The Lagoon

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WARNING: If you are not 18 or older, please leave this page immediately.

Incest—a word that has extreme negative connotations. The image that most often comes about when the word is mentioned is that of a father forcing himself on his daughter. Any forcible sex act, especially done by a parent to a child, should result in the parent being punished in legal and non-legal ways.

This is a fantasy of consensual incest between adults. It is intended for adults who are interested in reading about consensual sex between relatives. If this offends you, do not continue any further.


The original idea for this story and some initial writing was from 2007. I was thrilled to return to this and complete the tale. Enjoy!


The couple happily strolled from La Luna Azul, their Bahamas hotel, along a pathway which divided the well-manicured lawn. Don, 22, and Gina, 41, were smiling and holding hands as they walked away from the small groups of people milling about outside the resort’s front door. Some of the folks nodded or smiled at the apparent May-December couple leisurely walking in the sunny, 73 degree weather.

Don was muscular, especially his upper body. He had a washboard stomach and dark brown hair, and was donned in a navy Speedo. The Olympic-like trunks were similar to a clingy, second skin, wickedly showcasing the breath and width of his manhood.

Gina, a brunette with wavy locks, was in a canary yellow barely-there bikini. The cups of the top seemed like they were having difficulty holding in her breasts. The two luscious, fleshy melons sagged just ever so, but were large and traffic-stopping. The top also offered a plentiful view of her spacious cleavage. The bottom portion of the bikini was this side of broad dental floss, decadently slipping up between her two curvy, sumptuous ass-cheeks while the front was merely a tight pouch for her vulva.

She couldn’t get over how he looked like her deceased husband.

He couldn’t get over how much she looked like porn queen Kendra Lust.

No one could get over—or knew—that they were mother and son.

The couple walked to a destination known only to Don. He guided her to a detour in the path. After several more yards, they reached a clearing in the lush, tropical garden surroundings. She gasped at the sight before them.

“Oh, Don!”

It was a small, secluded lagoon. The pond was moderately shallow, crystal clear, and turquoise. Coconut palm trees abounded. The beach, lavishly adjacent to the tiny waterfall, was pristine and white, complete with two lounge chairs under two very large umbrellas.

“Happy Birthday, Mom,” he joyfully said.

Her eyes were frantically scanning over the scenery.

“This is gorgeous!” she gushed.

The Adonis turned to look at her. She couldn’t remove her gaze from the breathtaking landscape. In turn, he couldn’t stop looking at her. Gina’s smile was ear-to-ear. Her brown eyes were wide and in wonder, doting between the water, the trees, and the beach.

A small tear appeared out of the corner of the eye closest to Don. The droplet slowly made its way down her face. She turned to him. The other eye was also misty.

“Thank you, baby,” she responded, doing a poor job of holding herself back from loosing it.

Her arms flung Don’s neck. Automatically his arms went around her waist, pulling her in for an embrace. She hurriedly, absentmindedly, and emotionally, pressed her lips fully to his. He responded, pressing back his mouth into hers with equal passion.

It was not a standard mother-son kiss. It didn’t last long. But during those very brief, scintillating seconds, their mouths were plastered against each other in a wet fury. When her tongue brushed against the tip of his she jumped back as if scalded.

“Oh, baby! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” she genuinely apologized and started a staccato of “I,” “I,”

For Don, it was an absolute pleasure. He had longed for this moment—to fully kiss the woman of his dreams, to be wrapped in each other’s arms in a hug reserved for lovers, to have her ripe bust pressed against his chest, and to briefly have his stirring penis graze her famished vagina. He feigned embarrassment.

“Mom, it’s ok.”

“No, no,” she blabbered on in self-chastisement. “I shouldn’t have kissed you like that. I got lost in the moment.”


“It’s just that, I knew we were getting away to Nassau. I knew the trip was for my birthday but this,” she tossed her hand in a semi-circle at the lagoon, “this is beyond belief!”

The widow prattled on.

“I almost lost it yesterday when we got into the room and there was the bouquet of 12 long-stem roses. But I am loosing it now. I am sorry, it’s just—”

It was his turn to cut her off.

“Mom! Stop it!”

His tone was stern for shock value. It worked. Gina blinked her eyes and became quiet.

Don cupped her face in his hands and peered at her with understanding, loving eyes. He smiled at her. His touch and look immediately began to relieve Gina of her meltdown. escort ataşehir

“Mom. It’s ok. Really.”

