The Girl with Two Boyfriends Ch. 02

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Whilst it’s not essential to read chapter 1 before this one, it will make more sense if you do.

* * * * *

The next evening, Mike arrived in good time at Dan’s flat.


“Er, not tonight. I want to keep myself in top form. Got any coke?”

“Yea, sure.” He fetched a couple of cans and the two men settled down in the lounge to wait for Isabel.

When the doorbell rang, Dan jumped up to let her in. He kissed her at the door and showed her into the lounge. She took one step into the room and stopped dead in her tracks. “Mike! What the hell are you doing here? Oh, my god!”

“Mike’s an old friend of mine from school days. You two obviously know each other too. Take a seat, Isabel.” She sat down on the sofa opposite Mike. Dan sat on the other sofa next to his friend; the snub was not missed by Isabel, who suddenly felt very lonely.

“Well, it seems like we have a bit of a situation here. We thought we’d ask your opinion. We both found fabulous new girlfriends a couple of months ago, that we were both very keen on and we’ve both been fucking our respective girlfriends regularly and now it turns out that it’s one and the same girl. Not ideal really; what do you think?”

“Er … oh my god!”

“Yea, that’s roughly what we thought – at least, it would be, translated into polite language.”

“I can explain.”

“Really? Go on then.”

“It’s a long story.”

“We’ve got all evening.”

She explained how the situation had come about and emphasised that she hadn’t in any way intended it to develop in the way it did, but that once she had been to bed with both of them she couldn’t bear to finish with either of them. They were so different and she loved being with each of them. She knew it was very wrong, had never done anything like that before and wasn’t really that sort of girl. She was really really sorry and she realised that she had betrayed them both.

She finished talking, but the two men just sat there in silence, staring at her.

“Well, I guess I’d better just leave before you both tell me to fuck off and never to contact either of you again. I’m really sorry.” She picked her handbag up off the floor, took out a tissue and wiped a tear away from one of her eyes. Her whole world had just come crashing down. She started to get up from the sofa.

“Wait!” said Dan.

Surprised, she sat down again.

“We’ve discussed it and the problem is that we both love fucking you.”


The two men got up and walked over to her. “So we’ve decided to do so.” They each took a hand and helped her to her feet. “Now.”

“What? What do you mean?” They led her towards the bedroom. “Oh, my god, you’re both going to fuck me, one after the other! I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“There’s always a first time for everything and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

“Oh, my god, you’re serious aren’t you?”

“Dead serious.”

“Oh, my god; I’m not that sort of girl.”

“Yes, you are, you’ve been fucking us both for months.” When they reached the bedroom, they both stripped her naked. She was too shocked to object. They led her over to the bed and sat her down on the edge whilst they undressed themselves.

She looked at the two hard cocks. “Oh, my god!”

“Who do you think should go first, Isabel?”

“What? Er, I don’t know.” She was clearly too shocked to think straight.

Dan reached into a draw in the bedside cabinet and took out a coin. He tossed it into the air, caught it, slapped it down on the back of his hand and turned to Mike. “Heads or tails?”


“Oh, my god!”

Dan uncovered the coin and the two men smiled at each other.

“Hey! I couldn’t see the coin from here! Who’s going first?”

Neither man spoke. Dan reached into the draw again and took out a piece of dark cloth. He folded it several times.

“What’s that for?”

He approached her with his blindfold and tied it round her head. “Get into the middle of the bed, lie down and open your legs. Since we’re apparently so different, we’ll leave it to you to work out which of us fucks you first.”

“Oh, my god,” she repeated. It was clearly her new favourite expression. She moved to the centre of the bed and spread her legs.

Dan walked round to the end of the bed and climbed between her open legs. She jumped when his finger entered her cunt. “Oh, that feels good.” She was wetter than he’d ever remembered her to be. After fingering her for several minutes, she was gasping and writhing about. “Stick your cock in me. I can’t wait any longer. I need to be fucked. One of you please fuck me.”

He shuffled forward and shoved his cock right in as far as it would go. She came immediately. “Arrgh, yes, oh, my god, Dan. Don’t stop. Aaaarrrrrgh.” He mauled her tits as he pumped away, pinching her nipples and squeezing both tits, making them sore. She’d never known him be this rough before. “Don’t stop; make me come, bite my tits.” She was now writhing about under him, gasping and uttering things he couldn’t quite atalar escort make out. “Aaaarrrrgh, yes, fuck me hard.” He pumped away as hard as he could until he also came. When she felt his cum spurting into her, she cried out: “Aarrrgh, yes, I love it. Fuck me, Dan; fuck me.”

