The Dance Pt. 01

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“Gees, why doesn’t she put some vodka in this drink?” I muttered while sitting with the happy hour crowd. I was to meet him here at 7:00 pm, it was 7:40 pm, he was, only, 40 minutes late.

I am smart enough to know how to be single in a crowd, that is very easy to do. Way too easy. The ability to time your alcohol consumption makes you appear to be in total control of your environment. When to buy your own, when to let some stranger buy it, or one of the crowd to buy, all of this creates the illusion.

It’s all a smoke screen though. It just sets the stage, gives a place, means, a venue to live in. I have always felt it is a better thing to be aware than to be held hostage to any thing that takes you away from awareness. I was aware of the fact that he was getting ready to play. Well frankly, I couldn’t think of anything that I wouldn’t like to do more than play him, like he was playing me.

I was restlessly watching the games go by.

His indifference to time management, that one has a right to expect for the, ‘most important girl in his life,’ spoke more eloquently than any words could. It’s not like I didn’t expect it. I could sense that he was getting ready to play that game. The boundaries had been laid out quickly by both of us after we decided we were a couple.

As far as I was concerned my boundaries were going to be nothing more than a reflection of his; exclusive, (with, ‘semi,’ stitched between each letter of that word,) intimate enough to be interesting, sexually charged when needed, all around quite congenial. Evidently a congenial relationship that was not going to encompass being on time.

So, do you see? I was waiting, watching and I guess, I was hunting. Well, considering it anyway. No, that last part is not entirely accurate. Finalizing the decision is the better phrase. Heh heh..

“Buy you a drink?”

I looked up at the stranger who had walked over to the crowd I was with. As his question penetrated my reverie he stood right beside me, so, so, deliciously put together, and there.

He wasn’t going anywhere as my eyes literally scanned his body. Thirty-five or so, dressed very well, no ring evident, well groomed, deliciously tall, (oops there’s that word again,) hair dark brown. Right by my side, was a very handsome man standing there asking me if I wanted a drink. My God he had such dark eyes. Ok, you get the picture? Burt Reynolds, Tom Selleck, George Clooney, Harrison Ford, (in his younger days?)

I know, spare me. Mom’s dream lover. Well, he was at least 10 years older than me. Truth be told? Much better than what’s his name. Alvin actually.

I was done assessing this man. “Certainly.”

His hand reached to mine. He lifted slightly as he requested me to stand.

“Oh,” He wished to take me to his table, “certainly.”

I looked around at my little group, they were all occupied. Only June noticed that I was

accumulating all my paraphernalia and placing it in my purse. I slid off my stool. I hoped she understood that my tiny smile was saying that the prospect of a drink with this delightfully handsome stranger was just a wee bit more enticing than waiting for some idiot that clearly wanted to just play out another facet of a game.

Personally I didn’t care. This appeared to be a game I definitely wanted to be involved in.

We walked to a table in the back of the room far away from the crowd. I was glad. I thought it was a very good plan.

“My name is Gerome.”

“Uh, Denise.”

“You look bored.”

“Oh. Well I don’t know, it’s difficult to be bored if you are concerned about the amount of vodka in your screwdriver.” I laughed.

“Oh,” his eyes seemed to twinkle, “serious about your liquor hunh?”

“No,” I paused to give myself time to phrase the proper words so he wouldn’t get the image of a 24 year old lush into his mind, “she’s just doing her job, making drinks and I’m just drinking ’em, while musing as I always do.”

“I see,” he continued, “you really don’t care about the amount of alcohol in your drink but notice that you should?”

“Right!” I laughed heartily, “Anyway I’m a take charge girl.”

“Hmm, interesting.” he said pensively, “Take charge?”

“Yup.” I continued, “If I really cared? I would stop at a liquor store on my way home, buy my own vodka and make the damn drink my way!” I lightly hammered my fist on the table.

“Well! You go girl! Nice to meet you Denise.”

“Oh.” I deliberately stepped out of my ‘scene.’ “Thank you.” I then mock bowed to the non existent crowd.

“There’s nothing wrong with being a take charge girl Denise.”

“It’s over rated.”

“Hmm, over rated, I don’t think so. Reality is always better don’t you think?” he said.

I moved my head to the side and smiled, “Works for me.” I tagged the sentence with a cute sly lilt. It was time to transform my smile to one that accepts a very pleasant overture, “Nice to meet you Gerome.”

“So.” He sat back slightly turned as if leaving the table, “What’s my boss buying the lady to drink?”

“Oh.” I said pensively , “Expense account illegal bahis hunh? Alsbach.”

“Well well,” he said, “last time I checked, pricey.”

“Yup, Sis has one back there, she knows how to make my drink.”

