The Layover Ch. 2

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Ted Starts by saying…

“Well, since we are all a little out of breath and a little sweaty I suggest we take a shower.” Ted says as Laurel and he each take one of my hands and help me up off the bed. The three of us walk into the bathroom and Ted turns on the water and climbs in first.

He’s standing under the shower-head with his back to the wall. “You next.” Ted says as he helps me step into the tub. Laurel climbs in after me.

The hot water feels incredible after that intense “session”. The three of us get really close together, always touching in some way to allow one or the other to get under the water. Without a word Ted turns me away from him so I am facing Laurel. “Hand me that shampoo if you please, Laurel.” Ted says. Laurel moves up to me and softly kisses my lips as she passes the shampoo to Ted. I am enjoying the moment as I relish the kisses from this new lover and the feeling as our breasts are pushed up against each others. Ted gently moves my head back into the stream of water and makes sure my hair is wet as Laurel continues kissing my neck as her fingers make sure my nipples stay firm and erect.

Ted is now working the shampoo into my hair with his strong hands. Massaging my scalp as Laurel’s mouth is giving my front a lot of attention. I rest my back against Ted’s chest as he continues to work his fingers through my hair. Laurel moves down to my left nipple and gently takes it into her mouth. Using her tongue and gently scraping her teeth against it. I am getting weak in the knees and can’t help but moan. Ted rinses the shampoo from my hair and gets the soap. He quickly works up a lather with it and hands it to Laurel. I gasp as Laurel takes her mouth away from my nipple and the cooler air hits it. As Ted begins massaging the soap on my back and shoulders Laurel begins soaping up my breasts and works kadıköy escort her way down my stomach. I am holding my breath, knowing what is coming and closing my eyes in anticipation.

Ted is now running his hands around my ass cheeks and hips and Laurel sees where his hands are and moves hers down to my swollen mound. My knees shake as I have never felt this before. This incredible woman is expertly working her fingers around the soft folds of my pussy and Ted’s hands are now up around my breasts. All three of us are now covered with soap and we press against each other, they are sandwiching me between them and we kiss. A kiss that can only happen this way, three sets of lips exchanging soft but ardent kisses. It is hard to tell whose lips are whose as they become lost in this beautiful moment. I feel Ted’s cock grow hard as it nestles between my ass cheeks, the soap making the perfect lubrication. Laurel has never taken her hand away from my pussy and is wreaking erotic havoc on my clit. The moment is becoming very heated when Ted brings it to a stop.

“I think that should do it.” He says with a shared grin with Laurel. I groan and try to hide my pout. “I think we should finish her off in that wonderful bed out there.” Laurel just smiles and gently touches my face and kisses me. “You’re in for it now.” Laurel says in a devilish voice and helps me out of the shower.

I am really nervous as Laurel leads us out of the bathroom and back to the bed. She can see my nervousness and smiles. I then know that it will all be beyond my expectations and to let her take care of me. Laurel and I lie on the bed facing each other and embrace. Our legs and feet are intertwined as we kiss and hold each other. Ted stands for a minute at the foot of the bed, letting us new lovers enjoy each other alone for a bit. It doesn’t kartal escort take long and he moves up between us. Slowly he turns me over onto my back and gently spreads my legs. Laurel moves to my tits and uses her tongue and mouth on my nipples as only a woman can for another woman. Ted leaves a trail of kisses from my instep to my thighs and eventually reaches my very wet pussy. He starts with gentle kisses and flicks of his tongue against my clit. Each of these sending jolts of electric passion up my spine causes me to take quick short breaths. But I am unable to move much as I am pinned beneath Laurel’s body as she suckles on my tits.

Ted is now intent on my pussy and is sucking on my clit and moving one of his fingers in and out of me. Laurel is gently running the fingernails of her left hand up and down my stomach, playfully scratching me. I move my hand up between Laurel’s legs to her, now familiar, pussy. Laurel moans but slowly pulls my finger out and moves it to her mouth, sucking on it and cleaning it of her own juices. She pulls my finger out of her mouth but keeps it touching her lips. “Thanks for the thought but it’s your turn now, hon.” Laurel tells her.

Ted’s continued assault on my pussy leaves me speechless as I look up into Laurel’s face with the pained look of complete sexual satisfaction. Laurel moves down to my pussy and lifts Ted’s face out of it and kisses him deeply, their tongues exchanging the taste of my pussy. “I want some of that to.” She tells him. “You’ll get your chance.” He replies and goes back to what he was doing.

“Turn her over.” Laurel tells him. “She’s ready.”

Ted guides me over so I can get up on all fours. I am weak as this is the second time I have been brought to the edge of orgasm and stopped. Laurel waits for me to get into position then gets herself kurtköy escort ready. Laurel works herself into the perfect “69” position with me and signals Ted with a wink, letting him know she’s ready. Ted approaches and Laurel takes his hard cock in her hand and guides it into my wet pussy. I am all but ready to pass out as Ted slowly fucks me from behind. Laurel wraps her arms around my lower back and pulls her face up to my pussy and begins licking my clit.

I grab onto the bed as this new sensation is almost too much to take. Ted’s hard cock driving into me like a piston of a race car and Laurel’s expert tongue licking my clit is nearly too much to take. As the two of them work my pussy I rest my face against Laurel’s mound and I surrender to the feelings I am experiencing for the first time. Laurel is busy licking my pussy and clit, an occasionally Ted’s cock as it glides in and out of me. Laurel’s feet are up on the headboard for balance as Ted increases the power of his thrusts. I start to moan and whimper as my climax is building. The room is filled with the sound of passionate love making. The grunts from Ted, the moans from Laurel, and my cries of delight. Finally, I cannot hold on and I let out a cry. My orgasm hits so hard I cry, tears roll from my eyes to pool on Laurel’s mound which is just under my cheek. Laurel slows the licks but doesn’t stop them, prolonging my climax. Ted cannot hold on anymore either and lets his cum shoot into me, filling me with his juice. Laurel pulls him out and sucks on him, draining his last ounce.

The three of us move up to the pillows and lay together, the only sound in the room is our heavy breathing. We’ve become a mass of arms, legs, and feet as we hold each other. We are so complete that we drift right off to sleep.

In the morning, Laurel and I wake up and smile at each other. I feel Ted stretching beside me and I roll over and grin at him. No words are needed. We all get up and decide to get a shower and get ready to go to the airport so we won’t miss our flights(again).

I am particularly thankful that I missed my flight the day before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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