The Good Neighbor Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: The Party

Note: This is part five of a novelette. Although it is not necessary to have read the first four chapters, the reader is encouraged to seek them out. The same characters appear in each chapter, but they have been introduced and described in the earlier chapters. Don’t forget to give feedback. It is the best thing you can do to help fledgling writers like me. Jenny


After a flurry of short notice preparations, Ron Evans was ready to host his daughter Mary’s graduation party at the lake house. It had come about as an off-hand remark to Helen Stratton, his neighbor, after Helen had mentioned that her party plans for her daughter Jenny had grown to include more people than she though would fit inside her house.

“Why not have it out at my cabin at Lake Osprey?” Ron had said. Man, I’d forgotten how long it has been since I’d been out here with company, he thought later. He had spent the better part of Saturday replacing several deck boards on the pier from the boathouse and securing new ropes on the pier for safety. He piled up driftwood for a campfire near the shore. With Mary’s help cleaning and straightening up the 3-bedroom log cabin, they finally pronounced it fit for company. The kitchen was spotless; the great room was arranged; the fireplace set. Cobwebs and detritus were cleaned off of the wrap-around porch, so that extra chairs could be placed in groups. The ground-floor master bedroom and the two bedrooms in the loft had fresh linens. You never know, thought Ron. Maybe I can convince Helen to stay over. We sure had something good going last week at her house. Remembering his two encounters with Helen and her Jenny, together in a most delightful ménage a trios, brought back lustful thoughts about how he could arrange future encounters.

He called Helen. “Hi. We’ve got the cabin in order. Do you want to come and inspect it?”

“Sounds like fun, but I’m still busy putting food together and Jenny’s in a panic about whether her friends will show up.”

“I can sympathize. Mary’s the same way. She wants everything to be just perfect. I think she thinks us grownups will just be in the way at this party.”

“We can give them breathing room. You said it was a large place, right?”

“Right,” said Ron. “Plenty of room for all. Do you need any help with the food?”

“I’m managing OK. Just make sure the keg is cold for the adults and there’s plenty of juice for the kids,” said Helen.

“They’re not really kids anymore, are they?” Ron thought about how Jenny had used her teenage body to pleasure him, pretending she needed to be taught how to dance, kiss, and make love. All the while, Helen had been a willing participant, sharing Ron with Jenny until he left their house exhausted, but well satisfied.

“I suppose not,” replied Helen, “but I won’t have you jailed for providing alcohol to minors. We’ve got to keep a lid on that.”

“I agree,” said Ron. “I was just thinking how grownup our kids have become. Jenny is such a beautiful young lady. I can’t wait to see you both again. I have something special I want to give you both.”

“I bet you do,” laughed Helen. “And I can’t wait to see what it is, although I have a suspicion.”

“I can’t help it. You awoke a sleeping monster with your sexy wiles.”

“Your monster is sexy too, Ron,” said Helen with a chuckle. “Now I’ve got to get back to work, or I’ll never finish by tomorrow.”

“Fine then. Leave a guy hanging out, will you? Ron teased. “I’ll pick you and Jenny up at noon tomorrow, bring you up here, and we’ll set up for our guests.”

“Great. See you then. Bye, Ron.” She rang off as Ron was thinking I got to get one of those videophones for conversations like this!

On the way back to the house they shared, Mary chatted about who would do what during the party, whether there would be enough food, what she would wear, and a dozen other details.

“Whoa, babe,” said Ron. “Everything will be fine. Just let it happen and have a good time.”

Mary seemed to relax somewhat. She was actually thinking about Paul, her new friend from the drive-in a few nights ago. Hung like a horse and a southern accent too! I want him again! Suddenly flushed, she squirmed and looked out the passenger side window. “OK, Dad. I know it’ll be fun.”

Looking at her out of the corner of his eye, Ron thought She’s also grown up fast. Like her mom, she’s got quite a figure. Of course she’s my daughter and no boy will ever be good enough for her. I wonder if she’s ever had sex? Oh, yeah. Probably she has. She’s had plenty of opportunity. I imagine she’s had boys lusting after her since middle school. She’s never confided in me with that level of intimacy. I suppose that’s what her friends are for. Girls seem to talk about everything. I hope that Jenny is not talking about how we made sweet love with her mother, over and over again. God, I can still feel that sweet, sexy body like she was bayrampaşa escort right here!

