The Amazing First Time

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Alina Li

It’s a Saturday night and I am getting ready to see you. I am taking extra special care of myself tonight for I have decided it is the night that we will experience each other fully for the first time. I have decided that it is time to give myself to you, as hard as it has been to abstain for the past months.

In preparation for the evening, I go to the closet to find the outfit I will wear for you. Initially I had thought to go to a nice dinner and then come back to my place, but then I decided I would make a light meal and we could stay in. I search through the dresses and skirts looking for the perfect one. I finally find what I am looking for and pull it from the closet. A short black skirt and a deep green blouse that is cut low in the front.

I then go to the dresser and remove a pair of black thigh high stockings. I take out a sheer black bra and opt for a no panty evening. I go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. Immediately steam fills the room and I remove my robe and step in.

The water flows across my naked body and I put my head under the stream, wetting my hair. I then grab for the shaving gel and razor. I spray out the cream along one of my legs and rub it until it’s completely covered. I then shave it bare and repeat with my other leg. I then spray a small amount into my hand and foam it up as I apply it between my legs. I gently run the razor along, making certain not to miss a single hair.

Once all the shaving is completed, I wash myself entirely using only vanilla scented products. I know that you enjoy the smell of my skin when it has that “ice cream” scent to it. I take special care to clean myself completely as I run the soap across my breasts, down my stomach and between my thighs.

I stand beneath the showerhead once more and feel the water pouring down as it rinses me clean. I reach down and turn off the water and then step out, grabbing a towel. I dry off and put the towel around my long, wet hair. I take the vanilla lotion and begin applying it to my legs and then make my way over my freshly shaved mound.

Once done with the lotion, I take my hair out of the towel and dry it. I then curl it into large, loose ringlets that fall around my shoulders and down my back. I put on my bra, then the stockings, skirt and blouse. I put on a pair of black heels to complete the outfit. I don’t suspect I’ll be wearing them long, but I do like to gain that slight edge in height on you, even if it is short lived and doesn’t bring the top of my head higher than your nose.

I put on some black eye liner and then take out a small bottle of vanilla scented perfume. I rub a small amount at my wrists and at each side of my neck. I finish with a light vanilla flavored lip-gloss and then go to check on dinner.

Dinner is right on schedule and I grab a bottle of wine from the fridge. I open the bottle and pour myself a glass. Just then, there is a knock on the door. I put the glass and bottle down and go to the door to find you standing with a bouquet of beautiful Calla Lilies and coral roses. I take your hand and you pull me close to you for a long, sweet kiss.

I take the flowers and put them into a vase on the table. Only candles light the entire house and it seems that there are hundreds of them. “Would you like a glass of wine,” I ask with a cute, yet exciting smile on my lips. “Dinner will still be a few minutes.”

“That would be excellent,” you reply. I pour you a glass and bring it to you. You take the glass from my hand and then pull me against you again for another amazing kiss. Already the warmth between my thighs is beginning. I wonder to myself how I will make it through dinner.

I pull away from you and go to prepare our plates. “Go ahead and sit down,” I tell you as I turn to take out plates from the cupboard. You sit down and I serve our dinner. I bring out your plate and set it before you, then set my own plate down next to it and seat myself next to you.

We eat dinner, making small talk and taking those quick little glances at one another between bites. I look at you and smile and soon you notice my grin. You smile back at me and pendik escort give one of your silly looks I adore so much. You move your hand along my leg and again the heat rises where my legs meet.

I take the plates to the kitchen and return to find you standing. I notice that you have taken off your shoes and find it somewhat interesting how comfortable you have become with me. I take your hands and interlace my fingers in yours. I reach up and kiss your lips and then move my kisses along your jaw line. I then move along your neck nibbling lightly and allowing my lips to drag along your skin.

I pull you over to the couch and sit you down. I kick off my shoes and pull my skirt up a bit giving you a peek beneath as I straddle you. I lean forward and kiss you deeply as your hands find their way along my thighs and under the hem of my skirt. You rub lightly, gently caressing as your hands move further up my thighs and under the skirt.

I push myself against you and I can feel your cock hardening beneath me as I run my hands along your neck. You pull one hand from under my skirt and move it under my shirt, feeling the sheer material of my bra beneath. Your other hand finds it way between my thighs and you slowly trace my “vertical smile” with the tip of your finger. I breathe in quickly as your finger slips inside and you lightly rub against my clit.

