The Neighbor’s Daughters

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First a little about me. I am a single father who recently turned forty-five years old. I am not a gym rat but I do keep myself in decent shape. I am 6’0″ tall and tip in at a flat 200 pounds. I have shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, and usually have a pretty good tan as I live close to the beach and also have my own backyard pool. I spend a considerable amount of time in the sun.

Having started my family young my last child is now twenty years old and recently took out on his own. He lives close so I can still help him if needed. But it leaves me alone in a big house much of the time. I live in a semi rural area on the outskirts of the city. We are not right in town but I do still have neighbors right next door.

A couple of months ago new neighbors moved in next door. I met them shortly after they moved in. I learned they were married and have three kids. He is fifty years old, his name is Jack. His wife, Shell is forty-four and very sexy. Jack is about 5’10” and maybe 190 ponds. He has black hair with the first hints of gray at his temples. He isn’t buff but like me, he looks to be in fairly good shape physically.

Shell on the other hand, wow. About 5’2″ and I would guess a flat 110 pounds. Her breasts I am sure are close to a 34d. Flat tummy and nice round hips that scream hold me and fuck me from behind. At least that is what my dirty mind hears. Shell’s hair is not blond but not red either, it is somewhere in between. Her hair falls about midway down her back and is perfectly straight. Green eyes and pouty lips that make me swoon when we talk. I think I hide it well but maybe she knows.

I learned that their three kids were all out of the house and only come to visit when time permits. Jason, their oldest at twenty-five lives two states away with his wife and one kid. The other two, I was to learn are both not only girls but twins. Taryn and Karyn were twenty-three years old and both about to finish college. The girls were attending college at Stephen F. Austin University in east Texas.

I did however, hear both Shell and Jack when they said they were going out of town for two weeks on a cruise for their anniversary. It was the beginning of summer break and they wanted to enjoy some hot Mexico sun.

The problem they were having was, Taryn and Karyn were coming home from college on break at the same time. It was at about this point I saw the setup coming but it was to late I knew I was had. I had already told them earlier that I was going to be working from home for three weeks while my office was being renovated at work. I was correct as their next comments were, “Hey Matt since you are off, would you mind keeping an eye on the girls for us while we are away?”

After a few instructions, no parties, the location of money for food, only drive one car, etc. I agreed to watch over their home and daughters until their return. Also the twins had been texted with instructions to check in with me as soon as they got home.

I felt like I had been set up but the girls were twenty-three years old, how much would I actually have to watch them really? As it turns out, certainly a lot more than I expected.

Two days later, it was Thursday and I was seeing Jack and Shell off. They gave me keys to their house and with a wave they were gone. I walked over and made sure their front door was locked before heading back to my house.

The twins were due in on Friday so I figured I may as well get some work done before they got home. It dawned on me that I hadn’t even seen a picture of the girls. I found myself wondering what they looked like and if they had inherited their mother’s sexy body and pretty looks.

I couldn’t stop thinking about these two young twin women all afternoon. It was like a stuck vision playing over and over. Were they hot, would they want to swim in my pool, do they wear bikinis? Damn my cock was hard.

Here I am a forty-five year old father thinking about my neighbor’s twenty-three year old twin daughters and my cock was standing up and ready. I must be a perv, I thought. I turned to my computer and pulled up my favorite porn site. No work is getting done as long as I have this boner. Time to make it go away.

I typed “twins” in the search bar and hit enter. Immediately pages upon pages of twins porn popped up for my viewing pleasure. Since I wasn’t sure what Taryn and Karyn looked like I tried to find girls who resembled Shell. I found several clips of young twins with older men like myself. I opened one after another and watched. My cock just got harder watching these girls sucking cocks, getting their pussies rammed, and their asses stuffed. I really liked watching two hot young women that looked identical taking loads in their wide open mouths at the same time side by side. It wasn’t long before I was grabbing some tissues from my desk and spurting a hot load into them.

I decided if nothing else, I wanted to see these young woman practically naked around my pool. I called the pool escort kartal guy to come do a touch-up on my pool to make sure it was ready for Friday. I also prepared some snacks and put in the fridge as well as four bottles of wine from my liquor supply cabinet.

