The Camping Trip Ch. 03

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I had a crack at the editing on this one myself. I don’t have any university degrees on story editing like some of the people on this site, but if you don’t think the punctuation and grammar is up to scratch, go wright your own story 😉

Have fun all!


Time might as well have frozen.

There they were, inside the tent with Haley still impaled on her brothers cock who had just unleashed his cum deep into his sisters bowels.

Problem is they hadn’t been quiet about it seeing as they were relying on the rain outside to drown out any loud noises they’d been making.

Not to mention the fact that their parents had been busy making love in their own tent.

Fact is, the twins where simply too entranced in their own activities to notice the rain had stopped.

Nor were they paying enough attention to notice the subtle noises that was their mum and dad emerging from their sleeping quarters to investigate the suspect noises, murmuring to each other things like “Surely not…” and “There has to be some other explanation…”.

Now the shadow of a hand was threatening to unveil what the pair had been up to, not to mention what was surely to be a rather uncomfortable conversation to follow, to say the least.

There was no time.

No time or CHANCE to run away seeing as there was only one entrance/exit.

No time to de mount from each other.

Not even time to cover up as the fly to the tent flew open revealing the compromising position they were in. Caught red handed wearing nothing but their own scared expressions as their mother peered inside with their father close behind her.

They stared at the two for barely a second before realizing what had come to pass. Helen released her hold on the tent door, letting it droop limply downwards just managing to hide the scene once again from their eyes.

Richard reacted the worst.

“God they are…” he said, his suspicion being confirmed. “Our children are fucking SCREWING each other,”

Richard was trying his best to keep calm, managing only to keep his voice low enough so as not to arise any suspicion from other patrons of the caravan park as he struggled to come to the terms with the situation.

“Here I was actually thinking we’d done a good job!” said their father now pacing. “Where the hell did we go wrong??”

Helen was simply lost for words, remaining quiet as her husband fumed beside her.

“Fuck it. I need to go for a walk to process all this,”

He grabbed a fresh bottle of tequila from their stash of alcohol before storming off.

No one uttered even a breath for many moments after Richard had vanished in anger until Helen eventually broke the silence.

“I think…” she started gathering herself. “I think you two should get some clothes on for starters, and get out of that tent,”

Alex and Haley heard this as they stared into each other’s eyes, both equally horrified.

Haley, whose eyes where now starting to well up, slowly lifted herself up off Alex letting his seed drip out of her ass onto his chest in thick gobs.

The two hastily cleaned themselves up before getting dressed and slowly emerged from the tent one by one.

It was still dark out as they looked around for their mother before hearing another log hit the fire, making it begin to glow brighter from behind the car.

They took the hint and walked towards the camp fire holding their shoulders shamefully low as they approached.

Helen ordered them to sit down and they obeyed.

“Guys, I don’t even know where to begin,” Their mum said. “I mean you’re related for God’s sake! When did this all start?”

“Only since last night when I had to use Alex’s tent, I swear!” Haley answered.

“Goodness… This wouldn’t have even happened if we hadn’t taken you two camping would it have??” Helen said. “It was the alcohol wasn’t it?”

“I don’t know mum,” Alex said looking down. “She needed somewhere dry to sleep and it was cold, so I let her into the sleeping bag with me. We woke up in the middle of the night and I was… Kind of wedged between her.”

Helen just nodded her head in silence as she guzzled some water down in an attempt to sober up

to deal with the situation with a clear head.

“I’ve just never felt a penis before mum!” Haley said. “One thing just led to another, we didn’t mean for this to happen!”

“Your father will never be able to cope with this. He won’t understand,” Helen said as if talking to herself.

“You mean… You’re ok with it??” Haley said in astonishment.

“GOSH no!” Helen answered, “Do you two even REALIZE how wrong this is?? You can’t just go and screw whoever you want, there are rules! And boundaries!”

“Sorry mum,” the twins said together.

Nobody spoke for a while. They all just stared into the camp fire busy consuming the fresh log which had recently been added to it. Thoughts were going through their heads at a million miles an hour.

Finally Helen broke the silence.

“Do etlik escort you two remember my sister Shaz?”