As soon as he had finished, he withdrew and Mike leapt forward. She hardly had time to catch her breath, before Mike rammed his cock home. “Oh, my god. That’s Mike, I know it is! Fuck me too. Arrrgh, yes, I’m coming again.” Mike pumped away, just as his friend had done seconds earlier. With her writhing about underneath him, he knew he wouldn’t last long either and in no time he dumped a second load into her. She seemed to be having one long continuous orgasm. He continued pumping until she calmed down then he withdrew and collapsed on to the bed beside her.

Dan untied her blindfold. “No point keeping this on if you know immediately who’s fucking you, is there?”

“Dan first, then Mike. I recognised it was Dan first as soon as his long cock slammed into the end of my pussy. But Mike, you’re thicker and so are just as easy to recognise.” All three laughed.

“Which do you like best?”

“What? If I knew that, I wouldn’t have continued all these weeks with both of you, would I?”

“Well, from now on, you’ll be getting both of us regularly and often – starting again in about …” He looked at Mike, “… well, ten minutes?”

“Yep, I’ll be ready again by then and this time I’ll be able to last for hours.”

“Oh, god, but I’m not that sort of girl!”

Both men laughed. “Yea, right!”

Ten minutes later, they got her to kneel on the edge of the bed and Mike shoved his cock in from behind. He thrust away steadily for about five minutes. When Dan tapped him on the shoulder, Mike withdrew and Dan immediately took his place. She was without a cock in her for less than two seconds. Five minutes later, they switched back. Eventually her arms got too tired to support her and she lowered her face to the bed, but they continued taking turns to fuck her relentlessly. She had come several times before crying out: “I can’t take any more; you’re going to have to stop.” By now, the two men were also tiring. They both needed to unload and get some shuteye.

Mike pushed Isabel down so that she was lying flat on the bed and re-entered her from behind. Reaching down underneath her, he slipped a finger into her slit and rubbed her clit as he fucked her. “Oh, god, yes, rub me; fuck me. Aaaargh, keep going, I’m coming. Arrrrggghh, yes.”

He fucked her hard until he came too. As soon as he stopped thrusting, Dan grabbed his arm and pulled him off her, eager to take his place. He rammed his cock home before Mike was fully off her. “Oh, god, Dan, push your cock right up me, make me come again.” He too fucked her hard as she continued to writhe around on the bed. Dan was tiring and needed to finish. Like his friend had done minutes before, he reached underneath her and started playing with her clit. “Oh, god, yes, I’m coming. Aaaaaargh, yes, Arrrgh.” Isabel’s orgasm triggered Dan’s and his cock erupted inside her. He pulled out as soon as he had come and fell onto the bed beside her. All three of them were now exhausted. It was past midnight; they had been at it for three and a half hours.

“That was some fuck-fest!” exclaimed Mike. The other two agreed. After they’d all used the bathroom, the three of them settled down in Dan’s king size bed for the night, with Isabel, of course, in the middle. She had spent many nights with them separately, but this was her first night with them both together.

In the early hours, long before it was light, Mike woke up. He had been dreaming: He was on a boat in rough seas and there were various figures clinging to the side as the boat was tossed about. He then realised the object in his dream wasn’t a boat – it was a bed and it was rocking around. Furthermore, he was not in his own bed and it wasn’t his girlfriend’s bed either. He squinted and could just make out a couple fucking next to him. He then remembered where he was. He stroked his rapidly hardening cock. God, Isabel was a fantastic fuck. He needed to do her again too as soon as Dan finished. He heard Dan grunting and Isabel moaning. They were obviously trying not to wake him. As soon as Dan pulled out of Isabel, Mike reached out and yanked her towards him.

“I, er, we thought you were asleep.”

“No, I was watching – waiting for my turn.”

He climbed on top of her and shoved his cock into her gaping hole. Semen oozed out as he pushed his cock home. He fucked her furiously and added his cum to his friend’s. There was no doubt about it, she was a superb fuck. All three were now satisfied again and they soon fell back to sleep.

* * * * *

In the morning, Isabel was the first to wake up. She needed to pee, but didn’t want to wake either of her boyfriends, so she rolled the covers back to get her feet out and slid down to the end of the bed before disappearing off to the bathroom.

When ataşehir escort she returned, the two men were sitting up, leaning against the headboard, stroking their cocks. They were ready for her again.

“Oh, my god, guys, give me a break. My pussy’s so sore from last night, I could hardly pee.”

