The Blue Life Ch. 01

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My father had just gotten home from work. There was a regular routine to his life, that generally made everyone’s lives in our house regular and routine. That had changed recently, pretty drastically for Mom and me. And it was time to let my father know about those changes and what they would mean to him. “Dad, I need you to sit down.”

“Robert, what is it? I don’t smell dinner. And we should be eating in just 12 minutes.” That’s how routine our lives had become. Dad had things planned out to the minute.

“Dad, can I get you a drink? I might have a beer. You might want something stronger. A whiskey, neat?”

“I don’t drink before dinner. And since when do you drink in this house, Bobby?”

“Since I turned 21, last April. And since I buy my own beer.”

“Well, I don’t think that’s proper. And I won’t have my son getting drunk in my house.”

“Yeah, Dad. But there are a lot of things going on that you might not think are proper. And I’m not going to get drunk.”

Dad started to stand. “I don’t think-“, he started. I put a hand to his shoulder and didn’t let him get up. My father is pretty skinny and not nearly as tall as me. He isn’t exactly frail. He runs. But he’s got a lithe body, no bulk. I am at least five inches taller and had bulked up for sports in high school. I am 6’1” tall and weigh 220 pounds. And I must outweigh my father by at least 60 or 70 pounds.

“Sit down, Andrew. I’m serious. This is a serious talk. I’m out to save your marriage!”

My father sputtered. “My marriage? There’s nothing wrong with your mother and I! Our marriage is as strong as it was 22 years ago, when we got married!”

“Shut up, Andrew. And stop lying to yourself. You and Mom haven’t been happy for years.”

“That’s not your place to judge, Bobby!”

“Yes, it is my place, Dad. And I will tell you why.”

My father looked incredulous. He reached for his tie. But instead of loosening it, he actually tightened the knot and straightened it. He looked at me with eyes of confusion and anger. “Go on,” he said.

“Dad, when is the last time Mom sucked your cock?”

“Is your mother in the house? You can’t talk about her like that!”

“She is, but she won’t bother us. She won’t come in the room until I tell her.”

“You can’t talk about your mother like that!”

“I can. I have. And I will, Andrew. When was the last time Mom sucked your cock?”

“I really can’t say. I can’t remember. A lady should not have to do those nasty things.”

“OK, Dad. I will tell you. The last time Marjorie, my Mother tasted your cock was when you were dating. She didn’t really know what she was doing. But she was eager to please you. She kissed your dick and you jumped back like you had been shocked.”

“I don’t remember.”

“I bet you do. You said that stuff like that was just for…just for…she told me the phrase. Femmy guys, something like that.”

“Femme Boys and Whores. That’s what I said. And I meant it. I love your mother too much to degrade her like that!”

“Ah, geez, Dad. That’s your problem. That’s Mom’s problem too! You’re a dead fish in the sack.”

“That’s between your mother and me!”

“Not anymore.”

“Wha-wha-wha-I- I can’t believe she would tell you something like that.”

I walked over to the mini-bar and poured a double scotch. “Do you want me to add water, Dad?”

“No. Just like that is fine.” And I handed my father his drink.

“Dad, you’ve never eaten Mom’s pussy!”

“I wouldn’t want her to think I wanted to treat her that way. I love her too much to ask her to do those naughty things.”

“So you’ve thought about it?”

Dad took a sip of his scotch and looked down. Sheepishly he whispered, “Maybe.”

“Dad, would it surprise you to know that Mom has secretly wanted to do all those nasty things and more for years? She’s tried to bring it up with you. But you keep shutting her out. Closing her off. And so she went looking for fulfillment other places. Mom wants to be a slut, a real whore in the bedroom. She needs to be a Fuck-Toy!”

“Bobby! I insist. You just can’t talk to about your mother like that!”

“Dad, while you have been gone on fishing trips with Uncle Nick, and traveling for business, and focusing too much attention on your Accounting Agency, Mom has been searching for a real Man to sexually dominate her, satisfy her, and make her do all the nasty things she’s always dreamed about but was too shy and repressed to get you to do. Mom is a natural Submissive.”

“I know.” My Dad’s eyes were closed. “We’re so much alike, I guess.”

“So Marjorie went online and found herself a Master, a Dom. Someone who could reveal what she really is and open her up to a new world of pleasure and fulfillment.”

“Your mother has been cheating on me? And I’m replaced? Is that it? She wants a divorce?”

“Shut up, Andrew!” I snapped at my father. His eyes flew open, and he looked at me, hurt and angry. “Mom loves you. She never meant to hurt you. But she couldn’t go on living with a hole in her life. So she found herself a Master, a Dominant, her Dom.”

“And illegal bahis now she wants me out.”

“Nobody said that, Dad. Mom loves you. And I love you.You’re just very hard to deal with sometimes.”

