The Education of Jeremy Blake Ch. 02

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Cum In

Chapter5: Mother’s Good Taste

The next day before leaving for school, Jeremy gave his mother three containers filled with his cum.

“My, my, we’ve been very active last night, haven’t we?” Jane remarked.

“Mom, remember you had said you would give me something intimate to remind me of you through the day.”

“Yes, and I have just the thing for you,” Jane looked at the stairs to confirm that her husband was still in the bedroom getting ready for office.

She reached inside her robe. In one fluid motion, she hooked her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her panties, rolled them down her thighs and legs, and finally, nimbly stepped out of them. Rolling the gauzy undergarment into a ball, she lobbed it into the waiting hands of her son.

“You can’t get anything more intimate than this, son.”

“But, Mom, I hope they aren’t a fresh pair,” started Jeremy.

“Don’t worry, baby, this morning while your Dad was in the bath, I was watching your masturbation video and it made me horny – I specially wore these panties so that they would be wet with my juices for you. Go ahead, taste them.”

Jeremy put his mother’s panties to his face and inhaled their special aroma.

“Mmm, lovely!”

He turned them inside out to nuzzle the damp crotch and then put the fabric into his mouth to taste his mother’s cum.

“Delicious, Mom,” Jeremy was sucking the panties – Jane noticed that the front of his trousers had started tenting.

“But Mom, there IS something more intimate you promised me,” Jeremy smiled, holding up his finger.

“You wicked boy,” Jane giggled, “OK, go ahead.”

She parted open the lower folds of her gown and spread her legs to allow her son access to her pussy. Jeremy cupped her hairy quim, exploring the velvet folds and dense hair.

His fingers massaged his mother’s slippery cunt, thumbing her hardening clit and finally pushing the forefinger inside her. The boy was a little surprised at how easily his finger slipped into his mother’s cunt.

Jane gasped with pleasure as her son toyed with her twat. From the corner of her eye, she saw Joseph coming down the stairs.

“Honey, your Daddy’s coming.”

She quickly straightened her robe as Jeremy withdrew his finger, putting it to his nose to take a deep sniff and then licking it with his tongue.

“Mmm, Mom, I LOVE your taste!”

Jane grabbed at the bulge in her son’s trouser front and firmly led him to the door.

“Out, sonny boy or you’ll be late for school. And you had better control your ‘soldier’ or you’ll be in trouble!”

Shoving her panties into his pocket, Jeremy whispered into his mother’s ear.

“I thought we had decided that from now onwards, my cock belongs to you, so you have to calm it down. Think about it- we can work on it together, this afternoon when I get back, OK?”

Jane laughed, “Oh, you rascal.”

With a final squeeze of her son’s balls, she pushed him out the door; she saw him strolling off, smelling his finger and laughing loudly.

Shaking her head smilingly, Jane sat down with her husband for breakfast. Joseph had his usual cereal and buttered toast. “Honey, the butter lacks the usual zip, did you forget to put some of your special sauce in it?”

Jane had been so preoccupied with her son that she had forgotten to flavor up her husband’s buttered toast with her cum-juice; she was just about to get a bottle of her cum from the fridge when Joseph stopped her.

“I think I’d rather take it direct from the source.”

Jane stood up, parted open the front of her robe and spread her legs for her husband, just as she had done moments ago for her son.

Joseph reached for her pussy, rubbed the moist lips to make them wetter and proceeded to push two fingers inside her cunt. He took them out covered with her juice and proceeded to spread the cum on the buttered toast with his fingers.

When he was done, he bit into the sandwich and savored the taste.

“Perfect, honey-buns!”

Chapter6: Tales of Mother’s Sex Life

Jane’s housework was never-ending – meeting the needs of a growing boy and an equally demanding husband was a daunting task – but she enjoyed it. And now, meeting her son’s sexual needs would make her work even more exciting.

It was almost a week since she had introduced Jeremy to masturbation and she was amazed and thrilled at his insatiable sexual appetite. Every morning he gave her three containers full of his cum, she was now having trouble making space in the freezer for it so she had started snacking on his cum through the day.

Jeremy had gotten bored with his parents’ masturbation video and now wanted to see a new one from their personal collection every day.

And his curiosity about sex was boundless especially about his mother’s sex life – so mother and son’s afternoons were usually spent in Jane recounting her early sexual encounters in all their intimate details.

