The Latticed Gate Ch. 02

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“Please, stop, please,” Elle begged even though it was nothing but sheer pleasure straining her face.

“Do you really want me to stop, Elle?” Jake asked as he shoved her panties down and guided the tip of his dick to the opening of her vagina and teased her clit with its hardness. Dislodging her panties from one of her ankles, his hands suddenly cupped her ass and he lifted her, positioning the head of dick at her wet opening while her legs rested over the mid-part of his arms.

“No! You need to wrap that shit!” she exclaimed even though her pussy was already craving the penetration. Ignoring her demands, he pressed it into her. “Damn you, Jake Chevalier!” she hissed as her pussy juices allowed his wide girth entry and his length found its haven. He pleasantly moaned and she could feel his breathing intensify.

“I’ve wanted you since the first day we met,” he whispered in her ear as his hips slowly pumped into her. “You wanted this too, Elle…”

“No, I didn’t!” she exclaimed in a voice of heightened excitement.

“Then tell me to stop!” he demanded, just as his stroking pace began to intensify.

“Now? You want me tell you to stop, now?” she whined while beginning to pant.

“Why not?” he pulled back, slowing his pace.

“Stop fucking with me, Jake!”

She could see the sinister smile in his eyes.

“You want me to stop fucking you?”

“No!” her voice was queasy, filled with both despair and panic that he’d stop.

“So you want me to fuck you?”


“Say it!”

“I hate you!”

Jake suddenly pummeled into her so hard, her back bounced off the brick wall; as he hammered his thickness into her the rough, porous medium abrasively scratched at her delicate skin.

Hearing voices, they both quieted like two nocturnal animals with night vision, both keenly gazing towards the French lattice gate. Although they could hear people approaching, Jake never stopped his sensual assault, prodding his love tool deep into the recesses of her craving pussy. Once the voices had moved out of range, Elle’s breaths became sporadic.

“Yes…oh God,” Elle whispered. “Please, fuck me, fuck me, do it!”

“Do you hate me, Elle?”

“Yes! No! Please! Jake!” her voice rattled while her mind sauntered in a complete fog of pleasure.

Gripping her ass, Jake held her tight and suddenly whisked around and shoved her hard against the opposite wall. As her back made contact against the rough surface, he commenced to thrusting as hard as he could. His dick was forcing her tight pussy to open and receive him as he hit it hard and relentless like a madman, long, brutal, rapid, ravaging strokes while he grunted and groaned. All of a sudden, she felt it rising inside her.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit,” she squealed in desperation as her hips went into a frenzy pumping his dick furiously in and out of her in an attempt to covet everything it had to offer.

“Eeeeeennnnggg”, her voice let out a steady pitch as she climaxed and her entire being felt like it had climbed over the top of a high peak.

With both of his hands pressed to the wall, and her legs draped over his arms, Jake continued to plow into her until a bellowing rumble of satisfaction escaped his mouth. The way his dick jerked inside of her, and the sudden extra wetness, she knew he had come.

“Fuck!” she suddenly gasped, quickly catapulted back to reality. “Why didn’t you pull out?” she squawked trying to untangle her legs from his arms.

“Don’t fucking move!” he growled, his dick still deep inside her. He appeared between worlds, yet the weight of his body still pressed hard and heavy against hers.

“Is that how you’re going to talk to me after making you come like that?” he finally said.

“Let me down,” she demanded. “You could’ve at least had the courtesy to wear a condom!”

As he lifted her off of him, a huge grin crossed his face. He squatted in front of her grabbing the panties that were still wrapped around one ankle.

“Lift you foot and step out of these,” he ordered. illegal bahis She didn’t know why she complied, she just did. He damn near stuffed her panties in her pussy sopping up their residual love juices, only to pull them away and bring them to his nose whereupon he took a long, languishing sniff, only to look at her and smile.

“You’re nasty!” she putridly exclaimed as she pulled her dress back over her breasts trying to momentarily recover her modesty.

“As are you!” he retorted and wiped the soiled underwear across her lips. She recoiled and turned her face away, but Jake suddenly gripped and handful of her hair and pulled tight.

She cried out. “Jake!”

“Smell us!” he ordered, again wiping her soiled panties against her face and forcing her to smell. She tried to turn her face but his grip was so tight around her hair, she was forced to inhale their essence; a cologne and perfumed, sweat-induced, pungent but sweet composition of their blended body odors. “I want you to remember that smell, because you see, Elle, I know you wouldn’t have given it up like this to that jerk in the bar,” he said as he let go of her hair and pocketed the panties before putting his dick away. Only partially zipping his fly, his pants hung loosely around his hips.

