The Intern

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Jerry clicked the ENTER button on his laptop screen to submit his evaluation to Emporium Group. He would have to wait for an email from them informing him if he was admitted to their intern training program for insurance sales professionals. The response time was stated to be up to two hours. He was certain the wait would seem much longer.

Jerry took a deep breath before pushing his chair back, rising from it, and walking toward the kitchen of his studio apartment. He grabbed a frozen burrito, threw it on a plate, and tossed it into the microwave.

As the familiar humming sound filled his otherwise silent home, Jerry did a cursory check of his email. A loud chime alerted him when anything arrived in his inbox, but he thought he’d make sure he didn’t miss Emporium’s response. He hadn’t.

He then sat on the edge of his bed – which was uncomfortably close to his computer desk because of the tight space in which he lived – and opened the Tinder app on his phone. He only got to examine 10 or 12 women’s profiles before the microwave alerted him that his burrito was done.

He then minimized Tinder and opened his text messages, scrolling to the name Kristina. The last text he received from her was three months prior. His last text to her was three weeks ago. He had sent several before that one. He finally got the hint and stopped trying to contact her.

Jerry sighed as he tossed his phone onto his bed. On his way back to the kitchen – that is to say, two steps into his four step journey – he looked at his calendar. He had marked off the week-long vacation he requested from his low-level, low paying, data entry job in anticipation of training for Emporium.

Though he was excited about the opportunity – if he were to be accepted – he dreaded having such a long time off if he didn’t pass the evaluation. He figured he would just rescind his vacation request and go back to work. It wasn’t like he was busy otherwise.

As Jerry lifted his plate from the microwave, his piping hot burrito slid and touched his hand. At the same time he cursed and dropped the plate onto the counter, he thought he heard a chime from his computer. He paused for a few seconds, figuring he was just imagining things. Still, he left his meal in the kitchen and walked over to his computer desk.

There was an email from Emporium. The subject line read Congratulations!! He sat down with his eyes glued to his screen as his heart raced. Jerry opened the email and smiled as he read the dates and schedule of training. He read it three times before he sat back in his rickety office chair.

Jerry knew he had a full week before training started, but he didn’t have much going on in his life, so he grabbed his suitcase and began packing. Thinking of the four hour drive and spending time in a new city, he was happy to have a positive change of pace in his life. He was also happy he wouldn’t need to rescind his vacation request.


Jerry paused from his data entry duties and looked at his watch. He had been at work an hour and a half. He shook his head. It was his fifth check of the time since arriving. Taking a deep stretch, he was startled by a male voice calling his name. He turned and looked up from his half-cubicle to see Simon leaning over the partition.

Jerry chuckled. “What’s up, guy?”

“I bombed that Emporium eval,” Simon said. “It took like two hours – interrupting my whole fucking night – and they emailed me back telling me they were going in another direction. It felt like I was being dumped by my ex.”

“You finally took the eval?” Jerry asked. “You told me about the job like a month ago.”

“I know. I was totally procrastinating. But I decided to sit down and go through it last night. Big waste of time. I wouldn’t even do it if I were you. It’s probably a bullshit job anyway. Fuck selling insurance. Only morons do that kind of work.”

Jerry looked down and smiled.

“What?” Simon asked.

Looking back up at his friend, Jerry said, “I passed.”

“Passed what?”

“The eval. I took it last night and I passed.”

“You passed?” Simon said.

Jerry nodded. “Yeah. I start training next week.”

“Hell yeah!” Simon said, slapping Jerry on the back. “That’s awesome!”

Jerry looked at Simon with a furrowed brow. “I thought you said only morons sell insurance.”

“Morons who make a lot of money,” Simon said louder than he intended. He then lowered his voice. “Don’t be an asshole. I said that because I was pissed they didn’t pick me.”

Jerry laughed.

“Man, I’m happy for you. It gets you out of this sucky job and this sucky city.”

“Well, for a week. I still have to make it through training.”

“You’ve got it, man. God I’m so jealous. Now you have to pass so I can come visit you.”

Jerry smiled and nodded. “I’ll see what I can do,” he said as Simon walked back to his cubicle. Jerry then looked around his own cubicle, and around the small office in which it sat. He took great delight in wondering if he was spending his illegal bahis last few days in that dank, drab place.


