The Firemen

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The day was a warm one the air conditioner felt cool on our bodies as we lay there on the bed. We had just finished taking a nice shower together. The feel of the coarse sponge Carla had rubbed on my skin sent tingles through me. When she turned me around to wash my breast I almost lost it. When it was my turn I made sure she too felt the tingle.

As she rolled over toward me I pulled her close giving her a kiss on the lips and then messaging her hip and her side. My hands softly touching her skin making goose bumps rise. Carla shivered and I giggled. I gently pushed her back on her back and began my assault.

I straddled her legs matching my pussy to hers then lowered my head to her amble breast. Taking in first one nipple then the other with my lips. Then I returned to take one in my teeth and pulled it taut. This brought a moan of pleasure from Carla’s lips. Now with my hands on each of her lovely mounds I began to knead the her breast and suckle on her nipples which by now were rock hard, bringing forth more moans of pleasure.

As I slide down her legs I nipped and kiss the skin of her soft belly. Then past her love mound I kiss lightly over to her thighs. Carla spread them wide in anticipation of what I might do next. With my hands now I ran fingers up from her knees to her waiting pussy. Lightly brushing it and then back down again. This I followed with my lips and my tongue licking the softness all the way up to the waiting pussy lips.

I spread her pink wet lips open and drove my tongue in deep then drew it out again. Carla grasped my head and pushed it down between her legs. She knew what she wanted and I was more then willing to please her My fingers added to the torment as I thrust them deep in her wet hot pussy. My tongue, now on the hardness of her clit, flapping it back and forth and then my teeth nibbling on it as my fingers began their rhythmic in and out in and out motion deep inside, twisting round and round on the walls of her pussy, now wide waiting to be filled.

Her moans of pleasure grew louder with each new twist and touch. Her hips rising and falling to meet the onslaught of tongue and fingers. As I continued to pump one hand in her, the other drew a finger through her ass and found her annul opening. With my long finger I probed in deep. Carla twitched and let out a groan I knew it was a sign she was about to have a big orgasm and I sped up everything to bring her to a peak. With an almost sobbing cry she gave a big push to my head and heaved up her hips shaking and trembling with the fierce pleasure spreading through her loins and then she collapsed. Spent on the verge of passing out from the passions she had just experienced.

I lay back on the bed satisfied I had given Carla a good hard fuck. My own juices were flowing from the sensation of joy I was giving, Time later for me, I knew I could expect only the best from Carla. Then I drifted off to sleep my hand between my legs cupping my love mound.

I was awakened by the sound of the door chime. Taking a robe from the hook on the back of the door I wrapped my self and went to see who it might be. When I opened the door there were two handsome firemen standing there. I knew they were firemen as they were wearing matching shirts with a fire hat on them and a fire hat on their head.

The fireman with the blond hair spoke first. “We are calling on homes on this street to offer a free fire safety check. We would like to check you warning system, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and your furnace. Would you have time now?”

As he was finishing his question Carla came strolling out of the bedroom to see what the talking was about. She hadn’t bothered to but anything on. Her hair was covering her face and she was yawning. She stopped at the sight of the two men standing in the doorway. Carla looked down realized she was naked and turned ever so slowly around and walked back to the bedroom. The look on the faces of the two men was priceless. Carla was a beautiful illegal bahis woman; naked she was what men dreamed of.

The two firemen just kept staring at the hallway Carla had disappeared down, as if their stare would make her reappear. I turned to them and said” You were going to inspect something, I don’t think that was it.” The first to recover was the dark haired one. “Aah yes, sorry it isn’t everyday we get to view such a lovely creature. We will need to know how to get to the furnace and where you have your detectors.”

It had been sometime since I had been with a man, and here were two well-muscled hunks. I decided I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.” Sure come on in, I’ll give you the full tour. Have a seat while I put on some clothes. Unless you would prefer I give you the tour in the nude?” I said opening my robe and exposing my long legs and naked breast, as well as my shaved pussy.

The stare returned to their faces that had been there when Carla appeared. ” I , I I think maybe you might want to put some clothes on, I wouldn’t want you to catch a chill in the air conditioning.” The Blonde said, sweat breaking out on his brow. ” Yes maybe that would be better.” The dark haired fireman said, he too looking very nervous.

“Well if your sure, give me a minute to change” Closing my robe and turning to go to the bedroom. “But should you change your mine’s later let me know, ok?”

