The Butt Plug Ch. 04

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Big Dick

This is a continuing story. Suggest reading the first three chapters first. As always, all characters are 18 or older.


I walked into the kitchen just as Lucinda was entering the opposite door. She was wearing a man’s tank style undershirt. It was nearly transparent. Her dark nipples were easily visible and it barely covered her ass. I suspected that she wore no panties.

“Good morning Mr Rob. Would you like coffee?”

“Yes please Lucinda, make two cups if you would. Trish is just waking up too.”

I went into my den and checked email. Nothing of consequence. Teri had sent a copy of her LA itinerary including her hotel reservation. So I had the dates. I decided it was late enough to call Rita, our travel agent.

“Rita? Rob Randall here. How are you?”

“I’m fine Rob. How nice to hear from you. How’s Trish?”

“I think she’d tell you that I’m keeping her happy.” I teased.

“Oh I’m sure you are, you devil. What can I do for you today?”

” I know it’s a short notice, and high season, but I’m hoping you can work a miracle for me. We want to take a family vacation to Palm Springs. There will be six of us, so we’ll need a couple of rooms or family suites, or maybe a nice big house. And we’d like it to be clothing optional.”

“Six? Has your family grown?”

“Sort of. It will be Trish, Tracy and Teri and my sister Jan, and Sue Fine. You remember Sue from the cruise, right?”

“Oh yes, of course I do. And I think I met Jan with Trish at lunch a while ago.”

“Probably. They are nearly inseparable.”

“And I recall that king beds are preferred, but they might be interchangeable…” she joked.

“Yes, that’s us. So do you think you can find something?” I gave her the dates.

“Let me get to work on it. Do you have a budget limit?”

“Not really. You know what we like.”

“I sure do. Your cruise was one of the best trips I have ever put together. But it was because you were so easy to work with, and allowing me to tag along was unforgettable. So let me get to work and make a few calls. I’ve got a couple of places in mind. I’ll get back to you later today.”

“OK. I’m playing golf today so later this afternoon is fine.”

“Thanks for calling me Rob. You know it’s special clients like you that make my job fun to do.”

“You’ll always be special to us Rita. I look forward to hearing from you.”

As I returned to the kitchen I spied my coffee mug on the counter. Lucinda was coming back from the bedroom. She was laughing.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Oh that Ms Trish. She’s so funny. She said she can’t decide if she likes her new butt plug or you the best in her ass! I tell her it’s a hard choice. This plug, it feels so good.” She turned around and bent forward, revealing her own purple jewel between her cheeks. Instantly, my cock felt a fresh surge of life. Lucinda saw that and reached for me. She stroked me to the next growth stage and then bent down and sucked it to its full strength.

“Lucinda I have a hard choice too. I don’t know if I like your mouth or your ass the best.”

“Mr Rob when you are hard like this this, I like you anyplace you want to put it.”

It wasn’t as much an invitation to a blow job or a quick fuck, as much as it was just the way we play. Lucinda and her twin sister Melinda are our domestic employees, but they are also fun sex partners and fuck buddies. They’ve become a part of the family, but we still respect them and let them live their lives as they choose. Fortunately, they choose to live and work and play with us. It works out well for everyone.

I reached for her arms and pulled her back up so she was standing close. My dick was standing up against her belly, under the bottom of her shirt. I kissed her forehead.

“Lucinda, Trish and I are going to go away for a week at the end of this month. You and Melinda can take the week off and do whatever you like, with your regular pay, of course. You’re welcome to stay here, or if you want to go and see your family in Mexico, just call Rita and have her set up the flights for you. Tell her to put it on my account.”

I watched as her eyes grew wide. She was shocked and excited and I even saw a little tear in her eye. She put her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. Now my cock was throbbing on her stomach.

“Oh Rob you are so wonderful!”

I put my hands on her ass and returned the hug.

“I will tell Melinda. We were just talking about going to Mexico. Now we don’t have to ask you. You and Ms Trish are so good to us. I love you Mr Rob.” And she kissed me. It wasn’t a normal employer employee kind of kiss. It was more like lovers. Not that we are. Well, maybe we are.

I let her go and I went back to the bedroom to get dressed for the day. I told Trish that I had spoken to Rita, and that I had let Lucinda know that she and her sister could take the week off and go to Mexico if they wanted. Trish was pleased.

“I’m having lunch with Jan today so I’ll ask her about coming with us.”

