The Big Favor Ch. 03

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“How does that feel, Zoe honey? Do you like that?” Mom smiled sweetly up at me as she moved her hand softly down my inner thigh.

She was lying naked in my bed on her side, her head propped up with one hand. As I looked down over my nude torso, my knees were up and my legs framed her body.

“I don’t want it to feel good! You’re my mother!” I protested, although my racing heart beat and trembling legs had already rendered her question a rhetorical one.

“But who could possibly be more suited to be your lover than the one person who loves you more than anyone else in this world?” Mom asked in a way that begged only one possible answer.

While looking at her face I saw the loving, nurturing mother that had always been there for me growing up as any good mother should have. But seeing her naked now, all I could see were her tits. They were conspicuous enough when she was dressed, but untethered by foundation garments and conservative clothing, they were mammoth, in your face bumper bullets, with areolas the size of saucers

The amazing thing was that despite their size and weight, they were very firm and sat high on her chest without sagging, They were, dare I say, almost perky?

I was trying not to see her in a sexual way, and I felt ashamed when I did, but there was no way to look at those knockers and think of anything besides raunchy, gratuitous, pictures in the lowliest of nudie magazines, smelly strip club sex. They were just not the tits of a respectable PTA soccer mom.

With an impish smile while seductively biting her lower lip, she moved her hand farther in until it slid up over my pubic mound. Her middle finger moved upward through my soft lips until the tip of her finger found my clit, tracing gentle circles around it.

I was struck by the sight of her finger, her long, perfectly manicured scarlet nail contrasted against her porcelain skin, moving gently through my pink lips and closely groomed brown pubic hair, creating a surreal image.

“Do you like me to touch you like this baby? Would you like me to keep going?” Mom teased.

“No…YES!…I don’t know!!”

With that scream I sat bolt upright in my bed to a deafening silence. I was alone and the room was dark except for the curtains that glowed with the early morning sunlight.

I took a deep breath and collapsed back onto the bed. That makes the third time for that dream in the last week.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” I whispered to myself with my hand on my forehead.

Without hesitation I slid my hand under the elastic band of my jammies and started to rub my wet clitty, taking over where Mom had left off. And make no mistake about it, my finger was my mother’s finger, and I came hard just like I had after every other recent dream about her.


After getting up to pee, I crawled back into bed as It was very early and I still had two hours before I had to get ready for class.

My first mistake was thinking I was actually going to go back to sleep. I stared at the ceiling with a million thoughts racing through my brain, most of them about my mother. Big surprise there.

Why was I having sexual thoughts about her? I tried to think of reasons that didn’t involve me just simply turning into a sick pervert. I was hornier that usual since I hadn’t gotten laid for a while, which also reminded me of my anger and bitterness about Stephen breaking up with me on my nineteenth birthday. But then I finally came up with an explanation that instantly made me feel better about myself.

With Jenny getting pregnant, it would only be natural for Mom to show her more love and attention. Anybody would understand that. So maybe subconsciously I was feeling neglected and the dreams were to compensate for the lack of attention and affection that I had always expected from her.

I smiled smugly to myself for having figured this out all by myself, and now felt relief in being able to put this matter behind me, even though a part of me didn’t believe that bullshit for a minute.

I thought about Jenny and Mom’s relationship and wondered if Jenny had sexual thoughts about Mom too. The very contemplation of this notion made me giggle out loud. Yeah, right! Sorry, only room for one sicko in this family!

I also thought about their monthly trips across hell and back to see the Donnelys. Since Sis had been pregnant, I’ll bet they had gone there at least five or six times. To be honest, I don’t know what they see in those lame asses. Oh sure, they’re nice. So nice you wanna puke.

The one Christmas they dragged me down there I was ready to run out of the house screaming after an hour. I’m just thankful they don’t insist that I go with them now. Besides, I love having the house to myself while they’re gone.

But then there’s Tommy. I hear them talk about him and giggle when they think I can’t hear. I see all of their FaceBook posts and I know he lives in the same town. Oh, wait! I’ll bet Mom and Jenny ditch the Donnelys and then go to Tommy’s to have a wild orgy! The absurdity illegal bahis of that image was even more amusing than Jenny having the hots for Mom.

Apparently I finally drifted off to sleep because the next thing I was a aware of was my hand repeatedly slapping the night stand until I eventually hit the clock to silence the alarm. I reluctantly rolled out of bed and in my stocking feet and jammies, I shuffled down the hallway.

