Tease Ch. 01

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edited by BrettJ — THANK YOU!

This story is dedicated to my favorite txnstud ~kiss~ our PM’s inspired this story

“Honey?” Thomas walked through the door of the apartment and laid his keys on the side table. No one answered his call. “Chrissie?” he called out again as he sifted though the mail. Silence engulfed his home. Today is Tuesday, he thought. I know she’s off work today. Maybe she’s at the store.

Thomas walked down the entrance hall and towards the living room. The apartment was spotless, as usual, but there was a different scent filling his nostrils than the normal Pine Sol. It was vanilla. He noticed the lit candle on the coffee table as well as the cream colored stationary paper next to it. He walked slowly, feeling the dread build inside of him.

He just knew it was a “Dear John” letter. He and Chrissie had been living together for nearly two years, but lately had fallen into a rut. They never went anywhere together anymore. Their friends all had families of their own now. Most nights they would eat dinner and sit on the couch watching television until the nightly news was over at 11:30 and then head to bed. She would dress in one of his old tee shirts and he in his boxers. Their lovemaking had even been reduced to two nights a week… Wednesdays and Saturdays… without fail. He had seen the signs, but had not known what to do to bring back the spark to their relationship. He had wooed her with flowers and gifts in the beginning of their relationship, but she had always said how she wasn’t materialistic. He wasn’t the romantic type with poetry and songs. But he did love her. He just needed to find a way to express that.

Now it was over. She had left him. He would just have to win her back. The decision was made before he knew it. He would do anything to get her back into his life. He picked up the cream colored sheet of paper with trembling hands and read:

My dearest love: I don’t want to live like this anymore. We are in a rut and we need to move on. I need more. And you need more. I have taken matters into my own hands and for once I ask that you just not argue and humor me please. Go into the bedroom with your eyes closed. Don’t say a word and I will explain all when you get there.

He raised his eyebrow and glanced down the hallway towards the bedroom. The door was closed but he could now hear faint music coming from it. It was soft and seductive. It sounded like Barry White. He smiled as he dropped the letter back onto the coffee table and went down the hall to the bedroom.

He knocked on the door before turning the knob to alert her although she probably already knew he was home.

“Are your eyes closed?” she demanded with a seductive purr.

He shut them immediately and opened the door wide.

Chrissie stared at the man she loved more than life itself with his silly grin and his eyes tightly shut. He was still in his suit from the office and even though he had not a clue as to what was about to happen, he was a willing participant, she could tell that. She walked over to him and as she stood up on her tiptoes to kiss him very lightly on the lips, her voice was low and husky. “I’m going to tease you tonight,” illegal bahis she purred. “I am going to blindfold you so that you can’t see until I am ready. OK?” Thomas nodded. She slipped the black silk scarf around his eyes and knotted it behind his head.

His breathing sped up a little as his sight was lost. His other senses heightened. He could smell the vanilla candles and even though he couldn’t see, their scent was so intoxicating that he knew they were spread throughout the bedroom. Several were on each nightstand. More on each dresser. He could imagine she’d filled their candelabra with seven little candles. He could hear the sexy music in the background. No longer the deep mellow tones of Barry White, but now a faster, seductive beat of Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time”.

Chrissie began to undress him. First she shrugged off his suit jacket and he heard her walk to the closet to hang it up. She bent to the floor and slipped off his loafers. They clunked in the closet as a pair. She loosened his tie and he brought his arms up to touch her silk-covered arms.

“No touching,” she admonished him. Thomas grinned even bigger and let his arms fall to his sides, letting her work her own magic on him. She unbuttoned his shirt and splayed her hands over his chest, lightly covered with course brown hairs. Chrissie’s fingertips explored his chest and her manicured nails flicked his flat disks. Thomas grew in a sharp breath at the tightening of his nipples. Damn, she’s good. He felt her tongue roll around a peaked nub and his breathing got shallower. She moved her fingers down to his belt, quickly undoing the clasp as light kisses continually moved over his chest. She slid the belt out of his pants and he heard the small buckle tinkle to the floor. Her ministrations continued as she unzipped his pants, allowing his now strained cock more room to grow. He forced his hands to remain at his sides, though he longed to touch her. Her mouth moved lower across his stomach as she bent to take off his pants, one leg at a time. He helped her by stepping out of them and stepping on his sock toes at the same time to leave him barefoot.

He now stood before her in only his blue silk boxers. Chrissie gently took his hand and let him to a chair. It was one from the kitchen table placed directly in front of her dresser, facing towards the bed. She made him sit being gently observant of his erection so that he was not uncomfortable. He sat, waiting, until he felt her return and ran a scrap of silk along his jaw line, down his chest and then along his right arm.

“Do you trust me, Thomas?” she asked quietly.

He found his voice, barely, and replied. “With my life. With my soul, Honey. You should know that.”

Her felt her long blonde hair brush his chest as she nodded and then slipped the silk cloth around his right wrist.

He chuckled, “What are you doing, Minx?”

She whispered, “No talking. Trust me. Let me be in control for once, Thomas. Let me love you in ways I’ve always wanted to.”

His cock twitched at her words. How could a woman so beautiful entrance him with mere words and soft touches? She had cast a spell on him for certain. illegal bahis siteleri He allowed her to tie the other end of the silk cloth, which he now recognized as his tie, around his left wrist so that his hands were now behind his back and tied to the chair.

