Teasing Brooke Ch. 05

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I waited for Milene to finish rinsing off and then watched through the glass of the stall as she dried herself. When she was just finishing up, I shut off the water and stepped out. I stood there on the mat and she looked at me questioningly.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” I said as I nodded towards the other folded towel and held my arms out slightly to each side. She understood my intention and compliantly picked up the soft plush towel and started drying me. She made her way slowly around my body and I noticed she spent a little extra time lifting my heavy tits and drying beneath and between them. When I was satisfied, I simply walked away from her, leaving her standing there with the damp towel in her hands.

I made my way into her bedroom where she had already turned on a lamp on one of the bedside tables. Like the rest of her apartment, it was nicely decorated and the centerpiece was a queen-sized bed covered with pillows. I moved over to her bed and I saw her follow me in and watch what I was doing. I pushed a few of the pillows out of the way and then turned the covers and top sheet well down towards the bottom. I pushed a bunch of the pillows back up into a stack against the headboard and then slid my curvy body onto the sheet. I positioned myself in the middle of the bed and leaned back against the stack of pillows against the headboard.

“Come and get it, girl,” I said as I started to draw my legs up. Her eyes zeroed in on my soft little peach opening up right before her eyes as I drew legs further up and let my muscular thighs roll open. I watched that beautiful trim body of hers move gracefully towards the bed as she stepped forward as if in a trance. Her eyes never left my spread legs as she kneeled on the bed and crawled forward.

“That’s a good, girl,” I said as I reached out and stroked her silky hair tenderly. “I’m just gonna lie back here while you eat me until I tell you to stop.” I slid my hand around to the back of her head and pulled her face towards me. She didn’t need any coaxing as she eagerly lowered her sweet mouth to my waiting cunt. She started by licking all around the whole surface of my crotch before sliding the tip of her tongue between my moist labia.

“Mmmmmm, that’s the way,” I said softly as I laid back and closed my eyes. She took her time and ate me slowly and thoroughly. She seemed to use all the tricks in her repertoire as she lay down on her stomach between my legs and settled in for a good long feed. As her tongue slid deeply into my welcoming slit, I started to think about my stepfather, Kevin. I find that having somebody give you good head while you’re fantasizing about someone else is definitely one of life’s little pleasures.

While her tongue swirled deep within my clinging vagina, I pictured that enormous cock of Kevin’s and thought about what I could do with it. I’d love to feel that monster stretching and filling my cunt like no other had done before. No wonder my mother seemed to walk around with a permanent smile on her face. Not only was she getting that thick hard weapon hammered into her on a regular basis, I knew from overhearing them from outside their bedroom door that she was feeding from it nearly every day as well. For the next twenty minutes or so, Milene continued to eat thoroughly from my weeping box as I fantasized about my well-hung stepfather. As I felt her start to suck a little harder on my engorged clit, it jolted me back to reality.

“Oh Jesus, you certainly know how to eat pussy, don’t you?” I said as I reached down and ran my fingers through her soft siky hair. She didn’t respond but increased her oral efforts as her tongue rolled right over my throbbing clit with a warm mouthful of slippery saliva.

“Oh fuck, I’m almost there again,” I said with a hiss as the pleasure I was deriving from her talented mouth was simply exhilarating. As her tongue and lips totally enveloped the enflamed spire of my sensitive clit, I felt her slip a finger inside me and start rubbing on the soft folds of flesh on the roof of my vagina. Oh man, the combination of her tongue and her sliding finger felt incredible. I felt that exquisite sensation of the onset of my climax.

“OH FUCK…..YEAH, RIGHT THERE……OOOOOOOOOOOHHH,” I let out a loud wail as her plunging finger and sucking mouth took me right over the edge. My hands pulled her face hard against me and I could feel the cum gushing right out of me all over her pretty face as delightful orgasmic tremors coursed through my body. She was noisily licking and sucking up the warm flowing juices as I blasted her face with my warm nectar. I’ve had many sexual partners comment on how my juices just gush out of me when I cum and I knew this time was no exception. Milene continued to enthusiastically feast from my oozing twat as I bucked and rolled my hips right up into her face. Finally, I just eased back into the pillows behind me and released my tight grip on her hair.