“I need to hear this from your mother.”

“You can see her, but she’s not going to speak until we’ve hashed this out, Dad.” I sighed, “And hopefully, I’ve saved your marriage.”

My father took a big sip of his drink, and I called for my mother. “Blue! I know you’ve been listening. You can come in here!”

My mother entered. She looked younger than her 43 years. She could easily pass for a woman in her early thirties, especially since she lost about 15 pounds recently and toned up with Pilates. She had been working out more over the past three months. She had a ball gag on a rod in her mouth. It was strapped behind her head, and her ruby red lipstick was the same shade as the ball. I thought that was a very nice touch, She was wearing a black bra and panties set. The bra was a sheer lace, and cupped her pert 36 C cup sized breasts. The panties were a boy-cut but cupped her high, taut ass cheeks. She tottered in on four inch, red, strappy stiletto heels, with an inch platform at the toe. The shoes screamed, “FUCK ME!” But you could tell my mother needed more practice walking in them. My father’s eyes went wide and his pupils dilated. I could tell he was both shocked and excited. “Oh my God,” he whispered to himself.

I smiled. But my eyes narrowed. “Blue? I told you, just the shoes and the gag! You were told to be naked.”

My mother chin touched her chest. She looked up at me. And hummed an “I’m sorry” into her ball gag. You couldn’t understand the words. But that’s what her inflection carried.

“No sorrys, Slut! Fetch the flogger and clips! And come back in here on your hands and knees, Blue! Oh, and you had better not forget the lube.”

My father’s face went pale. He downed the last of his scotch with one gulp and his voice cracked. “You really can’t talk to your mother like that.”

“I’ll talk to my fuck-toy however I want.” My father exhaled and choked, as if he’d been hit in the chest. “That’s right. I said that Mom went shopping for a Master. She started cruising Bondage and Discipline Chat Rooms online. It’s her secret fantasy. Well, I guess it’s not a secret anymore. Anyway, I made sure she found me. I arranged it that way.”

My dad muttered, “I can’t believe it.” He was shaking his head, like he didn’t quite get the concept, when my mother crawled back into the room. I’m She had a flat, black leather paddle in one hand, and a pair of brass nipple clips connected with a chain and a tube of Joy Lube in the other. Mom stopped at my feet, not even looking at my father.

“Blue…,” I began.

“Why do you keep calling her, Blue. You should call her, Mom or Mother or Marjorie.”

“Don’t interrupt, Andrew. Blue is her slut-name, her submissive name. Mom knows that when I address her as Blue, I mean business, and that I’m taking on the role of her Master. It’s less confusing that way. And that way I can command her in Public without calling her slut or fuck-pony in front of strangers or her friends.” I casually stroked her auburn hair, and her head moved into my palm like a kitten.

“Marjorie, is this true?” My father shifted on the couch and loosened his tie.

I grabbed a handful of Mom’s hair and forced her gaze to meet mine. “Blue, you only speak when spoken to, and until I tell you, you only answer me. Understood?” Her eyes got wider. And she nodded. I unbuckled the ball gag from the back of her head. Mom licked her lips. “Blue,” I began, “what were your instructions for today?”

“Sir. You instructed me to go to Pilates. Then come home and work on my kegel exercises with the bar.”

“Did you cum?”

“No, sir. I’m not allowed to cum unless you tell me or give me permission. I did work my pussy and my…my…my backdoor, Sir.”

“Your what?”

Mom coughed and bit her lip. “My booty, my asshole, Sir. I stretched it like you asked. And I wore the plug, Sir. The black rubber, Number Three. I think I’m ready to go larger, Sir.”

“Good girl. But I also told you to put on the gag and be ready to enter the room and kneel at my feet in the nude. Why didn’t you do that?”

“Please forgive this fuck-slut, Sir. It’s just that…well, I…I didn’t know your father, Andrew would be home. I didn’t know this would be the night. And I did that other thing you told me. And…well, I didn’t know how I looked, I was feeling shy and ashamed.”

“You’re ashamed of your Master?”

“Never, Sir. It’s just that…I shaved my pussy for you, like you instructed, and I wasn’t sure how it looked.”

“Let’s find out. Blue, stand up!” My mother stood, using the end of the couch for balance. She had not gotten the hang of her “Fuck Me Pumps” yet. I took the things in my mother’s hands and set them on the end table, except the flogger, the paddle. I held onto that. I continued, “Blue, get up on the on the coffee table in front of your husband. And clasp your hands behind your back.” She obeyed me without hesitation. I held out illegal bahis siteleri my hand to steady her, so she wouldn’t fall off her shoes and the table. “Stand up straighter! Stick out your tits like you’re proud of them, Slut! Arch your back, Blue.”