How and with whom did she have her first sexual experience? “When we were young, ümraniye escort bayan it began as a mutual body exploration session with my brother, your uncle Steve, and led to mutual masturbation. When I was eighteen, I lost my virginity to my father, Harold LeForge (your Grandpa Harry). Incest is a tradition in your grandpa’s family; your Aunt Bea also got her first fuck from our father. Our mother, Katherine (your Granny Kate) also joined us in our family incest games.”

What was her favorite sexual position? “Doggy style, definitely – this position allows deepest penetration of your father’s 10 inch dick into my pussy – it is pure pleasure. It also lets my boobs hang down which your Dad enjoys ‘milking’ like a cow’s udders. I also enjoy taking it up my ass – nothing compares with having a stiff dick stuffed up your tight shit-hole!! We also love ’69’ – both your Dad and I think fellatio or oral sex is dee-licious!!”

What were her favorite masturbation techniques? “Like in the video, your father and I enjoy watching each other jack off and also masturbating each other. When I’m alone, I love to make myself cum by sitting in front of my dresser-mirror and watching myself masturbate with the handle of my hair brush; or, one of my dildos. Another favorite is when I’m in the shower, I stimulate my clit with the hand-shower setting on massage – I usually squat on the floor so that my pussy lips are open and the stinging, needle-sharp jets of water hit my swollen clit until I cum.”

What other off-beat sexual games did she enjoy? “We enjoy threesomes. Your Aunt Bea joins your Dad and me in some of our fuck sessions – as you would have seen from our videos. Your Dad fucks both of us in tandem or one of us while the other sucks pussy. Both Aunt Bea and I enjoy licking pussy. We also enjoy water sports – peeing on each other. Even though it can get quite messy, it is fun getting a hot, pee shower from your Aunt Bea while your Dad fucks her ass.”

These Q & A sessions usually took place in the afternoons when Jeremy returned from school and the sex talk excited him so much that Jane always encouraged him to jack off as they spoke.

If she was having lunch at the time, the depraved mother would ask her son to ejaculate his hot seed into her mouth and also pour some onto the food on her plate. And, if she was cooking, Jeremy was asked to cum into the pot – making his own special contribution to his mother’s ‘secret’ recipe.

Chapter 7: The Pleasures of Voyeurism

One afternoon when Jane was doing the dishes and daydreaming about more games she and Jeremy could play together, she felt a pair of strong, wiry arms embracing her and a lean, hard body with a harder knob insinuating itself into her behind.

“Hey, sexy Mom,” Jeremy whispered, sticking his tongue into his mother’s ear, making her feel funny and disoriented. His hands roamed all over her body which was naked under the robe, squeezing her hard nipples through the flimsy material, caressing her rounded belly and then moving lower to dig into her pussy.

“Mmmm, son,” the wanton mother purred, “I can see you missed me,” grinding her cushiony buttocks into her son’s erection.

“Baby, I think we are now ready to move up to the next level, let’s go up to my room.”

The boy happily followed his sexy mother up the stairs, taking care to always remain a few steps below her so that he could look up under her robe and admire the sway of her naked buttocks.

On reaching the landing, Jane looked down and smiled at her son who she knew was gazing at her ass, “Enjoying the view?”

The boy blushed but refused to avert his eyes from his mother’s hidden charms.

“Mom, I will never get tired of your sexy body!”

“I certainly hope not, son!”

He followed his mother into his parents’ bedroom. She went into the bathroom, leaving the door open.

“Son, your next sexual lesson is one which we can indulge in most of the time – provided, we do it discreetly.”

Jeremy had sat down on the carpeted floor at the foot of his parents’ bed and gazed into the bathroom. His mother undid her sash and disrobed. The boy gasped and couldn’t believe his eyes – he was going to see his mother totally naked, at last.

His cock strained against his underwear as he watched her large melon-like breasts swinging from side to side, their aureoles dark brown and pebbled, topped with protuberant inch-long nipples. Her hips were wide and her belly rounded yet firm, curving gently into her dark, bushy pubes. He was struck by the pinky, whiteness of his mother’s voluptuous body that was speckled with light brown freckles giving the flesh a glow of healthy freshness.

The boy instinctively moved back from the door as she approached but it was just to hang up her robe on the hook behind the door. He noted the tufts of dark hair in her underarms. They match her pussy hair, he observed with pleasure.

Jane sat down on the toilet and began peeing. Jeremy could see the yellow urine streaming out from his mother’s kartal escort hairy pussy and splashing into the bowl.