“Oh, SHIT, Jerry! Fuck me! Fuck me, Jerry!” Billie called out as Jerry rammed his dick inside her pussy from behind. “Oh, that feels so fucking good, Jerry! Your dick is so fucking big!”

Jerry was enjoying Billie’s exclamations as his eyes watched her ass bounce back into his crotch. He loved seeing and feeling the ripple produced by each of his thrusts. Especially when he was fucking her as hard as he was.

Jerry then noticed Billie reach down to rub her clit. He loved, at least the idea, of them climaxing together. He understood that Billie knew he was close. He couldn’t be sure she wasn’t faking, but he put it in his mind that her orgasms were genuine. At least that was his thought in the moment.

He could feel Billie’s pussy tightening around his shaft, which she knew was his weakness. A few more firm thrusts against her ass and Jerry began to cum inside his condom.

“Fuck, Jerry! FU…U…UCK!” Billie said, vigorously rubbing her clit as Jerry pounded into her hard enough to throw her hair forward. Even as he slowed his movements, Billie continued alternating squeezing his cock with her pussy and pushing her ass back against him.

Jerry panted as he stopped cumming, having trouble catching his breath as his ever softening, condom-covered dick eased out of Billie.

Billie, herself breathing heavy and still bent over on her knees – looked back at him and asked, “Are you OK?”

Jerry – his breathing still labored and his forehead soaked – nodded. “Yeah. I just came really hard.”

Billie smiled. “Good.”

Jerry almost asked her if she came as well, but he knew she would say yes. He decided to enjoy the delusion.


“Here,” Jerry said – standing shirtless and wearing unbuckled pants – as he handed a seated Billie two $100 bills.

In her lingerie and an open button-down shirt, she took the money and said, “We already took care of this. That’s a hell of a tip.”

“It was a hell of an orgasm,” Jerry said as Billie smiled at him. “Plus, I’ll be getting bonus pay this week.”

“That’s right. You’re going out of town,” Billie said. “They pay you extra for out-of-town training?”

“Yeah,” Jerry said as they both finished dressing. “Well, the bonus is for making it through the online part of the training. Plus we get a paid hotel room and per diem.”

“Wow. I need to work with you,” she said. Jerry smiled as Billie stood up with her bag and walked over to him. “Well, I hope it all works out.” She then kissed him on the cheek. “I’ll see you when you get back?”

Jerry nodded. “Thanks, Billie.”

She gave him a big, warm smile before leaving his apartment. Billie always came to visit him wearing bright-colored yoga pants. Jerry loved staring at her ass through his front window while she slowly walked to her car.

As she drove away, Jerry turned toward his already packed luggage sitting next to his couch in the living room. He smiled, getting more and more excited about leaving town and the new opportunity before him.


“Can I get your ID, please,” Luis, the gentleman manning the hotel’s check-in desk, asked Jerry. Luis began typing his reservation information into a computer as an overwhelmed Jerry turned to look around the opulent lobby.

There were quite a few people arriving at the same time and more than a few were wearing Emporium name tags. Many were moving directly from the check-in desk to the hotel’s downstairs bar. As excited as he was to be there, Jerry was more interested in sleeping than drinking.

“Are you with Emporium Group?” Luis asked Jerry, who responded with a nod. He then finished inputting Jerry’s information before gathering his welcome packet and room keycard.

“Here’s everything you’ll need for your four night stay. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call the front desk and we will be happy to assist you.”

Jerry smiled as he prepared to leave for his room. Luis then looked to his left and right before leaning forward and saying in a quiet voice, “Make sure you pace yourself. It gets wild when Emporium comes to town.”

“Wild?” a wide-eyed Jerry said.

Luis smiled. “Wild. The Emporium people know how to party. And something crazy always happens when this group is in town. I doubt you’ll forget the next few days. Unless you’ve had too much to drink.”

“OK,” Jerry said as Luis turned his focus to the next guest.

Jerry was then startled by someone running into his side and the sight of a cell phone crashing onto the floor. He turned to see an equally startled – and stunningly attractive – young lady staring at him.

“I’m so sorry,” the woman said as Jerry picked up her phone. “I was looking down. I didn’t even see you there.”

“No problem,” he said, not at all bothered by the pleasant diversion. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah. I… Yeah. I’m just trying to get my bearings.”

