The Father-In-Law Ch. 01

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Julie had nursed her 3 months old daughter, Faith, and placed her in her cot. She kissed the baby and lowered the light in her bedroom. Tonight, she was alone as Mark, her husband had left earlier in the evening for a three day seminar on the West coast.

Julie stood at the door of her room and gazed at Faith with a faraway look. She could feel the tears welling her eyes and quietly closed the door. She walked to the living room and sat down on the sofa.

At moments like this, Julie just did not know how to cope. She knew that she had sinned and been unfaithful to Mark. The child that she had carried in her womb for nine months was not her husband’s. But fate had it, her features resembled Mark. Only she and the man she had it with knew the truth. Faith was Mark’s father’s child.

Their illicit affair had started 6 months after she married Mark.

Mark was an accountant in his father’s firm. Julie was employed as Mark’s secretary. After a year as his secretary, they had fallen in love and ended in marriage.

Even before the marriage, Frank Sanford, the owner and Mark’s father had tried to make advances towards her, always in a subtle way. Only when he came to know that his son was dating her, did he ceased his advances. But Julie always felt that Mr. Sanford looked at her in ways that made her felt uncomfortable.

Julie was 19 when she married Mark. She was breathtakingly beautiful, slim, standing only 5ft 7 in her bare feet. The fair skin and breasts just slightly larger for her body size and curvaceous buttocks could make any male turn to give her a second look.

Frank felt his groin going tight whenever he saw the lovely girl, and now she was his son’s wife.

Julie and Mark were deeply in love with each other. At their wedding, Frank was slightly drunk after a number of scotch. After bidding the guests farewell, Julie had gone into the house to change. As she turned the corridor leading to her room she saw Frank leaning against the wall.

“You ok, dad?” she said as she neared him.

Frank looked at her with glassy eyes. Julie felt apprehensive at her father-in-law’s gaze.

“Julie, oh my dear Julie,” Frank said gruffly.

He took her small hands into his. Frank was a big man, almost 6ft 2 and they looked an odd couple, with him towering over her.

“Welcome to the family,” he said, slurring his words.

He held her with one and the other cupped her face. His mouth descended onto hers. His lips pressed against hers and his tongue forced into her mouth.

Julie was shocked as she pushed against him. He released her, but the fiery imprint of his lips and tongue made her tremble. Julie ran to her room. She locked the door and stood against it, shivering.

After awhile, she slowly sat down on the floor, not knowing what to do. As she calmed down, she forced herself to assume that her father-in-law was drunk.

She could not bring herself to tell Mark what happened. For God’s sake, he is his father.

After the incident, Frank did not show any signs of acknowledging that he had been out of line. Maybe he was not even conscious of what had transpired. Julie tried to forget. He was drunk; after all, she consoled herself.

In the second week of March, there was commotion in the office. It was discovered that there had been a financial crisis.

Julie could feel a change in Mark’s demeanor. He was quiet and he kept to himself. When Julie asked him what was wrong, he was curt with her. They had been married for six months and life seems to be crumbling between them.

The phone on Julie’s table rang and she took it up. The voice was Frank Sanford.

“Julie, could you come to my room? Now!”

“I’m on my way,” she replied.

“Mr. Sanford is waiting, go right in,” his secretary told her as she stood at his door.

Julie stepped into Frank’s opulent penthouse office.

Frank was giving some instructions to one of the officer, and when he finished, she was alone with her father-in-law.

“Sit down Julie,” he said. He looked at her. “How’s Mark? I understand that he is under the weather. He had not been in for the past two days.”

“I really don’t know what is wrong with him. He seems preoccupied.” Julie said softly.

“I’ll tell you what is wrong,” Frank replied. “I suppose you’ve heard about the financial debacle last week. Well, your husband had been playing the market with the company’s funds.”

“What….no….not Mark,” Julie gasped.

“The evidence is undisputable. He could destroy this company,” Frank said. “There are only a handful of people who really know the details,” Frank continued.

“What should we do,” Julie said, almost in tears.

“Nobody is to know anything,” Frank replied. “I’ll work out something and let you know. Don’t tell Mark what you know or what I told you.”

“Thanks, Mr. Sanford….Dad,” she said softly.

Two days later, Mark was sent to a branch office to check on certain accounts. At nine in the evening, Julie’s house phone rang.

“Julie, this is Frank. Could you come to the Crown hotel? I’m in the executive suite. I want to resolve Mark’s problem.”

“Ok,” Julie said, her spirits lifted.