“And illegal bahis I’m playing golf with Sue today, so I’ll ask her at breakfast.” It’s our habit to meet for breakfast at the club before we play golf.

45 minutes later I was sitting at the club with Sue, my best friend and soulmate. Don’t get me wrong. I love my wife and wouldn’t trade her for the world. But somehow my best golfing buddy is also my massage therapist, and we share the same sexual deviance, namely voyeurism and exhibitionism. I’ve got guy friends. But none of them comes close to the bond I share with Sue. We can talk about anything and everything, and we can finish each other’s thoughts and sentences.

While we waited for our breakfasts, she looked at me and giggled.

“Rob, you’ve got a twinkle in your eye. Did Trish give you an extra dose of loving this morning?”

“Does it really show?” I quipped.

“Well, whatever it is, you know you’re gonna tell me. So what’s up?”

“What does your calendar look like at the end of the month?”

She touched her phone and brought up her datebook. “What dates?”

I gave her the week.

“I’m clear.”

“We’re going on a family vacation to Palm Springs.”

“So why are you telling me?”

“Because you’re family as far as we’re concerned! Trish and I were talking about getting away to someplace where we can be naked, or nearly naked, and be mostly anonymous. Teri has a conference in LA the week before and so we’re all going to the desert for a week afterward. We’ll play some golf and we’ll shop and we’ll go out to eat and we can all have fun getting crazy. Will you come?”

“Uhhh, let me think about it.” She rolled her eyes. “Are you kidding? Of course I’ll come! Can we play golf without underwear? Can we swim naked? Is Tracy coming too?”

“Yes. Yes and yes. And I’m pretty sure that Jan will be joining us too.”

“Rob! Have you counted the number of females that you’re going to be catering to? Oh, never mind. I know you have. And I know that somehow you’ll manage. Don’t worry. I’ll give you a hand. I’ll eat some pussy too. So where exactly are we going?”

“I don’t know for sure yet. I just gave Rita the assignment this morning. So this might all be a pipe dream until I hear from her.”

“Oh, she’ll find something. She’s a magician.”

At that moment my phone chimed. It was Rita.

“Hey Rita, are your ears burning? Sue and I were just talking about you.”

“Oh my. I hope you were saying nice things. Give Sue a special kiss from me. I think you both might like what I’ve found for you.”

I listened as she gave me elaborate details of the private residence she was holding for us. What she described was beyond what I had imagined or expected. But it was perfect. Sue watched as my eyes widened and my smile got bigger and bigger.

“Rita, you’ve outdone yourself. Book it. Send me an email with the details and confirmation. Delete the price tag, so I can forward the email to the others. But you have my approval for the whole package. Also, you might hear from L&M. I gave them the week off and told them to contact you about flights to Mexico. Put them on my credit card account. Thank you Rita. You are a star”

I hung up as the server brought our food to the table.

“Well? Spill the beans. What did she say?”

“She said to give you a special kiss.”

“Right here? Or should we wait until we’re out on the course? First I want to hear about the desert trip.”

My phone dinged. It was the email confirmation coming from Rita. I read through it quickly and then looked back up at Sue.

“She found us a 6 bedroom house in La Quinta. The club and the residence are gated. Plenty of privacy. We have full club privileges. There’s his and hers golf carts in the garage. And a Bentley.” Sue’s eyes were widening as mine did. Her mouth dropped open. “We’ll have a butler and a chef. Make a list of everything you might want to eat or drink at the house. They will stock it for us.”

“Are you kidding me?” She asked incredulously.

“I’m sending you the email with details right now. Let’s eat.”

While we ate, my phone dinged three more times. They were email replies from Teri, Tracy and Trish.

We finished our breakfast with repetition and confirmation of what Rita had told me on the phone and in the email. As we got up from the table, Sue took my arm.

“Come outside to my car. We’re skipping the practice range this morning.”

We both park away from the clubhouse in a secluded corner of the lot. We walked outside and straight to her car. We approached her driver side door and she climbed up into the driver seat of her Lincoln Navigator. Then she turned and looked down at me as she spread her legs.

“I want that special kiss from Rita and I want it right now.”

