The Dream Team

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Big Tits

Rebecca felt the thick cock ram into her wet and willing cunt as Martin’s muscular torso wrapped around her, smothering her. Her body was hot and wet from the sweat she had developed in the sauna where she had demanded that he meets her. The professional soccer player knew how to please her.

Martin was one of her favourites on the team. He was always guaranteed to try his best, both on and off the pitch. As his throbbing cock pumped back and forth inside her, she remembered the winning goal which he had scored that afternoon.

Rebecca Ashton was the only female manager in the league, having transferred from a girls’ high-school team. She remembered her first day with the team, when she had asked to meet the lads after their training session.

“But they’ll be in the showers.”

“So what?”

Brian Bramwell, the chairman of the board, was very apprehensive about taking her into the changing rooms.

“They’ll hardly appreciate a young woman walking in while they’re all naked.”

“If we’re going to work together they’ll have to get used to it.”

She thoroughly enjoyed being led into the changing rooms, where all those athletic naked male bodies were on display.

“Boys: this is Rebecca Ashton; your new manager.”

A few of them covered themselves with their hands or their towels, but most of the young men simply smiled as she stared appreciatively at their nudity, obviously more than proud of what they were showing. Rebecca was a good-looking woman, her short-skirted business-suit showing off her shapely legs, the deep cut of her jacket showing the upper curves of her breasts. She had deliberately refrained from wearing anything underneath the jacket in order to create this very effect. She noticed that one or two of the guys were beginning to get slightly aroused, although they tried to hide their embarrassment.

“Good afternoon gentlemen. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

One particularly well-built player walked up to her, his cock incredibly large, befitting his figure. He made no attempt to conceal his charms.

“Hi: Jim Watson. I’m the captain of the team.”

She took the proffered hand, sensing the close proximity of his manliness.

“Hello Jim; but as manager I decide who is the captain.”

She smiled as the cocky look on his face dropped. It was up to her to put him in his place, and she would ensure that all the others were put in their place too.

“I can see that some of you want to get dressed, so I will keep my opening speech short. We have a game on Saturday against City. I expect every one of you to give their best performance. If you play well, you will be rewarded; if you let me down, you will be punished.”

She left it till Saturday after the game for them to find out just what her rewards and punishments would be.

The team lost 2-1, the one goal being scored by Trevor Kennedy, an eighteen-year old midfielder. One of the goals had been let in by the keeper – Pete Waterhouse. The other was the result of a penalty, arising from an overly aggressive tackle from Jim Watson.

Rebecca entered the changing rooms unannounced, her sports-bag over her shoulder. Once again Jim Watson approached her with his full nudity on display, his manner self-assured as ever.

“Well boss: I guess they were better than us after all.”

She took one look at him, opened the zip of her track-suit jacket to reveal a sleeveless t-shirt so small and tight that her breasts were heaving out of the top, and reached into her bag. The smile on her face contrasted with the disapproval in her voice.

“They were not better than you, Jim. They just didn’t have any jerk on their team giving away silly penalties.”

From her bag Rebecca extracted a small but vicious looking riding crop. Before illegal bahis Jim Watson could even register her intent, he felt the leather-bound switch strike across the naked flesh of his thigh. Even such big boys can feel pain, and he instinctively flinched, his mouth letting out a suitable expletive. It had been no gentle, teasing blow, but a deliberate whipping intended to cause pain, and the skin on the striker’s thigh split open, welling with blood which trickled rapidly down his still wet leg.

“I warned you last week that I will punish bad performances.”

Her voice changed to sugary sweetness as she turned towards the young Trevor Kennedy.

“Trevor: that was a good goal.”

Trevor Kennedy was still under the shower, holding his hands embarrassedly in front of his nudity. Ignoring the others, Rebecca stepped towards him. The running water began to flow over her head, wetting her hair erotically. She became aware of the water covering her t-shirt and making the thinly stretched white material totally transparent to display the colours of her firm breasts. The men around her stared with obvious lust at seeing her gorgeous breasts become visible – even Jim Watson was no longer interested in the pain from the wound on his leg, but stared at Rebecca’s gorgeous tits.

