Teaching a Bitch a Lesson Ch. 02

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As soon as she had come up with the perfect way to punish her bitch of a friend, Kaitlin realized that her dad would be the toughest person to sell on the idea. In contrast, she also knew that the second guy for Alisa to have sex with would be much easier. The sex with Mr. C had been so good that Kaitlin was starting to have second thoughts. Then she called her boyfriend and couldn’t get hold of him. When she called to find Alisa, she wasn’t in either and knowing that they were together made her mind up to go through with it.

Alex was Alisa’s twin brother and combined with Mr. C, the next perfect choice. Kaitlin remembered their first time together when she had given her best friend’s brother a piece of ass for his 18th birthday. Waiting until the right moment for them, she had grabbed his hand and slipped into his bedroom with him. While the party was still going on and they had done it as they listened to everyone a few rooms away. Since then she’d had sex with him several times, sort of a friend with benefits. But she knew he loved one thing more than anything, mainly because he never got it, and that was how she would get him to be the second guy.

The next day, she dropped by Alisa’s house when she knew Mr. C wouldn’t be there and of course the bitch was out with Kaitlin’s boyfriend again. She saw Alex in the garage, under his car. “Hey Lex, how is going?”

“Fine, Alisa isn’t here.”

I know where the bitch is. Luckily he and Mr. C kept their garage spotless. She dropped onto her hands and knees, and then just sat close to him. Reaching over she started to scratch the front of his jeans.

“Babe I don’t think I can concentrate with you doing that.”

“Humph,” Alex being able to concentrate on his car was not necessary. The swish of his escort bostancı zipper as she pulled it down was the only sound in the garage. Pulling him out, she curled her long fingers around his soft cock and squeezed, delighting at the way the head turned purple.

Kaitlin was simply fascinated with the shape of the penis – small, big, straight, bent, whatever. She found the change of the shape and size from soft into an erection fascinating. Staring at one always produced a strong urge to caress and stroke, especially the smoothness of the head and sensitive area right under it. Her practiced fingers soon had him hard.

Alex moaned, “I was right, I can’t concentrate.”

A grin spread across her face. You’re bigger than my boyfriend and your sister will love it. “Lex, I have a girlfriend that wants you.” Lowering her mouth she closed her lips around his cock head. This was something he hardly ever got, at least not from her. Normally, they would never have time to play and world always just sneak into some part of his house to fuck.

Alex close his eyes, she had only done this a few times. “Do I know her?”

Kaitlin had been hesitant sucking her first cock, especially considering it had been her own dad. Some of her girlfriends had fantasized about sucking and fucking their dads but were afraid to do it. She didn’t want to always wonder what it would be like so one day she seduced him. His was the first cum she had ever tasted. She had always felt that it was a bit much to put a hard erect penis in a small area like her mouth, but once she started she found herself loving it, not so much because of the taste of the man but because of the pleasure it gave to him. Now she sucked and fucked her dad whenever they got the chance.

“I ümraniye escort think you do but she doesn’t want you to know it’s her the first time.” Her tongue licked his sensitive areas as she let his cock slide in and out of her mouth. It seemed so natural to make someone cum with her mouth, man or woman it didn’t matter, she loved it all.

“So why does she was it to be so mysterious? Can’t she just come over so we can have sex?”

There was little that compared to the feeling of having a cock in her mouth. It made her feel completely in charge of him, and that thought turned her on. His cock swelled in her mouth and she tasted a few drops of pre cum. Taking him in until her nose was buried in his pubic hair, she loved knowing he was going to fill her with hot cum soon. When he was back out and she used only her lips her hand was busy pumping him, even as she continued to suck. She stopped sucking only to talk, but continued to use her hand. “No, the first time she wants it to be special.”

Alex knew he wasn’t going to last much longer, her mouth felt moist and warm and her fingers felt cool. “What do you mean special?”

She looked at how his hard cock glistened. The light coming in the garage reflected off of her saliva. “There are some girls that meet and have sex. A different girl does something sexual at each meeting while the others watch and do each other at the same time.”

The way she held his cock deep in her throat before she let it back out felt amazing, “I think I could get into that.”

Kaitlin could take most cocks in her mouth and leave them for quite some time without gagging. It had taken a lot of practice to learn how to breathe, but her dad and boyfriend didn’t seem to mind being practiced on. “Well you won’t kartal escort bayan be able to see her, and there will be another guy fucking her at the same time.”

“I don’t know about that one. I always thought of doing a three way but with two girls.” Her lips, tongue and throat were bringing such wonderful sensations. He was going to explode — and soon.

Kaitlin chuckled to herself which was hard enough with a hard cock in her mouth. “You and the other guy won’t be able to see each other.” At least not until you two cum in her and I pull the fucking masks off so that Alisa and everyone else can see that she just fucked her dad and brother at the same time.

“I don’t know.”

She bit down a little, not with her teeth but with her lips and sucked a little harder, “Just think about how many of those girls are going to want to have you come back so that they can have sex with you.” She knew he was close so she sucked him harder still from the cockhead all the way until her nose was buried in his pubic hair again, and let it slowly back out. Come on, that bitch needs both of you for this to work.

“I’ll do it.” He arched his back, “I’m going to cum.”

Kaitlin bobbed her head up and down letting his hard cock slide back and forth past her lips. Come on baby, give it to me. She felt him swell and then huge jets of hot sperm shot out of him. Greedily swallowing and sucking for more, she loved everything about a guy’s cum. She knew a lot of girls that liked to make a guy get off, just not in their mouth. Not her, Kaitlin loved the taste and the smell and how it felt on her tongue.

Alec shot his cum into her mouth. It felt incredible as she sucked him for more. One day he would have to ask her to let him see himself shoot his cum into her mouth. Now that would be mind-blowing. She could just stop sucking and open her mouth wide.

He was done, but she still held his softening cock in her mouth. Playing with his balls and still gently sucking, she was rewarded with a little more cum. She loved it.

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