I wasn’t sure yet how I would put my plan into action but I did know I was going to try. I harbored no illusions that I would be fucking these young twins who were about to enter my life. I did however, want to see them as naked as I could get them. Especially if they looked anything like their mom.

The evening passed by slowly, I ate dinner, took a shower, and finally headed off to bed. I tossed and turned not sleeping very well. I had daughters older than Karyn and Taryn, what was I thinking? I put it off as being so busy with life and work for the last two or three years that I barely had time for thinking about women. I sure didn’t have time to actually be with one. I had a couple of one or two night stands but nothing significant. I was lonely and now I was extremely horny.

Friday morning came and I was up early. I had to get a bit of work done before I could screw off the rest of the day. The pool guy came and did his thing. I gave him a check and he was gone. I took off to the store to pick up some fresh veggies for salads and some thick ribeye steaks. I grabbed some charcoal for the pit and some hickory wood chips. I figured a good meal and a couple bottles of wine to help them get to know me. Maybe they would relax enough to don their bikinis and get in the pool.

It was now 2:00 PM, Shell had said the girls should get in around 3ish so I hurried back home to grab a quick shower before they arrived. I slipped into some clean shorts and a fresh shirt, stepped into my flip flops and headed out to the back yard. It was very close to time for the girls to be home if they arrived on time.

I uncovered my pit and took the wire brush to the grill. I wanted to give it some airing time before I fired it up for the steaks. Looking around I decided to re-position my deck chairs. I put one close to the pit for myself and two more I put across from mine on the deck. I put them in a way that when the twins were seated I would be directly across from them. Maybe I would get a peek up between their legs.

Walking back into the house for a beer I looked at the clock on the microwave. It was 3:43 PM. I took a cold beer from the fridge, opened it and took a long swig. They were late. Only forty-three minutes, which in reality for twenty-three year old girls that is not really late.

I looked out the front window and down the street. I live on the end of a cul-de-sac so I can see down the whole street. No one next door yet. As I was about to head back out to the pool I saw a car turn down our street. I watched as it pulled into the driveway next to mine. They were here finally.

I opened my front door just as Taryn and Karyn were walking up the walk to my house. They each took turns shaking my had as one of the girls said you must be Mr. Matt? “Mom and Dad told us to check with you when we got home.” They introduced themselves and smiled as they again took my hand and shook it.

They did not look like Shell at all, nor did they look like Jack. They were beautiful, but in that girl next door way. Neither girl wore hardly any makeup. Their skin was smooth, tanned, and flawless. The girls had identical smiles and eyes. Blue, very blue eyes. Just a hint of eyeliner and mascara. Which made their eyes alluring and sexy as fuck. They also wore their hair the exact same. Long dark blond hanging almost to their asses. Just a hint of natural curls made it wavy and spiraled framing their faces with their wavy locks.

These two lovely young woman were exquisite and identical. I wasn’t sure how I would be able to tell them apart. I did notice that one of the girls had a slight uptick at the corner of her lips when she smiled. I took her hand and asked again which one she was. She laughed at me saying, “Now Mr. Matt it is easy to tell us apart. I am Taryn.” Ok I had them now I would be able to differentiate between these two young sexy women.

Like their sexy mom Shell, both girls are relatively short. I am guessing around 5’3″. There is noway either can be more than one hundred pounds. Their breasts aren’t big but I would bet around a 32c. Their perfect little asses were a sight in the short shorts they were wearing. I could almost see the crease at the bottom of their cheeks just at the top of their luscious thighs.

I invited them into the house indicating we would unpack their bags later. Unless they needed something from the car now? Both girls agreed later would be ok. As we all entered my front door I offered to get them something to drink. True to their age and being college girls they both requested something alcoholic. I was not really surprised.

I had to tease them even though they were initiating my plan for me. I jokingly asked if their parents maltepe escort would be ok with the older guy next door plying their daughters with alcohol? I wanted to test their reaction to the “older guy” statement. Both girls looked at me and smiled before Karyn said, “Now Mr. Matt you are not that old.” Perfect, just the reaction I had hoped for.