“You’re so fucking arrogant, why do you care how I give it up,” she retorted as she watched him bend down and pick up her keys. “I can fuck whoever I want, and however I want,” she defiantly added. As he gazed at her, his eyes went tight with disapproval. “You need to leave now,” Elle spouted only to hold her hand out for her keys.

She let out a shriek when he lifted her without warning, throwing over his shoulder like a bale of cotton only to ascend the stairway to her second-story apartment.

“What are you doing?” Elle protested but not too loud because she knew her elderly neighbor had already gone to bed. She heard her key go into the door unlocking it. Jake pushed the door open and closed it with his foot and flipped a light switch.

“Put me down!” she demanded. But he didn’t. He did a complete three-sixty degree turn checking out her surroundings before carrying her down the hallway towards her bedroom where she had left a light on. Entering her bedroom, he forcefully threw her on the bed. She bounced.

“Get out!”

“You need to stop talking so badly to me…” Jake said as he closed her bedroom door and removed his socks and shoes.

“I just want you to leave!”

“Baby, that’s not going to happen, not just now anyway!”

She watched as he took off his shirt exposing those broad shoulders, strained biceps and ripped muscles. Fuck! It would’ve been a lot easier if he had just left. She didn’t want to see him undress in front of her! When he unzipped his pants and took them off and then his underwear, she couldn’t help but gasp. Fuck! She had a clear view! His dick was as gorgeous as the rest of him.

“You got what you wanted! You can now add me to your long line of conquests and move on!”

Suddenly, he straightened as if her words had pierced him.

“Is that what you think?” he finally said. Elle said nothing, just angrily poked her lips out to match the scowl on her face. Jake sat down next to her on the bed.

“You’re not in their category…” his voice calmly said.

“No?” she offered sarcastically. “So how do you explain what you just did to me?”

His eyes softened as he reached out and tenderly stroked her face. His eyes were so piercingly blue, she felt light-headed with both attraction and arousal!

“I gave you a hard fuck because you needed an attitude adjustment! Not because I think you’re anything like the easy women that flock around me!”

“You mean the easy women you fuck!” she hissed. “And you didn’t even wear a condom! You’re an ass!” she spat it out.

In the blink of an eye, Jake’s hand went around her neck. He wasn’t choking her but it was obvious she had set him off. He shoved her flat on the bed and straddled her face and shoved that beautiful specimen of illegal bahis siteleri a dick into her mouth.

“When you can speak nicely to me, I’ll take this out of your mouth!”

Elle’s eyes widened as she looked up at him. He began to slide his dick along her tongue and she could feel herself becoming quickly stimulated.

“Are you going to be nice to me?” he asked as he continued to dip his cock into her mouth. She angrily grunted and tried to shove him off of her. “Why do you want me to do this to you, Elle?” he asked with a confused look on his face.

I don’t want you doing anything to me, you fucking brute, she tried to say but his cock wedged deep in her throat and her voice box could only sound angry noises. He shoved farther until his abdomen was pressed hard against her face.

“Fuck,” he said impressed. “You can take all of it?” He seemed genuinely surprised as he pulled most of it out, except for the head only to force it back down her throat. “This would’ve been way nicer if you had just let me fuck you in the beginning…and by the way, the next time you call me an ass, yours will get fucked, hard!”

Elle’s ass muscles instinctively contracted. The word was storming through her brain. ASS! ASS! ASS! ASS! But, his dick was so deep down her throat cavity she couldn’t even murmur it! He continued to dip his dick, pulling out and pushing in, sometimes so hard she thought she might gag. But what was distressing was the excitement she felt at his treatment of her. Suddenly she wanted to cry. She wanted to cry because the way he had took her and made her fuck him, and now making her swallow him, she was angry at herself because it was all so stirring and arousing. In fact, at that very moment her pussy was leaking like a sieve and she knew it would be but a small amount of time before his fingers wandered to the place and he discovered this to be her proclivity.

Jake suddenly pulled out of her mouth and she took in a deep breath glad that she hadn’t gagged on him. She turned her head away reticent, only to became docile and quiet. Feeling her dress pull away from her breasts once again exposing them, she struggled to cover herself. His finger flicked one of her nipples and she sucked in a painful but excited breath as it hardened into a ripe bud. Although there was a frown on her face as she gazed at him, she couldn’t help but see how beautifully sexy he was.

He pressed the tip of his dick hard into her nipple until it created a deep indent, only to pull away and slap its hardness against it. She flinched at the contact, but remained still. She closed her eyes suddenly feeling the shame of having allowed him to turn her into one of his stable of sluts. She cowered with the weakness she felt and how brazenly whorish she had exhibited herself to be in his presence.