“As in aunty Sharron?” answered Haley.

The twins had only met her once at a family reunion held years ago at a local family pub close to their home. They didn’t really speak to her, and nor did their mother.

“Yeah her,” Helen answered. “I figure seeing as what’s happened tonight, and in the interest of full disclosure I should probably tell you two this…”

The twins perked up a bit. It looked to them as if their mother seemed much less angry now, more concerned than anything.

“Well long ago back when we were kids, before I had even met your father, Shaz and I were quite close. We always got into all sorts of mischief, but once in a while usually late at night after my mum and dad had gone to bed, we would sometimes sneak into each other’s rooms,” she started. “We used this as a private time to speak about boys we liked, away from the prying eyes and ears of our parents. Turns out neither of us where experienced… as in SEXUALY experienced with the opposite sex. So to say we were always nervous around guys we liked would be an understatement,”

She then took a long breath.

“This ONE night we were talking what it might be like to kiss a particularly handsome young man at school who went by the name of Richard. After a lot of giggling and what not, she confided in me that she TOO had the hots for someone at school. She wouldn’t tell me for a while but eventually I got something out of her. It was a girl she was lusting after… A GIRL!” Helen exclaimed. “She refused to give me a name so we ended up in a fight. Didn’t so much as speak to each other for WEEKS untill this one day I came home early from tennis practice. Mum and Dad where still at work but I knew Shaz would be home somewhere so I took it as an opportunity to maybe make a mends with her,”

Helen stopped talking now and looked at her children as if still deciding whether or not to continue with the story.

“I could hear the shower running as I came inside. Now she and I weren’t exactly nudists, but seeing each other naked certainly wasn’t awkward for us seeing as we shared a room for a time before our parents could afford a bigger home for us all. So I walked into the bathroom hoping to confront her in a spot she wouldn’t be able to run away in an attempt to continue avoiding me. Turns out I got a bit more than I bargained for…” she said as she paused yet again.

“She was masturbating under the water. And not just a bit, she was really going at it! Again this isn’t the first time either of us had been caught in the act. Like I said, we were close. Problem was with what she was saying… I actually heard her murmuring my name!”

Helen looked around at the twins reactions. They were basically engrossed in the story, probably still slightly high from before.

“Now I was freaked out. Seriously, I had never viewed a girl in that light before let alone my sister of all people. But for reasons unknown to myself at the time, I stayed. I even sneaked over to the toilet to sit down and get a better view!” Helen stopped again as she noticed Haley’s mouth was wide open at this comment.

“You’re a lesbian??” She asked her mother.

“NO, No. GOD no… Well I hadn’t been with ANYONE at that point, be it a man OR a woman, so I suppose I didn’t actually HAVE a confirmed sexual preference technically. Either way however, I was getting turned on by the sight… My hand had actually drifted to my crotch as if it had a mind of its own… I don’t know what came over me, but after a while I couldn’t take it anymore. I stripped off and joined her in the shower.”

Helen was now telling the story as if she where reminiscing rather than speaking to her own children, getting lost in the moment as she spoke her mind.

“She was so surprised to see me. She actually had her eyes closed up until the point I was fully undressed and opening the shower door. She wasn’t angry but, the startled look turned to lust almost instantly as she grabbed me and pulled me into the water. Her hands where everywhere… On my back, through my hair… Caressing my breasts. And we were kissing! Full blown pash it was, with tongue and everything! At that point neither one of us knew what we were doing, it was if we were just on autopilot, just giving in to the moment… Before I even knew what was happening, she had pushed one of her fingers into my vagina. God I was wet, so fucking horny all of a sudden. No one other than myself had ever touched down there. It felt so good! She was playing with my clit as I kissed her.”

Helen was now biting her bottom lip and had begun to breathe heavily. Words were just spewing out of her mouth, as if she had no control of the content. She’d never told anyone of this. It felt good to get it off her chest, not even her own husband knew about her incestuous behaviour.

She hadn’t re-visited the memory in years, yet it felt as if etlik escort bayan it was all happening again in her head. She was able to recount even the smallest details of the event and it was making her horny as hell!

