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Sarah walked into her home through the unlocked front door and kicked off her high heels. She was relieved to have gotten off early that Friday and was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Dressed in a thin, but conservative white blouse and black pants, at thirty-four years of age, Sarah was a beautiful woman with long, thick chestnut hair that flowed like a waterfall to the middle of her back. Standing just a little over 5’9″ she had maintained her weight at 125 pounds most of her life. Long, lean and graceful, most would describe her as a truly gorgeous woman with the fabulous smile of a happy soul. Her radiant beauty and personality had carried her to a satisfying career in real estate. Sarah could hardly anticipate how her life was about to change…

As Sarah softly padded into the living area she saw Dave, the foster child she had raised from the age of thirteen. She and her ex-husband had taken custody of Dave from a negligent family through a social services program years ago. Less than two years later she caught her former husband fucking a young, but not especially pretty waitress. Despite the ensuing divorce, Dave had remained welcome in her home. Now, at the age of twenty, he had filled out into a handsome young man with intelligence and ambition. Shortly after moving into the Meacham home, and with Sarah’s encouragement, he had started a lawn mowing business serving the neighborhood. Slowly, and with considerable wisdom and foresight, he grew the business until he owned several trucks with individual work crews, thousands in equipment and plenty of long-term contracts. Dave mostly worked from a small desk in his bedroom these days, but still enjoyed going out and getting dirty with the guys as often as he could. Currently, Dave was slumped in the couch with his head reclined on the back and his eyes closed.

From behind him Sarah opened her mouth to speak, but was quickly shocked into silence as she noticed movement when she had drawn close enough to see over the top of the couch. She stood stock still trying to quiet her breathing as her brain processed the scene before her. She was able to see the straight silky blonde hair belonging to her next door neighbor’s eighteen year old daughter. Sarah’s breath caught as she watched as the girl slowly bobbed as she knelt on the floor between the boy’s outspread legs. Dave was naked from the waist down while Shay wore a very sexy tangerine bikini as they had both recently came indoors from the pool. Dave’s left hand rested lightly on top of the girl’s head as she sensuously pleasured him with her mouth.

Shay Beck had lived next door to Dave since he first arrived at the Meacham’s home and she had been in love with him since the first day she had set her eyes upon him. Tall and handsome even as a young boy, he grew taller, bigger and morphed into the ideal image of male sexuality. Dave seemed somewhat shy with a slow, easy smile and possessed an intelligence and maturity well beyond his young age. Shay found excuses day after day to be around the handsome youth and was insanely jealous of other girls competing for his attention. As she grew older she began to struggle daily to find the appropriately revealing outfit she would wear around Dave. Her dreams were filled with the idea of being his wife one day and nursing his children in their happy home.

Sarah found herself frozen at the sight of her half naked foster child and the precious teen blonde. The thought of stopping the young couple never went through her mind. She consciously tried to stifle her now ragged breathing to keep from alerting the lovers of her presence. Oh my god, they look beautiful! Clearly she could see the lovely girl’s eyes as they looked toward his face seeking his approval of her performance. His eyes were closed but Shay knew she was doing well because of the expressions ranging through his face as she sucked his cock. Shay’s movements were slow and deliberate as she sought to please him for as long as she possibly could. A third of his cock was constantly buried deep in her drooling mouth as she moved an inch with each steady bob of her pretty head. Dave forced his eyes to open so that he could watch the lovely teen canlı bahis working on his cock with her glossed pink lips wrapped securely around him. Her mouth descended slowly and her tongue was always, always firmly pressed against the underside of his shaft forming a warm and wet cradle. The sensations slamming through his brain as she moved her head up and down in a sensuous rhythm felt like warm honey being poured over his cock over and over again. Every so often she would stop and drool inside of her mouth just a little so that his cock was always slickened by her juices. Dave had already experienced many blowjobs by several different girls, but Shay was taking him to new heights of pleasure as she discovered a very natural talent for giving him pleasure. She smirked as his head lolled back onto the headrest in surrender to her talented mouth.

Shay watched his face intently for the little clues that told her what made him feel good and she recorded those techniques in her brain so she would always be able to give him her best effort. She reached up with her delicate right hand and wrapped her slender fingers around the shaft of his cock just below her lips and was immediately rewarded with his groan of satisfaction. Her cool fingers were an amazing contrast to her hot mouth and tongue. The fingers of his left hand gently massaged through her corn silk hair as he encouraged her actions. With gentle pressure on each downward stroke his strong hand encouraged her to take more and more of him into her mouth. She endeavored to push the head of his cock just a fraction deeper into the back of her mouth and throat each time she went down. Shay was falling in love with the deep rumble coming from his chest as he expressed his pleasure.