Sue wears short ladies golf skorts, but she often cuts the under shorts out of them, turning it into a miniskirt. With her skinny legs and tight ass, she can pull it off, but she also makes it easy to flash and expose her shaved pussy, whenever illegal bahis siteleri she wants. Now I was staring right into the pink wet folds as she scooted to the edge of the seat. I quickly glanced around to see if anyone was watching as Sue grabbed my head and pulled me between her legs. I’ve been there before and it’s very familiar territory. I buried my nose and tongue as I inhaled the fresh morning scent of her hot gash. She lifted her legs and my tongue reached down to her anal rosebud. Then I licked all the way back up to her clitoris. I repeated the exercise about a dozen times, adding an extra second, or bite on her love button at the top of each lap. I know this gets her off.

“Oh yeah! Right there. Bite it. Chew on my clit. Rita was never as good as you are Rob. Aaahhhhhhh!”

She came and suddenly I was getting drenched. Sue can squirt. I did my best to drink it all. I didn’t want to show up on the first tee with pussy juice on my shirt. Sue held my head tightly until the waves began to calm. When she relaxed her grip, I looked up at her face. She was giggling. Sue often laughs after her orgasms. They do make her happy.

“OK lover, I think we’ve got time to roll a few putts. I see Candy’s car in the lot, so she and John are probably here on time.”

She reached behind her on the passenger seat where she conveniently had a clean golf towel. She wiped her pussy to avoid any drips or stains on her skirt. Fortunately it was a print pattern so a stray wet spot would likely go unnoticed. We walked back to our golf cart and headed to the putting green. Our friend Candy and her current partner John were already there. Sue sent a text message to Rita. ‘I got your kiss??.

Our golf game was fantastic. Sue and I were both so excited about our upcoming vacation. Sue and Candy were both playing flashing games on the course. Squatting to line up their putts and getting in and out of the golf carts provided some very revealing moments. It’s not new to me, but I still get a thrill out of those indiscreet peeks. John is newer to our group and it was obvious that he was loving every second. I’m not sure if he was distracted or if he’s just a lousy golfer, but he couldn’t keep up and he wound up paying us all. The bets were small, but the bragging rights are major. And the bulge in his shorts was big enough that he declined joining us in the clubhouse after the round. So Sue, Candy and I had lunch and recounted the day and the fun we had, while most of the others in the dining room stole quick glances and probably wondered how it is that I’m always hanging out with the ladies. I guess it’s just my style. I’ve always preferred the company of women, and fortunately for me, they seem to like me too.

My phone chimed, indicating a text message from Trish.

‘Lunch with Jan at the Garden. She’s in for PS. Love you’

So our party was confirmed. It would be me and my five favorite women, all beautiful, sexy and constantly horny women, heading off to the California desert for a decadently luxurious week. What could be better? I would soon find out.

Following lunch I walked the ladies to the parking lot. I received very stimulating goodbye kisses from them both. They both offered to bring me home to their respective houses for more fun and games. I politely declined, knowing that there would be other days when the invitations would be offered and accepted. They both sweetened the offers by hoisting their skirts in their car seats and exposing their willing pussies for my inspection. Sue was there watching and part of the offer from Candy. Then she repeated the process on her own. I failed to resist the opportunity to run my fingers through her vagina and pinch her clitoris and then insert them in the moist canal below. When I withdrew them Sue held my hand and sucked her secretions from my fingers. I gave her another kiss and told her I’d be in touch soon. We had a golf date for two days later.

On the way home I stopped by the florist and picked up a large bouquet of fresh flowers for Trish. Just because.

When I got to the house I could see that Trish wasn’t home yet. I brought the flowers into the kitchen. Lucinda and Melinda were both there. They had finished the basic housework for the day and were contemplating what to prepare for dinner. But what really got my attention was their matching lingerie. Normally they’ll dress scantily in bikinis or shorts and sexy tops. The dress code in our house runs from casual to naked. But today they were ‘dressed up’ in tiny thong panties and lacy push up bras. Melinda in royal blue and Lucinda in bright purple.

They greeted me and Melinda took the flowers to the sink while Lucinda fetched a pair of vases from the pantry.

“My don’t you two look beautiful today.” I exclaimed. “Special occasion?”

Melinda replied, “Today is a very happy day Mr Rob. You and Ms Trish are so good to us. You always make us happy. But today you gave us so much more! Vacation time and tickets to see our Mama and Papa in Mexico. We just wanted to look our best canlı bahis siteleri for you.”

“Well you certainly both look ravishing. I could be tempted to undress you and do naughty things with your bodies.” I kidded them.