She knocked etimesgut escort on his door. Frank opened and she walked in.

She was taken aback. Frank was in his dressing gown.

“Take a seat. Can I get you something to drink,” he said.

“Oh..oh…no thanks,” she replied.

Julie sat on the plush single seater. Frank poured her an orange juice and he took the sofa seat across her. Julie felt uncomfortable with only her father-in-law, in his dressing gown, his chest slightly opened, showing his chest with dark and grey hairs.

Frank looked at her intently. Julie felt like a helpless fawn.

“Mark had squandered almost half a million dollars. That is a criminal breach of trust and if reported, he will go to jail.” Frank began.

“No,” Julie cried out, tears welling in her eyes. “It will kill him,” she sobbed.

“What do you suggest we do?” Frank said, his eyes looking directly at her.

“He’s your only son, you could help him, can’t you,” she pleaded.

“Will you do anything to get him out of his mess?” Frank said.

Julie looked at her father-in-law and she saw the lust in his eyes. She covered her face with her hands and said softly.

“What can I do?” her voice almost inaudible.

“Do you agree then, you will do anything I tell you. Half a million is a lot of money,” he said, looking in the eye.

Her world was falling apart and in the moment of desperate surrender, she mumbled, “Yes.”

“You know how I felt about you, even before you married Mark,” Frank said. “This will only be between both of us.”

He stood up and walked to the dressing cabinet. He took out a soft, almost transparent negligee and handed it to her.

“The shower is there. Don’t wear any undergarments, just this, and don’t wet your hair,” he told her.

Her face blushing in utter shame, Julie walked unsteadily towards the changing room and shut the door. A million thoughts raced through her mind. She felt dirty. She was no better than a whore, about to prostitute herself to save her marriage and her husband. And the man about to take liberty of her body was Mark’s father. He had locked the door and there was no escape.

Frank was still sitting on the sofa when she came out. The vision that greeted him was astounding. The sheer negligee did not hide any of her womanly charms. He could see the firm and jutting twin peaks of her lovely breasts. The cone shaped nipples reddish dark against her pale flesh. His eyes wandered down and fixed on the dark patch of her pubic hairs. She looked like a goddess of love.

“Sit down Julie.” He said heavily.

She sat in the seater across him, her eyes avoiding his.

Frank stood up.

“Look at me,” he said.

She knew she had to do as he said.

Frank released the belt holding his dressing gown and let the garment drop to the floor. Julie gasped as the big man stood naked across her. His huge penis was hard and stiff, standing up. His chest was hairy and it continued down to the mass of pubic hair covering his crotch. The bulbous head of his circumcised penis was turgid and wavering.

Julie felt faint.

Frank stroked his phallus, and he rubbed the head, his finger trailing a streak of precum.

“Stand up and take off yours,” he said.

“No, I can’t,” she cried.

“Ok, the deal’s off,” he said.

Julie knew she was beaten. She tried to comprehend what he just said. She stood up slowly and undressed. Finally, Frank had what he lusted for all this time. Julie stood nude and he was soon going to fuck his son’s wife.

Frank walked to her and took her face in his large hands. He kissed those luscious lips roughly as she tried to fight him. But he was so much stronger than her. His tongue forced her mouth open. He sucked on her mouth, his tongue invading hers. He took her hand and placed it on his throbbing penis. The heat and his massiveness frightened her. She felt weak and would have slipped to the floor had he not grasped her by the waist and pressed her breasts against his chest.

Finally, he lifted his mouth off hers and grasping her by the hair, he forced her face to his chest.

“Suck them,” he said hoarsely, rubbing her lips against his nipples.

She sucked on the points on his hairy chest.

“God, you are worth more than a million,” he gasped.

He then pushed her slowly away from him, holding at arm’s length.

“Julie, look at those nuggets,” he said, staring at her heaving breasts.

His tongue snaked out as he gently rasped on her sensitive nipples. Despite her disorientation, Julie felt herself shuddering at the tenderness of Frank’s tongue as he licked her nipples. Knowing the man’s ultimate intention was to rape her, she could not help feeling an exquisite yearning as his lips closed onto the hardening points, as he sucked her. Her nipples stood out, firm and turgid. Frank opened his mouth and more of her breast was vacuumed in. Her eyes were tightly shut and her mouth opened as he sucked her breasts. Frank managed to control himself from coming in the heat of the moment.

