The Masquerade Ball

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The year was 1881 in the Midlands. Invitations had been sent out to one-hundred of London’s elite by the mysterious Countess Derbyshire, who lived in a stunning palatial estate in the country. Not much was known about the Widow, only that she had been married to a very wealthy man and was said to be very beautiful. The invitation was for All Hollow’s Eve and was for a Masquerade Ball. It generated much excitement among the party-goers; for they were required to wear a mask to hide their identities. The Countess was known for her love of socializing with all sorts of unusual and intriguing people. All one-hundred guests would be in attendance. Carriages picked up many of the guests from the Railway station.

People began to arrive at half-past-five, for dinner began at six pm sharp. The beautifully gowned and coiffed women gasped in wonder at the beautiful horses in the fields, the brilliant trees with their leaves in exquisite fall colors, the lush gardens still with blooming flowers. The gentlemen were resplendent with their carefully pressed cravats, waistcoats and top hots. What a splendid looking group it was. It was whispered that Oscar Wilde was invited, as well as Florence Nightingale and Bram Stoker. No one could tell who anyone else was, as all were masked. The famous writer, Sir Francis, was there with his lover, Viscountess Lisa. Sir Francis was a handsome, muscular man with a legendary sense of humor. The Viscountess was a beautiful, blonde angel of a woman, with a Rubenesque body. Men were glancing enviously at Sir Francis as they admired her large full bosom. She was dressed in a red and black corset which emphasized her tiny waist and lush breasts. Her hips flared gracefully under mountains of crinoline and horsehair petticoats. Her velvet skirt was bedecked with tiny glittering skulls. She was aware of the admiring glances but turned her gaze to Sir Francis and winked conspiratorially.

The Royal Liverpool Orchestra was playing in the drawing room. Guests were travelling through the halls, praising the magnificent art that adorned the walls. They were shown into the main dining hall. Delicious smells of roast lamb, beef wellington, meat pies, and vegetables filled the air. The tables were groaning with the weight of rich and decadent food. With smiles of beşiktaş escort anticipation, the guests were all seated and began to dive into their meal, still waiting on Countess Derbyshire.

Wine was poured, there were shouts of merriment and when all were sated, they were shown into the Anteroom. The gentlemen were invited to sip brandies while the ladies enjoyed fine wines. A silhouette of a curvy yet lean woman showed through a dressing screen. Smoke rose from a fragrant cigar as the lush figure of the Widow Derbyshire floated into view. Dressed entirely in black, with a black bustle and a black fascinator with gems that sparkled on it. The guests eagerly rose to their feet as they greeted their hostess. “Good evening, my friends,” her husky and beguiling voice spoke. “Welcome to my home. You are at liberty to behave exactly as you like. There are no limits or restrictions here. Enjoy!”

With that, she flung open the elaborate ivory doors open and there was an intake of collective breath. What awaited them was magical…the orchestra was playing a waltz, a magician was on stage performing tricks, and there was a full bar. An enigmatic figure was leaning against the rails, flocked by three stunning gorgeous women, all with long, flowing hair and perfect bodies.

“May I introduce you all to Lord Diablo and his three companions. He is our guest also this evening. He has travelled from Italy to celebrate this Holy night with us.” the Countess added. The figure executed a short bow as he took in the crowd with a practiced eye. Viscountess Lisa cast a curious eye at the pale man. There is something about him, she mused in her mind but said nothing to Sir Francis, who was already pulling her into his strong arms for a waltz. At that, the room paired off as couples began to dance. The Lord didn’t take his eyes off her.

Many drinks were imbibed as the party grew rowdier. Lord Diablo’s companions cut in on three men dancing, much to the annoyance of their partners. Embarrassingly, all the men had instant erections. “WOT!” shrieked one woman as she found her husband fondling the comely temptress. She tried to pry him away but the woman locked eyes with her and boldly kissed her on her lips. At that, the partygoer beylikdüzü escort stood in shock and kissed her back, running her hands through the succubus’s hair. The women passionately fondled each other as the husband eagerly started to rub at his burgeoning erection. Bram Stoker stood by and watched with interest the mesmerism that the Lord seduced the room with. He had an animal magnetism. He pulled out his notebook and pen.