My father swallowed hard, even though he had set his glass down on the end table. “Well, Andrew? What do you think of my fuck-toy?”

“Marjorie…” He stood up in front of her.

“Call her, Blue, Andrew. You don’t want to confuse her. It pulls her head out of sub-space. Do you think she’s beautiful?”

“Blue…you’re magnificent.” A smile crept to the corners of my mother’s mouth.

“What do you think of her tits?” I undid the clasp at the front of the bra and Blue’s tits sprang free.

My father stammered. “I…I…I don’t know what to say.”

“They’re a fucking work of ART, Dad! Those of some of the greatest tits in the whole fucking world! Look at those long, tight nipples. Blue is obviously excited to be on display for you. Those are killer toys, a sculptor couldn’t do better, Dad! When was the last time you saw Mom’s naked tits with the lights on?”

“I…I…honestly can’t remember.”

“That’s the problem. Mom can’t remember either.” I slapped mom’s tit with the fingers of my right hand. The slap made a sharp sound and left a red mark that quickly started to fade. The spank made her tits bounce together and apart. It was beautiful. My father grasped at my mothers breast and started to rub where I had slapped. My mother moaned. “You can’t do that?” My father said, but the words came out like a question, not a statement.

“Andrew, I can do whatever the fuck I want with Blue. She’s my fuck-toy, and she lives for my pleasure. Blue? Who owns your titties?”

My mother giggled. We had played this game before. “You do, Sir.”

“Who owns your pussy?”

“You do, Master.”

“Who owns those beautiful, cock-sucking lips, slut?”

“So far, only you, Sir.”

“And who owns your pretty little asshole, Blue?”

My mother swallowed. “You do, Sir. But you haven’t taken me there yet.”

“I have tongued you there, many times.”

My mother purred. “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

My father was caressing my mother’s breasts like he was afraid they were going to break. He had a glazed, almost hypnotized look on his face.

“You love her titties, don’t you, Andrew?”

“Marj-I mean, Blue, they’re so perfect. My mouth is dry.”

“Suck on her tits, Andrew. You know you want to.”

My father shook his head and licked his lips. “I can’t. Not in front of you.” He looked at me. “Not with the lights on. It’s dirty.”

I slapped my father upside the back of his head. “Are you an idiot? Don’t answer that. You have the most gorgeous wife in the quad states. She is the most wanton slut you can imagine. And you won’t even suck her tits with the lights on! Watch and learn.” I leaned down and took my mother’s left nipple in my mouth. I sucked until the whole aureole was circled with my lips. Then I flicked across the hard nipple with my tongue, as her breast was still suctioned into my mouth. She groaned. I turned to my father. “Don’t just stand there looking like a fool. She has two tits. Work on the other one!”

My father looked at my mother and said, “Mommy, is it all right?”

My mother looked from me to my father and then back to me. She asked, “Can I answer him, Master?”

I nodded. “Go ahead, Blue.”

She looked at my father and in a different sort of voice said, “I need you to, Baby Boy. I need you to suckle Mommy’s breasts. Just like in the dark.”

My father started kissing and sucking on my mother’s tits like a man possessed. And suddenly, a light went on inside my head. I realized something about my father that I hadn’t considered. Baby Boy was even more submissive than Blue.

I encouraged him. “That’s right, Baby Boy. Suck your Mommy’s tits. She loves it. Now, bite her nipples! Pull them with your teeth. That’s right, Baby Boy.” Just a bit of encouragement was all he seemed to need. “Now…Stop!” I pulled my father’s head off my mother’s breast by his hair. He looked at me, not with anger or fear, but with an expression of expectation and anticipation, like, “What’s next?”

“Thank your Mommy, Baby Boy!”

“Thank you for letting me suck on your beautiful breastes, Mommy.” He actually said, “Breastes,” like a little boy who doesn’t know how to make the word a plural.

“Blue, you can touch his face and respond.” The bra dropped to the floor behind her as my mother reached around and caressed my father’s face in her hands.

“You’re welcome, Baby Boy. I love you. That was wonderful. Mommy nearly came, having her two men sucking and licking her.” Then she looked up at me. “But I held off, Sir. I know not to cum without your permission.” I reached for the brass nipple clips on a chain. I handed the chain to my father. “Put these on Blue’s nipples, Baby Boy.”

My father looked to my mother. And I nodded to her. She said, “Listen to the Master of the House, Baby Boy. I need you to do this for Mommy.” And he clumsily canlı bahis siteleri attached the clips to the tips, the very ends of her nipples. It was all wrong. “Not like that,” I said, as I as I adjusted the left one, so that it clipped about a quarter inch down from the face of the nipple. “And then adjust the tension with this screw until you hear the slut gasp or moan a little.” My father obeyed right away. “Now, ease down her panties. Don’t make me wait. I’m not asking.” My father gingerly took the waistband at my the hips of my mother’s black panties in his fingertips. It was as if he was afraid she might break, or that his fingers might burn. But he kept his eyes fixated on her crotch. Slowly her bald pussy was revealed. Her clit was already distended, betraying her arousal. And her labia had the sheen of her excitement. And her pussy was completely hairless, clean shaven. The familiar scent of her excitement was in the air.