When he was satisfied with the wonder of her breasts, Frank turned her to face away from him. etimesgut escort bayan His hands cupped her breasts and he drew her against his body. Julie felt his hotness as his penis lodged against her buttocks. Frank had to stoop on his knees so that he could place his penis between her thighs. He kneaded her breasts and tweaked her elongated nipples.

Julie had never felt such feelings with Mark when they made love. Now this man, against her will, was making her shudder and whimper in sinful ecstasy. The sordidness and taboo made her wet between her thighs.

Then she felt his hand move down to caress her pubic area.

“You are so wet, Julie,” her fogged mind heard him whispering in her ear.

He rubbed her clitoris from behind and she shuddered uncontrollably. His middle finger entered her vagina and Julie cried out. Her love juice flowed to wet his already wet finger. Frank began to finger fuck his daughter-in-law as she pressed the back of her head tightly to his chest.

His finger slipped out of her and the wetness was now rubbed against her anus.

Julie began to spread the legs apart slightly as Frank pushed gently into her. His finger penetrated and lodged to the first digit inside her rectum.

The tightness of her rectum grasping his finger almost made Frank explode.

Never had she been taken this way. It was a first for Julie and she closed her sphincter, trying to dislodge his finger. But he just let it lie inside her, letting her get used to it.

“Walk with me,” he whispered into her ear.

With his finger still in her anus, Frank slowly lead Julie towards the bedroom. They stood beside the bed. Julie saw their reflection in the mirror across the room. Her hair was disheveled and she could see Frank standing behind her. He was his hand caressing her breasts. The twin peaks were firm and heavy. Her nipples were standing out. And then she felt his finger moved out of her anus.

“Did you like that?” He said against her hair. “God, Mark doesn’t know what a woman he got. Look at us, Julie, I’m going to make love to you until you cum and cry for more.”

Frank lifted her easily in his arms and placed her onto his bed. Julie looked at him, uncertain of what he was going to do next. He stood at the edge of the bed.

Frank looked at her and said, “We have the whole night. I am going to fuck you but I am not wearing any condom. I want to feel your flesh when I enter you.”

He continued, “You could get pregnant. I am more than happy to father your child. I will try to pull out before I come. But that is no guarantee. However, there is another way. I can fuck you in your arse. It’s your choice.”

Julie felt numbed and could not believe what came out of her father-in-law’s mouth. It was the most obscene words she had ever heard. She felt defeated and turned her face away, stunned. The man was an animal.

Then she felt him getting onto the bed. Frank reached out and held her shoulder, turning her body to face him. He took her hands and placed it on his thick phallus. He made her stroke him, moving her fingers up and down his length.

“That was not so difficult, was it?” he said, smiling at her.

His thing was so thick and she felt his sticky precum, as it seeped out of him.

“Suck me,” he said, his hand held her head and brought it towards his penis.

Her lips touched the bulbous head and the wetness was smeared onto her. Frank moved her head, rubbing his discharge against her lips. Then he pushed against her and Julie had to open her mouth. The hard flesh entered and Frank began to slowly start his fucking motion. Holding the back of her head, he pushed further in, until he felt himself at the back of her throat.

Julie began to panic as Frank pressed her head tight against his crotch. She was gagging but he pushed in further. Her body began to struggle against the forced rape of her mouth as his penis touched her tonsils. Her mind was about to blank out when Frank started to ejaculate. Spurt after spurt of his vicious sperm hit the back of Julie’s throat and he gasped in sheer lust. His hold on her slackened and Julie managed to push her head back slightly. She coughed and Frank’s semen splattered out of her, coating his pubic hairs. Julie took deep breaths and was unable to stop herself from swallowing part of his discharge.

Frank was in total ecstasy and released his hold on her. Julie’s head fell back onto the mattress, her lips and cheeks matted with his cum.

Frank opened his eyes and the sight of Julie, with her eyes glazed and sperm on her face made her look so desirable. His mouth descended onto hers as he kissed her with unabated passion, tasting himself and kissing his daughter-in-law deeply.

Julie curled herself into a ball and sobbed quietly. Frank looked at her and felt a tinge of regret, knowing that he had been rough with her. He touched her cheek gently and got off the bed. When he came back again, Julie cringed at what was in store for her. But Frank did not attack her; instead, he pulled the blanket to cover her. He kissed her on the forehead and left her alone. Julie was exhausted and gradually fell into a deep slumber.

2 escort etimesgut hours later

Julie moaned and her mouth opened. She felt a tingling feeling between her legs. She thought she was having an erotic dream. Her eyes slowly opened as she got used to the subdued light. She shuddered again as the feeling raced through her body. She uttered a gasp. Then her eyes focused and she was shocked to see a head between her thighs. Julie mumbled incoherently and she saw the man raised his head to look at her. God, it was Frank. Then the realization hit her.

