The High Life Ch. 01

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All characters 18 and over at time presented. Whatever.



Antoine “Big Ant” Taylor- CEO and President to Anthill Records.

Kenneth “K-Man” Brooks- Chief-of-Staff to the Anthill Records.

Antonio “Prime Minister” Taylor- Prime Minister and 4th in command to the label.

Anthony “A+” Taylor- Secretary of Defense and lead D.J to Anthill.

Antoine Taylor slowly opened his eyes as the sun peaked through the windows of his mansion. The girl he had been the with night was still fast asleep, laying on his chest.

Jennifer was great last night, he thought.



Oh well.

A piercing scream sounded from across the hall along with loud bed creaks. Antoine got up and pulled on a pair of cum-soiled boxers and walked across the well-buffed hall into his brother’s Antonio’s room.

The white girl he was fucking had her face buried into the spread at the foot of the mattress.

“Sup big bro?” Tony, as he was often called, greeted Antoine. His massive 12 inch rapidly plunged into the girls ass.

“Dude…” Antoine replied, “is she even alive?”

Tony looked thoughtful and shrugged. Pulling out to the head, he thrusted back in.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!” the girl screamed to the heavens, her face wrenched in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

“Yep!” Tony said as he began to fuck her even faster.

Antoine smirked. “Well hurry up. We’ve got to get to the studio.”

Tony saluted and grunted as his balls clenched. Removing his condom, he walked in front of the girl and painted her face in spunk. She then fell forward on the sweaty mattress, falling unconscious as Tony pulled on his clothes.

“8 hours?” Antoine asked his brother who nodded.

“You know the black side of me has to come out,” Tony replied with his classic lady-killer smile as he patted his crotch.

Antoine, Antonio as well as their younger twin Anthony were bi-racial, the son’s of an African-American woman and Puerto Rican father, still in South America.

“I don’t even claim the son-of-a-bitch,” Antonio said as three got in their limo to their studio, “he never did a thing for us.”

His brothers nodded as they arrived, running up the marble steps and passing the large Golden Eagle statue that was standing on a large earth.

“Hello sir,” the secretary Pamela Hendricks greeted Antoine as he walked into his office, “I have placed your schedule on your desk and I have secured your dinner with Mariah Carey this afternoon.”

“Perfect,” Antoine replied, “And when Kenny gets here, send them immediately to my office.”

“Yes sir,” Pamela replied, hustling off as Antoine watched her ass shake pleasingly from side to side. Going into his office, he looked at the portrait on his wall featuring himself and his cousin Kenny, his chief-of-staff.

Who’d have thought he would’ve went from the Atlanta projects, selling demos from the back of his uncle’s station wagon to having a massive record label with an annual revenue of $10,000,000. The cars, the concerts, the women…

He still could barely believe it.

“Mr. Taylor?” Pamela said over the intercom.

“Yes?” Antoine replied, snapping out of his daydream.

“Mr. Brooks is here.”

Kenneth “K-Man” Brooks was Antoine’s cousin and Vice-President of Anthill Records. A gifted kid, K-Man was a math and history whiz who ran the label’s under offices, over booking for tours and concerts.

“What’s up man?” Antoine greeted his cousin as he hopped in the lounge chair across from him.

“Nothing much,” Kenny replied, “Just finished the contracts for the Las Vegas tour. ataşehir escort bayan What’s going on?”

“Well, I was talking with Mariah Carey on letting use a sample off of Someday on the new track for Melanie. We couldn’t come to exact terms over the phone and it just so happens she’s in town this weekend only.”

Kenny looked around. “So…?”

“I need you to have dinner with her so you can close this deal?”

“Isn’t that more in Tony’s line of work? He’s our spokesman after all.”

“Yeah, right,” Antoine smirked, “Do you really think she agree once Tony’s slobbering in his soup bowl staring at that rack she has. No, you’ll do fine. All you have to do is lay an offer she agrees with.”

Kenny nodded. “I suppose I could do that.

“Perfect!” Antoine said, “now get out.”

– –

In the Montmartre, Kenny’s recording studio, some heat was being made.

And not on a track.

“Fuck yeah baby…” Amanda, Kenny’s mother and assistant producer moaned as her strapping son fucked her hard on the couch. Her delicate fingers traced his muscles as he sucked her gorgeous chocolate nipples.

