The Bed and Breakfast

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Patricia decided that she was tired of living at home with her parents. She had moved back home after college until she could find a job and get back on her feet. But now that she had been working for a year and saving up her money, she felt that she was ready to take the next step and start looking for a place to live. She really wanted to buy a place, and not put her money into someone else’s pockets, but she didn’t feel like she could afford a house just yet. She sat down and figured out a budget, and realized that she could probably afford a mobile home. The initial price wouldn’t be too high, and therefore she wouldn’t need as much of a down payment. She decided to start her search the next morning at a local mobile home dealership and find out what she could get for her money.

Robbie had worked in the construction industry for a long time, but the recent downturn in the housing market had really slowed the amount of work that he had over the last year. He had child support payments which were still rather high, although his income wasn’t at the level that it was when the support payment amount was decided by the judge. His friends had always talked about how outgoing he was, and even one of them had commented that he could probably sell ice to an Eskimo. So when the layoff happened at his company, he answered an ad in the local paper for a salesman position at a local mobile home dealership. The manager hired him on the spot, and if he could sell a couple of trailers a week, he could make almost what he was making while doing the construction work.

That Monday morning Robbie got up and put on a white polo shirt with a pair of tan Docker pants. Not too dressy, but still somewhat casual so that his customers would hopefully be put at ease. It was nearing the end of the month, and he had not been working at the dealership very long, but he wanted to have at least one sale before the month ended when paychecks would be issued. As Robbie went out onto the deck at the office, he saw a young woman pull up in a compact car that was a few years old. She looked fairly young at first glance, and Robbie figured that she was there about a job or something, as she looked too young to be a potential buyer. As she stepped out of the car, Robbie took stock of her features.

As she exited her vehicle, the first thing that Robbie noticed was her face. She had a gentle smile framed by a small, yet somewhat narrow face. The light shade of red that flowed through her hair brought out the fair skin that ran from her head to her toe. It was clear that she used a tanning bed, as there were no tan lines anywhere to be seen. She was dressed in jeans and a light gray sleeveless top with a blue border around the neck and shoulders, with another dark blue line that ran across her body on top of her breasts.

Ah, her breasts. They were pleasant to the eye, with a perkiness that accentuated her youthfulness. His last girlfriend had been a size 32, and this girl appeared to be about the same bra size. The top was tight enough to outline the breasts on the sides and bottom, without making them look like they were being restricted. He had never been a big breast man, as he always told himself, “Whatever a man can’t put in his mouth is wasted”. And if he ever had a chance with a girl like the one before him, he wouldn’t want to waste anything.

She was standing upright now and walking towards him. She appeared to be a little over five foot, and her frame was rather small, but she had a smile and a bounce to her step that seemed to add six more inches to her height. As she walked up to the deck where Robbie was standing, she smiled again and reached out her hand in greeting.

“Good morning, my name is Patricia,” she said as she ascended the stairs.

“Good morning, and welcome to the dealership,” Robbie greeted. “How may I help you today?”

“I would like to look at some of your homes,” Patricia replied.

“Very well, then. Do you know what size you are looking for? How many bedrooms and/or bathrooms will you need?” Robbie asked.

“I am thinking about a 2 or 3 bedroom home, with at least 2 baths, as I do not want to have to share my private bathroom with any company that I might have. I need all of the counter space I can get, without worrying about someone seeing my mess.”

“Okay, let’s start out with a couple of homes that are next to the office, and we’ll go from there.”

Robbie started to descend the stairs to lead her toward the first mobile home that she might like. Patricia fell in behind him, and took a minute to really observe this man that was leading the way. He looked to be about five foot eight, maybe a hundred and fifty or sixty pounds, medium blond hair with a nice muscular build. His arms held no flab to flap around when he walked, just pure muscles that rippled some as he moved his arms when he walked.