In the bedroom I found Carla sprawled across the bed, she had fallen back to sleep. I leaned over and slapped her on the cheeks of her ass. She awoke with a start reaching to the offended area and rubbing “Why did you do that?”

‘We have company remember, I ‘m so horny and I need your help to get those two firemen in to my bed. Do you want to share them with me?” A asked her.

“Wow, that sounds like a fun way to spend the day. Sure let’s do it. What did you have in mine?” Carla wanted to know.

Truly I hadn’t given it to much thought, “I don’t know yet, but I think if we get them separated we will have a better chance. I’ll take the blonde to the basement and you entertain the other in the other rooms. Put some clothes on, not too much but enough to cover yourself, you about gave them a heart attack already.” I laughed.

Dressed now in a pair of hip hugger shorts cut that barely cover me, with no panties on, and a tight pull over T-shirt without a bra I was ready for the show. When I reentered the room with my two firemen, they stood up their eyes taking in every inch of my figure. Then Carla came into the room dress even more revealing in a see through blouse and shorts that did little to hide her pussy lips. She was ready for action.

“Why don’t you follow me to the basement?” I said to the blonde Fireman, “I show you what you want and Carla will take your friend on a tour of the rest of the house.” His pants were already bulging with excitement, MMM so firemen did have long hoses after all. This could be better than I had hoped for.

On the stairs leading to the basement I put my hand on his shoulder as if I needed his support, then as I reached the bottom I pretended to slip and fell into his arms. His strong muscled arms held me while his hands were touching my breast. He recovered his composure and took his hands away looking embarrassed that he had touched me. I giggled inside; this was going to be easy.

I led him to the fuse box and stood back while he inspected the wiring, I was admiring his body from the back. He looked as if he worked out, there was no sign of fat on him, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him. There was a spare room set up off the main area of the basement. We had had the room converted to a Rec room with a TV and bar, there was a couch and recliner coffee table and some bar stools.

When he finished his inspection I asked him, “Would you like to see my smoke detectors first, I may set them off if I get any hotter down here.” I led him to the spare room; the bed was there.

Once in the bedroom, illegal bahis siteleri he reached up to test the smoke alarm and when it went off I said” See, now you did it, the heat from my body is setting off the alarms. Can’t you do anything about it for me?” This as I removed my T-shirt. His eyes fixed on my breast and I saw the bulge begin to throb. It was time.

I reach over to him and put my hand behind his head; “Here feel how hot I am.” As I pulled his head down so his face was buried between my breast. His reaction was instant; he took first my left nipple then my right in his hot mouth and sucked on them. His hands rose up and grasped them as he attacked my breast with a fury. I leaned my head back so he would have full access to me, my moan of pleasure escaping my lips.

I reach down and pulled his shirt from his pants and drew it over his head. He was reluctant to stop his attack but did so for just the time it took to remove his shirt. While he resumed his fury on my breast I undid his belt and drew the zipper down on his pants, letting them drop to the floor. His throbbing cock almost coming out of his shorts.

He pushed me on the bed and grabbed my shorts and almost ripped them from me in his haste. He dropped his shorts and climb on the bed next to me. His cock was huge and the purple head looked ready to explode. I reach over and took it in my hand and began to message it up and down then I pushed him back on the bed. I lowered my head on his cock drawing the shaft deep in my throat. The salty taste sweet to my lips. As I ran my hand under his balls I bobbed up n down on his shaft, his pleasure evident by the moans coming from him.

I was wet and ready and I didn’t want him to explode just yet. I stopped sucking on his big cock and turned so I could straddle him, then I lowered my hot wet pussy down on his big cock. The feel of that hot cock going deep inside sent a chill through me. It felt like a hot poker and I loved it. I began to ride up and down on his cock taking him deeper inside then slowly raising up till the head was almost out then lowering my self again. Soon I had a rhythmic motion going which he matched pushing his hips up to drive deeper inside. His hands grasped my ass and he lifted me up and down to match his upward thrust. I leaned over him my breast in his face; he happily began to lick n suck at my nipples as he continued to drive his big cock in my hot pussy.

I was glad for his stamina, now he took charge. He rolled me off of him and drew out of me. He had me to get on my knees and then he got behind me and slowly reinserted his throbbing cock. With his hands now on my hips he began to drive his cock harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Ooh my god it felt like he was gonna drive right through me and I loved it. His grunts as he drove in me were matched by my groans of pleasure. My god he was a stallion.

