The Brit Ch. 02: Black Friday

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I opened my eyes and I realized that I was alone in a bedroom that I didn’t recognize. My eyes slowly shut again and I subconsciously replayed what happened last night. Making Natalie scream as we fucked missionary style, Trish riding my dick with her tits bouncing all over the place and them sharing my cum. Finally, I remembered what Natalie said before we all fell asleep, ‘…you know our dirty secret.’

Their dirty secret.

I tried to think what that meant. Natalie and Trish’s kiss last night, them eagerly exploring the other’s mouths with their tongues. Was that their dirty secret? That they make out every once and awhile. Or was there more than that? My mind raced as I thought about all the possibilities, Natalie eating out Trish as I fucked her, mum maybe I’m into incest.

The two of them sharing my cum last night was my first time being exposed to that particular taboo. All my previous experience with incest had been horrifying news stories and Game of Thrones. But, the thought of Natalie and Trish getting together is something that I honestly want. Working it out in my head, I realized that I shouldn’t force it and see what my sexy, slutty hosts have planned for me.

But, where were they?

I pulled the covers off and I realized that I was naked. Looking for my clothes, I found them neatly folded on top of a bureau. Getting dressed, I cautiously opened the door and poked my head through. I didn’t see anyone else, was I alone? Taking another step, I could hear faint music coming from downstairs. Taking a step closer, I heard two people talking.

Hoping that it was Trish and Natalie, I crept down the stairs and heard that the voices were coming from the kitchen. Psyching myself up, I confidently walked in the direction of the kitchen. I found both blondes sitting around the kitchen island, drinking coffee. After last night, I found it weird that they weren’t nude; wearing PJ pants, t-shirts and a robe. They still looked incredibly sexy.

“Morning,” I said.

They both turned to me and nervously smiled. I could tell that there were both anxious at my presence, Natalie even more so than her mother. I guess she was worried about work. Having sex with your boss is one thing, having a threesome with your mother and your boss, where you take part in some light-incest; that is something you can’t really tell HR. Her career could easily be ruined. Also, her personal life should anyone know the smallest detail of what had happened last night.

“Would you like some coffee, Callum?” Trish asked. There was a crack in her usual confident façade. Her hands were trembling as she handed me a coffee mug. She glanced at her daughter; I assumed that she was scared of what could happen to her.

I sense that the reason they were walking on eggshells around me was that they were trying to gauge my reaction.

“So…,” I said, looking at their concerned faces, “What you two are getting up today?” I asked, smiling at them.

“We were thinking about going to Magnificent Mile and checking out the Black Friday sales,” Trish replied, sounding more confident than before. “We got a lot of leftovers so dinner won’t be a problem.”

“You should join us,” Natalie asked, giving me a hopeful look.

“I’d love to but…” I said before pausing. I always hated going shopping with girlfriends, spending the whole day bouncing from shop to shop at Westfields. But, I knew I wouldn’t mind doing that with these two. The only problem was that I really needed a shower after last night. Also, I swear I have a cum stain on my jeans.

“I want to head off home and have a shower, also put on some fresh clothes,” I explained.

“Oh,” My beautiful team member whispered, sounding incredibly disappointed.

“How about this? We’ll take my car into the city and stop off at my condo. It’s near the shopping district. I’ll take a quick shower, get changed and then we’ll go out shopping?” I suggested, watching them slowly begin to smile. “We can bring the leftovers and have dinner there?”

“Perfect,” they both said.

About three hours later, I was standing outside Nordstrom, waiting for my gorgeous girls. We were in Chicago, specifically on Michigan Avenue. The locals call it the Magnificent Mile, it reminded me of Oxford Street, lots of shops, pavement filled with shoppers and sales.

After Trish made me a quick breakfast, whispering to me that I’ll need strength for later, we jumped into my BMW and drove to the city. Both Trish and Natalie looked dressed to impress, tight jeans, knee-high boots and clingy jumpers. I really wished we could have forgotten about shopping and stayed home and play, but I didn’t want to push my luck. I knew I had to be calm and go with the flow.

During the ride, Trish would probe me about my family, my job and how long I intend to stay in Chicago. Natalie was also at it, asking me about what music I listen to, the last film I saw in the cinema and what I get up to in the weekends. I knew what they were doing; they wanted etlik escort to know what kind of person I am, what I’m into and if they can trust me. I remembered Natalie’s face after she shared my cum with her mother, there was a quick look of horror. Like she was terrified that I might run out of that room screaming. I answered all their questions, asked some myself, trying my best to be charming and open.