“Sis?” he paused then laughed, “Cute, ‘she’s just doing her job …’ ok, we’ll help her do that then. Be right back.”

I watched his every step to the bar avidly.

“Good catch girl!” I mused aloud adjusting things while looking in the compact’s mirror. Overall I decided that I had chosen well in regards to my attire.

This dress just perfectly adorned my body. There are so many ways out of it, … oh, never mind. It always helps through if it is enticing, right?

The light pink fabric drapes over one shoulder to the lower part of my waist where it buttons under the fabric from the other side. Both pieces of fabric criss cross just perfectly over my breasts and makes a very delightful V just below mid point on my waist.

The skirt falls to the absolutely perfect place on my legs, yeah I know, don’t say it. I never wear panty hose so if the flap of the skirt moves just right, glimpse of garter time. Anyway the accent that night was a coral hued skin tight Camisole.

Anyway Gerome was back.

“That’s quite a drink.” he said sliding back into the booth.

“Oh, it’s just a brew that I designed.”

“I see,” he nodded his head, “ok.” shrugged his shoulders, “A brew hunh? Do I need my crystals?”

I looked up at him from stirring my drink, “Crystals?” then laughed. “Oh I get it. Nah, I’m sure there is enough crystal around our drinks to protect us.”

“I was thinking about me actually.” he chuckled.

“I’m not a threat, I’m just a girl.” We seriously needed to get around this.

“I’ve noticed. To us …” he held up his drink.

I nodded my head and tapped my drink against his. We each took a drink of our respective concoctions, “What did the boss buy you?”

“Maker’s Mark.”

“Maker’s Mark? Straight?” I was surprised.

“Yup.” he nodded, “no pussy footing around, gonna drink? Drink!”

“I guess,” I said stirring my drink, ” … maybe I need the crystals.” I laughed and took a sip of my drink.

“Nah.” he said, “Your sister’s bar, your drink as potent as mine, I think our crystals are in stand off mode.”

“Stand off!” I burst out laughing, “That’s good. Touche`.”

“So,” he said, “I need to use the men’s room,”

“Oh, I can get us a bowl of popcorn, I’ll go with,”

“Oh,” he interrupted, “order us an appetizer if you wish.”

“Courtesy of your boss right?” I laughed lightly.

“Of course.”

I stood and realized I was just a few steps ahead of myself since the room was clearly moving but I was not. “Oh my.” I grabbed hold of the chair.

He turned to me and steadied my arm, “You ok?”

I looked at him woozily, “Yup, F I N E … fine.” then winked.

“Very fine.” he added.

Ok, ok, I wasn’t that bad off. In reality that drink is made to do that. I was prepared. I walked with him and then peeled away to go see my sis.

“Hmmm, talk about getting lucky.” I mused over my good fortune.

I arrived at the bar, “We need some mozzarella sticks Ginny.”

She turned, looked at me, picked up her phone and ordered, and said disapprovingly, “You are hunting. You know that old adage about, ‘too good to be true?’ “

“Sure do Sis.”

“Unh uhhh,” she replied, “point made.”

“Get out of ‘mommie,’ mode Sis, I’m not marrying him.”

“Thank God for that!” as she turned back to her area she asked, “Where’s Alvin?”

“Wherever, whatever, I don’t care.” I answered breezily.

“You have to put some of you into that you know. Oh, your appetizer is ready. Here.”

“Ha!” I laughed, “Wanna know what parts he got last time?”

“No! Spare me.”

“You’ve do a good enough job of sparing yourself Sis, loosen up.” I continued, “This is on his boss’s tab.”

“I knew that.” she touched my hand, “Just be careful”

“Thanks, I will,” I said while turning, ” … see ya,” her voice joined mine, “wouldn’t want to be ya.”

We both laughed then she interrupted, “Oh hey, I’m closing that section in ten minutes.”

I could see the disapproval in her eyes as I turned back and winked at her, “Yeah, I knew that.”

I could feel her glare on my back as I walked back into our, ‘private room.’

I was finally composed. He was seated there. I walked up and placed the cheese sticks on the table, “Is there anything else sir?”

He chuckled, “You sure are a take the bull by the horn type of girl aren’t you.”

“Pardon?” I feinted backwards a bit, “Hmm, I don’t know what you mean sir.”

He sat back, loosened his tie and continued, “Ok, the crystals are eyeing each other. They are circling, one to the right the other to its right, eyes locked.”

I scooted closer to him, “Sounds like a dance to me.” I took a sip of my drink with a, ‘ok buddy, where’s this going,’ type of look.

“Let’s then.”

Obviously he could read quite well. I moved forward quickly, “What?” (note to self, next time be prepared illegal bahis siteleri for a response.) I took a quick sip of my drink.


