The Barbeque Ch. 02

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Darnell and Kim get themselves back together, and head back outside just as his brother was taking the food off the grill, just as the food was set on the table his brother just looked at Darnell and winked, Darnell smiled back although wasn’t quite sure why he had winked at him, going to the table Darnell pulled the chair out for Kim, then he sat next to her, as they began to eat dinner Kim kept glancing over at Darnell.

“Remember what I told you, my lil naughty girl, you had better behave.” He leans over whispering in her ear.

“Oh yes I remember, I will be a good girl for now any way.” Kim replies in a little giggle.

Kim excuses herself walking into the house to get herself a wine cooler and Darnell a beer, as she walks back to the table the she puts the cold beer bottle against the back of Darnell’s neck. As she leans in kissing his earlobe, running her tongue around his earring, quickly she sits down next to him knowing damn well she’s going to pay for doing that to him.

Slowly his hand wandered onto her leg when she least expected it, she was involved in a conversation with his mother, her body jumps slightly as he slid his hand between her legs, very slowly inside her shorts, she had all she could do to hold her moans back as she didn’t want to give away what he was doing, she looks over at Darnell with a look of lust and desire in her eyes.

“I warned you to behave baby girl.” He whispers in her ear.

“I was being good baby” she replies with a sweet little smile.

“Do you call doing that to my ear being good, you know what that does to me!”

“Oh I sure do don’t I.” She replies as her hand roams over onto his hardening member, stroking it slowly through his shorts.

“God damn it!!! If my mom wasn’t sitting right there I would bend you over this table and fuck you right here!!!!!!!!!!!” he whispers in her ear trying to hold back a very sexy whimper.

Darnell’s brother pendik escort called out to him, they were going to play horseshoes and wanted him to play, Darnell kisses Kim softly as he removes his finger from inside her shorts, looking over at his mom noticing her attention was now on watching the other guys setting up the game, his eyes lock onto Kim’s, slipping his finger into his mouth he sucks her juices off it.

“MMMMM I will have more of that later you just wait and see!!!” Leaning into her his lips meeting with hers he kisses her deeply, their tongues exchanging vows for a moment or two.

Darnell gets up going over to play the game, Kim and his mom decide to go and watch, but again she still didn’t behave, she walked up behind Darnell wrapping her arms around his waist, while no one was looking she slipped her hands onto his member, he moaned softly as his head went back toward her.

“God baby you really have to stop this, how do you expect me to play this game with a damn hard on?”

“Ok I will behave, but you know I just can’t resist touching you, you make me crazy every time you move!!”

It was now Darnell’s turn after he finished throwing both shoes Kim proceeded down the pit to pick them up for him, his brothers and his dad were already at the other end, Kim stops with her back facing Darnell and slowly bends over to pick them up, she knew damn well what that would do to him, he couldn’t possibly resist her, yet her surprised her this time he just walked over to her and took the shoes from her, as each of the guys took their turns throwing the shoes Kim backed up in front of Darnell grinding her ass against his member, he let out one of his very sexy soft high pitched whimpers, as he proceeded to take her ass into his hands caressing it gently.

“Damn you girl, just a little while longer baby please, it wont be all that long and everyone will be going home then you can have maltepe escort me all to yourself, but if you keep this up I wont be able to maintain my composure till then” he whispered kissing her neck softly.

She promised to behave and before she knew it the game was over and everyone was beginning to say their goodbye’s as his parents left Kim was out in the back cleaning up the table, when suddenly his arms were wrapped around her waist, softly he kissed the back of her neck as she heard him whispering to her with his very sexy accent.

“Thank you baby girl!”

“For what baby??” she replied softly.

“For allowing me to finish the game and to keep my composure, it was getting really hard for me not to take and drop you right there on the lawn and just devour you, god damn you looked so sexy today, and now everyone’s gone and I’m going to do just that right here right now!!!!!!!!!”

Turning Kim around to look at him, taking her into his arms he lifts the tank top she’s wearing taking it off of her, his hands cupping her breasts massaging them gently, he could feel her nipples hardening to his touch pressing into the palms of his hands, slowly his fingers ran down her sides into the top of her shorts, lowering them over her hips down her legs, holding onto his shoulders he helps her step out of them, kissing slowly up her legs licking and nibbling all the way, slowly he parts her legs as she leans back against the table.

Her fingers slowly running into his hair as he slides her thong to the side, lightly running his tongue over her moistened pussy lips, teasing her clit lightly with his thumb, she moans softly as her head goes back, he slips his tongue deep inside her love tunnel, her pussy begins grinding against his face, he moans louder as he devours her, locking her fingers behind her head as she could feel her orgasm building in the pit of her stomach, he knew it too, he slid kartal escort two fingers into her already soaking wet screaming pussy, sucking her clit into his mouth sucking and nibbling on it gently, the grip on his head got tighter as she pushed him into her deeper.

“HOLY SHITTTTT!! DARNELL DON’T STOP NOW BABY, OH MY GOD DON’T STOP!!!!!!!” she screamed almost at the top of her lungs as he pushed her over the edge, the orgasm ripped through her so fast her body shook furiously.

Standing before her, she lowered his shorts, taking his member into her hand stroking it gently, looking deep into his eyes, god she wanted to feel his cock buried deep inside her, turning around bending over the side of the table she looks back at him over her shoulder with that “fuck me” look in her eyes.

“Give me that bad boy, I want daddies cock buried deep inside me, I’ve been such a bad girl today!!” she exclaimed to him with in her sexy little voice, one that he just couldn’t resist.

“Oh you’ve been a very bad girl, daddies going to have to punish you!” taking her by the hips he slides his hardened member slowly inside her, he moaned softly as she was so wet and warm for him.

Slowly he paces himself at first, till he felt her pussy grabbing onto his bulging rigid cock, his pace picked up faster and harder he rammed into her, she could feel his cock rubbing against her inner walls, grabbing onto the back of her hair he pulled her head back a bit as she hunched back into him, her pussy grinding against his cock, she could feel his cock swelling inside her, his balls slapping against her clit, his body tensing as the hold on her hip was tightening.

“OHHHHHH MY FUCKING GOD YESSSSSSSSSS, AHHHHHHHHH DON’T LET GO OF MY COCK!!!!!!!!” He screamed with one last thrust his cock exploded inside her, his body trembled from the release.

Holding her close to him for a few moments as their bodies settle, standing up she looks at him their eyes locking onto one another.

“Lets finish up out here and go inside for the evening and see where that leads us.” He whispers in her ear.

“Ok baby lets go I have a feeling its going to be one terrific evening!!!!!!!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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