When we were in Bloomingdale’s, Natalie grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to the women office wear part of the store. She was acting very flirty with me, lots of eye contact, her hands were all over me and some gentle teasing. My busty, blonde analyst then started asking for my opinion as she picked out some tops for the office. Natalie was treating me like her boyfriend, which I did not mind at all. Seeing Natalie show me some low-cut blouse, I thought about McAllen for the first time and if I could fuck her at work.

After that, we headed into Saks. Natalie disappeared somewhere near the shoes, leaving me with a lustful Trish. She flashed me a dirty look and she led me to a rack of dresses. Just like her daughter, she pulled out some dresses and asked for my opinion. But unlike Natalie, Trish was not subtle with her questions. She literally showed me a strapless dress and asked me if my dick is hard. But between all Trish’s naughty jokes, rubbing her arse against my groin and asking me to help her out in the dressing room, she would inquire about Natalie. Trish wanted to know how I felt about her and if I want to spend more time with her. It was remarkable to see her turn from a slutty MILF to a concerned mother.

We then moved to Nordstrom and I was told to wait outside, Natalie said that they’d be there for like 10 minutes. As I waited for them, I remembered what Trish had asked me. What do I think about her daughter? I slowly realized that after spending the last days with Natalie, I definitely wanted to ask her out. It wasn’t just sex; I like being around her. Obviously, I still also want to fuck her mother, but I think Natalie would be okay with that.

I saw them leave the store, grinning at me as they walked. They were talking amongst themselves as they pointed me. Maybe I can convince them to forget any more shopping and take them up to my condo.

“Where now, ladies?” I asked, smiling at them they handed me their bags.

They gave each other a look. Again using their mum/daughter telepathy, planning something that probably involved me. Both mother and daughter then turned their attention to me and giggled.

“Callum, can you get us some coffee?” Natalie asked, trying to suppress her giggling.

I sat at the table alone, with a low-fat vanilla macchiato, a low-fat cappuccino and an expresso in front of me. I tried to think about what they had planned for me, new lingerie, some bedroom toys or maybe another partner for our sexual playtime? Shit, I don’t think that I could handle three women, especially if they are as sex-crazed as these two.

As I waited for them, I flicked through my phone. After picking my fantasy football team for the weekend, I checked Instagram. I saw a new photo from Lucy. It was of her modeling her gym clothes, a low cut tank top and tight yoga pants. To anyone else, she’s a hot Instagram model/receptionist, but to me, she’s my half-sister. A big emphasis on the half bit. We don’t have much of a relationship, some messages, money requests and the occasional meetup in some pub where she would ask for money.

Still preoccupied about Natalie and Trish’s relationship, I wondered if I was that interested in incest. I stared at the image for minutes and tried to think of her sexually, naked, maybe riding my cock. Nothing. Thinking about my estranged, objectively hot, half-sister kept my dick flaccid, but then I started imagining mum and daughter in a 69 position and I felt my cock nearly popped out of my jeans. Maybe I’m only interested in incest when I’m not involved.


I looked up and saw Natalie smiling down on me. She leaned in and gave me a short kiss on the lips. That was our first piece of non-platonic contact of the day, which is weird. She sat down in front of me and reached for her coffee, instinctively picking the right one. I watched her take a sip, Natalie humming as she enjoyed the taste.

“Where’s Trish?” I asked.

“She’s just finishing up something,” Natalie vaguely answered, she had that same mischievous twinkle in her eye that I caught earlier. “Bet you have like a thousand questions.”

“I do. But I just want to ask one question.” I replied. I then stood up and took the seat next to Natalie. She swirled in her chair and scooted a bit closer to me. “You said last night that you have a crush on me… like since we first met. Is that true?”

Natalie blushed and then asked, “Do you know Michelle Halloran?”

“Michelle?” I nodded, remembering the name — a very supple brunette with green eyes and a crescent moon tattoo. We spent a couple of weeks confined etlik escort bayan in my bedroom, just straight up fucking. She wasn’t interested in a relationship, nor was I. We soon ended it, each looking for a different bed partner.