She returned the smiled. There was a pause, their eyes locked on each other. He soothingly broke the quiet.

“I know it’s been a very emotional time for you. For both of us.”

More relief washed over the stunning woman.

“Thank you,” she croaked. “Thank you for forgiving me…and for this wonderful surprise!”

“There’s nothing to forgive. I got kissed by a gorgeous MILF!”

My MILF his mind stated confidently.

Gina rolled her eyes back in an OMG look. It made her face be released from his hold. She playfully punched him in the arm.

“Now, now, Hot Shot. You shouldn’t call your mother that.”

Even though Gina admonished Don, she admitted to herself it was half-hearted. Even more so, she secretly appreciated the risqué compliment.

The lad’s first thought was to comeback with a joking “You shouldn’t kiss your son like that,” then thought she might regress and turn on the waterworks again.

“But you are beautiful, mom.”

Her immediate response was looking at him with soft, doe-like eyes.

“Thank you,” was the barely audible reply.

Silence, and more of the Bambi look from her.

“I love you, son.”

Gently Don re-cupped her face in hands, tilting her head toward himself. He planted a kiss on top of her head.

“Close your eyes,” he tenderly directed.

The mother willfully obeyed. He then lovingly kissed each sealed eyelid.

“I love you, too.”

The brunette felt her knees shake, and her heart flutter. She once saw in an old movie, a male lover kiss his woman in triangular fashion like Don had just done. She sighed then. She swooned now, her heart ‘skipping a beat.’

The buxom beauty also felt an unexpected tingle within her loins. Immediate self-condemnation took over.

Shit, G! You’re feeling a twitter in your twat?! Is that a hint of moisture? This is your son! Are you fucking nuts?!

Unbeknownst to the handsome lad, he interrupted more of her self-reproach. He let go of her face and took hold of her right hand.

“Come on. Let’s enjoy.”

Once again hand-in-hand, the two padded through the sand to the two chaises. In between the chairs was a table with a wine bucket and two glasses. In the ice-filled container was a bottle of 2007 Dom Perignon.

Don opened the bottle and filled both of their glasses with the expensive, renowned beverage. He handed hers and took his goblet. They smiled at each other, clinked the glasses together, and partook of the champagne. He had downed half of his while she consumed all of hers in one healthy gulp.

Gina put her glass on the table, and reclined on the lounger. Feeling carefree and happy, she motioned for him to put his glass back down on the table top.

“Care for another round, young man?”


She refilled both glasses. He took a slightly healthier swig than before but there was still some left in his glass. She again tossed back her liquor in one shot. They both placed their goblets back on the table.

She looked at him and smiled warmly.

Gina’s vision was initially one of appreciation and love for all that Don had presented her with. It changed, unexpectedly for her and quite rapidly, to a more unusual one. Several weighty factors attributed to this visual change.

The attractive mother and wife had no sex for over a year (except for masturbation.) The trauma of the phrases “Stage 4” and “advanced” from her husband’s physician and the specialist changed her physical and emotional world. During this time and after the funeral, intimacy with another was not on Gina’s mind.

Conflicting with the longstanding celibacy was the current dilemma. Here, now, in this tropical paradise, before her is a MILF’s boy-toy dream, a young mythological god clad in a swimsuit from Chippendale’s. A boy-toy and god who was wantonly and proudly displaying to her his erecting penis…and who was her son.

A mother in her right mind would vocally scald her son for such a filthy exhibition. But Gina was not in her right mind. On top of the cruel sexual irony was the alcohol. Thanks to having had no breakfast and a light lunch, there wasn’t much in her stomach to absorb the generous doses of Dom Perignon it received. She felt a little light-headed.

Then she began to recall Don’s MILF comment from before.

It was a deeply decadent equation: no recent sex + the lure of someone very attractive yet very forbidden + alcohol.

All of this was the tinder which sparked the change of Gina’s view of Don. It started as almost a guilty view but like a drug—in this case a very taboo one—the guilt soon morphed into something else.

Gina’s gaze proactively roamed over her hunky son. He was just a bit taller than her 5″10′ frame. His chest was ripped, decently matted with brown hair. His arms and legs equally displayed excellent muscle tone. His thighs, in particular, appeared lean and strong.

It kadıköy escort bayan was, though, what hung between those thighs which pulled-in her optics.

She became fixated on Don’s crotch.

The young cock and balls, seductively enshrined in Lyrca, would be normally impressive. But now it was moving and uncurling, stretching the material, right before her astonished and enamored eyes.