They laughed. “We’ll be gentle and we promise not to make your pussy any more sore. That right Mike?”

“Yep,” said Mike. They both leapt off the bed and led her to a high dresser. Dan bent her over the dresser, while Mike reached into the bedside draw and took out a small bottle. He threw it to Dan who removed the cap and smeared some lube onto his cock. He then dribbled some more onto the crack of Isabel’s arse.

She panicked and stood up. “What are you doing?”

“Making sure you don’t get sore.” They pushed her back down onto the dresser. Dan stood behind her and worked some of the lube into her arse. He pushed a finger right in.

“Oh, my god, guys, not in my arse. I’ve never done it like that.”

“There’s a first time for everything and anyway, we thought you said your pussy was sore.” He now had two fingers in her arse.

“Oh, my god, you’re going to fuck my arse, aren’t you?”

“Yep, me first then Mike. The trick is to relax. If you do, then it doesn’t hurt and you’ll like it, but if you tense up, it hurts like hell.” He now had three fingers in her.

“Oh my god!”

Dan handed the bottle to Mike, removed his fingers from her arse and pushed his cock up against her hole. With a small thrust, the head disappeared.

“Ouch, that hurts!”


He waited for her to get used to the feeling then pushed himself a bit further in. She was grimacing, but it wasn’t too bad. He pushed again.

He waited again then decided he was in far enough to start fucking her. He pulled back a bit and then started thrusting, gently at first, but as she gradually got used to it he thrust harder and deeper.

Mike was watching from the side as he stroked his cock and waited for his turn. He poured some lube onto his cock so as to be ready when the time came. “You OK, Isabel?”

“Yes, it’s not too bad – quite nice in fact.”

Dan thrust harder. Soon she was writhing about just like when they fucked her cunt.

“Oh, my god, I don’t believe it. I think I’m going to come,” she cried.

Mike was now going flat out. He started grunting. Seconds later, he emptied his balls into her arse. The feeling of his cum hitting her insides triggered her orgasm too. “Aaaargh, god, yes; fuck my arse, aaaaarggggghhhh.” Afterwards, she flopped down onto the dresser. Dan pulled his cock out and jumped aside. Before she realised what was happening, Mike stepped up and shoved his cock into her. Fortunately she was well lubricated both by the stuff from the bottle and by Dan’s cum. But she still gasped at the intrusion – Mike’s cock was definitely thicker than Dan’s.

Without waiting for her to get used to him, Mike started thrusting and soon she was once again writhing about in ecstasy. It didn’t take him long before he deposited a second load of cum into her arse. He pulled out and two loads dribbled down her leg.

“So, how was it?” Mike enquired.

“Well, it hurt at first, but once I relaxed and got used to it I really enjoyed it. I’m surprised; I didn’t think I would.”

“Time for a shower, then breakfast. After that we’ll fuck you again.”

“What? You’ve got to be kidding! I’ve now got a sore pussy and a sore arse!”

“OK, we’ll give you a bit of a rest first.”

The shower was too small for two people, let alone three, so they had to take it in turns. Although he was the host, Dan went first, so that he could prepare breakfast while the others were showering. Isabel went next, then Mike.

Dan was in the kitchen, when he heard a familiar noise. He looked into the bathroom to see Isabel bent over the washbasin with Mike slamming away at her from behind. “Hey, not fair! I’m dressed now and you’re doing her again! Anyway, Isabel, I thought you were too sore.”

“I am. He didn’t ask. He just walked up behind me whilst I was bending over the sink to brush my teeth and shoved it straight in. I guess I’ll have to make it up to you some time.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” He laughed and left them to finish their fuck and get dressed.

Later, he heard a voice from the bedroom: “OK guys, what have you done with my panties? I can’t find them anywhere.”

Dan chuckled and stuck his head round the bedroom door. “We reckoned you wouldn’t need them. It’ll be quicker, should either of us get a sudden urge.”

“But with a short skirt and no panties, I’ll get a cold pussy!”

Mike was in hysterics.

“We’ve got a solution to that problem, haven’t we Mike?”

“Yep, two solutions, in fact.”

Isabel laughed. “OK, guys, keep the bloody panties then.”

* * * * *

After breakfast, Dan suggested they return to the bedroom. She had after all, promised to make it up to him. “Absolutely not!” avcılar escort cried Isabel. “If you don’t give me a bit of time to recover, my pussy is going to be so sore, neither of you will be getting any for a whole month.”

“What about your arse?”

“That’s sore too. Feels like it’s had a telegraph pole shoved up it.” They laughed.