“I don’t know how to dance to this stuff.”

“Yeah,” he replied, “it does kind of depend on the song I admit.”

“I think we are dancing right now.” I laughed lightly. “Tell ya what,” I nodded my head, “we’ll just call that other possibility a, ‘definite, maybe.’ “

“I can live with that, oxymoron’s have their place, ‘specially as it relates to ‘dancing.’ ” his reply ended with a cunning smile.

We sparred a bit more, teasing, flirting, finding out about each other. You know how it goes.

“So, we’ve established that you weren’t bored.” he said.

I looked up at him a bit surprised, “You mean you were paying attention?”

“Of course,” he replied, “I have an investment going on here.”

” ‘Investment?’ ” I was affronted, “Your Boss, is buying our drinks.” and stood, “Furthermore, I am not,”

He placed his hand on my arm, “No. I didn’t mean it that way.”

” … take your hand off me!”

“Sorry.” he removed his hand, “I wasn’t thinking …”

“Damn right you weren’t.” I replied slowly sitting back down.

” … all I meant was that I earn his Largess and spend it my way.” he continued, “I wasn’t

buying you. I apologize.”

“Ok,” I replied after taking a few deep breaths.

“Fair enough.” I continued, “Nope, not boredom.”

“I thought so,” he nodded his head up and down, “you had checked your watch 3 times in 5 minutes.”

“What?” I eyed him suspiciously, “You a cop or something?”

“No!” he answered quickly, “I’m just a guy living in the moment.”

“Yeah, a realist, I remember.” I replied sardonically, “Well, we aren’t discussing that.” and continued, “That was then this is now.”

I turned my head hearing my sister moving the divider doors together between the two sections.

“I’m closing this section,” she said, “do you two need anything?”

I looked at him. He gestured with his hand that it was my decision, “Yes, but make mine a short Alex Sis.”

“Certainly.” she replied, “I’ll be right back.”

I leaned towards him, “Let’s get back to the moment.”

“Sounds like a plan,” he answered, “you know though, you are right, we’ve been dancing for about an hour now.”

“No, 40 some minutes,” I interrupted, “to be precise,” and looked at my watch, “47.”

“Yes,” he nodded his head, “right. You have been sitting there driving me ‘whacko,’ “

“‘Whacko?'” I laughed and thought of Dustin Hoffman in a movie I had seen.

“yes.” he continued, “Every time you move your arm, turn, lift your drink, preen,”

“Hmm,” I looked at him innocently, “I was wondering if you were noticing.”

” … I noticed.” He lowered his voice, “In fact, when you brought the snack in, well,” (he whispered,) “I wanted you take one of those sticks and show me, ‘what …’ everyone in that room would’ve got one hell of a show.”

“That, depends on me.” I replied.

Sis was walking through the entry way. We pulled away from each other.

She sat the drinks on the table, “I’ll tab this for you sir,” then sat some napkins in front of us, “anything else, (oth … uh,)” she moved her eyes indicating some prior agreement, “let me know.”

“Certainly,” he handed her a 50 dollar bill, “I’m sure we’ll be ok.”

She nodded then sent a warning glance to me through her eyes.

“Thanks sis.” I said as she reached to the louvered doors and closed them separating the two rooms.

I wiggled my index finger at him beckoning him closer again, “That is all a bit ‘moot,’ now.”


I stood up and grabbed his hand, “I can dance to this,” but the song was ending. ” … oh, pooh, ending.” I pouted then tripped, (on nothing.)

“Whoops,” he caught me, “no more for you young lady.”

“Oh.” I continued, measured out the words and mimicked Kenny Loggins, “I’m all right, ta da da dat dat, don’t you worry about me.”

“This isn’t altruism.” he pulled me close and kissed me. His hands roamed all over my body. He caressed my butt.

“I want you to enjoy every bit of this.” his left hand moved up and caressed my breast.

“No problem,” I said breathing hard, “whew, no problem at all.”

“Yes!” One of Fogarty’s best riffs was blasting through the speakers, “I’ve always wanted to try to dance to this.”

“Oh, Suzy,” he began humming with the riff.

I moved away from him, kept the steps in rhythm as he held my hand to stay with me.

I claimed the whole area dancing around him.

He sat on a chair, “This is good I’m watching.”

I kept dancing, lip synced the words and danced like a stripper. I lifted my dress while dancing and moved around him then brought my hands up and moved them on my breasts. I turned and touched my ass then brought my fingers up and blew on them.

He pulled me to him and reached his hand under my dress pressing his fingers directly against my mound, (making me realize how incredibly wet I was.) He brought his hand to his lips and blew on them, canlı bahis siteleri “Now, that, is hot.”