From the kitchen I yelled out that I hoped they liked white wine. I heard two quick giggles and a hell yes from the living room. I uncorked one bottle of the wine and poured two glasses. I also mixed myself a rum and coke before heading back into the living room. Holding the two wine glasses by the stems in one hand I took a sip of my drink. Handing the wine to the girls I turned an sat in my recliner across from the sofa where they both sat.

As I sat down I asked, “How their trip had been?” It was ok came their reply. We talked as we drank getting to know each other. I found out Taryn was going to become a veterinarian and Karyn was working towards becoming a child psychologist. Both will be great careers I lamented.

I got up to pour the girls more wine and mix myself another drink. As I was walking to the kitchen I felt a presence behind me. I stopped and Taryn ran right into the back of me.

As we laughed I tried to catch her. I awkwardly put my arms around her as both hands were holding glasses I caught her and pulled her towards me to keep her from falling. The reaction was fast and unplanned resulting in me pulling her young lithe body right up against mine. Taryn put both hands on my chest to steady herself before giggling and saying, “Whoa there Mr. Matt slow down big boy.” We both continued laughing as I released her and willed myself not to get an erection in the thin shorts I had on.

Taryn came with me to the kitchen asking if I had anything stronger than wine. “Of course I do,” I replied as I opened the freezer to take out a chilled bottle of Jose Quervo 1800 Silver. I grabbed some shot glasses and a container of sliced limes from the fridge.

Pouring two more glasses of wine and making myself another rum and coke I put it all on a tray and started back to the living room. I had an epiphany. “Hey girls do y’all like swimming?” I was hit with, “We sure do Mr. Matt.” Perfect, I couldn’t have planned this better.

“Let’s take these drinks out back,” I was quick to add. The three of us moved out to the back patio. I put the tray down on the patio table and sat down in my chair by the pit. I indicated the twins should sit across from me with a wave of my hand. As they sat I passed them each a shot of tequila and a slice of lime.

We slammed the shots as both girls eyed the refreshing water of the pool. I asked the girls if they had brought suits with them to which they said they had suits next door at their parents house.

We each put down another shot of 1800 before the girls went to change into their suits. Please be bikinis I thought to myself. I could feel the beginnings of a hardon in my shorts. I decided I better change into some trunks to help hold my cock down in place. I didn’t want to have the girls call their folks and say they left a pervert to watch over them.

I was just coming back out to the patio when both girls came through the gate to my backyard. Holy fuck they may as well have been naked. They were wearing bikinis but they certainly weren’t much of a bikini. It was more like strings with a couple pieces of cloth attached.

Taryn had a baby powder blue suit. Karyn wore a pink suit exactly to match. The suits did nothing to cover their tits and barely covered their nipples. Nipples that were slightly hard and poking through the thin material of their suits. The bottoms were not much more than thong panties. A very small patch covering their obviously shaved pussies and a thin strip coming up between their ass cheeks in back. A small string secured the front and back with a small bow tied over their hips on the side.

When I saw the girls, my breath caught in my throat for a moment. This is exactly what I was hoping for and now here it was. I casually walked over and poured three more shots of 1800. Handing each girl a lime we slammed another shot. I couldn’t take my eyes off these young women and they took notice.

“Mr. Matt do you like out new bikinis? Mom and Dad told us you had a pool, we were hoping you would ask us to swim.” I poured another shot, passed around limes. Before taking the shots Karyn quipped, “Mr. Matt are you trying to get us drunk?”

The girls sat down their shot glasses and bounced into the pool off the diving board. I could only watch as their tits bounced before they leapt into the water. I shucked my shirt and hit the water from the side while they were diving in to avoid both hot young women seeing my half erect member. I swam a couple laps back and forth across the pool to loosen up as the girls splashed on the other end of the pool.

My pool has a seat cut into the side of pendik escort bayan it where you can swim up and sit without having to exit the pool. The seat is off to the left of the diving board next to the pool ladder. I swam over and sat in the seat as Karyn and Taryn kept climbing out and diving back in off the diving board. The girls did twists and flips and splashed me with water each time they landed their show off dives.