Sarah found herself watching intently and tried to keep still and quiet as her eyes took in the visual feast before her. She focused on the girls lips as they passed over the lower end of the foreskin of Dave’s heavy cock and just a little farther than before. As the girl’s lips moved back up Sarah was entranced by the light glisten on the swollen shaft as the sheen of saliva appeared. The head appeared as Shay completely removed her mouth, stuck out her tongue and lightly pushed the tip of it into the piss hole. She was immediately rewarded by a hard buck from Dave’s hips. “Did that hurt?” Shay asked.

“No, it was just very intense,” Dave replied. “It feels fucking amazing, but don’t do it too often.”

Shay turned her head sideways, cupped the lower part of his shaft with her open mouth and slid slowly from the top to the bottom. She continued on until she completely enveloped his left ball into her mouth. The girl flattened her tongue and used broad strokes to paint the testicle over and over again. She released the orb, slid even lower and with another broad stroke of her pink tongue, pressed hard underneath his ball sack just above his asshole. Dave’s head fell back against the couch again as he released an even louder groan.

“Come up here,” Dave said as he reached down and pulled her by arms toward onto the couch with him.

Shay stood and followed the direction his hands provided as she climbed onto him and straddled him with a leg on either side of his. She settled her aching pussy onto his hard cock and immediately felt the relief the pressure provided through her thin bikini bottom.

“Stand,” said Dave in his deep baritone voice.

A confused look flashed across her face, but she immediately obeyed and sought to place her feet back on the floor.

“No, stand right where you are.”

Now an excited smile of understanding splashed across her face as she placed her feet on the couch cushions and stood. His head still reclined against the back of the couch and his hands slowly slid up the tiny girls legs to finally cup each ass cheek and then followed the same path back down. His eyes hungrily devoured every inch of skin as they traced the same path his hands followed. The second time up his hands stopped at her hips and fingers tugged at the thin strings on each hip. Once untied the bottoms fell away and Shay’s breath caught as her excitement mounted to higher levels than she had ever known. Almost bahis siteleri out of control she denied Dave the pleasure of removing her top by virtually tearing the small strip of clothe away in her anxiousness to allow Dave complete access to her body.

Sarah caught her breath once more as the bottoms fell away from the teenage girl. Shay was only 5’1″ and naturally petite, but Sarah marveled at the perfection in that small girl’s body. Her limbs were surprisingly long and lean and she had a beautiful curve to her hips as they spread away from a tiny and trim waist. From her position to the right of the couple, she admired the heart shaped, well rounded and taut ass on the teen. Breasts that were at least a C cup were capped with quarter sized pink nipples that were very slightly upturned and at this moment, very erect. A just visible trace of the underlying muscle was visible in her very flat belly. In short, the young girl’s body was a head-turning sexual ideal at the zenith of perfection.

Dave’s voice was meant only for his toy and was soft and deep as he said, “Lean forward.”

Shay’s legs began to quiver as she complied and brought her oozing pussy closer to his head, but uncertainty caused her to stop just short.

“More…you know what I want.” came the command from Dave.

She slowly closed her eyes and with an apprehensive expression on her face, brought her hips closer to his mouth. Her body was trembling with the built up excitement and nervousness this new situation had brought to her mind. As soon as her lower lips brushed his, she was rewarded as his tongue pushed apart her labia. His head had never moved during the whole time and had remained reclined on the back of the couch as he went to work on his lover’s smooth pussy.

Sarah, who had been standing so incredibly still for so long was relieved when the girl closed her eyes. She immediately reached down with her right hand and pressed the ball of her hand hard into her own pussy desperately seeking relief from the stimulation her body was going through. Her right foot cautiously moved out to give herself more room. She was both terrified of being caught and simultaneously could not turn away from the scene only seven or so feet in front of her. The beautiful woman was totally and completely captured as she could plainly see the pinkness of Dave’s tongue as it separated Shay’s pussy lips and began to assault the younger girl’s clit.

Shay was a beautiful mess as she stood in place with her eyes clinched shut. Irregular blasts of air came from her involuntarily as her body fought to climb to a better and better place with the help of Dave’s skilled tongue. Without conscious thought she held her breath as her body clutched and tightened. Her back slowly arched and her perfect teardrop breasts pointed to the sky. She no longer cared about anything other than her lover’s tongue lashing her drooling slit.

