The House Of Robles Ch. 05

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Chapter Five

Melinda’s Backyard Tussle

Pablo Senior was pretty ticked off. Here he was, at night, standing in his home’s dirt driveway with his thick arms folded across his chest. His sturdy body leaned back against the front fender of his most prized possession. This was a nicely appointed and recently purchased 2016 Dodge Ram pickup truck.

“I already said No.” The forty-four year old man repeated, more than a little anxious to get back inside.

The cool night breeze was nipping at his thin layer of clothing: a simple white tee shirt and a pair of gray cotton shorts. The only thing preventing him from going inside was his pretty but feisty daughter Melinda, who was sternly pacing a few yards away from him, and keeping the keys to his vehicle tightly gripped within her grasp.

“I don’t know why I have to keep telling you over and over again, you are not going to drive my truck tonight. Or on any other night for that matter!”

Against any other man, Melinda considered, she would have long since gotten her way. The Latin looker should have been fifty miles down the road by that point. Other, more susceptible types would have long ago buckled under her tight scrutiny, or better yet, succumbed to her flirty advances. But this was her stubborn mule of a father standing before her. Her brand of sexy just didn’t work on him.

Melinda harrumphed her displeasure, recalling how a few years earlier she’d abruptly stormed out of her parents’ quaint residence. That was right after she’d turned eighteen, and she knew her father had never forgiven her for that. It was even worse when her parents later found out that she was working as a stripper.

Or, Melinda thought smugly, like that one day a couple of years back when she abruptly dropped out of beauty school. Her dad was left holding the bag for the tuition. Pablo was probably still paying the debt off. Instead of feeling sorry for what she’d done, the self-centered Melinda blamed that on her father. Pablo shouldn’t have been stupid enough to co-sign on the loan with her, when he knew it wasn’t even her decision to enroll in the beauty school in the first place. That had all been her mother’s idea.

Melinda cleared her throat and said, “I don’t know why I have to keep telling you; my car is in the shop, and it won’t be ready for another couple of days. I am going to use your truck tonight and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

“Tell your boyfriend to come pick you up.”

“He’s working tonight.” Melinda countered. “I don’t know why I’m even bothering standing here arguing with you. If mom were here, she would have already forced you to move out of the way and you know it.”

“Well, then it’s a good thing she’s out for the night.” Was Pablo’s smart-ass reply. “She’s getting drunk with your Aunt Cessy, so she probably won’t be coming home until tomorrow morning.”

The deck was stacked against her, Melinda acknowledged, as she glanced towards the house. All the windows were dark. That meant that her sister Amanda was probably spending the night at a friend’s house. Nobody had seen her brother Junior recently, even though he’d gotten out of jail just a few days before. There was no person around who could help Melinda talk her father into giving up his showy vehicle. She gave in to her frustration. “Come on! I need to use the truck, just for tonight!”

“I’m sure you’ve got friends over at that… that dancing place you work at.” Pablo looked away carelessly.

The truth was; the older man still hadn’t gotten over the fact that his precious twenty-one year old daughter was taking off her clothes for money. In front of droves and droves of strange men.

“Why don’t you call and bug one of those girls you dance with?” He insisted.

Cursing her father in her thoughts, Melinda was ready to play her last card. “Either you let me use the truck, or I’m telling mom.”

Pablo looked at her with contempt. “Telling her what? You’ll try to make something up so your mother will get mad at me, won’t you? Well guess what, she’s already mad at me for something I didn’t even do!”

“I know you’ve been cheating on her behind her back.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it!”

“Oh, really?” Melinda’s tone changed, as if she did in fact have the goods on him.

Suddenly, Pablo found himself wary. He watched as Melinda slowed her constant pacing. Very arrogantly, very deliberately, his daughter reached up and snared a lock of her raven-colored hair in her fingers. She began to twirl and twist on it as she asked; “Do you remember what mom said, if she finds out that you tried to cheat on her again?”

His wife Lorena had sworn that she would leave him, Pablo recalled. It was bad enough that he and his wife were barely talking nowadays. Ever since his son Frankie had moved out, they’d even taken to sleeping in separate bedrooms. Another allegation of infidelity, Pablo figured, would probably mean the end of their marriage. A marriage that had lasted over twenty-four years.