I sensed he was getting close as the sounds he made were getting faster like he was about to explode. I had already cum twice and wanted more, but I wanted his cum in my mouth. I broke away from him and made him stand in front of me, as I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck it in and out his hand found the back of my head and he began to fuck my face in and out. I cupped his balls and messaged them as I sped up my sucking motion he was ready to cum and he held my head trying to drive his big cock down my throat. When he let go his knees buckled and I sucked the hot cum in swallowing what I could the rest running out of my mouth and down my chin. When he stopped jerking I let him go and he collapsed on the bed. “That was a fantastic fuck, you are amazing.” he said.

” You weren’t so bad yourself, Tiger.” I told him, meaning it. It was time to see how Carla had made out.

Carla led the fireman to her bedroom; there she pointed out the smoke detector and side he could find the others in the spare room. “I have to take a shower now so I’ll show you the rest of the house when I get out” she canlı bahis siteleri said as she left the room.

Carla left the door to the bathroom open just enough so that she could be seen in the mirror while she removed her flimsy top and her shorts. The fireman turned to check on the spare room when he caught a glimpse of Carla as she was removing her shorts. Her tight butt and slender figure was holding his stare transfixed. When she straighten up she took her breast in her hands and squeezed them, finishing by holding them up and licking the nipples of each huge breast.

Carla then turned catching sight in the mirror of her admirer. When she stepped into the shower she knocked the soap off the holder, then bent at the waist to retrieve it. Her pink pussy and her soft ass displayed for the benefit of her fireman voyeur.

It was too much for him. He threw his hat on the bed and quickly drew off his T- shirt, then kicked off his shoes ands dropped his trousers on the floor. Now naked he went into the bathroom, his oversized cock throbbing in front of him. He drew back the door to the shower and stepped in. “What took you so long?” Carla asked him.

She turned to face him her big breast brushing against his hairy chest. A chill went through her at the sensation of his touch. He had his hands on her breast no messaging them his big cock throbbing against her leg. Carla reached down and took him in her hand and began to message him as well.

As the water cascaded off them both they each found new places to touch and rub. Finally when she felt him ready she squatted before him and took his huge cock and wrapped her lips around it and began to slide it in and our of her mouth sucking on it and raking her teeth along the shaft. His knees almost buckled at the sensation. His hand went to her head and he began to pump his cock in her face. She loved the taste of his salty cock. She gently messages his sac of balls and the under part of his cock as he continued to pump her.

Carla wanted him to cum in her mouth but first she wanted to feel that huge mass filling her hot wet pussy. Carla let go his cock and stood up. Then she turned around and leaned against the front of the shower and spread her legs as wide as there was room. He got the idea and took his cock in his hand and guided it deftly into her waiting pussy. She was so hot and wet that it slid in without effort and he began to slowly drive it deep in her wetness. The feel of the soft wet pussy on his cock almost sent him over the edge. Sensing he might explode too soon Carla grabbed his cock and squeezed it tight. When she felt it had calmed enough she let go and he continued now to go deep in her and then slowly out again.

He had her hips in his hands and pulling her to him with each new thrust. He pumped his cock deeper and deeper, with each thrust Carla let out a soft moan. As her tits flopped in front of her, she took one hand off the wall and squeezed each nipple in turn. Then she reached down and slid her finger over her clit.

This seemed to excite her fireman and he began to reach around her and grasp her tits and squeeze them too. He was speeding up and Carla was ready to bust and then it happened she had her big orgasm and began to jerk and squirm and moan all at once. He too was ready to go and now she wanted him in her mouth. Carla jerked away from him and quickly dropped to take his throbbing huge cock in her mouth and rubbing the shaft she sucked the head until his motions said he was cumming then she went faster till he exploded in her mouth. She swallowed what she could and the rest seeped out of her mouth and down her chin on to her breast. As his cock exploded with cum the fireman went weak in the knees and all but collapsed against the wall of the shower while Carla pumped his cock to get the last drops of cum which she licked off the head.

“Well I think we have that fire put out don’t we” Carla Said as she turned to finish washing her body. The soapsuds foaming over her nakedness. Then she turned and began to soap up his cock and ball. Her hand went from them to his chest as she washed him all over the front. “Here.” Carla said, ” would you like to do me now.” Handing him the bar of soap and the sponge.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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