Frank went down on her again, his heart pounding as he sucked at her vagina. He never thought that a woman could discharge so much sweet juices as it kept flowing into his mouth. As he sucked, Julie involuntarily pushed her buttocks tightly against his face.

Knowing that Julie was wide awake, Frank pushed her legs up until her knees were against her breasts. He looked down and could see the pulsating darker smaller opening. His tongue reached out and touched it. Julie flinched at the contact. Frank licked and then pushed against the tiny hole. Her buttocks trembled as Frank kept pushing, finally penetrated her ever so slightly. It was a feeling she never experienced before. It made her cry out.

Frank sat up between her thighs and let her legs down. He moved up and his mouth closed onto her breast, sucking them alternately. Julie could only moan as his lips sucked on her hardened nipples.

When he knew that he had made her sexually aroused, Frank said, “I have to fuck you Julie. I need to be inside you. I want you to feel my sperm when I come. Tell me where you want it.”

“In here,” as his finger inserted itself into her vagina, “or in here,” and his finger moved down to rub against her anus.

Julie closed her eyes tightly, unable to answer. It was so obscene and unimaginable that this was her husband’s father asking her such a lewd question.

Frank waited, his heart beating rapidly, wanting to hear her answer. It added to the intensity of his needs.

Knowing that he will take her even if she did not answer, she finally submitted and said haltingly, “Please don’t make me pregnant.”

“I’ll make it good for you Julie, you will never know how good it is to be fucked in your bottom,” he said.

“God, you are so big, please don’t hurt me,” she pleaded.

Frank took a pillow and lifted Julie placing it under her buttocks. He lifted up her legs and pushed them to breasts again, this time making Julie hold them bent with her hands. Her crotch was exposed to him.

“Stay that way and don’t move,” he told her, as he left the bed.

Julie saw that he had a tube in his hands and he climbed back onto the bed. She watched as he unscrewed the tube and pressed a transparent liquid onto his finger. She felt the cold jelly as Frank rubbed it against her anus. She tightened her sphincter as he tried to push his finger into her. Frank applied more of the jelly. His other hand was at her clitoris which grew out like a tiny penis due to Frank’s constant tweaking. Against her will, Julie’s sphincter relaxed and opened to accept Frank’s finger. As her sex juices began to flow down it helped to make Frank’s finger slippery. He penetrated her and slowly finger fuck her. As her anus got used to the intrusion, he pushed more and finally the whole finger was in her rectum and the palm of his hand pressed against her buttocks.

Frank pulled out his finger and pressed his lips onto her bottom, his tongue replacing his finger, pushing into her. The contact was electrifying for Julie. Never in her mind did she think that such sex act was normal. She bit her lips and it happened. Frank felt her sphincter tightened and grasp his tongue and for the first time in her life, Julie squirted her juices out like a fountain as she went into her orgasm.

Frank almost came himself at the sight. He sat up just to see his daughter-in-law shuddering, her arms flailing by her side as she completed her pleasure. It was sexually satisfying for Frank that he had make Julie cum. Frank’s need was at bursting point. He got between Julie’s thighs and taking his massive penis in his hand, Frank rubbed it against the tiny orifice.

In her semi stupor state, Julie knew that the inevitable was about to happen as she felt Frank rubbing his hardened flesh against her anus. Frank was not sure whether she could take him as he could see that his enormous phallus was going to hurt her. He pushed in and he saw that Julie’s eyes widened when he managed to slightly open her up.

For Julie, the pain was excruciating, nothing like when he had his finger inside her. She cried out, begging him to stop. Instead, Frank lust was heightened upon hearing Julie’s cry of pain. It was intoxicating for him and it drove him to penetrate her more deeply. He still only managed to insert the head of his knob. Seeing that Julie was already bathed in sweat, he stopped and let her get used to his wide girth. Julie slumped down onto the mattress. Her submission was complete. Frank turned her face and kissed her on the mouth. He could not control himself at the incredible tightness of her anal muscles gripping him. Groaning into her mouth, Frank shuddered in ecstasy as spurts after spurts of his sperm ejaculated inside Julie’s rectum. The thick liquid form a balm for Julie’s ravaged anus as he coated her. Her sphincter relaxed and at that instant, Frank penetrated her deeper. Julie could only gasp as she felt her bottom filled with his hardened penis.

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