The Awakened Dream

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I close the laptop and smile. It is late at night and you have just told me that you are tired and need to go to bed. Once again as a favor to me, you have left the cam pointed to the bed, so I can watch you sleeping.

I waited a while, until I was certain you were really asleep. I put the laptop into its case and grab the basket beside the bench. Slowly I make my way up from the beach to your apartment. You have no idea how close I am to you. You still think I am at home. In a conversation we had a while ago, you mentioned to me where you keep your spare key and so I have no problem entering your apartment.

I move about quietly, as I do not want to wake you up and spoil my game. I open the bottle of champagne in the kitchen, so you don’t hear the plop. Slowly I make my way to you. I can’t help smiling as I reach you. You are laid on your side, the cat against your back and you are naked. I put the champagne and two glasses down on the bedside table. Then I undo the zipper on the back of my dress, leaving me naked.

I walk to your PC and point the cam down to the keyboard. I am not willing pendik escort to share this with anybody. Then I tiger over to the bed. The cat gets up and walks along the bed to me. I stroke her soft fur and she starts purring. After a while I move along the bed and let my fingers softly play along your back. I see little goose pimples forming on your skin and you stir in your sleep. I go on playing and eventually you roll onto your back, just as I want it.

Your cock is half hard from my playing. I move back down the bed and crawl up between your legs. Gently, hardly touching I start stroking your inner thighs and then your balls. I want to get you hard, without waking you up. I can see my plan working. The more I stroke and tease, the harder you get, until you are rock solid. Now I can start playing.

I move down with my head and kiss the tip of your cock. I hear you moaning lightly. Slowly I lick up and down your cock, and then take him into my mouth. Sliding down on him. I feel him hit the back of my throat and I swallow, letting him enter, till my nose hits your tummy. With my ass up in air maltepe escort I am in between your legs. Your moaning gets louder and you wake up.

At first you are not sure whether you are awake or still dreaming, but as you look down and see the top of my head you are sure that you can only be dreaming. Your cock is embedded deep in my throat and my hand is cupping your balls, squeezing them gently. You look down at me again, but can’t recognize who I am.

The slight darkness of the room and the angle my head is in doesn’t allow you to see my face. My head starts bobbing up and down on your cock as I suck him in again and again. You grab the sheets and claw into them. One of my hands slides along your tummy, up to your chest. I let my fingers run through your chest hair. Not a sound escapes from me, but your growling and moaning is letting my juices run out of me and along my legs. You start moaning louder and I can feel your balls hardening and your cock expanding.

“Oh God!! I am going to…ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” You don’t even get to finish your sentence. Your cum shoots out of your kartal escort cock and fills my mouth. I continue sucking and swallow it. You shoot again and again, filling my mouth, until I can’t take it any more and some starts running along your cock. Your shudders slowly ebb away and I start cleaning up your cock and the cum that ran out.

“Who are you?” you ask. I don’t answer, but slowly slide up your body, kissing my way up to your neck. Before I came I made sure that one of my nails was filed to a sharp point, and as I now reach your neck, I bring it up to your soft skin. With a swift move I let it rip your skin and watch the blood running from the cut. I moan and lean forward, letting your cock slide under me. I am soaking wet, and as I move up onto your still hard cock, it has no problem entering me. I push down with one hard push and you ram deep into me. You moan out and I take my first lick at your blood. Such a sweet taste.

“Please… let me see you,” you say, “It cant be…” I move up and impale myself on your cock. The light from the moon shines onto my face. You gasp.

“Please tell me I am not dreaming.” I smile and lean for ward to kiss you hungrily.

“Did that feel like a dream baby?” I ask you. You shake your head.

“I am here,” I say, “and before this night is over I am going to fulfill your every dream.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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