Lucinda handed the vases to her sister and then snuggled up to me and said, “You know we always love that with you. But you can’t undress us until we finish getting dressed, and we need your help.”

“Lucinda I can’t imagine what else you could add to what you’re wearing right now. You both look just perfect and good enough to eat.” I winked at them both.

“But there’s one more thing we both need, and we need you to do it.” She stepped over to the table and held up two of Teri’s new butt plugs. One blue and one purple. She put the blue one down next to Melinda and picked up a tube of lubricant. Then she pushed her thong down to the floor and bent over the chair, exposing her tanned wrinkled rim to my stunned gaze. She handed me the items and reached back to part the cheeks of her hot brown ass. I leaned down and inhaled the aroma of her sweet bum. Then I licked it for a few seconds. I uncapped the lube and squeezed some onto my fingers. I spread it into her pussy and up to her anal hole. I squeezed I little more directly into the crack of her ass and another gob on the plug. I pushed it into her waiting cunt and twirled it around. Then I pulled it out and slid it up to her asshole and slowly screwed it in.

“Oooo, mmm, oh Rob that feels so good!”

Satisfied that I had it in tight, I reached down and pulled the thong back up her legs. She grasped the waistband and adjusted it between her legs and in the ass crack. I admired my work until Lucinda turned around and reached for my neck as she leaned in and kissed my lips.

Melinda had finished arranging the flowers and she put one vase on the kitchen table and carried the other one into the living room and placed it on the side table. I watched as she sat down in the big lounge chair. She pulled her thong off and leaned back while spreading her legs with her feet held high in the air.

“My turn now Rob.” She smirked.

I brought the lube and the blue toy into the living room, all the while my eyes transfixed on her perfect and wide open sex. I knelt down in front of her and held her legs up as I ran my tongue along the full length of her sit. She even tasted like her twin sister. I used my mouth for a couple of minutes and her twat began to ooze. So I added a dose of the lube and spread it liberally in both holes. One more squirt on the plug and it was insertion time. Like with her sister, I put into her asshole and slowly screwed it into place. I held it firmly in her butt while I continued to kiss and lick her clit. I was tempted to eat her to orgasm, but I decided to let the plug do some work on its own. I handed her her panty and let her put them back on.

“I must admit ladies, now you are fully dressed and I thank you for allowing me to complete the process.”

I stood up and looked at myself. I was still dressed in my shorts and golf shirt and still feeling a little sweaty from the golf course.

“Girls, I think I’m going to soak in the spa outside. Trish should be home soon and hopefully she’ll join me there. Thank you for cutting and preparing the flowers. They look beautiful.”

I kissed them both. As usual, it was more than a typical kiss between an employer and his employees. But that’s the way we are.

I stripped in the bedroom and walked outside to the hot tub. It felt really good to slip down into the jets and relax. Melinda appeared a few minutes later with a nice tall glass of lemonade. She put into the cup holder on the edge of the tub. Then she sat in the deck chair facing me. She spread her legs. Her hand moved down and she began to stroke herself through the tiny triangle of her satin thong. No words were spoken. Her eyes were fixed on mine. I started rubbing my balls and my cock. Melinda pulled the thong to the side, exposing her damp pussy.

“I know you like to watch Rob. Do you like what you see?”

She dipped two fingers between her lips. There was already a slick coating and a string of fluid as she pulled her fingers out. I was stroking my dick under the water and I was rock hard. Melinda knew she was turning me on.

“Girl, you are so sexy! I love every inch of your body.”

Now I was seriously pumping myself and wondering if I should just squirt in the spa. Melinda was nearing her big O as well.

“Well looky here!” I heard Trish’s voice behind me. Melinda broke her stare with me and glanced up to smile at my wife. “Rob honey, are you enjoying a show?”

I slowed the pace on my pleasure pole, as if I’d been caught. Trish was disrobing as she strutted across the deck. She was naked by the time she stood above me. She leaned down and gave Melinda a kiss. Melinda was still rubbing her clit and she began to quiver and cum. Trish continued the kiss. I stopped stroking in an effort to save myself. The kiss and the orgasm were exciting enough, but I could also see the blue plug in Melinda’s ass and the corresponding gold jewel in Trish’s behind. The sexual allure of these two females was beyond dream worthy. I was snapping mental photographs and hoping that I could preserve the memory forever.

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