Jerry then took notice of illegal bahis siteleri her name tag. “You’re from Emporium?”

Alice nodded and smiled. “Yeah. Well, I took their online course and passed. So…”

“Yeah. Me, too.”

“Where’s your nametag?”

Jerry fumbled with his belongings before showing it to her. “I didn’t plan on hanging out too much tonight, so I didn’t put it on.”

“Oh,” she said. They then stood with one another for a few seconds before she said, “Well, it was nice running into you.”

Jerry chuckled. “Yeah.”

“Maybe I’ll see you in training tomorrow?”

“Oh, sure,” Jerry said, nodding. “I’ll be there.”

Alice smiled. She then said, “Good.”

As she walked away, Jerry took notice of her tight, form-fitting slacks and her plump behind. He suddenly had more than one reason to look forward to the start of training the next morning.


Jerry placed his luggage by the chair in his room and then sat on the edge of his bed. He grabbed the remote and mindlessly flipped through channels, wondering why he thought he would be good at sales. He then contemplated putting on his nametag, going downstairs, and joining the gathering of Emporium trainees. Particularly since he hoped he might see Alice.

Jerry turned off the TV and headed for the door. Grabbing the door handle, he stood still for several seconds, imagining the cacophony of sound in the lobby and the chaotic scene that must have been surrounding the bar. He then figured Alice would either not be down there or would already be talking to someone. She was too attractive to be alone.

Jerry released the door handle, kicked off his shoes, sat back down on the edge of the bed, and resumed mindlessly flipping through channels.


Jerry arrived about ten minutes early to the high school lunchroom being used by Emporium Group for their first day of training. He immediately scanned the 50 or so employees scattered about as he searched for Alice.

There were several small, round tables arranged in front of a raised platform that was manned by, what looked to be, the instructor for the day. Each table sat no more than four or five people. Jerry waited to find a seat, not wanting to risk his table being full once Alice arrived.

While looking for her, he saw a mass of red eyes, disheveled hair, hunched-over bodies, and paper cups filled with potent coffee. Though he felt great in comparison to his co-trainees, Jerry was jealous as he realized he must have been the only person that didn’t have a good time the night before.

About two minutes before their training was to start he felt conspicuous not taking a seat. He surveyed the room once more before joining a table in the back of the room that had empty chairs, awkwardly waving at the two people already there.

Just before class began, Jerry turned toward the entrance. It was then that his heart raced as he saw a hurried Alice entering the room. She hesitated, looking for an open seat to take, before seeing Jerry. She looked relieved as she waved at him and made her way to the seat next to his. She also looked wide-eyed and rested, which made him feel less alone.

“I thought I was going to be late,” Alice said in a low tone as she organized her papers in front of her on the table.

“Thank goodness the training is right next door to the hotel,” Jerry said.

“Thank goodness the bar is in the hotel and right downstairs. This is already shaping up to be a night that requires hard liquor.”

Jerry smiled as he mentally committed himself to brave the bar that evening no matter what.

“Welcome, everyone, to Emporium Group,” the trainer said from the front of the room. “We have three days to turn you into a top sales force. Fortunately, we are very good at that very thing. Please open your manuals to the second page where…”


“OK,” Alice said with a raised voice among the cacophony of classmates all going through their latest drill. Jerry made sure to turn over the page with the answers as she continued. “Establish their needs. Present your solution. Close the sale… Overcome objections? And… I’m forgetting something.”

Alice stared at Jerry with her face scrunched as he smiled. “You forgot to introduce yourself.”

“God! What is wrong with me? I keep forgetting the first step.”

“You’re just anxious to make the sale,” Jerry said as they both chuckled.

“Not as anxious as you, apparently,” Alice said. “You got all five steps really quickly. Have you worked in sales before?”

“No. But I’m enjoying this so far.”

“I think you’ll be really good at it. You have a great personality and you’re good with the material.”

Jerry smiled. “Thanks.”

“Of course it’s possible I’m just flattering you so you can help me get through these three days of training,” Alice said as they grinned at one another. “OK, I’m going to try it again,” she said as Jerry awaited her answers. “First, I’m going to introduce myself,” she said as Jerry gave a canlı bahis siteleri nod of approval. “Next…”

What sounded like a muffled explosion shook dust from one of the walls and interrupted Alice. The entire room grew silent as everyone sat still for several seconds. There was then a loud click, followed by a drenching from the sprinkler system. Loud screams followed, brought on by the shock of the too cold water dousing the class. Everyone in the cafeteria then scurried to collect their belongings and make it to the exit.