He had to resist a smug grin, standing there with his chest out and his legs spread. After she had settled into the chair and did two champagne shots—shit I didn’t expect the second one but it was definitely welcomed! he perversely mused to himself—Don just let forbidden nature take its course. He knew he had looks, build, and personality—a trifecta for carnal attraction. Add in the weighty fact of Gina’s barren romantic life, and you had her now immorally checking him out. It excited him monumentally, as evident by his flagrant erection.

The seduction of his mother was going just as planned.

Gina couldn’t believe it. Her son was standing—no posing—before her like a male underwear model. AND the handsome stud was brazenly getting sexually aroused right before her.

She also couldn’t believe that if she was unable to tear her eyes away from the forbidden growth. The enlarging bulge made the G-string widen, tantalizing momma’s view.

Instinctively, she licked her lips.

At the same time, her teats were like twin Hershey kisses, protruding through the bikini cups, while her pussy was becoming damp.

The 22 year-old, seeing how she viewed him and feeling like the proverbial pig in shit, adjusted his form. He tilted his chest back slightly, allowing his swelling cock to obscenely jut out.

The move had its desired effect. Gina’s eyes blinked and bugged out.

In no time, Don was completely erect. He had picked this particular Speedo a week prior because he didn’t want at this point in the seduction the top of his penis sticking out over the waistband of the shorts when he was fully rigid. The Full Monty would soon arrive.

Besides…taut, barely covered sexuality is very, very arousing.

The son could feel the heat, hunger and intensity of Gina’s eyes as they glided up and down, and all around his sexual edifice. The robust cock was cadet-straight, throbbing, and letting the MILF know it packed length and girth.

Almost uncomfortably, her eyes rose to his. They exchanged smoldering glares. The absence of speech was deafening. The incestuous tension was so thick a chainsaw couldn’t cut it. The silence was broken by Don.

“Mom, wanna go skinny-dipping?” he sensually inquired.

The question disrupted her illicit reverie. Remorse, previously missing, overwhelmed her.

“No,” was her answer as she shook her head like waking up to an alarm clock. “No! No, we can’t. I’m your mother! We cannot go skinny-dipping. Shit! What was I—”

Don’s action cut her off. He slipped his hands under the waistband of his risqué swimwear and quickly shoved it down his legs. His full, stiff cock bobbed about at the same time his balls bounced as they were released from their elastic confinement. The sausage and peppers shimmied again as he kicked off the no-longer needed Speedo.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I didn’t hear you.”

With a provocative, knowing smile and hands on his hips, the young Adonis thrust out his titanium-hard dick at the speechless and stunned babe.

Time seemed to stop for the beauty. Her eyes were wide as saucers as she gazed upon the most forbidden, yet alluring penis—completely aroused. She guessed it was just a bit over 7 inches, with luxuriant width. It stood proud, throbbing with desire and a sizeable blue vein along the thick shaft. The top looked like a fat plum.

Hungrily, Gina licked her lips again. At the same time, her muggy slit was leaking into the bikini gusset like a busted radiator.

The 22-year old was so hard, his schlong actually hurt. It twitched in appreciation to the enraptured gaze from his foxy parent. His excitement, sautéed in a very forbidden and gripping aura, was the most intense he felt.

Despite her prurience, Guilt still had some staying power on her mind.

“Don! Put your trunks back on. Please!”

The studly child could hear the loudness of Gina’s plea. But he smugly knew her resistance was on life-support. He merely shifted the weight in his stance, continued his brazen nudity, and faked confusion.

“So you don’t want to go skinny-dipping, Mom?”

Before the parent could answer, Don stepped forward so that his firm, slab of beef was even closer to Gina’s face. She couldn’t answer. She just gazed at the luscious, solid dick before her.

“Come on, Mom. It will be fun.”

His voice was good-natured, with a slight dose of eroticism.

Don took her by the hand, guiding her to stand up. Trance-like, Gina complied. Her traffic-stopping tits were heaving, seeming as if they were going to jump out of their insufficient coverings.

“Take off your top,” he huskily directed. escort bostancı

“Don, baby, this is wrong. I’m your mother.”

The plea was less than half-hearted and sounded beyond feeble. Don simply flexed at her his rock-hard cock, which was now leaking pre-cum.

Gina’s eyes blinked at the quivering penis and the drop of jizz which landed in the sand. She paused, and then, willfully untied the back strings and removed the flimsy garment, letting it crumple next to the side of her right foot.