“Suddenly Shaz pushed me out of the shower and backed me onto the toilet. Before I knew it, she was buried in my pussy. Her tongue felt like magic! I had never in my young life experienced a feeling quite like it. Not that even SHE knew what she was doing having been the first girl she’d ever tasted. By the time she seemed to be getting the hang of it we had mostly dried off so I wanted a turn too,” Helen said now completely lost in the story.

“Before long we were rolling around in bed like a pair of wild animals. I pushed her down this time and got my first taste of a girls pussy. Fuck it turned me on! I was in my own world just exploring her folds when I realized she was still licking me. We had managed to wrestle ourselves into the sixty nine position. I felt a finger enter me, then shortly afterwards another one joined in!”

The twins where getting lost in their mothers story too, they both now just sat there and stared into space with their mouths hanging slightly ajar when Alex broke his trance to take in his mother’s features subconsciously.

She was always a head turner in her younger years with a tight slender body to die for. Nowadays wasn’t much of a change surprisingly enough. Being 38 she still kept herself in shape, and due to her small frame she would forever look younger than she actually was if it wasn’t for her conservative style of clothing choices.

Tonight however, she was sitting there in a short lacy black dress. So short in fact that Alex noticed he could just see the matching lacy black panties she was wearing.

Then it clicked in his head. She was wearing lingerie!

Apparently in their haste to go investigate the odd noises coming from their children’s tent, Helen hadn’t noticed she forgot to change into something more appropriate.

As Alex had glanced to his mother’s underwear he noticed something moving. Until now the movement had been hidden by the constant moving light and shadows the fire was casting over her but he looked closer and realized she had dipped a hand under her panties and was slowly rubbing herself off as she recounted the sex story to them!

This made Alex’s cock twitch as he noticed he was already hard just listening to it.

Helen was busy describing her experimental advances on her first pussy when Alex decided he needed to make his sister aware of what their mother was doing.

He turned to Haley with the intention of nudging her but stopped himself.

She TOO was in a similar situation, with her hand buried in the front of her pyjama pants gently playing with herself, except apparently she had noticed what her mum was up to already! Her eyes fixated on Helens pussy.

Alex turned back around now feeling so hard it hurt. He decided to join in with the rest of them and discreetly reached into his boxers to grab his penis and begun rubbing it slowly.

“I of course had no clue what I was doing either, but I don’t think it would have mattered either way… We were both horny as hell a light wind could have sent us over the edge,” Helen said giggling to herself. “Somewhere between me jamming my fingers inside of her clumsily and her nibbling on my clit we both managed to reach a climax at the same time. I could feel her shuddering as she moaned through her orgasm. To her credit, she managed to continue licking me as I started cumming into her mouth. Her wetness was just dripping into me. It tasted amazing!” Helen then stopped abruptly.

At first she glanced at the twins and noticed what they were doing as her eyes widened. Then she became aware of her own hand, having apparently given in to her arousal long ago without her knowledge. Unsure where to go from there, she allowed her hand which seemed to have a mind of its own at this point to continue its rubbing of her clit beneath her panties.

Now there was a drunken sounding voice approaching the camp site.

It was their father returning from his angered walk with a close to empty bottle of tequila loosely hanging from one of his hands as he stumbled towards the tents muttering to himself.

He didn’t notice the rest of his family behind the car at the camp fire as he struggled to open his tent. “I can’t believe this…” He muttered drunkenly, “Fucking kids… what do I do now? HELEN?” Richard had clambered inside the tent now realizing his wife wasn’t there.

He spun around to get back out then lurched forward suddenly just letting the top half of his body leave the tent when he threw up onto the ground.

After he emptied his stomach onto the grass he looked around. Realizing the sheer amount of liquor he had consumed in such a short time, he slumped back inside the tent now doubting his ability to search for Helen, let alone have any kind of useful conversation with escort etlik her.

The twins and their mother where looking in the direction Richard was, not being able to see clearly what was happening, but they could hear it.

After the tent zipped up, Alex and Haley rent to resume pleasuring themselves when they looked up and noticed Helen was now staring at them.