Melinda ataşehir escort bayan was staring at him coldly, knowing full well that she’d struck at a raw nerve. “I mean, if she were to find out what I know…” She trailed off, making sure her father would observe the smirk of satisfaction on her face.

Pablo tried to stare back with equal rancor, but inside, he was getting nervous. Especially after his recent escapade with his son’s wife Carmela, and the unpardonable act he’d almost committed with his youngest daughter Amanda soon after. Melinda really knew how to needle a man, he thought vehemently, in much the same way her mother did.

The comparison between his wife and Melinda brought back memories of long ago, back to when he’d first met Lorena in a cathouse just south of the border. She’d been a server then, barely nineteen and unwilling to peddle her wares away like the other girls. Pablo had to admit one thing; there had been a persistent rumor at the time that Lorena had in fact slept with one or two patrons when the price was right.

He’d been an energetic and mischievous young man of eighteen, when he crossed the threshold into that darkened cavern of a saloon. From the moment when Pablo had first lain eyes on Lorena, he’d been infatuated with her. So enamored was he with this beautiful serving girl, that he soon began promising to give her the moon. Pablo ardently vowed to marry her and to take her away from that godforsaken brothel.

Lorena had tried to manipulate him at first, he recalled, by coquettishly questioning his motives and dangling an expensive piece of jewelry in front of his face, something one of the other patrons had given her. She enticed him into buying her fancy rings and showy necklaces. Yes, he’d fallen for the obvious ploy like a fool, which in hindsight he understood that he had been. Eventually, Pablo succeeded on his own end and won the young lady’s heart. He’d come through on his promise to marry Lorena, bringing her across the border to a place where they could begin a new life together.

Twenty-six years they’d been together; twenty-four in marriage. Now he could see that his third oldest child had grown into the spitting image of the woman he’d fallen in love with. Melinda had the same dark black hair as his wife, although she kept it a lot shorter. She also had the same piercing brown eyes. As for Melinda’s figure, while she might have been lacking Lorena’s much fuller breasts, Melinda certainly made up for it with her voluptuous thighs.

And just like her mother, Melinda knew how to take full advantage of her face and body. On this night, she wore just enough eyeliner to soften her harsh, calculating eyes, and just the right tinge of lipstick to accent her full lips. Melinda’s clothing was as carefully selected as her make-up. She wore a white shirt, more a half-shirt really, since it’s collar was wide enough to allow a tanned shoulder to peek past. The shirt ended several inches above the bellybutton. Over this was draped a black fishnet blouse, snug enough to warmly hug her B cup bosom. Its mesh revealed the pleasing and tanned stretch of her waist, until her tight denim skirt cut off the view of her skin. The swell of her hips was unmistakable. His daughter’s skirt stopped several inches above the knees to reveal even more of the same sensuous tan on her toned thighs and legs.

As cold and calculating as ever, Melinda stepped out of the glare of the single light that illuminated the backyard and the driveway. She vanished long enough for the motion sensor to shut the light off, bathing their vicinity in darkness. His daughter didn’t stay out of the spotlight for too long, as a few moments later she reappeared, prompting the motion sensor to snap the light back on. This time, however, Melinda had her hands on her hips, either thoughtfully or impatiently. She was pacing back and forth across from her father like a warden.

This gave Pablo ample opportunity to scrutinize his daughter’s carnal masterpiece. Melinda’s ass swayed and shifted with every step, as if it was daring him not to look at it. It bounced ever so slightly, reinforcing the impression that it was firm and meaty, and it jutted out like a pair of large and filled balloons. The only drawback, from Pablo’s more conservative point of view, was that Melinda’s tramp stamp was revealed on her lower back. She had the image of a butterfly tattooed there: a full six inches wide and with artistic squiggles coming off the wings. The T-shape of her black thong cut across the tat’s bottom half.

Awkwardly, Pablo became aware that he was becoming aroused at the sight of his daughter’s curvy shape. By pressing his waist closer to his truck, he confirmed that there was indeed a huge bulge poking away from of his shorts. Scolding himself for having worn those same baggy shorts yet again, as well as the loose boxers underneath, Pablo kept his body close to the fender. It was an effort to hide his embarrassing and still growing erection.

“Well, escort kadıköy are you going to let me use the truck, or am I going to tell mom that you cheated on her?” Melinda’s impatience got the best of her.