In another corner, a couple was kissing and caressing each other as the woman sunk to her knees, unbuckling the gentleman’s pants and placing her mouth on his distended organ. At this, the man gave a great groan and grabbed her head, forcing his dick down her throat as he slipped his hand into another woman’s bosom. The woman next to her crawled under her skirt and buried her face in her wet cunny that was begging for attention. All of a sudden, the entire room was naked and the air smelt of Lust.

Sir Francis was showing off his enormous horse-cock to all the ladies, who were oohing and aahhing it and begging for a chance to give Master John Goodfellow a hot suck and a bob. Viscountess Lisa laughed as she saw her lover enjoying the loving oral ministrations of three women at once. Another man knelt before her and began to lift her skirts, lifting her over his knee so he could spank her and bury his tongue in her bung-hole. One of the succubi came and caressed her bouncing huge titties as Lord Diablo observed. He was drawn to her. She bore the spitting image of his dead wife and he felt himself rising. He locked eyes with her as one of his brides sat on her face and the Viscountess began licking and sucking her pussy.

On the other side of the room, two women were locked into an erotic 69 position while their husbands wanked all over them. Another man came over and eagerly opened his mouth to engulf their bobbing cocks begging for “more man-meat, please Guv’ner!” Another man was eagerly fucking Florence Nightingale who had given him the best “suck and tickle” of his life. A woman knelt behind him and was licking his balls from behind as the nurse’s naughty-bits made a squishing wet sound. Florence invited her to lie beside her so she could run her tongue all over the woman’s wet pussy, beyoğlu escort tracing patterns into her oversized clitoris, spreading the lips so she could enjoy the rich taste of cunt. The lady started to spasm as the nurse’s clever little fingers danced inside of her and slipped up into her bum, smearing her honey from front to back.

“Mmmmm, ” breathed Florence, “How delicious you taste, darling!” The man who was inside of her was suddenly in the other woman’s poop-chute as Florence avidly licked her clitoris in fast flickering strokes and finger-banged her.

Oscar Wilde was busily buggering a husky gentleman while his female lover pissed all over the man then commanded him to eat the cream-pie that the three previous men had left. He eagerly lapped up the wads and gobs of man-batter as she smeared his face with her muff. Sir Francis was in heaven as he kissed the Viscountess and tasted another woman’s quim. She was riding his huge May-pole, when she felt the fiery heat of the vampire’s gaze upon her. With a wave of his hand, he summoned her to his side.

Gazing into her eyes, he let his heavy-lidded eyes wander all over her form. He tipped her head up and grazed her lips for a kiss. She was entranced, by him and couldn’t look away. The brides slithered alongside and begged to be allowed to touch her. Their bodies all languished together as the women ran their hands, lips and mouths all over Viscountess Lisa’s body. One bride was suckling her breasts, the other touching her all over her body, as the third took her place between Lisa’s thighs. Lisa sighed in surrender and ecstasy as the demon’s tongue eagerly lapped at her sex. Lord Diablo disrobed, revealing a giant red cock. It seemed to take over the room as the entire ensemble gazed in awe.

Sir Francis came over and, knowing that the Viscountess craved his cock constantly and wanted no other, was not concerned. He sat down to watch, even as her hand came up and touched his willy, stroking it lovingly. She turned her head and put his ding-dong into her mouth, deep throating it even as the Vampire fucked her and bit her. She was cumming..and cumming…and the room erupted with moans and screams of pleasure. Sir Francis’s big Quill jerked and orgasmed down her throat, blowing wads of cum into her cheeks. Lord Diablo got so turned on at that erotic sight that he nutted into her Cock-Alley. And just as quickly, all the bodies curled together in the Sleep of Forgetfulness and Absolution of Sin.

And the widow sat quietly smiling in her brocade chair, gazing into her crystal ball as the erotic images slowly faded away…


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