The Freaky Friday Thing Ch. 01

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Sorry about the length, but I wanted to do justice to my idea. Also, there really isn’t anything sexual that happens in this first chapter, but I hope you’ll like it. Comments most welcome.


Evan wandered through the museum not really seeing any of the displays. It wasn’t really that he didn’t appreciate them, but his mind was still preoccupied by the fight he had last night with his sister Emily. His twin sister, who he had always gotten on so well with. At least, until the last few months when to his horror, he felt them drifting further and further apart.

This field trip on their last day of high school before exams started next week wasn’t helping things either. He knew she was avoiding him, though in all honesty, he couldn’t really blame her. He sure didn’t want any chance of being overheard when he attempted to explain things to her. Not that he had any idea of how he would do that.

The whole situation was so messed up. Ever since they had turned eighteen together, and gotten drunk celebrating in Quebec where the legal drinking age was eighteen, things had deteriorated between them.

He now looked on that trip as a major regret. If he could only go back in time and tell himself not to go!

Cursing himself for it, for the millionth time he found himself wistfully remembering the thing about that trip that he never wanted to forget. Inconveniently, it was also the thing that needed to be erased for him to get his twin back.

She was his other half. Without her, he felt utterly alone, and incomplete. It was the kind of thing that only the closest of twins could understand. They were so in tune with each other, that they regularly finished each others sentences, and always seemed to know in which direction the other was. Even how much distance separated them. It was like some kind of strange ESP thing or something.

Until that damn trip anyhow, when things had started to fall apart between them.

Evan cursed under his breath for the hundredth time today, thinking about how that trip had messed things up, to the point where she was not only mad at him, and actively avoiding him, but to the point where for the first time in his life, he couldn’t tell which way to look for her, or even read her mood.

Not that he needed that ability he had of sensing her emotions to know that she was pissed with him. The loss of the connection though was eating away at him. It was as though there was an actual tangible part of himself that was agonizingly missing, and not willing to let him forget that it was gone. Torture in short.

When in the midst of a crowd of his fellow students and other museum patrons, he spotted her tall silhouette in an adjoining exhibit hall. He immediately started toward her but was hampered by Mrs Develon, his favourite teacher.

She was gorgeous, Mrs Develon was, but that was not what he liked about her. She had a genuine love for teaching, and a very caring if strict nature about her that just resonated with Evan.

“Still having issues with Emily? You know I hate to see the two of you like this. Evan, I hope that after dismissal you’ll come by and open up to me. Maybe I can help you figure things out. I’ll be in my class for some hours after school is out, working on exam prep. Feel free to stop by.”

With that said, she gave a sympathetic squeeze of his shoulder, and disappeared into the crowd. For his part, Evan was so stunned that he stood there watching her wend her way through all the congestion in this exhibit hall, before he gave himself a shake, and turned again to where he had spotted Emily.

“Damn!” he grumbled to himself as he realized that Emily was nowhere to be seen, and he had no idea which way she had gone. He wanted to get angry with Mrs Develon now, sticking her nose in where it wasn’t wanted, and making him loose track of Emily again. He knew it was just his frustration though, trying to find something or someone to vent on. Mrs Develon had been trying to help after all. What stunned Evan though, was that other people had begun realizing that things weren’t right between him and Emily.

The next several minutes went by in a daze, as Evan wandered around the museum, until finally he gave up. Feeling more forlorn then ever, he started to just look for something to pass the time. It was Thursday, and he would at least have a long weekend with no school before exams started on Monday. That would give him time to figure something out with his other half.

As he continued to wander, now looking for something that would interest him enough to pull his mind away from his problems, he suddenly felt a thrill as he realized that he sensed a pull towards one end of the exhibit hall he was in. It was a bit like the way he used to feel Emily’s presence.

With nervous excitement he immediately turned in the direction of the pull, but as he neared he still couldn’t see Emily anywhere.

‘What could it be?’ he wondered.

Approaching the source of the pull, he was disappointed that it was just illegal bahis some strange artifact. Still curious though, he let his eyes examine the strange sculpture on a plinth.

There were no barriers around this item, unlike most other things in the museum, and to spite himself he forgot everything else for a few moments at least.