“And as I said, good performances will be rewarded.”

The youngster blushed as she took his hand, guiding it away from his reluctantly growing erection and lifting it to her soaking wet breast.

“That’s the way. And I want to see more performances like that.”

She laid her hand on his growing erection as his confidence increased, drawing her finger-nails up the length of his shaft. The others just watched in jealous wonder. Then she placed a kiss on his mouth, her tongue slipping between his lips as the water cascaded over them. The poor boy was so overwhelmed with desire that his cock almost erupted, but then she broke off the embrace with a smile and turned to the team as she repeated her management philosophy.

“Let me down and you will be punished. Play well, and you will be rewarded.”

Since then the team had gone from strength to strength, encouraged by Rebecca’s combination of reward and punishment. Jim Watson stubbornly earned himself so many lashings until she finally broke his resistance to her methods. She remembered one game during which he had received the red card. She did not even wait for the end of the game, but followed him into the changing rooms.

“Yeah – so they sent me off. Big deal. That bastard deserved what he got. He was off-side.”

“We now have only 10 men on the pitch, in a game we could have won.”

He continued to get undressed as she answered.

“So what are you going to do? Slap me on the thighs again?”

“Not the thighs. Lie down on that bench.”

He was stubborn, but recognised her authority. He lay down on his stomach. The whip swished through the air before striking across his buttocks. He winced.

“Fuck! That really hurt.”

“Shut up and lie still.”

She struck again. Damn – he had a fantastic body, and she would love to experience it in some other way, but first she needed to break him. He was like a magnificent stallion – he needed to be broken before he was ready to be ridden. Once again the whip slapped across his cheeks. Cry, damn you. Whimper for mercy.

It took six strokes before Jim Watson screamed for mercy.

“Enough! Stop, please.”

“Enough? You decide if you have had enough. Are you ready to restrain yourself on the pitch, and concentrate your skills? Then you’ve had enough.”

He was whimpering like a child.

“Whatever you say. Fuck – it hurts.”

Rebecca did not want the others to see Jim crying. That would be bad for his morale. She did illegal bahis siteleri not mind humiliating him in front of the others, but not crying. She reached into her back for some cream to deal with his wounds. As she stroked her fingers across the cuts on his bottom she felt her excitement rise, and saw his excitement rise too.

“Enough now. Get yourself showered and dressed.”

The following Saturday Jim Watson scored a hatrick in the quarter-final of the Cup.

Rebecca stayed away from the changing-rooms following that game, instead just calling Jim into her office when he was dressed. The smile on his face when he entered indicated that he anticipated his reward.

“You have spent a long time opposing my authority, and I was almost ready to throw you from the team.”

He smirked.

“I’m the best player you’ve got.”

“I don’t like your attitude, but I don’t bear grudges. You played well today, and deserve your reward.”

“Those aren’t the first goals I’ve scored since you took over.”

“No; but it’s the first time you have played exceptionally well. Now let us see how well you can perform off the pitch.”

Rebecca stood up and walked round from behind her desk, revealing that she was already prepared for him, having removed her skirt to display her skimpy black g-string above the hem of her stockings. His pleasure showed on his face.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for you to recognise my achievements. Now I’ll show you that I’m the best player you’ve got.”

He tore open her blouse to reveal her heavy tits swelling out from the black lacy bra, onto which he sank his hungry mouth. She sensed his anger with her; his desire to dominate her; to abuse her; to avenge himself for the humiliation she had given him. Inside his loose trousers his swollen cock pressed against her cunt, which was already getting wet with anticipation. She had been nervous about finally giving Jim his reward, but he was right: he was proving to be the best player in the team. All the others happily allowed her to play the boss; to dish out her rewards, which they gratefully accepted. Jim was different. He was taking his reward.

His fingers pushed their way into her tender cleft. Thank god she was already wet: he was being mercilessly callous in his entrance, wanting to hurt her with his roughness. It was wonderful. She felt his fingers probe inside her while his teeth bit on her nipple. She was completely at the mercy of his strong touch.

“You’ve been owing me this for some time.”