He began looking under the pleats for the hidden button.

“Uh,” I was looking about the room.

“Shh.” he placed his fingertip at his lips, “I bought the room, private party, no surveillance. This is our room.”

I let him remove the dress.

“You have a gorgeous body,” he laid it on the pool table next to us then helped me sit on his lap.

“There might be hope for my sister yet.” I giggled snuggling up to him.

He caressed my breast, “She said, I quote, ‘well, at least I know where the lil slut is.’ “

“Jealousy.” I laughed.

I reached to his lap. My thumb and fingertips outlined his cock through the fabric, “My my,” I sat back a bit my face registering my surprise, ” … you half black?”

“Goodness,” I shifted on him and opened his pants to reach through the slit in his boxers, ” … hefty.”

I pulled his underwear down then held it so I could look at it, “Whew!” I slid off his lap to between his legs.

“Whoa. Whoa baby.” he reached to my hand to lift me back up, “I still got a dance move or two.”

“Oh.” I bent and kissed it, “That’s right, we’re dancing.” I stroked it a few times, “Bye bye big boy.”

“It ain’t going anywhere.” he stood removed his tie and then put that wonderful uh … away.

“You’re taking away my toy.” I pouted. “Hmmm, let me help here then.” I said and helped unbutton his shirt.

He finished removing it. His arms encircled my waist and lifted me, “This song is perfect to dance to.”

Lionel was crooning telling his love that she was a lady by three times, “Glad you are carrying me, I can’t waltz.” I murmured to him.

“You’re doing fine baby.” he waltzed us around the area my legs around his waist my arms around his neck.

I looked at the skin at his waist. I could feel my wet sticking to my panties, “Careful I don’t ruin your pants.”

“Whatever,” he said and inhaled deeply,

” … such a lovely scent.”

His hands supported my lower back as I let my hands slide down those muscled arms until I was horizontal against his waist. My eyes were closed and I was in the zone, feeling all dreamy and wonderfully ready. I thought, ‘Ok, fuck me.’

He lifted me a bit more and set me gently onto the pool table.

“Oh,” I looked around, scooted back a bit, and wondered if I had spoke the words

“Shh!” he reached to my panties. They were gone and laying beside me. He reached his hand to mine pulling me up a bit so he could reach to the hem of my camisole. It soon was with my panties.

His hands started to make my breasts and nipples feel oh so good. My head was flat on the table and he moved me adjusting me before he began to kiss and lick. I had never been kissed and licked so well. My hand was on his head just holding it there for dear life as I began to murmur and groan.

I wondered if I could be heard as he moved up on me and kissed me, trapping every one of those moans but the long drawn out, ‘uhooooah,’ that escaped when he pushed his fingers into me.

He pulled away from me, (even as I vainly tried to keep him there,) going back and going down on me. It didn’t take long with his hands on my breasts and that marvelous tongue doing those wonderful squiggly things that a tongue can do to a girl. I held on and let me him push me over the edge.

I couldn’t help but cry out before his hand came up and covered my mouth. All I could do was bite down and hang on as my body writhed under the delicious ministrations of his tongue and lips, my hips rose and lowered as he licked and ate the orgasm out of me.

“Chreeee … rist!” I gasped as the aftershocks rippled away from my body. “What was that?”

“Our first dance.” he backed away from the table’s edge with a devilish smile. He unbuckled his belt and opened his pants.

“Unh hunhh.” I said. I sat up and watched him remove his pants, “Your turn hunh?”

It was time for more brutal honesty. “That thing is huge!” I moved forward laying on my stomach reaching to hold and stroke it. “I don’t know.”

“Mmmm,” he murmured as my lips opened around the tip, “just what you can Denise.”

While nodding my head side to side rapidly I replied, “I want it all.” then moved my lips letting more and more of it come into my mouth. The tip was moving back and forth on my tongue which had accommodated to him as I felt the hold on my head become tense.


I saw that his face was grimaced and he was gritting his teeth as I moved away from him. “Not in my mouth.”

He was breathing heavy. “I know, I know.”

I moved and sat back. “You better start thinking about 16 hour drives and roadkill then,” I chuckled sarcastically, ” … check’s in the mail is a promise, not a punch line.” I moved my hand lightly on his cock giving it something less intense to respond to.

“I know,” he was breathing hard, “promise.”

“I saw this in a porno.” I rolled onto my back. I reached behind me for his cock.

I scooted towards him lifting my head a bit so it was on the edge of the pool table. “Ready to behave?”

I smiled, looked up at him and licked the underside of his cock. “Gently.” I placed the tip of his cock on my lips. “Mmmm.” I murmured as it slid on my tongue. I closed my mouth..

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