“Oh my gosh, what a lot of cum,” she said with a pleased smile on her face as she pulled her mouth back ikitelli escort bayan for a second and looked up at me. I could see her whole face was a shining mess of my juices, some from moving her mouth all around my sopping hole, and some from me spraying it right onto her face. It brought a smile to my face; she looked damn good with my juices all over her.

“Do you like that?” I asked teasingly as I slipped my own finger deep into my pussy. I brought the glistening finger back out and held it right in front of her face.

“Oh God, yes,” she said as she watched my finger as if mesmerized.

“Do you like that smell?” I slowly wafted my wet finger back and forth beneath her cute little nose.

“Mmmmmm,” she said as her nostrils flared slightly as she inhaled deeply.

“D’you like the taste?” I asked as I teasingly drew my fingertip along her pouting bottom lip. Her tongue flicked out as she drew in the drops of nectar I’d just deposited on her lip.

“Mmmmmmmm, yes,” she said eagerly so I slipped my finger right into her mouth. Her lips closed around it and she sucked ravenously.

“Do you have any chocolate syrup?” I asked as I slid my finger back and forth between her lips like a little cock.

“I…I think so,” she said with a confused look on her face as she pulled her mouth reluctantly off my finger.

“Go and get it.” I nodded towards the kitchen and she slid off the bed and I watched that cute little bum of hers sway seductively as she walked out of the room. I plumped up the stack of pillows behind me and then reached down and ran the long blood-red fingernail of my index finger all over my swollen clit. It felt so good. It was puffy and sensitive from her mouth but I knew I was still ready for more.

“Here it is,” she said as she came back into the room holding a bottle of chocolate syrup in her hands. She stopped dead in her tracks and her eyes zeroed in on my crimson fingernail rolling slowly over that erect little spire. I saw her almost gulp in envy as she looked from there up over the rest of my curvy black body.

“Here, pass me that,” I said as I reached out for the bottle. She stepped closer and handed the bottle of syrup to me. I was happy to see that it was one with a little squirt applicator at the top. “I figured since you seem to be a big fan of chocolate,” I paused as I looked up and gave her a sly smile. We both knew what I was talking about; her innate desire to service black girls, “that I’d give you a little extra.” I popped open the lid of the chocolate syrup and tipped it downwards. As she watched enthralled, I drizzled a little of the sticky brown liquid down over my breasts. I moved the bottle so there were little ribbons of the sweet syrup crisscrossing my chest and directed it further downwards to the tips of my breasts until there were thick little droplets dangling from both of my dark nipples.

“There you go,” I said as she quickly slid onto the bed and crawled up between my spread thighs. I could see the lustful look of desire in her eyes as she leaned forward and slid her tongue out from between her lips. I looked down with a pleased smile on my face as she ran her talented tongue over the upper swells of my breasts. I watched as she eagerly lapped up the thick dark syrup off my skin.

“Mmmmm,” she let out a little moan of satisfaction as her tongue cleaned off the sweet gooey treat coating my breasts. She moved down slightly and locked her lips around one of my nipples. I felt the delicious sensation of her tongue swirling all around my chocolate-coated areola. She switched from one breast to the other and repeated the procedure before I felt the delightful feeling of her lips locking down on my nipple and giving it a gentle tug. The feeling of her lips and tongue working on my breasts was absolutely beautiful. She knew exactly when to be firm and when to be gentle. So many guys get to squeezing and sucking so hard that it takes away from any pleasure you might be starting to feel. But Milene, she was perfect. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be lost in rapture as her pursed lips continued to nurse on my long hard nipples. She brought her delicate little hands beneath my tits and held them up to her working mouth. She seemed to love to heft and feel the weight of them in her little hands. I’m sure it was quite different from the feel of her own smaller ones. Her smooth silky-white skin looked sweetly precious as it contrasted with my own sleek dark skin. I could feel my breasts tingling as her mouth softly licked and sucked at my ample mounds of tit-flesh. I could have let her stay and suck on my tits all night long but there was something else I wanted from her now.

“Okay, that’s enough,” I said as I pushed her face away from my chest. She sat back and looked up at me with a disappointed look on her face; just like a little kid when you take away a favorite new toy.

“Now, isn’t there somewhere else that you wanted to pay some attention kartal escort bayan to tonight?” I asked her.