Realizing he was getting aroused with his thoughts, Ron quickly tried to adjust his position so that Mary would not notice the swelling in his pants. She seemed to be looking at the scenery, lost in thoughts of her own.

Actually, she did feel him looking at her. She pretended not to see him adjust his erection, but caught his eye a few minutes later. Was he looking at her boobs? My god, I think my dad’s turned on. It must be Helen. I know they’ve been together. It can’t be me! Living with her dad, she had grown up in a relaxed household. Although he had a strictness when it came to how they should behave around each other, it seemed like that was a holdover from when she was little. I’m grown up now. I’m practically leaving home for college. Why can’t he relax the attitude a little? If I could get him to lighten up, I might be able to have more fun. Now that I’ve discovered the joy of sex, I want to have that feeling more often. And Paul! My god, what a lover he could be, with his big cock! She flushed again and quickly looked away.

Back home, Ron said, “We’ll get some pizza in about an hour. OK, Mary?”

“OK, Dad.” She scampered off to her room to try on clothes in preparation for the party.

Ron headed for the basement to flip on the TV and relax with a drink. As he relaxed in his lounge chair, his thoughts quickly returned to Helen and Jenny. He wondered, How often do those two come into my thoughts? Seems like it’s all I think about. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have screwed mother and daughter! And what a pair of tits Jenny has. When I came between them in the shower that time, I don’t think I ever came harder! The TV became background noise to his own fantasies as his hand slipped down his sweatpants to grip his hardness. Realizing he wasn’t alone, he thought, Maybe I’d better clean up my thoughts. Of course, Mary’s in her own room or on the phone again. I am so horny lately! He squeezed himself and thought, What the hell. I need it! I can be quiet about it. Pulling his boner out, he slipped down his sweatpants to his knees and began pumping. His eyes were closed and he again receded into the Helen/Jenny fantasy, imagining how Jenny’s mouth felt the first time he introduced her to oral sex. Such a willing partner! She has a mouth made for fucking! Surrounded by her red hair, those green eyes looking up at me as she licked and sucked my cock! He and Jenny had not actually made love; she was still a virgin. But they had done almost everything else imaginable and came together many times. Grabbing a couple of nearby tissues, Ron increased the pace of his stroking with a well-practiced rhythm, anticipating a strong release.

Mary was trying on different outfits, wondering which one would be the best one for the party the next day. I’ll need my red shirt, no maybe the green one. Oh, it’s in the dirty clothes hamper. I’d better wash it. And my favorite red shorts need to be cleaned too. I was so juiced up at the drive-in, I could have gotten some of my (or Paul’s!) cum on them and not noticed. Better clean them up.

She gathered a pile of clothes for the wash and hauled them downstairs to start a load in the washer. She could hear the TV on low, so she was quiet, thinking, Dad might be having a nap. Maybe I’d better wait until later. She peeked around the corner to see if he was sleeping in his chair. The lights were dim, but she could see his eyes were closed. But he’s not still. He’s rocking. What the hell? Peering further around the corner into the doorway, she saw his pants down to his ankles, his hand on his cock pumping like he wanted to choke it to death. Oh my god! He’s jacking himself off! I’ve never seen him do that! I’ve heard his moans and thought I heard the bed creaking late some nights, but I never interrupted his pleasure before! Quietly looking around the doorway, she could tell that he was well into his pleasure. The pace was hard and fast. She noticed that his cock was full and long, shiny with the pre-cum fluid he had rubbed around the shaft to aid in the stroking. Wow. Dad’s got a big one! I wonder if he is still thinking about Helen? He seemed turned on by something on our way home today. Trying to hide his boner in the truck, that was funny. Of curse I was getting more than a little moist myself, thinking of Paul and what we did in the car at the drive-in. He’s not thinking about me, is he?

Ron was ready. Wanting to prolong the pleasure, but ready for a release, he applied the right amount of pressure and just the right rhythm to get maximum enjoyment out of his masturbation. He was lost in his fantasy, imagining Jenny’s face, mouth open to receive his load. “Oh, Jenny, here it comes!” His other hand with the tissues forgotten, he felt the pressure erupt from his balls, through the length of his dick, out from beşiktaş escort the end. “Oh, yeah!” Ron whispered, “Suck it all out!” A great geyser of cum spurted from the top of his cock, like a miniature eruption, rising in a long white rope, to land in a glob on his leg. The second and third spurts came just as hard, shooting up and away from the red knob of his cock, as he continued to pump, although slower than before. More cum sprayed from his cock as the contractions pumped the fluid from the end, landing on his belly and legs. After a few more, it slowed to a dribble, running over his fist to his ball sack below. Eventually, he relaxed, still holding his cock, massaging it like a lover might do.