Jerry and Alice stood outside among their soaked classmates. He inadvertently glanced at her chest but quickly averted his eyes. She was wearing a thin bra – which had become obvious with an assist from the sprinklers. The cold water, along with the heightened excitement of the situation, had caused her large nipples to protrude beneath her shirt.

Jerry then stole a couple more glances of Alice’s chest, having a difficult time helping himself. Her focus was on attempting to dry her hair.

“Of course I went to a salon yesterday morning before coming here,” Alice said. “I can’t believe this.”

“Yeah, when the front desk guy at the hotel said it would be a wild week, this wasn’t what I pictured.”

“He told you the same thing?” Alice asked.

Jerry nodded.

“I guess I missed the fun last night, then. Did you go down to the bar last night?”

“No. I thought about it, but… no.”

Alice looked around as two fire trucks pulled into the school parking lot. “Well, I will definitely be down there tonight. What about you?”

Jerry nodded. “Oh… yeah. Yeah. I’ll be there tonight.”

Alice looked at Jerry and smiled. “Good. Just don’t let me drink too much. I tend to get into trouble when I’m drunk.

Jerry’s eyes widened as he took another glance at Alice’s shapely breasts. He wasn’t sure he didn’t want to see what trouble looked like.


Jerry, wearing an untucked button-down shirt and khaki pants, struggled to control the pace of his walk as he headed down to the hotel bar. Unlike his previous night of indecision, he had little trepidation and was excited to see Alice outside of training.

When Jerry descended the stairs, he was immediately met with a much larger bar than he expected. It was oval-shaped and the centerpiece of the establishment. There were a few tables located on either side of the room, but most of the seating was surrounding the six bartenders mixing up drinks for the guests.

After spending a couple of minutes looking for Alice, Jerry took a seat at the bar near the stairwell so that she could spot him as soon as she arrived. He was greeted by a female bartender wearing a black tuxedo shirt with a white bow tie and a cute smile. She took his order and sped back with his screwdriver.

“I’m Terri if you need anything,” she said over the loud crowd.

“So who are you if I don’t need anything?” Jerry asked with wide eyes.

Terri forced a big smile. Jerry then said, “Not the first time you’ve heard that one, huh?”

“First time today.”

Jerry chuckled

Terri then said, “But you’re cute, so I forgive you.”

Jerry looked surprised as Terri winked at him before turning to tend to other patrons.

He enjoyed the ego boost as he sipped his drink, though he did remind himself that bartenders work for tips. He kept his drink in his hand as he turned toward the bar entrance, his eyes focused on the stairs.

After about 15 minutes, and several sets of legs he mistook for hers, Jerry was finally greeted by Alice with a smile and wave. She walked down the stairs to join him wearing a skirt that came up mid-thigh and showed off her shapely legs. Jerry couldn’t help but smile as he took notice of the obvious fact that she was wearing a blouse that was no longer clinging to her body. A part of him wouldn’t have minded seeing her breasts through her clothing once more.

“You started without me?” Alice said with a raised brow as she sat on her bar stool. “How long have you been waiting?”

“Not long.”

“Good. Then it won’t take me long to catch up with you,” Alice said, waving for the bartender.

She ordered her appletini from Terri and then turned to Jerry with a smile. She looked at his drink and said, “Screwdriver?”

Jerry nodded. “To start, anyway.” He was embarrassed that she might think his drink wasn’t strong enough. Truth was, he rarely ventured far from vodka and fruit juice.

“Well, one of us has to stay semi-sober. After two or three of these I may need someone to walk me back to my room.”

“Umm… sure,” Jerry said, feeling even better about his night.

Alice received her appletini and downed about half of it. She then took a deep breath. “Today was intense. And it was only the first day. I’m nervous I may be in over my head.”

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll get it figured out,” Jerry said as he sampled his drink. “Just give yourself some time.”

“I don’t have much time. We only have two more days of training and the last day is in the field.”

“That’s what I’m nervous about,” Jerry said. “The face-to-face interaction with prospective clients.”

“I don’t know why you’re worried. You were like a rock star in there today. You spent half of your time helping me.”

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