Teaching Intent Ch. 01: Naomi

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It was a cool October day. Mr. G was outside on parking lot duty waving to students and making sure they drove safely on their way off school grounds. He was positioned at the bottom of the stairs that connected the parking lot to the school. His job was to watch the student drivers and make sure they at least left the school grounds as responsible drivers. Of course he would periodically glance behind him to see if he could see any skirts walking down the stairs.

Most students gave him a quick wave as they walked by; some would stop and chat for a second. Marge was one such student that stopped to ask him about a club meeting tomorrow to prepare for an upcoming math competition.

“Yep, practice tomorrow,” he said. “I think this is going to be a really good year. We did better than last year at our first competition, but also just the size of the club. There are some years were I struggle to put together a team of four, but this year I think we have a full dozen that are committed to coming regularly.”

After she left he glanced back and saw that the stream of the students from the school had stopped. There were a few cars waiting in a line to turn out of the parking lot so he stayed until they cleared before heading back into the building.

There was a student standing outside his door when he returned to his room. Looking at her from down the hall, his eyes first locked onto her legs. They were tanned and meaty. There was a scab on her knee, likely scrape from a recent soccer game. She wore these cute black shiny ankle boots and a plaid schoolgirl skirt. It wasn’t that short, coming down close to her knee, but it got his blood boiling.

His eyes shifted up when the distance between them shrank to two classroom widths. Her skirt had a high waist and was tight around her stomach. She had a black long sleeve shirt tucked into the skirt. The shirt was snug around her body. Her face was framed by her long dark brown hair was parted down the middle. “Hey Naomi, what’s up?”

“My tutor recommended that I see you directly for help.”

Mr. G smiled as he looked Naomi in the eye. He was actually dating Naomi’s tutor, well sort of, certainly nothing exclusive. Her tutor, Maggie, was a former student now in college that he frequently hooked up with. Maggie was bisexual and they shared conquests. Maggie had mentioned last night that she would send Naomi his way. He wondered if Maggie had already been with Naomi or if Maggie needed him to loosen her up first. Either way he’d give it his best shot to mount her.

“Yea come on in,” he said as he pulled out his keys.

“I know my grade doesn’t look like it, but I swear I’m working really hard.”

“Yea math is like that. Sometimes it takes a long time for things to fully click. You just got to make sure you keep working at it, and to regularly seek out math. Just like any other class, math is easier when you frequently talk about it.”

“Yea that’s why I’m here.”

He led the way into his room and went straight to his desk, but he heard the door slam shut before he reached it. He jumped and took a breath before spinning around. “Don’t want anyone interrupting us?” he asked.

Naomi blushed. “I’m sorry, it’s just a reflex. In class when I come back from the restroom or locker or if I’m just late to class, the door is always closed.”

“Yea, protocols. When I was a student they always wanted the classroom doors open, but now after years of active shooter drills, it’s doors always locked and closed as much as possible.”

“That makes sense,” Naomi said somberly.

“Of course I think the policy is to still have the door open when I’m alone with a student,” he said with a smile.

“Oh sorry, I can open it.” She took a step back towards the door.

“I think I’d like it closed,” he sputtered out. She paused and turned to face him. “Unless you’re concerned about me being inappropriate.”

Naomi chuckled. “No, I’m not worried.”

“Because you don’t think I will or you wouldn’t mind if I was?” Now she blushed again. “Sorry, that was inappropriate.”

“That’s OK. I’ve gotten used to catching you looking at my legs.”

“What? I thought I was always so discrete.”

Naomi rolled her eyes. “On a normal day yes, but whenever we have a quiz and I look up, you’re staring at me with that goofy grin of yours.”

He chuckled while she sighed. “Speaking of quizzes, I’m just failing every quiz, and I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I need to do something to turn my grade around.”

“My job wouldn’t exist if people just intuitively got it. I know you’re working hard and you do a great job asking questions during class, but we’re learning abstract topics. It takes even more. More practice, more time.”

“Yea I know,” she said. “Soccer does eat up a lot of time that should go to studying. Plus, to be honest, it’s hard to stay motivated. No offense, but I’m not going to do anything in life that uses this stuff.”

He laughed. “That’s alright.”