Afraid she might be seen watching her dad, Mary backed away quietly. Oh my god! That was a lot of cum! It just sprayed and sprayed! Did he say Jenny? My friend, Jenny? Was he fantasizing about her? He said her name! Confused, Mary backed up so as not to be seen. I thought he was dreaming about Helen. I even thought he was thinking about me. But Jenny? I thought she wanted to stay a virgin. Surely he hasn’t been with Jenny and Helen! In her confusion, she bumped the wall as she backed up. A muted thump sounded. Oh, no! He’ll hear me! Turning, she tiptoed up the stairs again. She did not notice that she dropped one piece of clothing as she turned. It was one of two black thongs she had purchased just a week ago, thinking she might surprise a hot date sometime. She was going to wash it and wear it when she saw Paul next. It lay on the floor unnoticed.

Ron had recovered enough to use the tissues to clean his shrinking cock and legs, where the gobs of cum had begun to drip down. Man, that was good! Whenever I can’t get the real thing, I want to remember this one! What was that thump? Mary? He hurried to clean up and pull up his pants, thinking she might be coming down. He got out of the chair, went to the doorway, and looked out. Nobody there, thank god. Wait, what’s that? Almost at the foot of the stairs, he saw something black that wasn’t there when he came down. Moving closer, he realized what it was. Furthermore, he surmised how they probably got there. Oh, no! Mary must have heard me and turned around, dropping this! Shit!

He picked up the thong and went up the stairs. Mary was coming out of her room with a load of clothes, obviously headed to the washer. He was sure that she had been downstairs before and retreated. How much could she have heard? I was pretty quiet, wasn’t I?

“Oh, hi Dad. I’m going to do a load of wash. OK?”

“Sure, sweetie. Is this yours? Ron asked, holding out the thong by one finger.

“Yeah,” Mary replied, somewhat embarrassed. Wait. I shouldn’t be embarrassed. It’s my underwear. “I meant to wash it. Where did you find it?”

“Downstairs by the washer. It must have fallen out from before.” Ron tried to justify finding the thong, but was not succeeding very well.

Mary suddenly realized that she must have dropped it a few minutes ago. “Dad, I dropped it earlier. Sorry, but I didn’t want to disturb you if you were napping or, or whatever,” she stammered, embarrassed with the memory of what she had seen. Grabbing the thong from his hand, she put it on the pile and breezed by him, going down the stairs to begin the wash.

Oh, god. I hope she didn’t see me pulling my pud like a teenager! I can do it with her classmate, even fantasize about it, but she shouldn’t see me like that! Further thinking about it was fruitless, so he picked up the phone book to order a pizza, not realizing that another border was crossed, and another little secret was being held for the right time. Hey, maybe Sarah’s working and will deliver the pizza. That was some fantasy about her last time she delivered! God, how can I still be horny?

It was not Sarah that delivered the pizza. Ron and Mary ate it together and no mention was made of what she saw and what he suspected that she might have heard. They watched a little TV and retired to their separate bedrooms, knowing that tomorrow would be a full day. Mary was excited about the party and her friends. Ron was eager to see Helen again and get reacquainted with the parents of the other kids who would be there.

Sleeping in until mid-morning, Ron hustled to gather the drinks needed for the party. After loading them into the pickup, he changed clothes. Since the weather was warm and the party was casual, he dressed in shorts and polo shirt.

“Mary, you ready to go? We’ve got to pick up Helen and Jenny and the food now.”

“OK, dad. Let’s get it on!” Mary had agonized as to what to wear, finally deciding on her bright red cotton blouse over a pair of denim shorts. Not too tight, but tight enough, it accentuated her figure. She purposefully left the top buttons open, exposing her cleavage, again thinking of Paul’s reaction when he saw her. Not too sexy or Dad will make me beylikdüzü escort change. Mary had a sweatshirt rolled under her arm and a mysterious paper-wrapped package in her other hand.