The sculpture seemed to be carved from some strange mineral, flecked heavily with deep purples and green swirls through some kind of stone. The sculpture itself was twisted with delicate ropes of the strange mineral, all folding back on themselves in a delicate and intricate design. He found it somewhat mesmerizing.

He was just about to shake it off and walk away when he felt it. His head snapped up and to the side, and there she was. His beautiful twin, standing at his side, also somewhat mesmerized by the sculpture.

He felt his palms go sweaty with his uncertainty, and his heart pumping fast.

Finally, after an eternity, she turned her head and her brilliant eyes found his. They stood gazing at each other much longer than they should. People might find it strange, but he couldn’t break the gaze, and for once she seemed to accept his close proximity.

He was startled out of the moment though, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was one of the curators, giving them a bright smile as she rested one hand on each of their shoulders.

“How are you two? Did you know that this is one of the few artifacts the museum allows it’s patrons to touch? It’s some mysterious sculpture unearthed from Aztec ruins. It’s very mysterious because the writing on it here doesn’t belong to the Aztec’s. It’s Sanskrit. Here, we have it translated on this sign. Apparently your supposed to touch the sculpture here at the base, while holding each others hands, and recite the writing together, in order to gain more understanding of each other. Isn’t it interesting. Here, why don’t you two try?”

At first Evan was a little annoyed, but the curator, a pretty woman whose name badge read, Lisa, grabbed their hands and placed them together. This suited Evan just fine. He had been missing his twin, and to feel the contact of her hand in his was most welcome.

“Now place your other hands on the base of the sculpture, and recite the words together.”

Evan felt silly, and he could see that Emily was feeling a little awkward too, but he knew that like him, she wouldn’t want to embarrass the curator. He rolled his eyes in a grin at Emily, knowing that Lisa wouldn’t be able to see, and turned his eyes to the plaque, reciting the words in unison with Emily.

“Where love is exceptional, but now buried behind anger, yet capable of greater heights, recite this together in touch, to gain an understanding of the opposite. But be warned, only in complete honesty and blissful union of that great love, will you find your way back.”

As he took in the words it was as though a lightning bolt went through him. ‘Damn! Those words sure aren’t about to help my situation any!’

Indeed, he felt Emily go stiff, and suddenly she was yanking her hand out of his. He tried to turn his head, wanting to give her a sheepish and apologetic smile, but he felt funny.

As he managed to get his eyes back into focus, he noticed that Emily too seemed to be feeling a little off. Unfortunately she also didn’t look happy. She glared at him as though this was somehow his fault, and somehow managed to give Lisa a warm smile, “Thank you. That was most interesting.”

Before Evan could say or do anything she was off, leaving him to make his apologies to Lisa, as he too disentangled himself from the situation.

Fuming, he tried to follow Emily, but she was already disappearing into a crowd, and before he took more then a dozen steps his teachers were calling for everyone to make their way out. Field trip over.

“You’d think I somehow engineered that from the look she gave me. Damn museums.”

“Sorry what was that?” asked Ted, one of his class mates.

“Oh, sorry. Guess I was talking to myself.”

Ted looked to be about to try and start up a conversation, which Evan definitely wasn’t in the mood for, so he mumbled a quick “Excuse me.” and sped up towards the exit.

After a lonely bus ride back to the school, and much good byes and well wishes from fellow students, he made a snap decisions and headed for Mrs Develon’s class room before the long walk home. However something made him slow his footsteps as he approached her classroom.

He noticed that her door wasn’t quite shut tight, and as he now very slowly approached the last few feet, he could hear voices. Keeping low he peered in through the small window in the door, while using his tow to ever so gently crack the door just a tiny bit further.

“on a trip to Quebec.” it was Emily’s voice. “Our parents jobs had gotten in the way at the last minute, but they insisted that Evan and I go anyway. It was after all supposed to be to celebrate our eighteenth birthday. So we went by ourselves, and… Well illegal bahis siteleri we took advantage of the legal drinking age being eighteen there. We partied a bit, danced at a club. Nothing too serious, but we had a few more drinks when we got back to the hotel. We were joking around, which somehow turned into a pillow fight. And… and that pillow fight… well it suddenly took a turn. Evan… Evan was… suddenly on top of me. We… Or rather Evan… kissed me. Rather passionately, and… and I kissed him back. Only for a moment though… I swear Mrs Develon, I pushed him off me. It was only a few seconds. But now… now I can’t stop…”

“You can’t stop thinking about it?”

