my hair in a ponytail and out the door I went and off to school. All day long guys’ eyes were on me and everyone seemed to like my new style. Everyone knew of my break up and figured that was part of my revenge.

Debbie, who was about the most popular girl in school came up too me and told me she loved my look. “Sexy and Sassy” was her definition and I couldn’t have agreed more with her. She said that although I was on my way to being super sexy she would help me widen my wardrobe a bit more. So Thursday night I was off to the mall again, this time with Debbie.

At 7pm she pulled in the driveway with her Mustang (daddy bought) and I quickly jumped in. I had wore low rise jeans, thong, button up blouse and bra and of course my boots. Debbie however, had chosen a white tank top that did nothing to conceal the red lace bra underneath and the black skirt barely covered the top of her hold ups stockings and she had on black knee boots as well.

“Wow you look super sexy,” I told her.

“You just wait, you will have some outfits like this and maybe even go a bit naughty,” she said as she lifted her skirt to revel her smooth bald pussy. I bout died right there.

“You are not wearing any panties, “I gasped. I couldn’t believe someone would go without panties.

Friday night at the party.

I felt a bit self consious walking into the frat party that Debbie had brought us to, mostly due to what Debbie had bought for me to wear. Black pleated skirt that barely covered my small ass, white satin 1/2 cup bra and super tight pull over low cut top(low enough you could see the top cihangir escort of the 1/2 cup bra) and black knee boots. I took her advice and opted not to wear panties, felt very open indeed. All eyes were on us as we walked in and I am sure all the guys were thinking, “Wow two sexy sluts for the taking”. I wasn’t a slut but the thought did turn me on however.

It didn’t take too many beers to loosen me up and finally a dark haired guy bout 5 foot 7 came up and introduced himself as Dan. He was a business major and had grown up on a farm out in central Iowa. It didn’t’ take too long for him to ask me to go up to his bedroom. The alcohol in me said sure. lol His room was typical for a college boy, half naked chicks covered the wall and PLAYBOY and some other girly magazines lay in piles here and there.

“Don’t pay any attention to them posters, you are much sexier than they are,” Dan said. “Is that your way of telling me you want to see me like that,” I asked with an alcohol induced smile.

His hand reached up under my skirt as he leaned into kiss me. Once he found my bare pussy he slowly slid two fingers inside and worked them in and out, making me wetter still. My hands worked his pants and once undone they were, along with his boxers, slid to the floor. His 7″ cock was out and already hard. With one hand I started stroking it for him; mind you we hadn’t broken the kiss yet. His other free hand found its way inside my top and bra and played with my “girls”. He worked me over pretty good with his fingers, almost to the point of making me cum. Hell my ex hadn’t ever been able to do that while fucking me. Finally he removed his hand and pulled his shirt off and lay down on the bed.

“Why don’t you get that top off so you can get on top and get off.” He suggested to me.

The top and bra came off, letting him for the first time see my boobs. His eyes bulged and he licked his lips. Just like a dog waiting for a bone. With my knee boots and skirt still on I crawled onto the bed and straddled him, just above his cock. Slowly I knelt down until the tip of his cock rubbed the outer folds of my soaking pussy, then I lowered myself down his shaft until I bottomed out. The feeling was awesome, soaking wet and full of rock hard cock. I leaned down esenyurt escort until my nipples brushed his chest and started working his cock in and out of my pussy. I kept up that slow pace until I could feel him tense up and the look in his eyes told me he was ready to cum. Arching up, I took a good hold with my legs and went to town on his cock, rocking wildly back and forth. My hair was flying and boobs bouncing, he was in heaven and so was I. My own orgasm was building and I wasn’t about to stop until I came as well.

“Come on slut, make me cum, come on,” he screamed as I went for all I could.

I kept the fast pace up until he blew his load deep inside me and the warm sensation it sent through my body was enough to trigger my own orgasm and I let out a cry.

“OH FUCK YES, YES” I yelled as I collapsed into him.

Some time later

“Oh, god your tongue feels great in my pussy,” I moaned to who I thought was Dan. When I opened my eyes I saw a mass of dark wavy hair between my legs and another blonde guy jacking off near my face.

“Here suck on this slut,” Blondie said as he shoved his cock in my mouth.

He rammed his cock deep in my mouth, almost making me gag. I backed away a bit and started sucking it while his buddy continued to eat my pussy. “Blondie” took a handful of my hair and helped me suck his cock. All at once though he pulled out and grabbed his cock and started jerking off. The first launch of cum landed on my nose and many more followed, into my hair and face and boobs. His buddy got up from my pussy and jacked himself off onto my face and boobs as well.

“That was a great blow job baby.”

“Your pussy was awesome also, come around again sometime”

With that said they both dressed and out the door they went leaving me in a on the bed and covered in cum. I rolled out of the bed and found my top but not my bra, oh well. I pulled the top on and went down stairs to find Debbie. She was at the Kitchen table drinking and chatting with a bunch of guys, I could still see a bit of cum in her cleavage, knowing she had just finished with one or more of them.

“Yall ready to go?” I asked her

“Yes we need to head home.” She said as she got up from the chair.

On the way home we traded stories of each of our nights and once I was home I leaned over and gave her a big hug telling her thanks for taking me with her. Quietly I made my way up stairs and into my bed room. I kicked my boots and skirt off and crawled into bed.

“God that was a blast.” (No pun intended)


Hope you all enjoy and I would love comments(good and bad). Thank you all.

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