Dave continued working on the girl’s clit and once he realized Shay was close to cumming, focused on her clit with a very regular movement and pressure. He was experienced enough not to change any of his movements and with a tireless tongue, simply stuck to a nice pattern the girl could focus on. He could feel the muscular contractions in her shapely ass which was still cupped in each hand and gained his own enjoyment from knowing she was very close. Soon enough the girl bucked hard against and then away from his face as her body went into pleasurable convulsions as she came. She collapsed as it subsided and would have gone into the floor if not for his strong arms effortlessly easing her down onto his lap. Momentarily exhausted and in a state of euphoria, she wrapped both arms around his shoulders and nuzzled her face into his neck.

He stroked his large hands slowly up and down her back while Shay recovered. Gently he stroked, sometimes using only the fingertips. His eyes roamed along with his hands as he examined every tiny little bit of her flawless skin. Dave knew the girl had a lot to offer and had to carefully guard his heart lest he fall in love with this gorgeous creature. Not that it would be a bad thing, but he knew they were both too young to be a committed couple. bahis şirketleri He had no doubts that Shay would be faithful to him, but he was well aware of his own predatory nature with women. There were many days that the hormonal pressure to have sex almost overwhelmed the young man and severely disturbed his focus. Instead, he focused on loving her as best he could at this moment of their lives.

Shay finally raised herself and looked the love of her young life in the eyes and said, “It’s time to take care of you now.” As she planted her feet in the floor and stood she took both of his hands in hers and pulled. Dave stood in front of her with his large erection jutting out in front of him. Shay slid to her knees as she spoke, “I want you to come in my mouth this time.”

“Are you still saving your virginity for me?” asked Dave.

“You don’t have to ask that. The answer will always be the same-yes.” With the most vulnerable and adoring look on her face she said, “You can have it now if you want.”

“Next time…I am going to fuck you and take your virginity. How do you feel about that?”

“If you want, I can come over tomorrow and you can…” Her voice trailed off in uncertainty as she spoke.

“Say it or it will never happen.” Dave said as he pulled his shirt over his head to stand naked before her.

“You can make love to me,” Shay said softly in her tiny, melodic voice as her head bowed and her eyes went to the floor. No one else on earth could have made her say those words. She had always dreamed of a fantasy wedding to no one else but Dave since the day she had first saw him. The girl had visions of being made a woman on their fantasy honeymoon, but she knew she would let Dave have her any day and at any time. There was no point in resisting his charm, charisma and…manliness.

In a low and quiet voice Dave spoke, “who said I wanted to make love to you? I said I wanted to fuck you and take your cherry.”

With her head still bowed she simply said in a soft whisper, “you can.”

“I can what?” was the almost as quiet reply.

Several seconds elapsed before Shay was able to work through her reluctance and whisper, “you can fuck me.”

“Good girl. Just so you know, I am going to fuck you from behind the first time.”

She submissively nodded her understanding. Conflicting emotions flooded her mind as the good side of her craved to have a beautiful wedding with her virginity intact and a perfect tropical honeymoon where her brand new husband (only Dave could ever be that man) would lovingly and caringly take her virginity while simultaneously she took his. Shay was so naïve that she could not even comprehend that the naked young man in front of her had lost his long ago. It simply never occurred to her.

Sarah watched the whole scene and could not remember a time in her life where she was more turned on. She empathetically placed herself in Shay’s position even though she fought hard against it. Dave was almost like a true son to her and yet her eyes found it impossible not to wander over his tall, lean body and linger each time on his very manly erection. She should stop what was happening immediately! It was her responsibility as an adult! Yet, she was as helpless as Shay…

Dave reached down with sweet gentleness and cupped her chin with his right hand and lifted her head up until her mouth was aligned with his now aching cock. Playtime was over and now he needed relief! Little Shay was his brand new toy and he would take her virginity from her at his leisure-in the meantime he intended to tease her body until she became hopelessly addicted to the pleasure he gave. Again, his hand slid to the back of her head and pulled her lovely full lips onto the tip of his manhood-she did the rest.

With a steady rhythm her mouth followed her hand which was wrapped around him and she simply concentrated on giving him a warm and wet place for him to fuck until he was satisfied. She submissively and adoringly worked his cock and was excited that he was going to cum in her mouth. They had played before, but this would be the first time he, or anyone, had ever shot his load onto her pink tongue. She began to feel his already large mushroom shaped head swell in her mouth at the same time his ragged breathing signaled his impending orgasm as he pumped in a short, steady rhythm…and a tiny movement to her left caught her attention…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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