Evan saw Emily nod her head, and felt himself breathing harder, knowing now that Emily had been effected in much the same way he felt. Thinking that his situation actually just got more complicated, he first of all had to berate himself for feeling a pang of hope, and then start wishing that he hadn’t just been eavesdropping. He was about to back gingerly away, but something about Mrs Develon’s next words caused him to stop.

“Emily dear. I know you must feel confused, but this kind of thing does happen a lot more then you would probably ever care to think. Not to be insensitive, Emily please don’t be offended, but… well, nothing else happened right?”

“Nooo! No that’s it. Well… until last night. He tried to kiss me again. I almost let him, but instead I punched him in the gut. I can’t get my head screwed on straight. I keep wondering…” and she cut off her words abruptly. Evan was at first scared that he had given himself away somehow, but then realized that Emily had just stopped because she didn’t want to voice what it was that she kept wondering.

“Oh Emily… That’s perfectly natural. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t wonder. Frankly, I think you’ll just have to come to grips with the fact that you have feelings for your twin, and he you. I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic dear, I really don’t. I know something of twins though. The bond they often share can be incredibly powerful, and Emily… Well I hesitate to tell you this, but I have read a lot of research, or at least a lot of what little there is of research on sibling incest. Which a kiss is not, by the way. But anyhow, there have been some studies that suggest that sibling incest rates could be as high as one in three. Now I think that number is probably over reaching to say the least, but the point is, there are a whole lot of brothers and sisters out there that have shared more than just a kiss. It’s something that nobody ever talks about though, because of the stigmas.”

“One in three! Actual sex! THAT’S…”

“No. No the study grouped any kind of sex, any at all, even just allowing each other to examine their bodies together. Or perhaps mutual masturbation. That sort of thing. But yes, sex too! And you know, there are some couples living together who are secretly brother and sister. It does happen, but we’re getting way out there. The point is, you simply don’t have any reason to feel ashamed of yourself. Don’t listen to those who would tell you that you do, and believe me there are many who would and very vehemently. So be very careful about who you discuss this with. Trust me, even your closest friends could betray you with this kind of a thing.”

“Mrs Develon…”


“I’m sorry… It’s none of my business.”

“Go ahead Emily, ask.”

“Well I just wondered if… well you have a twin too, don’t you?”

This got Evan’s attention. He would never have guessed, but somehow he was sure Emily was right, and for some reason Mrs Develon began to look uncomfortable.

“Yes Emily, I have a twin brother.”

“Oh my god! It’s Jason isn’t it!”


Mrs Develon’s face went ghostly white, so Emily must be right. All these years, and Evan had simply thought of Jason as… Mr. Develon.

“Emily… I…”

“It’s okay! It’s none of my business… Really it isn’t. I’m so sorry Mrs Develon, and don’t worry, I swear your secret is safe with me. I know you won’t talk about Evan and I, and you don’t even have to ask that I return that.”

“Thank you… Thank you very much Emily. You don’t know how much that means to me. If it were to get out… My god, our careers, our friends…”

At this point Evan started to feel very guilty about his invasion of their privacy, but not wanting to disturb them, he ever so carefully crept away. Once he was a safe distance, the walls of the hallway began to blur, and it actually took several seconds for him to realize it was because he was running at break neck speed. From what or who he didn’t know.

Eventually he found himself up a tree, alone with his thoughts, while he watched Emily talk her heart out to Mrs Develon. Even though the window was open, he was far enough away that there was no chance he would again eavesdrop. Not even by accident, unless they started shouting.

He wasn’t sure at all how long he stayed up canlı bahis siteleri in that tree, but it must have been at least an hour. During this time, with his thoughts turned inward, he became consciously aware of a strange sensation he had been feeling for some time now, but hadn’t acknowledged. He really didn’t know what to make of it. A very peculiar sensation as though something was trying to push his awareness, or perhaps consciousness was a better word, out of his body.