I noticed as each time they dove their skimpy little suits covered less and less. The tequila was doing it’s job as neither girl seemed to notice or care if they did. Finally Taryn noticed her left nipple was almost exposed and went to pull her top back in place. Looking at me she shocked me by asking, “Mr. Matt do you mind if we swim naked?”

Karyn joined in saying, “Yes Mr. Matt we really hate swim suits.” I have an eight foot privacy fence around my back yard so who was I to argue. Only if we take another shot I coerced. A quick and jubilant yes was what I got. I swam over to the steps and walked out of the pool to pour the shots. When I turned around with the glasses and three limes both of these little honeys were bare assed naked in the pool.

I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Both girls had the exact same nipples. Areolas about the size of a quarter and nubs sticking up about a quarter of an inch. Their nipples were as hard as small pebbles. I wondered if they were aroused or just cold from the water. I looked down in the water, I couldn’t see all of their sweet young pussies but I could tell I was right about them being completely shaved bare.

I stepped back into the water and waded over to the girls. Handing them their shots we slammed down our fifth shots of the day in less than an hour. I knew the liquor would hit these small girls soon. Almost two full glasses of wine and three shots of 1800 in less than two hours since they arrived. At their weights they would feel the effects very soon if not already.

Sitting the shot glasses on the edge of the pool the girls swam around splashing each other. I swam to the deep end of the pool and did a couple of laps before moving back to the side seat in the pool and watching these young beauties play grab ass in front of me.

Seemingly at the same time Taryn and Karyn both swam over towards me. “Mr. Matt it isn’t fair,” they said in unison. I asked them, “What wasn’t fair, to which they said we are naked but you still have on your trunks.”

With Karyn on my right and Taryn on my left I felt their hands tugging at the waistband of my swim trunks. “Now girls what would your parents think if I swam around naked in front of you?”

“We won’t tell if you don’t,” they laughed. Their tugging became insistent so I lifted my ass and let them take my trunks and slide them off my legs. There was no hiding the erection I had been nursing for the last little while staring at these perfect naked young bodies.

When the girls saw my hard cock they giggled and asked if that was because of them. “Now girls y’all may be young but you know perfectly well those hot bodies are making me this way,” I said grinning. Both girls grabbed at my shaft simultaneously. Their small hands started jacking up and down my thick cock as they moved in close to me. I put an arm around each heavenly body and squeezed their tits into my chest.

I leaned down and kissed Taryn’s lips feeling them part and her tongue slide into my mouth seeking out mine. As our tongues meshed together my hands slid down to both girls tight little asses and squeezed their ass cheeks.

I lifted them both slightly as my hands slid between their ass cheeks seeking out their wet slits. Pushing my fingers forward both hands found their target. Hard little clits poking up and out of their smooth pussies. As I pinched their clits and rubbed softly both girls moaned into my neck and started kissing and sucking the soft skin just above my shoulders.

Almost at the same time both of these hot little babes stood up on the bench seat and pulled me to a standing position. Karyn pushed me back so I was sitting on the edge of the seat out of the pool. She immediately knelt on the bench seat and dove for my hard cock.

I let out a long low moan as her hot mouth engulfed my raging member. Karyn was no novice at sucking cock. She went all the way down my seven and a half inch dick in one smooth motion. Her throat convulsed around my cock head as she swallowed me down. I grabbed her head and head her face down on my cock pumping into her throat four or five times before releasing her head and letting her come up for air.

After a quick breath Karyn swallowed my swollen and now slimy cock right back down to my balls. Eyeing her sister eagerly sucking my fat cock, Taryn pushed me back so that I had to put my hands behind me to catch myself. Taryn the straddled my face and started rubbing her sopping wet cunt on my lips. I slid my tongue into her gash and parted her hot cunt lips seeking out her hard button of a clit. As my tongue found it’s target, I circled her clit then closed my lips around it and sucked it in and out flicking the tip with my tongue. Taryn started bucking like a bitch in heat, “Oh God Mr. Matt yes just like that. Suck my pussy Mr. Matt.”

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