Your hands are gentle as they move along the most tender and sensitive spots on my body. Your kisses are sweet and caring as they move along my lips and face. Your finger moves slowly between my wet lips as you gently circle around my clit. Your other hand firmly grasps my breast and you flick the nipple lightly through the material.

I pull you closer to me and kiss you as my hands plant themselves onto your shoulders and gently caress as well as grip slightly. I push myself harder into your lap and rotate my hips in a slight grinding motion against you. Your hands move up to remove my blouse and as you pull it away, you lean forward to kiss my breast. You drop it behind us on the floor as your mouth moves hungrily along my breast, both where it is bare as well as where the thin material covers it.

Before your hands can resume their previous locations, I pull to remove your shirt as well. As it slips over your head and arms, I lean close and bite lightly at your chest. You pull me closer to you and nibble along my neck and down towards my shoulder. I moan and wriggle in your lap as your teeth find their trail along my skin. Your hands move behind my back and massage as your kisses and nibbles continue. Slowly you move your hands to my bra strap and undo the hooks. You then pull your hands along my shoulders and down my arms, pulling my bra with them.

You drop my bra behind me and then lean me back on the couch, pulling my leg aside so that you can sit between them. You lean forward, kissing along one thigh as your hand moves slowly along the other. Your kisses move farther up along my thigh and soon my skirt has been lifted almost to my waist. Your mouth is almost to where my leg meets the rest of my body and your hand has continued up to play with a nipple.

Your mouth moves over me and I can feel your breath on my skin. I look down to see you lingering over my shaved mound, looking up into my eyes. Your tongue comes out and lightly licks along the clean-shaven skin. I close my eyes as I enjoy the sensation. My body heat increases and I can feel more wetness between my legs. Your tongue traces the thin slit that hides my inner passions.

You’re still looking into my eyes as you press your tongue inward. You move in circles slowly around my clit, occasionally darting your tongue inside, then resuming the motion. Your hands move along my body as your tongue continues its work. You take my breasts into your hands as though they were molded for the purpose. You stroke and flick the nipples as your tongue increases its motions.

You run one hand down along my side and gently insert two fingers inside me, still licking and circling my clit. You move your fingers inside and then start to push them in and out. I moan maltepe escort lightly as you quicken both the actions of your hand as well as your tongue. Your grip on my breast tightens and you press your face further into me as a third finger enters.

You begin sucking at my clit and thrusting your fingers into me harder and faster. My moans get louder and I start to gently roll my hips in motion with you. You lap at me even faster and soon my insides begin to twitch against your fingers. You can feel me getting tighter as my orgasm takes over. I push my head back against the couch as it hits it’s peak. You slow your motions, gently pulling your fingers free and taking your mouth away.

You slither up along my body and kiss me deeply as I drown in the afterglow of my orgasm. You lay along my body, holding me close to you. I can feel your bare chest against mine and we are kissing uncontrollably. I rise from the couch and lead you by the hand to a chair in the dining room.

I kneel before you and undo the button on your pants. I slowly pull the zipper down and then tug your pants around your ankles. You step out of them as I pull them away. You stand before me wearing only your boxers and a pair of socks. I reach into the waistband of your boxers and tug at them lightly. I look into your eyes as you watch each motion I make. I can see your immense hard on through your boxers and then as it emerges as the boxers slip over it and down along your legs.

Again, you step out of them as I take them aside. I motion for you to sit on the chair. You do as I request and I run my hands from the tops of your thighs, down along your knees, to your calves where I pull down each sock slowly. I lean in close to you and kiss along your stomach and take little bites as I move down towards your cock. My tongue comes out and I gently lick the tip to tease you. I still gaze into your eyes as you watch me prepare to devour you.

I run my hands up along your thighs and grab the base with one hand as I lower my open mouth around you. I slowly move down your shaft, feeling you for the first time inside of my mouth. As I pull back, I suck lightly and bring my hand along behind my mouth, the saliva leaving enough lubricant for it to slip easily.

I push down on you again and as I come upwards, I move a little faster, again following with my hand. I look into your eyes as I make my next progression along your length. My motion and intensity increase as I move, bringing you ever closer to orgasm. I twist my hand around your cock as I move it along the shaft. I bring my other hand up to cradle your balls. I move to the tip and circle my tongue, letting the piercing send shivers through you as it traces the ridge. I push back onto you faster and begin moving faster with both my hand and my mouth as my other hand gently strokes your balls.