Pablo pressed his abdomen even closer to the fender, hoping to pressure his cock into submission, but it wasn’t working. In fact, the contact with the cold sheet metal was having the opposite effect. He was getting harder than ever.

“You’re bluffing.” He countered. “You don’t know anything.”

“You’re right.” Melinda spun around to face him. “Not right now, anyway. But I know who does. For the right bribe, I’m sure she’ll be willing to talk.”

“What are you babbling about now?”

“Amanda said she knows who you cheated with.” Melinda revealed her ace in the hole. “All I have to do is haggle with her a little bit and she’ll tell me everything. You know she will.”

Pablo cringed. Amanda was the last person he wanted making deals with a blackmailing vixen like Melinda. If his youngest daughter exposed what almost went down in the rec. room between Pablo and her, his wife would probably try to kill him. Literally. As in chopping him into little pieces literally. He said, “Amanda doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

“Oooh, mom is going to be so pissed off at you.” Melinda was teasing him now. “Maybe I’ll go inside and start looking for Amanda’s phone book. I’ll call up some of her friends so I can find out where she’s hiding at. I’m giving you one last chance to let me use your truck.”

Amanda was going to spill the beans, Pablo worried, with his giant pecker still up and smashed against the truck fender. He couldn’t just step away from the truck and let Melinda see him with a telephone pole poking out of his shorts.

Apparently, Melinda’s timer was on a short fuse, as she grunted impatiently and stalked towards the back door. “Fine, have it your way. I’m getting Amanda’s phone book.”

Pablo couldn’t take the risk that Amanda would keep quiet. “Wait!”

“Too late, you had your chance.” Melinda called back without stopping.


Fearing dire repercussions, Pablo ran after his daughter. Racing past the glare of the light, he entered into a dark and lengthy patch between the driveway and the back door. Too late he realized that Melinda, and probably thinking she’d won the discussion and was about to get her way, had halted directly in his path. The result was that Pablo ran blindly into his daughter. He ended up tumbling them both down into the dewy grass of the backyard.

“Will you get off me!” Melinda screeched, flailing her arms about wildly as she found herself pinned down face first by her father’s considerable weight.

Fearing the worst, the discovery of his erection, Pablo attempted to leverage himself up by adopting a wide push-up stance. That’s when Melinda rammed an angry elbow into his gut. The wind gushed out of Pablo, causing his arms to buckle. He fell right back on his daughter a second time. His massive cock was now being crushed between their squirming bodies.

“Get your arm away from my ass!” Melinda snarled, even as she jabbed out with more elbow strikes.

Pablo rolled to one side and tried to catch his breath.

“Wait a minute.” Melinda pulled herself up on her knees. “That wasn’t your arm. What’s in your pocket, a flashlight?”

Before Pablo could draw a fragment of a breath and scoot further away, Melinda’s arm was already reaching through the darkness and sliding down his abdomen. Her hand came to a sudden stop at his groin. His daughter’s lingering fingers only partially encircled the great girth of his cock.

“What is that?” Melinda’s voice sounded alarmed. Her hand continued over the cloaked length until it found the top end. “Is that what I think it is?”

Pablo felt his giant penis being squeezed.

“Oh, shit!” Melinda gasped. “Mom told me once that you had, I mean, that you have a huge dick. I guess I didn’t think it was this big. This thing is crazy!”

Finally, Pablo was breathing normally again. Well, almost normally, as he was becoming agitated from having his daughter’s hand fondling his rod. He started slapping away at her arm. “What’s your problem? Stop touching it!”

“That’s a lot of sausage.” Melinda sounded awed. Suddenly, both of her hands were resting on it. “Fuck me, it’s gotta be like eight inches long.”

“Look, you win.” From the shame he was now feeling, Pablo caved in to her demand. “Just take your hands off and take the fucking truck. Let me go back into the house, okay?” He reached out and clasped both of Melinda’s wrists.

What he wasn’t expecting, however, was for Melinda’s sharp nails to start digging into the thin fabric of his shorts. It wouldn’t take much more pressure, Pablo realized, before those nails started pinching at his vulnerable man-flesh.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Melinda’s voice wasn’t as harsh as before. “You’re not going to move until I get this thing out in the open. I want to see bostancı escort it.”