“Y…yes,” she said and I could see her face turning red with embarrassment.

“And where would that be?” I asked as I rolled onto my side and teasingly presented her with a side view of my round plump bottom.

“Your…..your bum,” she said as her eyes feasted on my curvy backside.

“Oh,” I said in mock surprise, “this big ole thing?” I took my own hand and slid it over my round curvy bum-cheeks.

“Yes. It….it’s beautiful,” she said wantonly.

“And just what do you want to do with it?” I asked as I continued to slide my hand over the plump surface of my bum.

“I….I want to make love to it,” she said eagerly.

“Well, you have to ask nicely first.”

“Please Miss, could I make love to your bum?” she asked. I could hear the intense longing in her voice.

“Well, since you asked so nice, I guess it would be okay.” I got up onto my knees and slid a couple of pillows under my midsection before lying back down on my stomach. This elevated my bum for her and put it in the perfect position for her undivided attention. I didn’t feel her move and I turned to see her simply staring at my backside, her eyes transfixed on those big curvy mounds.

“That is what you want, isn’t it?” I asked her firmly.

“Oh, yes Miss,” she said as she snapped out of her reverie. “I….I’m sorry I was staring. It…it’s just so gorgeous.” She finally moved in close behind me and I felt her hands start to rub softly over the smooth skin of my bum. I settled back down and lay with my face sideways on one of the pillows with my backside high in the air. I could feel her hot breath as she moved even closer to my sumptuous backside.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” I said softly as I felt the flat of her warm tongue taking a nice long swipe over one of my cheeks. She took her time and covered the entire surface of my bum with her soft licks and kisses. She held those big round cheeks in her little hands and softly caressed them at the same time that her tongue was bathing them with her saliva. She moved her mouth closer to the bottom of my deep crevice and then I felt the tip of her tongue as she slid it between the warm cheeks right onto my little pink rosebud.

“Mmmmmm,” I think we both let out a little mew of satisfaction at the same time as her pointed tongue zeroed right in on my tight pucker. She teased her tongue all around the wrinkled opening for just a few seconds before starting to slide her tongue upwards. Oh man, did it ever feel good as she pressed her tongue as far into my hot crease as it would go and then slowly dragged it from my inviting hole all the way up to the small of my back. Her delicate hands cupped my lush ass cheeks as she retreated backwards but kept her tongue pressing deeply into my crack. When she got back to my waiting hole, she teased the tip again over the puckered pink opening before pushing a mouthful of saliva right onto it and then dragging the warm slippery fluid right back up along my dark crevice again. She kept this up for a few minutes and I just lay there and relished in the luscious pleasure of her magical tongue exploring the entire length of my warm crease. The next time she stopped at my tight pink pucker, I decided it was time to move on.

“Oh no you don’t,” I said as I reached back behind me and pressed on her head. I felt the warm gush as she pushed another mouthful of saliva right over my beckoning bum-hole and now I wanted her to concentrate on the ultimate prize. She got the idea with no coaxing and I felt her kind of settle down on her knees as she wriggled her face a little further between the warm depths of my cheeks as she started to service my waiting hole. I could feel her hands pulling my bum-cheeks a little further apart to give her as much access as possible. I wriggled my bum back against her probing tongue to let her know this was exactly what I wanted.

“Mmmmmm,” it was her that let out a soft moan this time and I felt the subtle tremors from her little purr transfer right into my waiting flesh. She was totally bathing my tight opening now as she used her lips and tongue to push her saliva right up against my puckered pink hole. She then slowly dragged her tongue in tantalizing circles all around the sensitive opening before slipping the tip of her tongue right against the unyielding pucker. I felt her press right against the constricting muscles as she flicked her tongue forwards and backwards in a little fucking motion. On every forward flick, she would press a little more firmly against my wrinkled pink anus.

“Aaaaaahh,” I softly let out deep breath as I felt myself relaxing under her skilful oral assault. As my restricting muscles relaxed, I felt her tongue start to slip into me.