I stood in the doorway of the kitchen although Mom had not noticed me standing there yet. I watched her making breakfast as I had seen her do a million times before, but this time I really saw her in a way I hadn’t before.

Instead of just seeing my mother, for the first time I saw her as a woman outside of the role of my mother. A sexual being, with needs and desires like anyone else. It used to be that the very thought of my parents having sex was the grossest thing I could imagine, but now it seemed like the most natural thing in the world.

In all the years she had been divorced I always wondered why she hadn’t dated, at least not that I ever knew of. Maybe she had secret rendezvous that she hid from us, although I don’t know why she would feel the need to.

“Morning sunshine!” Mom exclaimed in a tone way too cheerful for this early in the morning. “Did you sleep well?”

“Well no, not really Mom, and let me tell you why,” I smirked to myself, thinking of the conversation that would have followed had I actually spoken those words out loud. Instead I just shrugged.

“Would you like some toast with your eggs?”

“Sure Mom. Thanks.”

“Since Jared is going out for a poker night with the guys, Jenny is going to come over tonight and watch a movie with me,” Mom said, changing the subject. “Would you like to join us?”

“Well, I would but I’m going over to Callie’s tonight. She’s going to color her hair and she wants me to help her with it.”

“Well OK then. We’ll miss you though.”


I got back home earlier than I had expected and came in through the back door. I kicked off my shoes and walked down the hallway, hearing the TV turned up as Mom and Jenny were already watching their movie.

I don’t know why I didn’t just walk into the living room to join them, but for some reason I stopped short. They were talking and I wanted to eaves drop as I peeked around the corner.

“Mom! The baby’s kicking!” Jenny announced excitedly, pulling up her maternity top and grabbing Mom’s hand to place it over her tight, swollen tummy so that she could feel it.

“Oh my God she’s going crazy!” Mom squealed as they both laughed. A few minutes passed and it appeared that the baby had calmed down for the time being.

Mom continued to move her hand over Jenny’s belly and I stared at it as this was the first time I had really seen it since she was this far along. I noticed the stretch marks and her belly button that stuck out so big. My first thought was that I was very willing to wait a long time before I would consider having kids.

“So, has Jared been there for you at all lately?” Mom asked with concern.

“You know that answer to that, Mom. He thinks I am fat and gross and is turned off by my body. I don’t blame him I guess,” Jenny pouted.

“Don’t say that baby! You are sexier than ever!”

Mom then moved her hand softly down Jenny’s inner thigh.

“How does that feel, Jenny honey? Do you like that?” Mom asked sweetly.

I stood completely paralyzed. Not only was my mother making a blatant sexual advance on my pregnant sister, but her words and gestures were identical to my reoccurring dream. I was overcome by a strong feeling of Deja Vu and as I watched Mom’s fingers move tenderly down Jenny’s thigh, I could imagine them touching me.

I stood frozen, unable to look away as Mom reached between Jenny’s legs and pulled open the button on her shorts, and yanked down her zipper.

“Lift up baby,” as Mom grabbed her shorts and panties and pulled them off. Jenny smiled and spread her legs open wide.

My heart raced and I felt faint as I was sure I must be dreaming. “Holy mother fucking shit!” I exclaimed under my breath, with the irony of my choice of expletive not lost on me.

Confused, my head was swimming with all of the implications here. This was obviously not a first time encounter. They had been intimate before.

Suddenly my confusion and questions took a back seat to the hot rush of intense arousal that swept over me as I watched Mom get on her knees and move her face in between Jenny’s legs.

“Oh, no fucking way! She’s really going to…” I couldn’t utter the words, not even to myself.

Without conscious thought, I reached down and grabbed my crotch hard through my sweat pants, rubbing my pussy and feeling the soft flannel ride over my engorged clit and down through my pussy, absorbing the juices that now flowed freely.

I watched with wondrous disbelief as Mom’s tongue extended, sliding up through Jenny’s tiny slit before bringing her mouth down full onto her illegal bahis siteleri pussy, sucking on it with great, loving passion. Jenny whimpered as she ground her hips with a gentle fucking motion against her mother’s wet, sticky lips.

“Oh yeah, Mom. Eat my fucking pussy just like that!” I demanded in a mere whisper. I was now completely immersed in the illusion that it was my cunt getting licked, my fingers the proxy for my mother’s mouth.