As Robbie approached the first home that he wanted to show her, he walked halfway up the stairs and opened the storm door, then stepped to the side so that she could go up the stairs canlı bahis ahead of him. The doors to the homes were already unlocked and opened at the beginning of each business day, with just the screen doors remaining closed. He found that he couldn’t take his eyes off of her as she walked up the stairs to enter the mobile home. The jeans that she was wearing were form fitting, and they accentuated her curves very nicely. The shape of her ass was proportional for her body, but it was not flat like a lot of girls that were her size. It had a nice half bowl shape that gently sloped into her thighs, with enough parting in the middle to make him want to reach out and grab each cheek in his hands. But she appeared to be at least ten years younger than him, so he knew there was no chance that he could have someone as young and nubile as she was.

As Patricia crested the top of the stairs, she turned to take a quick look at the handsome gentleman that was following her. The opening at the neck of the polo shirt showed some chest hairs that were evenly spread across the chest area. It wasn’t like a forest growing on his chest, but enough to make her want to run her fingers through it, especially if it was as soft as it appeared.

Just then Robbie crested the top of the stairs as Patricia stepped across the threshold, and he began to tell her the details about the home.

“This is a three bedroom, two and a half bath mobile home. It is a brand new 28×76 home, and it has only been on the lot for about a week. It has an open floor plan with a fireplace in the living room, and an island in the kitchen.”

“It is very nice. I like the colors that they used to decorate the walls and window trim.”

“That’s great, but if there is anything that you don’t like, I’m sure we can trade it out with something that would suit your tastes better.”

“So, how much is this home?”

“Well, this is a double wide, and one of the larger models, so it will list for about eighty grand. That includes central heat and air, and the decorations and window treatments that you see here that are already installed.”

“I was hoping for something a little more inexpensive though. I do have a down payment, but I don’t want my payments too high. I like the size of the rooms that I see here, though.”

“Okay, there is a mobile home that is two years old and we just repo’d it a few weeks ago. It is in pretty good shape, though it could use some good cleaning, and maybe a little painting, but it might be more in your budget.”

“Alright, let’s go look at it then,” Patricia said as she turned to walk toward the front door.

Robbie continued to follow her out of the mobile home and directed her to the mobile home that was directly behind the one that they had just gone into. He once again preceded her up the stairs, enjoying the view of her ass again as she went before him into the mobile home. She looked around the mobile home, and liked what she saw. There were some items lying around on the floors in some of the rooms, and it would definitely need a carpet cleaning, but Patricia determined that most of the work that had to be done could be done easily by her.

The master suite had its own private bathroom, and it was one big selling feature that she liked. It was also the only room that had any furniture in it, as there was a queen size bed on a bed frame with only a plain wooden headboard. She had some furniture that her dad was going to let her keep to move into her new place, but her bed back home was a twin bed that she had slept in since she was a child, and a bigger bed would be nice, especially if she had someone over to spend the night.

“How much is this one selling for?” Patricia asked.

“As I said earlier, this is a repo. The bank owns it, but they will accept bids through the end of the month, and then decide on who they want to sell it to. You can probably get this for a third of what the other home costs, as there is some work that needs to be done, and the bank wants to sell this “as is” Do you want to put in a bid on the home?” Robbie asked.

“Yes I do,” Patricia replied.

“Okay, let me go back to the office and I will get the paperwork that you will need to fill out. Take your time and look around the home all you want to, so that you can know exactly what you are willing to pay for this.”

“Thank you, I will.”

Patricia looked out the living room window and watched Robbie as he walked back toward the office. He was older than her, but he was definitely handsome, though she detected a faint hint of shyness from him. She hadn’t dated anyone in the last year as she had immersed herself into her work, and most of her friends had moved away to go to college or start families of their own. There were a couple of guys that had made passes at her at work, but she didn’t want to get involved with someone that she worked with, then have to deal with them if the relationship didn’t work out. Robbie’s shoulders were not too broad, yet the muscular tone was highlighted by the ridge that was bahis siteleri created by them across the top of his shirt. There was a nice indented curve to his back that fell into a small rounded ass, which was followed up by legs that were maybe a little shorter than some guys, but not really out of proportion.