“She’s a friend of mine. She told me that she hooked up with some handsome Brit, who in her words is a great fuck. Michelle showed me a photo and when I moved to your floor, there you where,” Natalie said, “I wanted to find out the truth,” she gave me a naughty grin.

“And your mother…,” I replied, running my hand up her thigh.

“Hmm,” Natalie looked away for a moment, then back at me. “Mom just got too enthusiastic. I think it was your accent. I want to be honest with you. I was hoping to take you to a bar after dinner; we have some drinks and then maybe I show you my bedroom,” she grinned. “I didn’t expect Mom to join in, but I’m okay she did.”

“So, you and your mother,” I whispered, knowing that I was about to broach a literal taboo topic in public.

Natalie lost her smile as well as every ounce of confidence. She was indistinguishable to the girl that greeted me yesterday. It was unnerving. She turned her face away from mine, eying up the door. Natalie took a couple of deep breaths, psyching herself up. “We have an unusual relationship. It’s hard to explain. What you saw last night… that’s not all of it. I can’t tell you everything.”


“I… we will need to trust you,” Natalie replied. “There have been guys… boys that we have shared before you. They were just short-term playthings, never really experiencing us fully. They couldn’t handle it.”

Seeing her deep blue eyes stare at me, I realized I needed to kiss her. With my hands around her waist, I leaned in and forcefully kissed her. Natalie moaned in my arms, parting her lips and letting my invading tongue into her mouth. She arched her back and pushed her tits into my chest, making me groan and my dick throb in my pants. We eventually remembered our surroundings and broke our embrace.

“That was…something,” Natalie smirked.

“Natalie, I want you…bad. I’m actually looking forward to Monday. I’m going to ask you to stay late, we’re going to have sex in my office, then I’m going to take you out for dinner and then we are gonna go to my condo so we can fuck again.”

“Monday?” Natalie repeated, “I thought I had Monday off?”

“Not anymore,” I quickly replied with a big grin, “You’re coming in so we can have some fun. I also want your mum. Whatever you and Trish do alone, I want to be part of it. You’re not going to scare me away.”

Natalie opened her mouth and was about to say something, but then went quiet. She then stared at me while the gears in her head worked something out. As we sat in silence, Trish walked in with a couple of bags in her hands. She watched us for a few moments, unconcerned with the lack of conversation. Trish then took my old seat and smiled.

“Where next?” she asked, finally breaking the comfortable silence.

“How about we go back to my flat?” I replied.

“Yeah,” Natalie immediately said, slowly smiling as she stared at me.

Half an hour later, we were back in my condo. With some help from McAllen, I got a nice looking flat on the edge of the Loop. Hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, Italian marble countertops and lots of space. I gave them a quick tour of the place, ending up at the master bedroom. I didn’t say anything, but I could see both Trish and Natalie having some dirty thoughts.

We then returned to the kitchen, Natalie and I helped Trish turn the leftovers into a casserole. Over the sound of soft jazz music and an opened bottle of wine, we chopped and baked in very close proximity. Every other minute, I had either Natalie rubbing against my groin or Trish pushing her ample breasts into my back. Seeing how unsubtle they were being, I decided to push the limit and gave up blocking my crotch, showing off my growing bulge. Both Trish and Natalie would glance at it, narrowing their eyes and biting their lips.

After dinner, we moved to the sofa and drank some more wine. We talked about the holidays and the run-up to Christmas. They told me all their little traditions, going to German food markets, ice-skating at Millennium Park and going tree shopping in Spring Grove. I mentioned that I was planning to fly home for Christmas and explained some British traditions, which worryingly enough involved a lot of drinking. They then littered me with a bunch of questions on a typical British Christmas and I explained the best I could, talking about John Lewis adverts, what a usual Christmas lunch would be, what’s a Christmas cracker, mulled wine and Boxing Day sales.

“It’s our version of Black Friday,” I explained, taking another sip of wine, “Even though we now have Black Friday.”

“Oh, that reminds me,” Trish excitedly said, “Do you want to see what we bought?” she asked, arching her eyebrows.

I nodded and my sexy blonde guests escort etlik quickly opened their shopping bags. I was hoping for a fashion show, but Natalie and Trish would pull out a piece of clothing and tell me about it. But slowly, the words they used became more and more sexualized. The two dirty-minded blondes would paint vivid visualization of every bit of clothing they’d bought, like how much skin it would show, how Trish’s mammoth tits would look in that particular cut or how tight that fabric will be around Natalie’s arse. In minutes, my mouth was dry, I was fidgeting in my seat and could feel all the blood drain to my cock.