My dad began, “Oh, Marjor-“, but I cut him off. “You look delicious, Blue. My Honey Orchid. Spread your legs wider. Yes. See that? The petals of your cunt-flower blossom. I can smell the aroma of your sex. Kiss her pussy, Dad.”

My dad stepped back and shook his head. “I can’t!” Then he sat back on the couch with, “I don’t know how.”

“What the Hell? I would love to say, ‘Watch and learn,’ again. But first Blue must be punished.” I offered my mother a hand. “Step down, Blue, and kneel between your Baby Boy’s legs.”

My mother grinned and replied, “Yes, Master,” and sank to her knees in front of my father.

My father said, “Yes, Sir,” as if in a fog.

“Put your head in his lap, Blue.” And she did.

“My Baby Boy is very hard, Sir.”

“Baby Boy, are you excited?”

“Y-y-yes, Sir.”

“Blue, raise your ass in the air. Why are you being disciplined?”

My mother grabbed my father’s thighs, bracing herself. “I disobeyed you, Sir. You instructed me to be naked. But, I was ashamed.”

“Five swats for disobeying. And two more for your shame.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“You’re not going to spank your mother with that, that thing!”

“I am. And you can count, Baby Boy.” I swung the paddle. SLAP! It made a bright sound, and left a pink stripe on my mother’s left ass cheek. My mother yelped, but followed quickly with, “Thank you, Master.” SLAP! This time her right cheek. “Thank you, Sir.”

I paused. “How many was that, Andrew?”


“You don’t sound sure of yourself. You need to count aloud to be sure, Andrew. Let’s start again.”

He began to protest and stand up. “That’s not fair-” But my mother held him down. “It doesn’t have to be fair. It’s a gift. But I need you to count for Mommy, Baby Boy. Please?”

SLAP! I brought the paddle down harder. It made a louder sound. But I brought it down evenly across both cheeks in the fleshier part of mom’s ass. It sounded impressive, but it would sting less than the first couple of swats. “Andrew?”, I prompted. “That’s one, Sir!” He replied. “Thank you, Baby Boy. Thank you, Master.” SLAP! “Two, Sir!” “Thank you, Baby. Thank you, Sir!”

As I administered the discipline, I noticed my mother using the spanking as an excuse to nuzzle my father’s erection.

SLAP! “Seven, Sir! That’s seven. We’re done.”

“Thank you for counting, Baby Boy, but Master decides when we’re done. Thank you, Master. Your gift has taught me.”

I smoothed my hand over her ass. Just the soft caresses short circuited the pain messages. I was also making sure that I had caught her with the flat of the paddle each time, that I hadn’t bruised or cut her. I slid my hand down the valley of her ass, and between her legs. Two fingers dipped into her cunt. She was soaked. Incredibly turned on. Very wet. Very ready. Part of me wanted to just pull out my cock and fuck her doggy style. Show my dad who was Top Dog, the Alpha Male. But this wasn’t about me. This was about my Dad and Mom.

“You’re very excited, Blue.”

“I am, Master. It’s thrilling to be naked with the two men I love most. It’s a joy not to have to hide anymore.”

“And is your Baby Boy still excited?”

My mother purred deep in her chest. It is an incredibly sexy sound. “Mmm, yes. See? There’s a big wet stain growing on the front of his tan trousers.”

“Is this true, Baby Boy?” I asked my dad.

“Um…yes, Sir.”

“Then, you had better take your cock out so we can see it.”

“I – I – I – can’t do that, Sir.”

“Sure you can, Andrew.” I undid the button of my jeans and unzipped my fly. I wasn’t wearing underwear, so my six and a half inches sprang free. The circumcised head was an engorged, dusky, purple-rose mushroom. My mother groaned and tried to surreptitiously stroke her pussy. My father’s eyes widened, and he licked his lips. “Take out your cock, Baby Boy.”

My father shook his head. “Undo his belt, Blue.” She did and pulled it free of his pants. “Open up his trousers and pull them down to his knees, Slut.” She did. My father was wearing tighty whiteys. They were tenting and had a large pre-cum stain on them. My mother ran her hand over the bulge and purred. My father shifted, pressed himself back into the back of the couch. “Take out your cock, Baby Boy.” Dad’s hands grabbed the back of the couch, and his knuckles whitened. “I’m not asking, I’m telling here. Show us…your…cock, Worm!”

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