Patricia went back into the master bedroom to examine the bed that had been left behind. It was not much to look at, but it appeared that it would be comfortable enough to sleep on. She laid down on the bed, and found herself thinking about the salesman once again. She realized that she was getting turned on just by thinking about him. It had been some time since she had been with a man, so there was a longing that was pent up inside of her that needed release. She still didn’t really want to get into a deep relationship, but a nice romp in the bed would definitely feel good. She had noticed that he seemed to like what he saw in her, as she caught him watching her as she walked up the stairs when she had glanced back one time.

It was then that she decided to do something she decided was crazy and probably a little risky even. She wanted to seduce him right then and there. The bed had already been slept in, so it wasn’t like they would be getting a new one dirty. Patricia slipped off her top, bra and jeans and laid them to the side of the bed. She then walked over to the double closet doors, and was going to hide inside of it and step out and surprise him when she heard a noise behind her and turned to see Robbie standing in the doorway with his eyes wide open and his mouth agape.

Robbie couldn’t believe his eyes. This young lady who he had almost been drooling over as he watched her walk was standing partially naked in front of him. She was standing by the partially opened closet doors in a sideways stance, with her right arm lifted up onto the higher portion of the right door, with her left hand at chest level on the left door. Her back was on a forty five degree angle from him, allowing the underside curve of her right breast to show below the length of her right arm. She was only wearing a pair of black panties, and the edges were pulled in slightly, allowing the outer curve of her ass cheeks to show, especially the left one. Robbie found himself wanting to reach out and grab them instantly, but not knowing how to react, he stood planted at the door, awaiting her next move.

Patricia could tell by the look of shock on his face that he was definitely surprised, but then as the shock faded to a smile and then to a look of lust, she knew that her plan was on the right track. She turned and walked toward the bed and climbed up onto the middle of it. She got on her knees and turned so that he would be facing her right side again. The bed had some give in it, so she steadied herself with her left hand and unconsciously brought her right hand up to her mouth, almost as if to bite her fingernails from the nerves that she was trying to keep in check.

Robbie followed her movements with his eyes and as she got up onto the bed, he got to see her beautiful body in its fullness and glory. The breasts were as lovely as he had pictured they would be. Her areolas were a little more than a half dollar in size, with the nipples standing at attention from the rush of cool air in the mobile home. The fall temperatures outside made the home cool, but not cold yet as the sun had started to heat it up. She looked very young as she bent over to get on her knees on the bed because of the soft, supple skin supplemented by the firm, taut breasts and ass.

Patricia motioned for Robbie to move closer to the bed, and not wanting to break the moment, he gladly obliged. She then reached out for him as he neared the side of the bed and started to undo his belt and then unzip his pants. Then she pulled his pants down his thighs, noticing more hair that flowed evenly down his legs until just before his ankles. Robbie was wearing boxer briefs and reached down to assist her in undressing, but Patricia pushed his hands away.

When he started to speak, she brought her right index finger back up to her mouth and motioned for him to be quiet.

Patricia then moved her hands back to the waistband of his underwear, and pulled the front of the band towards her until his cock, which was now rigid, was revealed. She lowered the briefs below his balls and down to his knees, and Robbie lifted each leg, one at a time, allowing her to slide the briefs and pants off of his feet.

Patricia moved her hands back up his body, letting them take their time to run across the muscles and through the hair until she reached the prize that was standing erect before her. She reached out her right hand and gently cupped his balls and her left hand continued the climb until she could wrap her fingers around the circumcised head of his cock. She then started a rubbing motion with her palm turned upwards across the bottom of his balls, letting her fingers trail the outer lines of his ass cheeks. Then she started an up and down motion with bahis şirketleri her left hand, letting it slowly side up and down the length of his shaft.