“Mmmmmm,” I groaned as I felt that beautiful tongue of hers start to slide over the hot tissues inside me. I concentrated on relaxing and I felt her worm kadıköy escort bayan it further and further up into me until I felt her pressed lips snuggled right up against my hole.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” I said with a moan as she kept her tongue buried deep within my ass and started to press it all around the sensitive membranes lining my private chute. As she swirled her tongue all around those hot moist tissues, I realized how lucky I was to have found one like this tonight. Not only was she just about the best pussy-eater I’d ever had, her ability to eat ass was absolutely superb. I wriggled my bum back against her face and I could feel the warm breath from her nostrils as she kept her mouth pressed flush against me while her tongue explored all around my most private of openings. She slowly drew her tongue back to the very opening and just as my sphincter muscles closed down, she feathered it deftly back inside me.

“Oh Jesus,” I moaned as she started to slip that long probing tongue of hers in and out of me in a tantalizing fucking motion. The exquisite sensations were absolutely exhilarating as her beautiful tongue penetrated my puckered pink hole time and again. I was becoming more and more aroused as she enthusiastically continued to pleasure my welcoming ass.

“Just keep doing that,” I said to her, “but slide your finger inside my pussy.” I felt one of her hands leave the cheeks of my ass and then I felt the delightful sensation of her middle finger sliding between my clinging labia. She was rolling her finger in a slow tortuous circle as she slid it all the way into my needy cunt. Her probing finger swirled all around the walls of my dripping snatch as she continued to fuck that long beautiful tongue of hers in and out of my hot ass.

“Another one,” I instructed and she immediately complied by slipping her index finger alongside her middle one. She kept them working in unison as she brought them up to the top of my pussy and started rubbing along the soft folds of flesh on the underside of my clit. Oh fuck, she had me almost climbing the walls when she did that. I could feel my level of arousal escalating by the second as she continued to pleasure me.

“The other two,” I told her in low growl and she slipped her remaining two fingers next to the other two already inside me. I knew with her small delicate hands that I could easily take it. She turned her hand vertically along the opening to my dripping slot and I felt my labia stretching as she slid her hand all the way into me up to the base of her thumb. She slid them in and out of me a couple of times while she continued to feather that hot wet tongue of hers in and out of my clutching rosebud. Jesus, it felt so fucking good. But I still wanted more.

“Now put your thumb against the palm of your hand and slide it into me as far as you can,” I told her. She hesitated for just a second and then I felt her pull her hand back to the opening of my vagina and then I felt her manipulating her hand into the position I wanted. Once she got her thumb tucked in against her palm, she started to slowly slide her whole hand into me.

“Oh yeah….that’s it,” I let out a groan as her hand stretched and filled my welcoming cunt. She didn’t stop until I felt her fingertips brush up against my cervix. She kept her hand there for few seconds as I rolled my hips as I got accustomed to the deep penetration. Once she knew I was comfortable, she slowly withdrew it until just her fingertips remained between my clinging pink labia. She then slid her whole hand home again until my pussy-lips closed around her wrist.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” I moaned as she started to move her whole arm back and forth. She kept her mouth busy working on my bum-hole as she rhythmically pumped her hand in and out of me. Her tongue on my sensitive pink pucker had already brought me close to the brink, now her cunt-stretching hand took me right over the edge.

“OH JESUS…THAT’S IT….OH FUCK……OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH,” I let out a long wail of pleasure as the mind-numbing sensations of an intense climax shot through every tingling nerve of my body. I felt myself go rigid for just a second and then I started thrashing about beneath her. She followed my gyrating ass and kept her tongue plunging deep within the searing tissues of my bum as my toe-curling release continued.

“OH FUCK…..SO GOOD…..” I moaned as scintillating orgasmic tremors continued to rack my body. I was gasping and groaning continuously now as her hand rubbed luxuriously over the tingling surface of my weeping inner walls. I could feel my vagina flooding with my secretions as I continued to cum all over her hand and forearm. My climax seemed to go on forever before my whole body shivered from head to toe as a final orgasmic shudder ran through me. I collapsed down onto the bed and was almost drooling onto the pillow as the delicious sensations slowly abated. Her hand had stopped moving but she kept it buried to the wrist inside me as she slowly withdrew her magical tongue from my ass. She kept her lips pressed against my little pink hole and just circled it slowly and tenderly with the tip of her tongue. Fuck, she was good. She knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it. As I lay there drawing in big gulps of fresh cool air and my body started to come back to normal from my orgasmic high, she slowly withdrew her hand from inside me and lifted her mouth off my bum with a last tender kiss.

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