Don was beside himself. His mother’s breasts were voluptuous in their full, naked glory. He perversely guessed the two fleshy melons were in the 37 size range and would put girls half her age to shame. The upright teats, were pinkish, with half-dollar size areolas.

“Fucking A, Mom! Your tits are incredible!”

She just smiled in appreciation.

“Now take off your bikini bottoms.”

Gina meekly shook her head, relaying an extremely weak “No.”

The Adonis viewed the wet-through swim panties, at the juicy camel-toe. He licked his lips at the puffy, translucent mons. He looked up at her and nodded his head in an assuring manner.

She took a step back, then bent forward to push down the thong, her rack swaying temptingly. Don gulped when he saw the thin strip briefly got stuck in her wet pussy. It was soon around her ankles and, with a kick, immediately discarded to her left side.

Don was in total, primal awe of his mother’s sex. Gina’s shaped pubic hair revealed that it had recently been shaved. The short, fuzzy black racing stripe was matted down from her secretions. The succulent lips flared out, like a blooming baby orchard, complete with dew dripping from their wrinkled surface.

His eyes hungrily scanned over the lush, bombshell body. He could see the extra crunches at the gym did a great job of keeping her stomach tight. He lingered on her hips. The ample, curvy sides flared out like a pair of bell-bottoms, only adding to her mature allure.

“Shit, Mom! You are SMOKING HOT!”

“Thank you” was the demure reply.

The 41-year old was surprised when Don dropped to his knees before her. His gaze returned to the most forbidden vagina to him. It was one of perverse wonderment and all-encompassing lust. Lost in the visual reverie, his nose snorted.

It was a generous inhalation of his mother’s in-heat scent. The bouquet was profoundly earthy and sensually captivating, advertising to Don the forbidden fruit which awaited him.

Again, he licked his lips.

“To hell with the skinny-dipping” he growled and, taking hold of her thighs, pushed his face into the very humid, hot, and horny cunt.

Gina tossed her head back and swooned.

“Ohhhhhhh, Don!”

Automatically, Gina spread her stance.

The boy-toy was ravenous in eating out his mother. He moved like a bobble-head toy as his tongue tantalized her fleshy groove from top to bottom, and back again. Next, with his thumbs he pried open the swollen, gooey pussy lips and paused to gaze at his entry point into the world. The salmon center, a spider-web of her brewing juices draped over the crevice, pulsed with carnal need. He shoved his outstretched tongue right into the intimate space.

“Ugghhhh! Fuck!” she groaned loudly.

When the tip of his tongue broke the pearly web to caress the delirious, dripping inner flesh, Gina’s tart and forbidden taste lit up the Adonis’ senses like crystal meth.

“Stick your tongue in it, son! Stick your tongue in it!”

He, for a time, jabbed his tongue in and out of the heated, frenzied gash. Then he stuck out his eager lingua, licking her snatch like an ice cream cone like summertime Phoenix.

Gina’s eyes rolled back inside her head as Don titillated her.

“Oh, baby! Don’t stop! Aaahhh!”

The feeling of physical pleasure for the sexually-famished bombshell was indescribable. Her head seemed like it wanted to explode, while her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest. Her breathing was a wave of asthmatic, labored gasps. It stemmed from Don, more specifically, who he was. Oh sure his looks were dreamy, while his vigor and technique were superlative. But, it was the familial tie which transformed the widow into a writhing sexpot.

“Eat momma’s pussy! Eat it! Oh yes, eat ME!”

Hearing his mother raunchily egg him on maximized Don’s excitement. Several months ago when he became sexually enamored with her, a favorite past-time was to wonder about her pubic region. The frisky child stole glances at the forbidden crotch especially when she wore tight jeans or jogging pants. The “V” between her downy thighs was slightly prominent, and looked smooth.

The hunky cumslinger sent his hands in between her splayed thighs, to her curvy butt cheeks. He gave them two hefty, lusty squeezes and then tightly gripped them, bringing her moist cake even closer to his mouth. Don’s lips and tongues were feverishly all over the blazing-hot pubic region.

Kendra Lust’s twin was sailing off into a feral delirium. Her son’s devouring of her sweltry cunt had her hands fervently pawing her breasts, roughly squeezing the ripe pair and tweaking the erect nipples like there was no tomorrow. She wanted—needed—to maximize the gratification he was giving her by simultaneously pleasuring herself.

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