The skin of his cock was rather dry, so she leaned forward and started to lick around the circumcision edges, finally enveloping his cock in her mouth and letting her mouth trail the top of her hand as it continued the up and down pumping motion. The juices from her saliva now flowed downward over his cock so that her hand could have a little bit of lubrication as it stroked him.

Robbie closed his eyes as the feelings that were coursing through his body were intense in the pleasure that he was receiving. Then he looked down in time to see her lean forward and start to bring her mouth down upon him, and he was worried that he would shoot his load just from the sight of this young girl giving him head, and the feelings that it was bringing.

Patricia could feel him starting to grow, and not wanting to waste anything, she released her grip on his manhood and laid down on the bed with her head at the headboard, resting on a couple of throw pillow that were scattered around the edge.

Robbie repositioned himself at the end of the bed and climbed up onto the bed on his knees, using his right arm and hand to spread her legs as he drew nearer to her body using his left hand for balance.

Patricia knew exactly what he wanted, and gladly she spread her legs, lifting them a little so that her feet were planted on the top of the mattress, allowing him to have an easier access to her pussy, which now ached to be touched.

Robbie reached out with his right hand and he brought himself up closer to Patricia, still remaining between her legs and on his knees. He then took both hands and started to let his fingers on both hands trail up and down Patricia’s thighs, each hand stroking the thigh nearest it. He could feel the muscles in her legs and thighs tense at first, almost as if reacting to a tickling sensation, but they soon relaxed and he resumed the motions that his fingers had started. He would bring his fingers inside of her thighs, just to the point of the outer edges of her vaginal lips, and then let them retreat back outward towards her feet. After a couple times of doing that, he could see the moisture starting to glisten on her shaved pussy, and she had started to slowly let her hips undulate in an effort to find the release that had been pent up inside of her for so long.

Robbie then leaned down and let his mouth kiss her vaginal lips, running his tongue over the edges of them both and then letting it dive down deep into the folds that were oozing a delicious aroma to his nostrils. He could tell that she had not been extremely sexually active as the opening to her pussy seemed fairly tight, and he had to let the outer edges of his tongue fold in toward the middle as he lapped up the juices from his saliva and her pussy that were starting to flow out of her pussy, and down across the crack of her ass cheeks. Each time Robbie let his tongue sink in further until he was close enough to have formed a tight suction on her pussy with his lips.

Patricia’s clitoris had become hard because of all of the attention that he vagina was getting and she found herself reaching down with her left hand and starting a circular rubbing motion over the top of her clit. She would periodically bring her finger to her mouth and wet it so that she would not rub herself raw from the friction.

Patricia’s hips were starting to move and lift up in an effort to have Robbie’s tongue buried deep inside of her, and Robbie decided that he wanted to have something else buried instead.

Robbie lifted his head and reached his arms over her legs, pulling himself up her body until his face was even with hers. He could feel her reach down to grab his cock and he brought himself up a little bit more until she was able to grasp it in her hands, and guide it towards her waiting pussy. As he felt the head brush against her vagina, he plunged his cock inside of her pussy in one swift stroke.

Patricia gasped from the feeling of her pussy being filled with his manhood, as it seemed that he had plunged himself down to her very depths, almost to her untouched womb. Robbie let his cock remain buried inside of her until he could feel her start to relax, then he started a motion that allowed him to bring his cock out to the folds of her vagina, then he would plunge it back in again as deeply as possible.

Each time Patricia would take a gasp of air from the sensation, but it felt too good to make him want to stop. She continued to lift her hips as she pounded her pussy with his swelling manhood. She felt her vaginal muscles start to contract and she knew that she was close, and figured that he had to be also.

As Robbie felt her muscles clamp down on his cock, the sensation made his balls shudder and thrust his sperm into her waiting pussy. Hearing him exclaim as he had his orgasm, Patricia felt herself being pushed over the edge and she too screamed inaudibly as she climaxed in wave after wave of pulsing through her pussy, causing her hips to buck wildly as she wanted to feel all of him buried inside of her as her muscles contracted around his hardened cock time and time again.

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