Finally, he stopped his nipple hitting game and grabbed her chin, turning her face toward him. Her eyes remained closed.

“Look at me!” he commanded.

“I don’t want to!” she tried to push him off of her.

He grabbed her wrists halting her.

“Stop resisting!”

She wondered if that was how he said it to the criminals he arrested.

Now she was gazing defiantly hard into his eyes.

“Do you think I can’t read that look in your eyes? You want to hurt me?” She glowered in anger. “Are you thinking about reporting me?”

“Don’t tempt me! Because we both know you’d lose your job!”

“This is consensual, cher, your word against mine,” he stated, yet she could tell he was thinking about it. Even an unconfirmed report of sexual assault wouldn’t look good in his police file, nor would it help the image of the New Orleans police force, especially leveled at one of their most esteemed homicide detectives. But as she thought about it, he was right, she hadn’t objected to any of the obscene acts he had coerced her to do.

“There was a reason I didn’t want you! I didn’t want to be one of your sluts…but now I am…”

Anger jetted to his face like a sudden black cloud. He forcefully canlı bahis siteleri grabbed her jaw and squeezed tight.

“Don’t you ever say that!” he angrily gritted. “If I ever hear you say that again, I’ll turn you over my knee and spank you and I promise, you’ll feel my wrath!” his enraged eyes stabbed her. “You’re not like them!”

“So why’d you fuck me like that?” she screeched back.

“Do you think they get fucked like that? Do you think I’d ever fuck a woman and not put a condom on?” he shouted in frustration.

“You didn’t wear one with me!”

“Exactly! You’re not like them!” He suddenly quieted as if in deep thought. Appearing to settle his composure, he softly shook his head. Elle? I’m sorry!” It came out sincere, but flustered. He sighed. “Are you on birth control?” his voice hesitant.

Elle waited so long to respond she could see him becoming agitated. Finally, she nodded.

“Okay…” he sounded relieved. He gently took her hand and sensually stroked each digit of her delicately narrow fingers. “I wanted to feel the real deal with you,” he stated as if it were a confession. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been skin on skin…it probably wouldn’t have gone down like that, but when I saw him take your hand, his eyes undressing you…it pissed me off!”

“I wasn’t going to fuck him, he was just introducing himself. You didn’t have to go all psycho!”

He stared at her in silence before taking a deep breath.

“He was coming on to you…and your whole posture was agreeable!” He paused. “Why won’t you go out with me?”

Elle sat up on the bed and pulled her dress over her breasts while gazing hard at him. She couldn’t believe he was asking her that after how he had just fucked her. She surprised even herself when she grabbed his softening dick and squeezed it.

“Because you’re a mack! You can’t keep this shit in your pants, let alone train it on one pussy, one mouth or one ass!”

He suddenly laughed. Hearing it made her feel warm inside. She actually had spoken the truth from her heart and he wasn’t mad at her.

“You are so wrong!” he said with a grin that made him look like he was a normal person. She was encouraged.

“Have you ever in your life been faithful to one woman?”

“Yeah. For ten years…when I was married.”

“You were married? And you were faithful, you didn’t fuck around?”


“For ten years you fucked the same woman?”


She frowned, “So what happened to you?”

A cold quiet came over him. She could see that he was thinking, but when his jaw tightened and his face, she quickly intuited that it was something deeply rooted, something that had wounded him, a wound that he was still trying to heal. He remained silent. Although it made her extremely curious, she knew to leave it alone, at least for now. This was a man that required space, lots of it and God only knew what kinds of demons were lurking inside him. She was determined that she’d give him his space, at least it was something she could offer him that his other little sluts were clueless about. She suddenly shifted to get up. He grabbed her pulling her back to him.

“It’s not important…”

Those blue eyes stared at her as if expecting to hear a whine, or some comment. She made none, merely stared at him. The back of his hand ran gently along the contour of her jaw. She liked the way he was looking at her, in a crazy sort of way she felt connected to him, special.

“Let’s start over and do this properly?” he finally said, his eyes intensely sincere.

“What does that mean?”

“It means give me a chance…” he looked at her expectantly.

“And what about your fuck sluts?”

“You’re the only fuck I want…”

“And you can just give them up?” she asked incredulous.

“If you’ll let me be the one for you…I will give them up.”

Elle’s mouth twisted. It was actually the first conversation that she had with him that seemed real, yet she had her doubts.

“If I find out you’re fucking around, it’s over, man! All bets off! I do what I please with whoever I please and you do what you please with whoever you please!” She lifted a brow as if she meant business.

Jake smiled. “It’s us then…one on one?”

After a long silence, Elle nodded.

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