He pulled his wet fingers out of her dripping cunt and opened his trousers. She had been fully aware from the start that he had not been wearing any underwear, and his stiff cock emerged from its hiding place, throbbing with readiness. She had been secretly impressed when she had first seen him in the showers, but now that she saw his full erection she shuddered with excitement.

“I’m ready.”

Her words were almost panted, as she felt the thick shaft slide between her wet lips. His hands turned their attention to her tits, one of them moving straight on to the back of her head where he grabbed her long brown hair and jerked her head back, exposing her smooth long neck, into which he sank his teeth. His cock began thumping inside her. She hated to admit it, but he was right: he was the best.

Martin Evans had scored the only goal in the semi-final, earning the team a place in the final, and earning him a hot session in the sauna with his beloved team manager. In contrast to Jim, Martin had liked Rebecca’s methods from the start, and had made great efforts to improve his game and earn his rewards.

The final was a nerve-fraught game against their arch-rivals, and the first half closed with Rebecca’s team trailing 2-0, despite canlı bahis siteleri their best efforts to earn their rewards.

In the changing rooms Rebecca gave them what she hoped would be a motivating speech, her low-zipped tracksuit top giving a hint of the naked flesh which awaited an improvement in their fortunes.

“Gentlemen, I have seen some good performances from you, and some disappointing play; but I do not see you playing as a team. You need to work as a team to rescue this game. Do that and you will be rewarded as a team.”

Her promise brought results and in the second half of the game her team scored two goals to even the score. The game went into extra time, when young Trevor Kennedy found an opening, rushed through, and sank the ball into the back of the net.

The jubilation was joyous, and the team returned triumphantly to their changing room where Rebecca was awaiting them.

This stadium did not have showers but a large, deep bath like a small swimming-pool into which all the players could wash together. They found their team manager already in the bath, naked, her delicious breasts just breaking the foam-bedecked water.

“Well done boys. I’m proud of all of you. We could not have done better. Now get undressed and come and join me.”

Within moments the twelve men, all in the prime of physical fitness, had stripped out of their dirt begrimed short and t-shirts and joined her in the water. It was time for the whole team to be rewarded at once. Within the space of a few months she had turned the fortunes of this team around through her unconventional methods, and now they were all going to share in her reward.

In the warm water Rebecca felt hands fondling her breasts; stroking her arse; penetrating her cunt. She reached down and took a hot erect cock in each hand, while Pete Waterhouse climbed back out of the bath to sit on the edge, allowing her to take his cock into her mouth. She felt another massive organ ram into her arse, the owner’s hands reaching round to squeeze her tits. Kevin stood in front of her, his hand slapping in the water as he wanked himself until his cum shot out onto her exposed breasts. Others repeated his example, realising that they would not all be able to get inside her at once. She felt John Fenworth cum inside her at the same time as Pete ejaculated into her mouth. Then one was pushed aside to make way for another as they took their turns entering her orifices, fucking her until they came, and then making way for the next player to claim his reward. One by one she took them all, in her cunt, in her arse, in her mouth or in her hands, until they had all enjoyed the experience of tasting her body; until her orgasms flowed with easy delight.

Finally Jim Watson stood in front of her, his shaft standing erect out of the water, threatening her.

“Well Jim; once again I have to praise your performance as captain. You pulled the team together in the second half.”

He smiled.

“I just wanted to see you getting fucked by the whole team.”

She smiled back.

“And now it is your turn.”

“You bet.”

He reached behind her neck, grabbed her hair in his hand, and pulled her face down onto his cock. She opened her mouth and sank her lips around his shaft, her face half covered in the water. He held her there, barely able to breath with her nose in the water and her mouth filled with the thickness of his cock. Then he pulled her free. One hand cupped her breast, the other holding her back. He pressed his hands together, almost crushing her ribcage, and lifted her half out of the water, lowering her onto his now throbbing penis. She felt his shaft bury itself deep into her sodden cleft. With fast, strong strokes he pushed inside her, ramming her until his orgasm exploded inside her, filling her with his cum, while she gripped his back in the throes of her ultimate orgasm, digging her finger-nails into his flesh.

She was going to enjoy taking this team to success in the new season.


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