“Our next sexual game is called voyeurism. The pleasures of watching and being watched,” the wanton mother continued.

She stared straight into her son’s eyes as she spoke. Jeremy did not realize that while the full length mirror in the bathroom to the right of the toilet reflected his mother’s naked form to him, she too could see him spying on her.

“It excites you, doesn’t it, son, when you peek at the forbidden views of your mother – when you think she is not looking?”

Jane smiled at her son in the mirror and continued pissing.

“Spying at your mother peeing; checking out the private parts of my body…”

She raised one magnificent buttock and began wiping her pussy with the toilet paper.

“My cunt …”

Jane got off the toilet, her large breasts swaying.

“My tits and …”

She turned her back to the door and suddenly bent over to retrieve a piece of tissue from the floor, giving her son an unobstructed view of her anus.

“Even my ass-hole is not hidden from my baby boy.”

Jeremy could see a line of fine black hair running down from her pussy to form a ring framing the pink pucker of her ass-hole.

“It is quite normal for sons to lust after their mothers and vice versa. We enjoy the sexual thrill of spying on each other’s private moments. I enjoy watching your body when you are in the bath and also when you masturbate at bed-time.”

Jane could hear an audible gasp from her son outside the door.

“Yes, honey, you didn’t know that I keep your bed-room door slightly ajar at night so that I can see you masturbating. I also know about your collection of my pussy hair (laugh) … I’m glad you like my hair – even your father likes me hairy – that’s why he doesn’t even allow me to shave my underarm hair.”

“But, you know dearie, what excites me even more, as you will realize, is the thrill of exposing myself to you. I love the way you enjoy the views of my body.”

She abruptly straightened up and walked towards the door, reaching up to retrieve her dress that hung behind the door. Her crotch was at his eye level, and even though her dense pubic thatch hid her nether lips, he could smell the unique aroma of her arousal. He sniffed loudly, inhaling his mother’s heady personal perfume.

“You can smell it, can’t you, honey. The aroma of my desire for you?”

Jane emerged wearing her (and his) favorite summer dress that was loose and see-through, she never wore anything underneath. The lusty mother sat down on the chair opposite him and crossed her legs, the skirt rose up her full thighs. She let it remain bunched up at her hips.

Jeremy continued sitting on the floor and gazed fixedly between his mother’s legs as she slowly parted them – exposing her naked crotch to her son. Sharon Stone had nothing on his mom.

“I know you enjoy looking up my dress. You also get terribly excited looking at my tits down the top of my dress when I bend forward like this.”

The lascivious mother leaned forward so that the neck of her dress fell open to reveal her ample breasts to her son.

“These are the pleasures of voyeurism. The excitement of watching; and then there is the joy of exhibitionism – the thrill of showing yourself!”

“We will together experience these pleasures to the maximum. From now on, we will not wear any undergarments and we must sit in such a way that we reveal our private parts to each other. But remember son, we must do this discreetly so that your father does not find out.”

Chapter 8: Masturbating with Mom

Whenever mother and son’s torrid discussions of sex took place, Jeremy would begin stroking his cock though his pants.

“Son, do as I had told you,” she chided the boy.

“Between us, nothing is forbidden or off limits. There must be no shyness or hesitation. You must masturbate whenever you feel like it – especially when we are together. Go on, take your cock out – I want to see you jacking off.”

Jeremy stood up so that he towered above his seated mother and looked down at her bare tits through the deep, scooped neck of her dress. She smiled up at him encouragingly and bent forward to give him a better view. He unzipped his fly and freed his giant cock which sprung out like a grotesque jack-in-the-box and nodded its shiny, swollen head.

The boy wrapped his slim fingers around the meaty stalk and began stroking it. In her seated position, Jane’s mouth was level with her son’s cock and Jeremy ‘accidentally’ brushed it against his mother’s soft lips repeatedly as he fisted the organ.

Fighting against the urge to open her mouth and suck her son’s dick, Jane settled for licking her lips to taste his pre-cum.

“Son, here’s some lubrication to make your cock wetter. And take your balls out too, I love to see them dangle when you shag.”

She spat on his cock head, some of her spittle dripped down to his sac.

“Mom, kartal escort bayan I need a stickier and more intimate lubricant – from your pussy.”

Always eager to oblige the boy, the dutiful mother pushed two fingers into her wet snatch and brought them out coated with her love-juice which she rubbed onto her son’s throbbing dong.