Better not to ask, though Ron. They got in the truck and swung around the block to pick up Helen and Jenny. Ron was glad to see their smiles as he approached. Jenny’s red hair was tied back in a ponytail and she was wearing a short-sleeved top and tight fitting shorts. Helen looked classy in her casual outfit. Together they loaded the coolers of food. Mary and Jenny squeezed into the jump seats in the back of the cab. Helen joined Ron in the front. Ron noticed that Jenny had left her crutches at home. She probably won’t need them anyway. God, Helen smells good! It was all he could do not to grab her and smother her with kisses. They chatted as the four of them drove the several miles out of town to the lake. After winding down the entrance road from the highway, they unloaded the food and drinks.

“OK, I’ll set up the snacks if you will get the keg tapped,” Helen volunteered.

“And we’ll check out the pier,” said Jenny. “Come on, Mary.” The girls left to walk the path leading to the boathouse and pier.

Ron and Helen made themselves busy getting things ready. Before long, guests started arriving. Soon the house was full of noisy teenagers and adults, all having fun and celebrating the senior’s high school graduation. The party began to wind down after a few hours. Some people had other places to go, and others excused themselves to go to other parties. As it began to get dark, just a few people were left at the party. Mary and Jenny’s classmates Susan Johnson, Janey Coulter, and Julie Nelson, all good friends, had established their territory in the boathouse and on the beach next to the pier. Susan’s older brother Bret, Bret’s visiting cousins Wayne and Paul Davis, and two other senior boys – Ron Staub and Jim Holtz – joined the girls on the lakeshore. Ron had started the campfire, leaving strict instructions not to let it get out of hand. The ten kids arranged themselves around the fire, on the pier, and on the boathouse steps.

The adults were settling in the great room and on the chairs on the porch. In addition to Ron and Helen, there were Chris and Shelly (Janey’s parents), Todd and Cindy (Julie’s parents), Sarah Johnson (Brett and Susan’s older sister) and her friend Roy. Since they were all friends, and the kids were having their own fun outside, the conversation was less inhibited than it might have otherwise been, especially with the beer and wine flowing freely.

On the giant couch, Shelly said to Cindy, “I’m glad that Janey and Julie are such good friends. They are so sure they’ll stay friends forever, even going to State together, hoping to be roommates. It’s like you and I were at their age!”

“That’s right, except you stole my boyfriend and married him!” replied Cindy, jokingly. “I never even got to see if he was any good in bed. As soon as he met you he was swept away.”

“Well, let me tell you, Chris is great. Always has been.” Shelly leaned closer and whispered, “He does this thing with his tongue that just drives me wild!”

“Ooh, tell me more. It’s been so long since Todd gave me good head, maybe he should take lessons!” Or maybe Chris can eat me out right now, thought Cindy naughtily.

“Take lessons on what?” said Todd as he approached Cindy from the kitchen where the men were talking sports and the fine art of the forward pass.

“Shelly was just saying how she gets good head from Chris. I thought we might get some good sex education from them,” replied Cindy. The wine had gone to her head, making her tongue looser and her normally reserved manner slightly less obvious. This was all right with Todd. He enjoyed a little sex talk as much as any guy. He still had fond memories of his dates with Shelly before he met Cindy. As I recall, she gave pretty good head herself, he thought.

“I’d pay to watch that!” exclaimed Todd.

“Me too!” giggled Cindy.

“Well, I’m hot enough if you can convince Chris to play,” said Shelly with a wink. A few minutes later, Chris had joined them on the couch. Shelly had told him that she was bragging on him with Todd and Cindy. “Want to give a lesson on proper cunnilingus to Todd, honey?”

“Anything for you, babe,” replied Chris with a leer. “Maybe we can use one of Ron’s bedrooms for a while.” The four of them moved into one of the upstairs bedrooms, turning on the room’s muted lighting. Shelly moved to the bed, as Todd and Cindy arranged chairs to best see the performance. Chris stripped off his shirt and said, “I think everyone should go topless!”

“I think if I’m getting naked, you all should be naked too!” said Shelly, as she began to strip. Cindy was hesitant at first, but was becoming aroused at the thought of seeing her friend and her husband actually going at it. However, with Todd’s encouragement and help, she slipped off her shirt, exposing her full breasts to the others. Todd and Chris lost no time shedding their clothes. Cindy noted Chris’s cock was already semi-erect. God, look at that thing! It’s bigger than Todd’s. Slipping out of her panties, she was the last to be fully naked. Todd held her close from behind as Chris joined Shelly on the bed.

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