‘Okay, silly head, stop making weird shit up to pass the time. Probably just some crazy power of suggestion thing over that strange encounter at the museum. Just put it from your head for crying out loud, and start willing that overly talkative twin of yours to stop monopolizing poor Mrs. Develon’s time!’

Eventually though, he caught sight of Emily getting up, and presumably saying her good byes. Scrambling down the tree, he made his way back around to the rear of the school, knowing that Emily would most likely use the front.

This time as he approached her door, it was firmly shut. After a quick knock, he took a deep breath and waited. Mrs. Develon opened the door looking a little put out at first, but as she saw who was there, her expression softened immediately.

“You must have been waiting for Emily to leave. Come on in Evan, I’m sure you need somebody to talk to. I’ll do my best.”

“Thanks Mrs. Deve…”

“You’re no longer my student Evan. Call me Susan.”

“Alright Mrs… Uh, Susan. I wanted to start by apologizing.”

“For What?”

“You should really make sure your door is closed properly in the future, before… well… you just should. I swear I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, and I know I shouldn’t have heard the things that I did, but…” at seeing her now scared face, he hurried on, “Don’t worry Mrs… Uh, I mean Susan. I will go to my grave long before I ever repeat any of what I overheard.”

“Were you there the entire time?”

Oh boy, she definitely didn’t look happy. “No! No I swear I was only there at the door for a few moments, well maybe almost a minute. I ran away and climbed that oak tree outside, and just waited till I saw Emily get up. I swear, I didn’t mean to invade… You do believe me don’t you?”

Her expression now softened, and she actually smiled with some mirth as she reached out and plucked a piece of bark from his shirt. “Well, I certainly believe that you have been climbing trees. Aren’t you getting a bit old for that?”

“Ah ya…” and with that he now realized that he had absolutely no idea how to start.

“I suppose you’re looking for advice on how to deal with your situation with Emily?”

The breeze blowing in the window caught his attention. “Excuse me.” feeling sheepish he took a quick step over to the window and slid it shut, earning both a laugh and a nod.

“Good idea. I should have thought of that myself. But you were outside, and would have seen if anyone…”

“Nobody was around. And yes, advice might be a good thing, but I don’t want to take too much of your time. I know it’s getting late, and you can’t have gotten much of your work done.”

“Well you’re right about that, but don’t you worry about it. I’ll manage just fine Evan. Right now I’m more concerned about my two favourite students.”

“You mean that?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t have said it otherwise.”

“Thanks Mrs De… Susan.”

“So… Evan, I take it that you did hear and understand that Jason is not just my husband, but also my… my brother.”

“That’s why I figure, well beyond the fact that you are a woman and therefor aren’t completely mystified by them, I figured you’d understand and relate to my problem better than anyone. And I know I can trust you now.”

“Completely mystified eh? So what is mystifying you presently?”

He wasn’t sure he liked the way she was smiling at him, but at least it did very pleasant things to her face. “Well, let me see. She gets mad at me when she doesn’t have any reason to, and not when she does. She won’t let me discuss this thing that has come between us, and I miss the hell out of not being able to be around her, and do you own a time machine?”

“What!” it took her several seconds to get her laughing under control enough to ask, “I presume that was facetious. Why would you want a time machine?”

“Because I need her back, and if I stopped that Quebec trip from happening…”

“It most likely would only have delayed the inevitable. Give me some specifics. When did she get mad for no reason and when didn’t she?”

“She got mad at me making her favourite breakfast in bed, and she didn’t when I stormed into her room demanding answers, only to catch her naked.” Evan could feel his cheeks burning a little at that last.

“Well, presuming the breakfast thing was an attempt to make peace with her, she probably got mad, because she was feeling confused, feeling things she didn’t want to be feeling, and there you were, being such a sweet guy, that it made it harder for her to put those feelings aside. As to storming into her room and catching her naked, well perhaps you had the perfect timing to have done that when she was missing you terribly, and perhaps wanted you to do something. I presume you didn’t?”

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