“Sometimes I do catch myself ataşehir escort bayan daydreaming in class.”

“You have a frequent fantasy”” he asked.

She laughed. “You could say that.” She had at times thought about running her fingers through his thick head of hair. She judged he was about 30, but he still looked good. No wrinkle and not a hint of gray.

While talking he had been slowly moving towards her and now they were only a foot apart. He put his hand on her hip and looked into her brown eyes. “You know we don’t have to spend the next two hours practicing math if you don’t want to.”

Her heartbeat sped up. The thought of kissing him was a lot more appealing than him watching how little she knew over the next hour or two, but she was mentally unprepared for this moment. Sure he was cute, but he was still her teacher. That was a line she have never seriously considered crossing before.

His hand slid up to her armpit and then around to her back. He leaned in further so that their faces were mere inches apart. They looked into each other’s eyes. Hers were glassy; his were piercing. He had a huge grin on his face, and she held a smile as well. A couple of her pearly white teeth shone through her parted lips. Those lips were covered in a light pink glossy lipstick.

“I won’t do anything you don’t want me to,” he said as he pulled his head back half an inch, just enough to give her the impression that he was backing down.

“Yolo,” she declared as she leaned in and kissed him. She didn’t know if it would be a quick peck or something more, but he was soon sucking on her face. He held back his tongue, but his hands were all over her: her back, her thigh, her ass. She wrapped her arms and one leg around him to hold him in a tight embrace.

When the kissed broke he pulled back his neck while keeping their bodies close. “So is this like how your sessions with your tutor have been going?”

Naomi hit him in the arm. “No, she’s very professional unlike some people.” He smiled and gave her quick peck on the lips. “She mostly walks me through problems, but she does more of the work than I do.”

“Ah, I see.” He slid his hand down and pinched her ass. She jumped and squealed. “Not too loud, we’re mostly alone but the building isn’t completely empty.”

“You want me to stop?” she asked as she broke the embrace. She tried to give him a serious face, but she soon broke out into a laugh.

“What do I want?” He got down on one knee and placed his hands around her large muscular right calf. It was tanned and smooth. He lifted her foot off the ground and rested it on his knee. He slipped her foot out of her shiny black ankle boot and then removed her small white sock. “What’d I like is to get an up close view of those magnificent legs of yours.”

She laughed and looked up at the ceiling. “Oh God.” She leaned back into a table as he switched to the other foot. “Magnificent, huh?”

“That’s the kind of vocab you get from a college educated man.”

“Oh a man,” she said while looking down at him.

He looked up right after sliding off her second boot. “Damn straight,” he said with a huge grin.

He kissed the inside of her right knee. “Would you be comfortable with me removing just one more article of clothing?”

“It is weird to have only one sock on,” she replied.

“The clothing I was thinking of is small and white.”

He kissed a bit higher and sucked on the skin for a second. “Ohhh, yes,” she moaned quietly.

She hopped up onto the table and spread her legs after he pulled her panties down. His head disappeared underneath her skirt. A couple seconds later, longer than she expected, his tongue make contact with her pussy.

It was dark under there with her skirt over his head. The aroma of her juices was strong, and he enjoyed every minute of it. Her moans were soft, muffled more by the skirt around his head, but he heard them.

Suddenly her phone started to ring. “Damn it,” she exclaimed. “I’m sorry I have to answer it.” He heard her, but he kept licking. “It’s my mom,” she said between heavy breaths. “Mr. G, I’m sorry, I need you to stop.”

Finally he complied and stopped. He reached up lifted her skirt up off his head. He looked up at her and raised an eyebrow. “Really?”

“Shhh, I’m sorry.” She waved air towards her face, took a deep breath and then answered the phone. “Mom, what’s up?”

She waited a second before adding “Mom, I’m with my math teacher like we talked about.”

“Mom! Are you serious?” She yelled into a phone.

“Fine,” her hand moved the phone away from her ear and she made eye contact with Mr. G. “She wants to talk to you. She doesn’t believe I’m here.”

He smiled and held out his hand. “Good afternoon Mrs. Berper, this is Mr. Gagielion, Naomi’s math teacher.”

“Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with her.”

“No problem at all. Naomi is a pleasure to have around.”