She could still remember the shy 15-year-old coming in from school, heartbroken after his girlfriend had dumped him shortly before entering high school. It had been his first and it didn’t help that his older 5 brothers all had stable relationships. After a long talk, she couldn’t help but feel the need to relieve him of the pressure he was feeling.

And that’s what she had did. For the past 3 years. She moaned with each of Kenny’s hard thrusts, his hands groping her tender ass. She watched the way the gold medallion bearing the Imperial Eagle symbol bounced on their chests as he fucked her faster and faster.

“Mom…” he croaked, “I’m about to cum!”

“Give me your seed honey. Mommy has longed for it all day!!”

He picked up his speed and began fucking her with all his power as she arched her back and cried out, feeling the gooey warm sperm filling her tight canal.

“You were wonderful darling,” Amanda said as she kissed her son tenderly. Kenny felt the same way he always had about his mother. She was an angel of a human being, always ready to help him.

“I love you Mom,” he said as he spanked her ass while she pulled her skirt up. He was always ready to help her too.

“I love you too Kenny.” Amanda giggled as she rubbed his chest, the two of them kissing hot and heavy on the sound board before the heard the door open outside the listening room.

They then hurried to put their clothes back on before Marcus Reeves, Kenny’s best friend and saxophonist came in.

“Sorry I’m late,” he apologized, not recognizing the two had been fucking, “have you two been here long?”

“I don’t know,” Amanda replied with a subtle look at Kenny, “we just… lost track of time I suppose.”

Marcus nodded as he went back over the tracks from the previous day.

“So how’s Louder than Words doing?” Amanda asked excitedly as she sat by the synthesizer, speaking of Kenny’s sister Melanie’s debut solo album.

“Oh perfect!” Marcus replied, “just 2 weeks in and already 800,000 copies sold. Antoine might at well get our platinum plaque hung up already.”

Kenny chuckled. Inside he did hope for a platinum album. For almost 6 years, he had sang with his brothers, which he loved doing. But Antoine felt it would also be good for him to branch out.

“Oh that reminds me,” Kenny said, “you’re in charge of the studio Mark. When the rest of the team get here, you can start planning Melanie’s album.”

Marcus nodded as Kenny and Amanda walked out.

“Good luck with Mariah escort kadıköy Carey,” Amanda said as she walked to her limo, kissing Kenny’s cheek, “and just remember that your room is still off limits. I’m not ready to have you leave me yet…”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Kenny replied, giving a subtle squeeze to her ass.

– –

Jerome “Mollien” Williams, legal head and treasurer to the label, somehow wrote perfectly as the limo sped down the highway. Even Tyrell “Tuff” Anderson, the former quarterback and personal bodyguard to Sixth Element could barely sit still on the wide seat.

“Well Kenny,” Mollien said as he straitened out the stack of contracts, “once you hand these to Mariah’s lawyer everything should be set. She just has to look over it and sign.”

Kenny nodded, placing them in his own briefcase as the limo suddenly halted at the restaurant. Mariah was scheduled to arrive at 5:15. It was just 4:45 so Kenny had time to get ready.

Walking inside the restaurant, he confirmed his reservation and was led to a table near the back, where business matters could be more easily discussed. Tuff remained at the door.

As he arranged his docket, he felt a soft hand touch his shoulder.

“Mr. Brooks,” Mariah Carey said, “it’s lovely to see you.”

Kenny broke into his classic smile, ‘the one that makes the ladies swoon,” his older brother Mark had said. She looked beautiful, wearing a silver and glittering dress and matching heels.

Mariah blushed, moving her long blonde hair behind her shoulder before Kenny pulled out her chair. “Such a gentleman. Most men would have let me do it myself. And by most men I mean your cousin.”

Kenny chuckled. Tony’s reputation was always his vanguard. After they ordered, they chatted about various subjects.

“So I take it you want to sample Someday on your sister’s new album?” Mariah said after a long silence.

“That’s correct,” Kenny agreed, feeling himself sweating. He had never actually conducted the business deals. That was usually left to Tony or Mollien. Kenny was used to being in the background, just handling the business from his desk.

Now he was in the limelight.

“Well,” Mariah said, “I knew my managers and lawyers would have wanted to take over this deal. But since I’m such a huge fan of literally everything AntHill makes, I wanted to meet you myself.”

Kenny smiled and Mariah did too. Seeing a glimmer behind him, he could see the paparazzi swarming outside.

“I think we may have a problem,” Kenny said as he pulled out his phone.

“Tuff,” he said as the bodyguard answered, “you and your team hold the front and back exits. Then have Andy pull the limo up.”