For what seemed like an eternity everyone just stared at each other, completely at a loss of words. They were all just openly masturbating around the fire and everybody was now aware of it.

No one seemed angry, just speechless.

Helen was staring into Haley’s eyes when a noise broke their trance.

It was the sound of Richard, snoring loudly having taken only moments to pass out into a deep state of sleep.

They all started giggling quietly.

Whether they were all still a bit high from before, or they just simply needed something to break the tension, fact is the sound of Richard snoring worked a treat.

Although it didn’t do anything for the high state of arousal everyone was currently in.

“I can’t believe I just told you all that,” Helen said.

“I can’t believe you started playing with yourself!” Haley giggled.

“What, and you two can talk??” she answered.

Everyone’s hands had now moved from their underwear. However, the head of Alex’s penis was jutting out the top of his pants still rock hard.

“My, what a big dick you have there!” Helen said playfully, “Looks like you’ve inherited your fathers good fortune… GOD what am I doing??”

Everyone laughed again. Somehow what should have been an intensely awkward situation was playing out to be strangely casual. Must be the drugs they all thought.

“I’m so sorry guys, your father and I didn’t end up… Ahh… Shall we say, finishing.” Helen started. “Not that it’s any excuse, but I think it’s left me in a state,”

“Well I’m not complaining,” Alex laughed, “Two beautiful women playing with themselves while one of them tells a sexy story! Hey I’m only human right?

“I guess your right Alex. Doesn’t make it any less wrong though,” Helen told him.

“I think that’s the problem though mum,” Haley started, “It just seems to make it that much more exciting! How come you told us all that anyway?”

“I don’t really know… I suppose I was trying to say I can see how you could ACCIDENTILY head down that road,” she said. “Problem is though, I don’t talk to Shaz anymore,”

“Really? Sounded to me like she wanted it more than you did!” Said Alex.

“Well yes,” she giggled “But that wasn’t the problem. You see I met your father the very next day. We instantly connected and pretty much didn’t leave each other’s sight from then on. It made it next to impossible to talk to my sister about that night. Weeks passed until eventually it became too awkward to bring it up out of the blue,”

“So you two just never talked again?” asked Haley.

“Not exactly. I mean we chatted every so often, but we were just both too immature at the time it all happened. Neither of us knew how to bring it up, much less what to about it,” she answered. “We slowly drifted apart as siblings until I eventually moved out with your father after we were expelled from school only weeks apart,”

“That really is a pity… Is that why you told us then? Because you’re worried Alex and I would drift apart like you did?” asked Haley.

“Yeah pretty much… Although I didn’t exactly plan on going into THAT much detail about it,” Helen said sheepishly.

“Well don’t worry mum,” said Alex “Haley and I won’t do that. I mean we ARE talking about it all now really, aren’t we?”

“You don’t understand but! This can never go further. You’re related! It’s not as if you can get married!”

“I think we’re both intelligent enough to figure that one out,” Haley started. “Still doesn’t make it any less fun!”

Helen just sat there, not sure what to say next.

“Answer me these two questions mum… One; did you enjoy yourself with YOUR sister?” Alex started. “And two; if things had been different, would you have tried to seduce her again?”

Haley nodded in agreeance, surprised at Alex’s forwardness. “Yeah there’s some good questions! Answer truthfully too, though I think we all know the answer to the first one…”

“OK, ok I DID enjoy what Shaz and I did. I suppose I never really let myself admit just how much I liked it until just now. You know I’ve never told anyone that before? Not even your dad!”

“You’re avoiding the last question,” Alex said with a grin on his face.

Helen looked to her children now seeing them in a different light. As much as she tried to fight it, she had become extremely horny now continuing to talk about her and her sister’s activities. She couldn’t get the image of her naked body out of her head, pictures of her supple breasts and pink vagina now flowing freely into her mind.

“If I had my time again…” Helen said as she thought about her next words carefully, trying her hardest to be an adult.

“Yes… and?” said Haley.

“If I had my time again…” Helen repeated. “I would have probably invited her into my bed every spare night I had… In fact I probably would have tried to convince Richard to get in on that action,”

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