“That’s good to hear. Is she working hard?”

“Well escort kadıöy I had parking lot duty today so we started late. We were just getting into it. I was showing her some tricks, and I was about ready to make her pick up the pencil and show me what she can do.”

“Good. Let me know if she’s not working hard enough.”

“Don’t worry I’ll make sure she puts in a lot of work before I let her go.”

“Thank you again for working late with her. We appreciate every minute.”

“Of course, bye.”

“Bye.” He handed the phone back to Naomi but her mom had already hung up.

Naomi pulled a pencil out of her purse. “So what exactly do you want me to do with this?”

His eyes widened and mouth parted as he sucked in air sharply. “Oooh. Actually, I meant that as a euphemism for a different cylindrical object.” She giggled. “So I’m pretty sure you’re going to be grounded if you don’t get to work.”

“I can’t believe you found a way for my mom to encourage this,” Naomi said as her hand reached out and rubbed his crotch.

He smiled, “We both just really care about seeing you do your best.”

“You should probably stop talking about my mom if you want me to continue.”

“I’ll call her back if you’re not cooperating.”

“I liked you better when your mouth was busy.”

That shut him up, as a huge smirk spread across his face. He leaned in and kissed her. She continued to rub his cock through his pants. He put his hands on her waist and pushed her skirt down. They continued to kiss; it was wet and passionate.

She took a step towards them so their bodies pressed against each other. Her hand slid off his crotch to his frustration. She grabbed his ass and then rubbed his back.

His hands slid under her shirt. It was a tight shirt but the fabric stretched to accommodate his hands working their way up her back. When he reached the clasp of her bra, his fingers quickly undid it. His hands moved higher still and they pulled her shirt up along with them. It was now bunched up below her breasts with her midriff exposed.

He lifted the shirt over her breasts the next time their kiss broke. He took a step back to put some space between them. The bra fell off her breasts but the straps around her arm kept it from falling to the floor. He grabbed her warm supple breasts and squeezed.

She lifted the shirt over her head and it got stuck for a second with her arms over her head. He just kept playing with her breasts while she struggled for a few seconds.

She eventually got the shirt off her head and then off her arms last. Her long brown hair was a mess now with it going in every which way. She pushed it out of her face while he continued to give his attention to her breasts.

She reached out and rubbed his crotch once more. He was rock hard and a damp spot was starting to form on the front of his pants. Her hand slid up and down along the shaft through his pants.

He undid his own belt buckle and dropped his pants. She rubbed his cock through his boxers and a few minutes later his hands returned to drop his own boxers as well.

She grabbed his dick without hesitation and held it firmly. Her grip on his cock was a bit too firm, pulling and pushing him instead of letting her hand slide along the shaft.

He grabbed her juicy ass. He kept that hand there while the other hand roamed along her soft smooth skin. He focused his mind on exploring her skin, but one particularly strong tug caused him to wince. She noticed and released her grip.

She hopped up and sat on the edge of a classroom table. Her legs were spread with her feet dangling in the air. One foot still had a sock on, which was now the only article of clothing she wore.

Meanwhile he didn’t have anything removed. Sure his pants were down and his dick was out, but his shoes were still on which meant his pants were just bunched around his ankles.

His eyes took her in while he undressed. She was a flawless specimen with no birthmarks, scars or freckles. Her skin was olive and he knew smooth from his previous explorations. With her pussy shaved, the only hair to be found on her body was that attached to her head. She had meaty thighs and with the way she was sitting, legs spread and torso hunched forward, there was a small roll of skin where her legs met her torso. Between those legs, her pussy was wet and inviting.

Once fully undressed he approached her. His dick touched her knee as his fingertips reached her chin. They shared a closed mouth kiss while his second hand lightly caressed her breast. Her nipple was hard.

She laid back on the table. The tables were long enough to seat two so it was long enough to support her ass to head, but her legs dangled off the edge. She bent her knees and lifted her feet so that her heels could rest on the edge of the table.

He climbed on top of her. His arms ended up on either side of her head, holding up his upper body while his pelvis rested against hers. His dick poked at her wet pussy. She reached maltepe escort down and guided it inside of her.