“You don’t want to do that.” Pablo warned. “You want to move your hands away and let me go back inside the house. And then, you can drive my truck and go wherever the hell you wanted to go in the first place. You and me are both going to forget this ever happened.” Again, he motioned to pry his daughter’s hands away.

“Don’t you move an inch, or I swear, I’ll scratch your dick so hard it’s gonna bleed.” Melinda threatened.

As if to prove how serious she was, Melinda briefly sank her claws into it, causing the helpless Pablo to wince in pain. Fortunately, the nails quickly relaxed again, although they were still positioned to strike. At least, one hand was still clamped on his dick, while the other started running softly across its length. His cock was responding to being groped by growing even bigger.

“No wonder I used to see mom walking all funny sometimes.” Melinda mentioned, when the free hand departed with its caresses. A moment later it came to rest on Pablo’s waist, where it slid his tee shirt back and glanced over the soft skin of his stomach.

“Melinda, you need to stop.” Pablo urged. “You need to stop right now.”

Deliberately, Melinda’s hand reached the edge of his shorts. Like a serpent her hand slid under the soft fabric. Gliding past the flesh of his lower abdomen, and across the patch of pubic hair, his daughter’s fingers circled the fat base of his cock. He might have heard a quick groan escape Melinda’s mouth.


“Shut up, you’re ruining the moment.” His daughter hissed back, giving Pablo the impression that she was playing out some kind of fantasy in her mind.

Whatever twisted thoughts were running through Melinda’s mind, he wanted no part of them. More forcefully, he said, “Melinda!”

She replied by tightening her nails hard enough to make him squeal. Not through the cloth like the last time, but on the bare flesh.

“Don’t do that!” Pablo warned.

Angrily, the worried father considered slapping Melinda hard on the shoulder, or maybe even on the side of her face. This would startle her long enough for him to shove her away. Then he wondered, what if he left a bruise on her? How would he explain that he’d struck his daughter to his already enraged and suspicious wife? Pablo had no doubt that Melinda would play the incident up for all it was worth. Hell, she’d probably end up owning his truck at the end of it, if both his wife and her agreed that it should be the just punishment her father deserved for striking her.

“Don’t you move.” Melinda said.

For a moment, Pablo was glad they were both lying in one of the darkest parts of the yard. Imagine if it was daytime and somebody caught a glimpse of what was going on!

While maintaining a hard grip on his bare cock, Melinda’s other hand grasped his waistband. Pablo’s daughter forcefully yanked at his shorts and his boxers, until she freed the monster hiding there.

Now, Pablo’s cock was out in the open, with not one, but two elastic bands tearing into his nuts. Letting go of Melinda’s wrists, Pablo pulled the waistband further down to ease the tension.

“All the way off.” Melinda ordered, reinforcing her control with a pinch of her nails.

For a moment, Pablo wished somebody would walk by and discover the way his daughter was humiliating him. Then, he thought of how embarrassed he’d feel when the story started circulating around the house.

“I said, all the way off.” Melinda threatened to pinch again.

In resignation, Pablo lifted his butt and slid the shorts down to his calves. Melinda took it from there, nearly ripping the garment from his legs until she realized the shorts had gotten tangled up around his sandals. The boxers and shorts were soon freed and tossed aside, along with the sandals.

Both of Melinda’s hands encircled his girth a second later. She mumbled, “I wish I had some light around here.”

What was she hoping to accomplish, Pablo asked himself. “Melinda, you don’t want to take this any further. It isn’t right for either one of us.”

Pablo felt his daughter shuffling around his legs. For a moment, he thought he’d convinced her to stop. Instead, he found that she’d moved away from his side, and was now kneeling between his legs. Her hands started moving up and down on his cock, stroking it. She was working it well, too. So well that for a moment he almost gave in to the sensations of pleasure, and almost forgot that it was his own daughter jerking him off.


“It’s not Melinda, it’s Mercedes.” His daughter corrected him.

He recognized the name, because she liked taunting him with it. Because she liked leaving little flyers around the house announcing whenever the strip club was having some kind of special promotion. Mercedes was her dancing name. Her stripper name.

“And you,” Melinda continued. “You’re gonna be Mark.”

Who the hell was Mark? Maybe working under all those bright lights had fried away part of her brain, Pablo considered. His daughter had reached the point where she could just close her eyes and suddenly immerse herself into some kind of perverted fantasy world. A world that he didn’t want to be any part of!

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