“Fuck, that feels incredible, Mom!” Jenny moaned breathlessly, “I wish you could teach Jared how to do that!”

“Honey, nobody will ever know you like your mamma,” Mom said sweetly, as she took two fingers and guided them into Jenny’s pussy to stroke her gently. Jenny squirmed with delight as Mom finger fucked her while licking her clit with the tip of her tongue.

As my hand continued to furiously dry hump my crotch, I finally realized I could no longer mask the intensity of this experience, now realizing just how much noise I was making. I would be mortified if they caught me watching them, especially if they saw me masturbating no less. I turned and shuffled through the hallway to my room as quickly as I could, hopefully without attracting attention.

I quickly closed the door behind me and stripped off my sweats as I hurried to my bed, laying on my back as I started rubbing myself like a depraved sex maniac. The image of Mom and Jenny was still burned into my consciousness and as I laid there, Mom was sucking MY pussy.

“Bury your face in my God damned twat, Mom!” I growled as I feverishly stroked my hard clitty before ramming two fingers deep into my soggy cunt, fucking my slit as hard and as fast as I could. The wet slurpy sounds of my fapping echoed off the bedroom walls as I drove myself to the brink.

“I’m going to cum Mom! I’m going to cum all over your fucking face!”

And with that final image of my mother with my pussy in her mouth, the most intensely arousing image my slutty little brain had ever conjured up, my orgasm suddenly swept over me like a tidal wave. My legs clenched together against my hand as my torso lunged forward with my knees drawn up as I rolled onto my side in a fetal position and turned my head to scream into my pillow. My body convulsed and twitched before collapsing into a spent heap.

As I laid there I stared at the ceiling for what must have been a half hour just to try to absorb what I had witnessed tonight when I was startled by a soft knock on my door.

“Can I come in Zoe?” Came Jenny’s soft voice from the other side of the door.

“Uh, I don’t think so right now,” I answered back.

“C’mon Sis, we really need to talk. Zoe?…Zoe, I’m coming in.”

I quickly pulled the top blanket over my naked body as the door opened. Jenny was wearing a robe as she came in and sat down on the edge of the bed. I could tell just by looking at her that she had just had an orgasm, and I’m sure it showed on my face as well.

“You know we saw you standing there watching us and masturbating, Zoe.”

“Oh, Jesus Christ, no! How fucking embarrassing!” I wailed, covering my face with my hands.

Jenny calmly replied, “I would have invited you to join us but I was afraid I would have scared you away.”

“Well why in the fuck would you think that?!” My escalating voice dripped with sarcasm.

“Hey Sis!” I asked in a mocking imitation of my sister, “Since I’m in here fucking Mom, why don’t you come on in and join us? She gives great head after all. Mom also says if we can make her cum, she’ll bake us some cookies later.”

Jenny started laughing even though she could see I was not amused.

“OK Zoe, I get it.”

“Oh, you get it do you?!” I continued to rant. “Then I wish you would explain it to me why I have been having sex dreams about Mom almost every night. Every time I look at her lately I think about sucking on those epic tits and having my way with her. I even get turned on thinking about doing stuff to her…Oh, Jesus! Doing stuff to her butt.” The last word quietly trailed off as it was too painful to say out loud.

“And then I walk in to see Mom and my big sister going at it and obviously not for the first time. Do the three of us have some kind of genetic defect or is there something in our water? I feel like I am slowly going out of my mind!”

Jenny wrapped her arms around me and spoke softly into my ear. “It’s OK Sis. I know it’s a lot to take in all at once, but it will be all right.”

“You know, you really give pathetic hugs with that big fucking gut in the way.”

We both laughed, breaking the tension a bit.

“So tell me Jenny, how did this all start between you and Mom?” I asked.

“It’s a long story for another time,” Jenny explained, “but it had to do with our trips to the Donnelys. It was Tommy that indirectly helped us discover the feelings we had for each other. We joked that it must have been something in our DNA but now that I hear about your feelings, I think there may be some truth to that.”

“Well, I admit that I feel a bit better canlı bahis siteleri knowing that it’s not just me,” I admitted, “but I still feel like I’m tied up in knots.”

“Of course you do,” Jenny sympathized. “You can’t keep carrying that kind of sexual tension around without it eating away at you.”