“You certainly are good at that,” Mariah said as she got her handbag.

Kenny nodded. “It grows on you once you have to escape a mob of girls storming the stage.”

She laughed and held his hand as they ducked through the kitchen to the limo in the alley. As they laughed over their near escape and the frustrated looks on the reporters and fame-seekers as they watched the limo speed off, Mariah signed the consent forms.

“That was very fun,” she giggled as she placed her hand on Kenny’s knee, “I don’t remember laughing that hard in a long time.”

Kenny shrugged. “Just part of the job Ms. Carey.”

She laughed again. “Well, it was very impressive.”

Kenny inhaled sharply as he felt Mariah’s soft lips meet his, her magnificent golden orbs pressed against his chest. After a few moments, they parted, their eyes locked on one another.

“Andy,” Kenny said to the driver, “my house, please.”

Mariah smiled as Andy agreed, the bostancı escort two kissing for the whole ride. As they arrived to Kenny’s mansion, the kissing got heavier, the two celebrities’ tongues tangling in furious passion.

Once they got to his bedroom, Mariah pushed him onto the bed and removed her dress, exposing her powder blue bra and panties.

“Do you like them baby?” she asked softly, tracing the cleavage of her 34D rack.

“They’re amazing…” Kenny replied which made her smile.

“How about a closer look?” In seconds, she was straddling his legs getting him intoxicated with the scent of her perfumed tits. She then worked down his pants, feeling his throbbing manhood against her ass.

“Holy shit!” Mariah exclaimed, “That is a huge black cock!”

Kenny moaned softly as she began to hotdog his cock with her plump ass cheeks. He then shifted over her panties and spread her sensitive pussy folds, beginning to finger her.

“Oh… fuck yeah…” she moaned, removing her bra to let Kenny take in the gorgeous tan orbs. He instantly plunged his face onto them, sucking each perfectly formed tit into his mouth.

Mariah moaned as she raised up, letting the swollen head of Kenny’s thick cock press against her cunt before she slowly slid down.

“Oh fuck…” Kenny moaned as one of the most sought after women in the world was sliding down his own cock. Her face contorted as she struggled to fit in his large girth.

Once she was about halfway down, her thrusted into her, making them both scream out.

“You’re so huge Kenny!” she yelled.

“You’re so tight Mariah!” he yelled back, slapping her ass. She began to ride him, the pleasure so great he slapped his hand on her boobs, tweaking her nipples.

“YES!!” Mariah shouted, riding him faster, her ass slapping against his thighs. She began to cum, crying out as Kenny sucked, licked and slobbered on her golden globes.

They were both breathing heavily as his cock was buried to the base inside of her.

“Yes Kenny,” she begged, “give it to me!!!” Kenny locked his mouth on her neck, sucking as her finger her asshole. Mariah screamed out from the double pleasure, riding Kenny faster and faster.

“Oh shit!” he yelled, “I’m gonna cum!!”

“Cum in me Kenny!” Mariah pleaded, “fill me with your hot seed!!”

Kenny cried out, quickly firing a dozen shots into the Mariah Carey, his hands locked on her boobs as her arms turned to jelly.

“Oh! Oh shit!” Mariah panted as Kenny finished, pulling off of him as his dick made a wet smack against his thigh. Kenny then sat up as he felt her juicy lips locked around it. It was too much as soon, he was launching thick rockets of his seed down her throat, filling her mouth with his salty fluid.

“Mmm…” she said as she licked the cream from around her, “I think I need to close deals with you more often…”

– –

The next morning, Kenny slapped the contract folder on Antoine’s desk.

“How’d you get it?” Antoine asked as he handed the folder to Mollien.

“Just the charm that comes with being me,” he replied to which Antoine laughed.

“Very well,” he replied, “well good job with… whatever you did.”

Kenny nodded and left his office, heading across the complex to his studio where Amanda sat at her desk, going over album sales.

“How’d the sign go baby?” she asked.

“Excellent Mom,” Kenny replied, “but right now, I’m thinking of mixing some pleasure with our business.”

“Oooh…” she said, trailing her finger over her son’s chest, “does that mean we might head home early?”

“Yes it does,” Kenny answered, “Home and into our cozy bed.”

“Our bed… I love being able to choose our own hours,” she whispered, kissing her son passionately as he groped her ass.

“I do too Mom,” Kenny said as he switched off the lights, “just part of living the high life.”


To be continued…

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