“You could always give us both a blow job?”

“Give me a break, guys!”

“OK, so how about we watch that DVD that we had planned to watch last night, before I discovered you were also fucking my best friend?”

“That’s the best suggestion I’ve heard today. I’ll let you both fuck me again later – probably – if my pussy recovers in time.”

All three squeezed onto one sofa with Isabel in the middle and Dan pressed the remote to start the DVD.

“Hey guys, get your hands off my tits – just watch the movie, for Christ’s sake.” The two men laughed.

The movie turned out to be quite good and soon they were all absorbed in the plot, but immediately the credits started rolling up at the end, two pairs of hands went for Isabel. Mike soon had a hand down her top and Dan had a hand up her skirt. She pushed them both off. “Not yet! I’m not ready yet.”

“Well, in that case, anybody fancy any lunch?” asked Dan. “If so, we’ll have to nip down to the shops and get something.” They were both hungry, so they both agreed.

Dan looked out of the window. It was sunny. “We could actually walk. I could do with a bit of fresh air.”

“How far is it?” asked Isabel.

“There’s a parade of shops near that Italian restaurant that I took you to. If we take the shortcut through the park, it’s less than ten minutes away.”

“OK,” said Isabel, “A walk would do us good, but I need my panties back, if we’re going out anywhere.”

The men grinned. “No way, Isabel, you’re just fine as you are.”

“But what if the wind blows my skirt up?”

“Then you might have more than just us two wanting to fuck you.”

“Oh, you’re bloody impossible – come on; let’s go before I change my mind.”

Dan grabbed his wallet and the three set out towards the shops. At the end of the next road, he led them through a gate and into a large park. They walked past a children’s play area and into a lightly wooded section, where there were a few huts for storing equipment.

“See that hut over there?” Dan said to Isabel.


“Well, I’m desperate, so I’m going to take you behind it and fuck you.”

“What! You kidding? What if somebody comes by?”

“Mike will stand guard, won’t you Mike?”

“Yea, sure – I had an extra turn in the bathroom, so it’s only fair that you have a go too and she did promise you.”

“But it’s a public place! I’m not that sort of girl! I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“Always a first time.” He grabbed her arm and led her behind the hut.

“Oh, my god!”

Once they were out of sight of anyone who happened to walk past on the footpath, Dan unzipped his trousers and fished out his cock. “Suck it.”

He pushed her down to her knees. “Oh, my god!” She opened her mouth and took him inside. Soon, he was as hard as a rock. He pulled her upright again and told her to face the hut and to lean onto it with her hands. Stepping behind her, he lifted the hem of her skirt to expose her bare arse, fingered her cunt for a few seconds then shoved his cock straight in.

“Oh, yes, I love it. Fuck me, Dan, fuck me hard.”

Mike was standing guard the other side of the hut. “Hey you two, keep your voices down; there are people coming. Also, take it easy; you’re making the whole hut shake.”

“Oh, my god!”

Dan was now thrusting hard and Isabel was groaning quietly. They could hear footsteps and people talking. Isabel was struggling to keep quiet as Dan performed his magic behind her.

“Are you alright?” asked one of the walkers as they passed Mike, who was leaning against the hut, trying to dampen the vibrations.

“Er, yes, thanks, just waiting for one of my friends, who went behind the hut for a pee.”

“Oh, OK, sorry to intrude.”

“No problem; have a nice day.”

Isabel gasped as Dan’s cum spurted into her. She had to struggle hard to keep quiet as she came, but was surprised at the strength of her orgasm. The walkers disappeared down the path.

“Have you got a tissue?” Isabel enquired. “I’ve now got cum dripping down my legs and I can’t go to the shops in this mess.”

“No, sorry … but Mike might have one.”

As Dan did his trousers up, she walked round to the other side of the hut. Mike was standing there holding a tissue for her with a big grin on his face. “My turn on the way back.”

“You had your turn in the bathroom.” She walked back behind the hut to use the tissue and after doing so, she and Dan rejoined Mike. Both were giggling at the thought of fucking behind the hut while people walked by.

“Sounds like you two had fun.”

“Yes, I had a really strong cum,” said Isabel, “it took me completely by surprise and I had a hell of a job keeping quiet as those folks walked past.” The two men laughed.

They continued on to the shops, where they bought various things for lunch and some pasta for dinner. They then retraced their steps back towards Dan’s flat. As they passed the huts, Isabel looked at the two men. “Don’t even think about it. The answer’s no.” They both cracked up.

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