He closed his eyes in ecstasy. His mental picture thought about what they would look like to an outside observer. He pictured her legs sticking straight up with those shiny black ankle boots up in the air, even though those shoes were the first thing he had removed.

He had stared at those boots a lot. She wasn’t lying about him checking out her legs during quizzes. She always seemed to wear a skirt on quiz days. She’d sit there with her legs crossed and at the front of the room he could see a lot of her meaty thighs. They were strong legs; Naomi was the captain of the girls’ soccer team.

Her moans were soft and infrequently, periodically between heavy breaths. Her mouth was open and her pink lips going dry as she breathed heavily through her mouth. She studied his face above her. He had a good head of hair, thick and full with no gray hairs yet. His chin was covered by a slight stubble. ‘This is a man,’ Naomi thought.

His eyes opened and he locked onto her eyes. He had thought she had brown eyes, but they looked more hazel now. He saw the ceiling light reflected in her eyes. His thrusts continued but slowed as he stared at her face. It was like he was seeing her in high definition now. He saw the thin layer of makeup on her left cheek where she hid a pimple. Her lips were very glossy and pink when she first entered his room, but his sloppy kisses had returned them to a more natural color.

“Oooh” she exclaimed loudly, just one random loud burst. His lip curled up into a grin as he picked up the pace. His breathing quickened. She lifted her chin and held her breath for a second. He leaned down and kissed her before she released another loud moan.

His dick throbbed and came as he kissed her. He could tell that she was close, so he kept pumping vigorously as he was cumming inside of her. Just a moment more and she would cum. She had stopped returning his kisses as her face grew tight. Her eyes rolled back to stare at that ceiling light and then she came just a few moments after him.

He kissed her on the cheek before getting off there. She laid there stunned as he looked for his clothes. She was still staring at that ceiling light when got his boxers back on. As he put his pants on she rolled off the table and walked nude over to the tissue box in the back corner of the room, on the same wall as the door but opposite corner. She grabbed a few tissues and dried the area between her legs.

After throwing out the tissues, she casually walked back to grab her clothes. He was shirtless and bent over to grab a white garment off the ground as she approached. “Thanks,” she said as she held out her hand, but he didn’t hand it over.

“Actually, it’s customary for a teacher to keep a sample of a student’s work for future reference.”

Naomi dropped her hand to her side and didn’t say anything. Her head tilted in confusion, not fully processing that he was going to make her leave without her underwear. “Don’t make me email your mom that you were not being cooperative,” he added with a smile.

She shook her head. “This is the craziest day.” He studied her as she got dressed. She put her shoes back on last, and he especially enjoyed that part; he got to stare up her skirt at her shaved pussy while she lifted her legs to slip back on those shiny black ankle boots.

Once dressed, she walked over to him and teased, “You’re a bad man.”

He smiled and gave her a kiss on the lips. She returned the kiss, but kept it short.

She pulled a mirror out of her purse and tried to fix her hair. Then she reapplied her lip gloss and make-up. While she did that he walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her neck while she finished redoing her make-up.

“Do I look normal or can you tell?” she asked once she was done.

“You look great,” he replied quickly. “No one will be able to tell.” But then a couple seconds later he felt the need to add, “Well unless someone did this,” he reached his hand under her skirt and flicked her clit.

“Oh my God, I’m never going to get out of here.”

“Your mom did say she appreciated every minute,” he said right before kissing her on the neck again.

Naomi closed her eyes and breathed deeply. A minute later he added, “Text your mom that you want to redo the last problem and then you’ll head home.”

She pulled her phone out of her purse, while his hand on her back encouraged her to bend forward. Her elbows rested on a table while he lifted up her skirt and spread her legs. She typed what he told her to write, and he was already inside her by the time she hit send.

Naomi put the phone down and rested her head in her palms for five of his thrusts and then her phone dinged. She picked it up and saw that her mom had texted her back, “Honey I’m so proud of you.”

“Tell her you’re confident that your grade will go up,” he suggested. “Parents love to hear about grades.”

“I think I’m going to do much better on the next test,” is what she texted back.

Her mom sent back a heart emoji.

“I’m going to hell,” Naomi announced as she dropped the phone once more.

“What are you talking about? This is clearly heaven.”

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