“Was that all you guys got?” I asked, speaking in a horsed voice.

Trish and Natalie looked at each other, slowly smiling.

“There is something else,” Natalie grinned.

“When you were getting coffee, we went lingerie shopping,” Trish beamed at me, “Do you want to see what we got? Or would you prefer us to model it?”

“Model,” I blurted out.

They grinned at me before grabbing a nondescript bag and headed towards my bedroom, holding each other’s hands. I rushed to the kitchen and opened another bottle of wine. After filling up three glasses, I sat back down and eagerly waited for them. They then returned, barefoot and wearing plush robes, Natalie in black while Trish wore a blue one. Both of them looked so sexy. I couldn’t wait to take them to the bedroom and make last night look like a scene from a Hallmark Christmas movie.

“Should we start with you, Mom?” Natalie asked.

“Sure, baby,” she smiled. She then dropped the robe and my eyes bulged out of my head.

Trish was wearing a dark blue bra, matching silk and lace garter belt and sheer stockings. The bra, which perfectly held up her full, round breasts, was a half cut and left her erect nipples exposed. Trish rolled her hips and slowly walked towards me, stopping just in arms reach. She rested her hands on her hips, drawing my attention to the tiny, dark blue thong that just covered her bare pussy. I then looked up, seeing Trish’s shit-eating grin flashing back at me.

I shifted uncomfortably on the sofa, my cock pressing painfully against the fabric of my jeans as I struggled to keep my eyes off the gorgeous, scantily clad MILF in front of me.

“Callum,” Natalie softly said, turning my attention back to her. “What do you think? The material is made with the finest silk and lace.” She described, her face was red and in her eyes sparkled with a hint of lust. “Mom, show him the back.”

Trish spun on her feet and hunched her back, pushing her bum inches away from my face. The dark blue thong had disappeared between her big, round ass cheeks. Trish then bent down; using all the hours she spent at Pilates and touch her toes. I let out a long groan as her cheeks spread open and I saw her moist pussy covered by a thin strip of lace.

Two small hands then grasped the firm flesh, “I really like this one,” Natalie said. She then stunned me by giving her mother’s bum a firm slap with her hand. “See this is perfect for Mom. Her ass is completely exposed, which is ideal for a spanking.” She gave her mum some more firm spanks before backing away. Trish turned back to me, her face was flushed and her lips were trembling.

Natalie then slipped out of her robe, revealing a black, lace bra and panty set. I then let out another groan. The black material cupped her milky breasts, but her nipples and areolas were completely visible through the see-through lace fabric. She was very excited; it was easy to tell as I could see her stiff nipples poke out, begging to have my lips around them. Her pussy was also on display; the sheer material did nothing to cover Natalie’s slick pussy.

It was Trish’s turn to talk. She strutted around to stand behind Natalie. Her hands reached out and cupped her daughter’s breasts. As Natalie moaned, Trish opened her mouth, “Natalie really liked this one. Maybe because it’s a contradiction. It teases you a little, but everything is on display.” Trish then snaked a hand down, running her fingers over her daughter’s covered pussy. “Also it’s really nice to touch.”

Natalie let a low moan and took a deep breath. Composing herself, she said, “Do you like what we bought?”

“Yes,” I nodded, “Come here.”

Mom and daughter then pounced onto me. Natalie was on my left, Trish on my right and their lips all over me. Natalie grabbed my face, thrusting her tongue into my mouth as she pressed her body against mine while she passionately kissed me. A jealous Trish then pulled her daughter off and kissed me with such force that it nearly knocked me out, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth.

They then released me and stared at me, as if they were waiting for my command.

“Kiss,” I firmly said.

“Are you sure?” Trish asked.

“Is this…,” Natalie spoke in a serious tone, her big blue eyes on me. “Is this what you want?”


Mother and daughter looked at each other and nodded. They slowly leaned in and their lips met in front of me. My mouth dropped as they lovingly kissed, slowly getting more passionate and lust filled. Moans escaped from their lips as their hands softly cupped each other’s faces. I was forgotten, entirely invisible to the possibility-incestuous mother and daughter.

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