I can feel you get harder in my mouth and I know soon you will be ready. I move faster still and prepare to taste you for the first time. You begin to explode and I can taste you as it slips down my throat and spills from my lips. I moan against you as you start to soften, still moving slowly along your length.

I pull away from you, licking my lips as I stand. You reach out and pull me against you and then unzip my skirt. You bring it down along my thighs until it drops to the floor. You cradle my ass in your hands and grab at it. You still have me pressed against you and I can see that you are becoming excited again. This pleases me greatly as I still want to explore each other further.

Your hands grab more firmly into my ass as you start to kiss my stomach. You push me back a little as you stand before me. You hold me against you as you walk us towards my bedroom, kissing me in spots as we go. We get to my room and you back me towards the bed. I seat myself and you gently push me onto my back. I slide myself up, making room for you, as you start to crawl upwards between my stocking-clad legs.

You kiss along my thighs, up my stomach and then take a few minutes at my breasts as you nibble at my nipples and run your tongue around them. You continue kartal escort kissing up my chest to my neck where you bite into me deeply. I moan and thrust myself up against you as the pleasure and pain mesh together inside me.

I can feel your hardness against my skin and I whisper, “I want you so badly.” “I want you to take me.”

I can feel your breath against my ear as you reply, “I can’t wait to feel you wrapped around me as I plunge deep inside you.”

I almost melt in your hands as you continue kissing my neck and then move to my lips. Your hands seem to be everywhere on my body at once and I feel electrified. You press your cock against me and I feel the tip as it starts to enter. You slowly push into me, feeling a little resistance as you enter. You hold me close to you as you enter me fully. You kiss me as you start to pull away, preparing for your next inward thrust.

You push in, a little fast and with less resistance as my insides welcome you. I move with you and our bodies flow in the same motion. As you pull away, I do as well and when you push to enter me again, I thrust my hips towards you until our bodies touch and you are inside completely. My hands are on your back and I am grabbing at you as our speed increases. I bite into your shoulder as you push in and moan before releasing my teeth. The vibrations of it move through you.

We continue at a medium pace and then you start to move a bit faster. I increase my movements to meet yours and soon my insides are on fire and my orgasm building. You kiss me fiercely and I squeeze my insides against you. We continue to move together, increasing our speed and strength as we move. You push into me harder and I can feel every inch of you as you penetrate me again and again. I start to moan as you pound into me. I wrap one leg behind yours as I struggle to help you get into me completely.

I start to shake as my orgasm begins and I bite into your shoulder as a scream escapes me. You continue to thrust, moving even faster and harder, and soon you reach your own orgasm. You moan against my neck as you slowly lower yourself against me. We lay there a moment, holding each other. You lift yourself off me slowly and lie beside me as I curl against your side. I lie there a moment and then I am overcome with a need to ravage you.

I sit up and throw a leg over to straddle you, feeling you between my legs. You can feel the wetness and heat from me against you and arousal once again hits you. You place your hands on my hips as I rest myself down on you, slowly rubbing against you as my hands run across your chest. I turn and face away from you, still straddling and moving against you. I slowly raise myself and then lower onto your hardened cock, allowing your hands to gently guide me by the hips.

I seat myself on you completely and wiggle a bit as I feel you striking against my inner walls. I rise and fall along your cock rapidly, feeling you fill me and then feeling the emptiness when you are most of the way out. I yearn for the feeling of you inside, so I push down quickly to regain it, and then I move slowly as I pull away. Your hands remain on my hips as I continue my thrusts, slow, then fast, slow, and then fast.

You start to push upwards as I make my downward decent. Your hands are gripping my hips, pulling me down onto you harder and faster. I brace my hands against the bed as I push onto you. I can feel you slamming into me and against my ass. I grab at the sheets, as the fire inside burns even hotter.

You then start to push me forward and I slip off you. You then position me before you, on my hands as knees, as you slip inside again, grasping me by the hips. You pull me against you hard and fast and I moan, “Oh yes, take me from behind.”

You grab a fistful of hair in your hand and swat me hard on the ass as you continue thrusting. My head is back as you lean forward and whisper, “You feel so incredible good on my cock.”

You ram into me again and again and I soon feel you explode inside me. Almost immediately after your release, I achieve my own and I twitch and shiver against you, both internally as well as externally. You pull me against you one last time, holding me against you as you start to soften. You release me and pull out as I feel the wetness streak down my thighs. We lay down exhausted and pull each other close as we drift to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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