Chrissie stepped back to admire her work. Thomas was indeed trussed up like a Christmas goose. His cock was straining to be released from his boxers and she thought she saw the head of it poking through the front slit. His breathing was steady and slow and he was still grinning like a Cheshire cat. She looked around at the candle-lit room and nodded to herself. He would be able to see very well once she removed the blindfold.

Thomas waited and waited for what seemed like several minutes, but he knew it was only a few seconds. The waiting was nearly unbearable. What was she going to do to him while he was tied? His cock was throbbing as he awaited her next action. Chrissie swiftly removed the blindfold and he blinked his eyes to the blinding light. He had envisioned a few candles here and there in their bedroom, but the actual amount was astonishing. Six medium candles were placed on each nightstand flanking their king-sized bed. On his tall boy dresser was the candelabra, but also several more glass jarred candles. He could feel behind him on her dresser the slight heat from at least a dozen more. He turned his head to the right and noticed a matching candelabra. She must have ordered it from online. The one on his dresser they had bought in Atlanta on their first real vacation a year ago. How long has she been planning this? he wondered.

His eyes focused on his woman. His. Woman. At that moment in time he knew they would be together forever. She was wearing a champagne colored blouse with a red flared skirt that came barely above her knee. Her long blonde hair was loose and curled gently around her face, framing it to enhance an angel’s smile… exactly as he knew her to be…. his Angel. Her crystal clear blue eyes were staring straight into his own dark browns and he saw her bite her luscious lower lip, painted red to match her skirt. She was nervous. His eyes left hers briefly as he saw the red stilettos at her feet.

“Well, now that you have me baby… What are you going to do?” he chuckled.

Chrissie put a finger to her lips to shush him and then slid it into her mouth between her ruby red lips. Thomas groaned as his cock throbbed anew. Chrissie walked over to the stereo, slightly behind him and to his left and hit a button. Suddenly the romantic strains of “Lady in Red” stopped and the prominent beat of his favorite band, Nine Inch Nails, started. Oh My God! his brain flew back to their first outing to a local strip club, well over two years ago, before they ever moved into together. A woman had danced to this song and he had told her of his fantasy of wanting her to strip for him to that song. And now his fantasy was becoming a reality. “Closer” played steady and strong as Chrissie began to unbutton her blouse, swaying her hips in tune with the music. She arched her shoulders forwards and back as she loosened each button and then slid her arms out and let the blouse drop to the floor. canlı bahis siteleri As the chorus began, I want to fuck you like an animal she laid her hands on her breasts and fondled her nipples through her red lace bra. She moved her hands to her stomach and slid her thumbs into the waistband of her skirt, excruciatingly slowly moving it over her undulating hips and down to the floor. She was now clad in her red lace bra, matching thong with black thigh highs held up by a red garter belt. Her feet danced in rhythm with the music. Her red open-toed four inch stilettos clad her tiny feet and made her long legs seem endless up to her thong where they joined her succulent body at the center of her being.

Thomas held his eyes as steady as he could, knowing his jaw dropped to his chin, watching this seductress remove her clothing for him. Her eyes were closed, listening to the words of the song, fully moving her body in tune with the music. Her fingernails ran along the underside of her bra, caressing her breast and his cock ached. It was now clear why she had tied him. He couldn’t touch her and he couldn’t touch himself. She was tormenting him. Teasing him, she had said. And he loved every painful second of it.

Her fingers moved the shoulder straps of her bra down over her upper arms, falling gently. She moved her hands to the front closure of her bra and quickly undid the clasp. She opened her eyes and stared him down as she opened one side of the bra in a quick flash.

Thomas had seen her breasts many times before, but that slight glimpse nearly undid him as he ached to see more of her luscious globes. Chrissie flashed him a grin and opened up the other side quickly and then covered herself again. She danced around with her back now towards him, her perfect round buttocks fully exposed as he saw the g-string barely in the crack of her ass. His eyes moved to her back where she removed the bra and let it fall to the floor. As she turned back around to face him he saw her covering her nipples. Not seeing them was infinitely more erotic than anything he’d ever witnessed. Her saw her fingers open a bit and the peaked nubs were barely seen through her perfectly manicured hands. She teased them with her forefinger and thumb, pulling on them hard before she moved her soft hands to her waist and slid down the thong, letting her full breasts fall heavily of their own accord. Her red garter belt still held her thigh high stockings but her womanhood, the core of her being, decorated with a thin blonde landing strip, was now exposed to him. She caressed it lovingly as she finally approached him, knowing the song was almost over. Her right hand reached out to touch his fully erect cock, bursting from his boxer shorts. She let one finger trace the head of his penis and she smeared the pre-cum over it before bringing her finger back to her mouth and sucked it deep between her lips.

She came closer to him, allowing her breasts contact with his mouth and he tried to grasp them between his lips to no avail. She reached down and stroked her gloriously wet pussy and then allowed him to suckle her fingers. She was heaven. Her honey was still sweet on his lips as she leaned in to kiss him.

“Ready for round two?” she whispered and winked.

If you are anxious to see what happens next to Chrissie and Thomas, please leave me a comment below and don’t forget to vote — Thank you for reading my stories…Jewel

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