“There, you go, young man! Now, jack off!!”

“Mom, I want you to see your boobs better, could you take them out for me?”

Jane pulled down the loose neck of her dress and scooped out her tits, first one and then the other, so that they hung out like fresh fruit on display for her son.

“Mom, I want to touch your tits, can I?”

Without waiting for her answer, Jeremy grasped at his mother’s tits with his left hand – his right stroking his swelling cock faster.

“Go ahead, baby, they are yours to do with as you please.”

“Gosh, they are so soft, absolutely awesome. I’ve never felt anything so wonderful before.”

The boy squeezed his mother’s pliant tit flesh and pulled at the swollen dark nipples.

Jane could see that her son’s breathing was becoming shallower and he kept thrusting his penis erratically against her face, eyes, nose, and neck and wherever else his strokes allowed him. The helpful mother decided to assist by pushing her tits together and lifting them up for her son to fuck her tit valley.

“Here, son, let me help you jerk off – fuck Mommy’s tits!!”

Jeremy now directed his thrusts at his mother’s nipples – jabbing them with his cock, first one pointed tip and then the other. He enjoyed the feel of the hard, rubbery ends on the sensitive head of his cock. The generous mother quickly sandwiched his prick in between her tits and began moving to and fro, massaging the incestuous organ.

“Mom, make me cum. I want to cum on your tits, Mom. I want to cum on you.”

“Son, cum on Mommy’s tits; I want your hot, virgin seed on my boobs, on my face, all over me.”

Jane had pushed herself forward in her chair and had captured one of her son’s legs in between her large thighs and was rubbing her clit against his knee as she tit-fucked his cock.

As she felt him groan and shudder, she quickly freed her son’s erupting dick so that it splattered rope after rope of sticky white semen on her face. Jane greedily opened her mouth wide to catch some on her tongue, spilling the rest over her tits and belly.

“Mom, I’m cumming….all over you. Mom, take my cum. I’m cumming just for you.”

Almost simultaneously, Jane’s spasms hit her, shaking her body to the core. She ground her clit harder into her son’s bony knee and bit his finger which was picking up his cum from the edges of her mouth and pushing it into her lips.

“Son, Mommy’s cumming for you now; put your hand in my cunt and see how much cum Mommy has made for you.”

Jeremy dipped into his mother’s vagina and felt his palm filling up with the juices that flowed out from her box.

He then put the cupped hand to his lips and gulped down his mother’s cum, relishing the tangy, aromatic elixir.

Still standing, the overjoyed lad put his arms around her head and hugged her tightly.

Jane’s face was buried in his crotch, and with feline grace, she lapped up the remains of her son’s semen from his cock and balls. She restrained herself from sucking his cock because she was saving the art of fellatio for their next lesson.

Chapter 8: More Lessons in Voyeurism

Over the next few days, the lusty mother shared with her son other dimensions of the voyeurism game.

She showed him some of her crotchless panties and open-nippled bras that she wore for his Dad. Jeremy wanted her to model them for him – which she willingly did.

The boy would make his mother assume the doggy position so that the nipples from her hanging breasts jutted out of the open peaks and her ass-hole and pussy were exposed from behind. Her son would lie flat on his back under her with his head facing her crotch and his cock pressing against the exposed tips of her nipples.

He would then proceed to eat her pussy as she massaged his cock with her nipples until they both came.

Another time, Jane took out a pair of khakis from her wardrobe and tossed them to Jeremy. They looked like regular pants.

“What’s unusual about these pants?” Jeremy asked.

His mother winked and said, “Look at the crotch”.

Jeremy saw that the seam stitches had been opened at the crotch so that while outwardly the pants looked like a regular pair of khakis, actually, “it allows your Dad and me to fuck in public while everyone thinks that I am just sitting on his lap.”

“Son, in our family, sex is a pleasure that should be enjoyed anytime, anywhere and with anyone you like.”

“What about Aunt Bea, I’ve seen in your videos that she does threesomes with you and Dad – do you think she could join in our sex games too?”

“Yes, honey, Aunt Bea also wants to join us, and she will, when she visits us the next time.”

Jane knew that just like he desired his mother, her son also lusted for his aunt. She knew that Bea also had the hots for her handsome nephew. Since the idea of ‘educating’ Jeremy had been hers, Jane had agreed to give her sister every ‘dirty’ detail about her sexual forays with her son.

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