After listening in on the conversation from the hallway, Mom walked into my room also wearing a robe that wasn’t tied at the front and it was apparent that she was wearing nothing else.

With my hand over my mouth and my eyes filling with tears, I jumped out of bed and ran to her, not even remembering or caring that I was only wearing a T-shirt. I threw my arms around her and started sobbing uncontrollably.

“Oh, honey!” Mom said softly as she held me and stroked my hair, “I’m so sorry you have had to deal with these feelings all by yourself. I just didn’t know.”

As Mom held me out at arms length to look at my face, smiling, it would be the last moment tonight that I would see her as my mother. I peered down the front of her robe which laid open a mere inch or two. Just enough to see the sides of her breasts, her soft tummy and her thick but closely groomed patch of hair between her thighs.

I reached out to grab the lapels of her robe in my hands, slowly pulling it open before lifting it up over her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor in a heap behind her. I stood staring shamelessly at those magnificent tits. The ones that had occupied my dreams for so many weeks.

“You can touch me Zoe baby,” Mom said tenderly. “You can have whatever you want. I want you to take me.”

Those were just the words I wanted to hear. I had no tears left and no apprehensions. I was through indulging the feelings of guilt and shame. I was only left with the lust and desire to fuck the shit out of my mother.

I pulled my T-shirt off and took her right breast in my hand, lifting and hefting it’s weight, kneading it as I teased her taught nipple with my thumb. I placed my other hand behind her head and brought my mouth down on hers in a passionate lover’s kiss. I was thrilled to feel her tongue instantly enter my mouth to find mine.

I pressed my body against hers, feeling her enormous tits flatten to envelope my torso as my hands moved down her back to grab her soft fleshy butt. I turned her around to push her gently back onto my bed. As I dropped to my knees I lifted her thighs, pushing them back and apart as I watched her pussy open up. Her sticky secretions coated her thick, meaty labia and I couldn’t wait to taste the sweet nectar.

I pushed my face into her fleshy cunt, whipping my tongue around to devour every sweet fold and crevice.

“Oh fuck, Zoe! That’s it. Eat my pussy just like that baby!” Mom exclaimed between heavy breaths, her back arched and her hips writhing with pleasure.

At that moment Jenny entered the room holding something in her hand.

“Zoe, I have just what you need right now,” She said as she held up a large, pink rubber cock with straps hanging from it. “Mom could use a good cock pounding and I think it would do your frustrated sexual psyche a world of good in the process.”

I stared at it with fascination. It was not just a cock. To me it represented power, control, dominance, release.

“Help my put it on, Jenny!” I exclaimed with curious anticipation.

I held the rubber phallus over my pussy while Jenny attached the straps and pulled them tight, Mom’s eyes fixed on my new appendage the entire time.

I wrapped my fingers around it to stroke it a couple of times like I had seen my boyfriends do. I swore I could almost feel my hand on it.

“Fuck me Zoe baby!” Mom taunted. “Fill my pussy with that big beautiful cock of yours!”

I crawled up onto the bed on my knees, positioning myself between her legs. Grabbing my dick I smeared the head through her lips and over her clit to get it wet and slick. I then guided the tip into her wet fuck hole and thrust my hips forward, driving my cock deep into her pussy.

Mom moaned with ecstasy as my shaft disappeared inside her. I withdrew it and drove it home again, each thrust more forceful than the last. I increased my speed, feeling aroused by the intense pounding I was subjecting her to. Her enormous tits swayed and jerked violently as my pelvis made a loud ‘smack’ as I rammed myself against her thighs repeatedly.

Jenny had settled into a chair next to the wall, her heels up on the seat cushion, reaching around her huge belly to finger her pussy as she watched her mom being fucked by her baby sister.

“Oh yeah, Sis! I love it! Fuck Mom with that big cock!”

“Do you like that Mom?” I asked hoarsely, half out of breath. “Do you like having your little girl pound that slutty cunt of yours?”

“Yes, Zoe baby, I love it. I’m all yours!”

“Turn over Mom and get on all fours,” I instructed as I withdrew my wet, glistening cock.

“Yes honey,” As Mom immediately complied.

As soon as she was in position I took my thumbs and pulled her butt cheeks open. I gathered up a large thick spit wad and released it to splatter over her puckered asshole. Taking my cock once again in my hand I spread the lubricant over her tight bud before applying pressure until it yielded, watching the head slowly enter her ass.

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