Teacher’s Pet Ch. 02

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Dave got into college early. After last night’s adventure he could hardly wait to get there. Wanted to see how Miss Cross would be. Would she realise that he had been watching? He kept glancing at the door, waiting for her to come in, knowing that now when he imagined what was under those long skirts of hers he really would know how she looked.

The bell rang, but still no Miss Cross. He was just wondering what had happened, when in walked an older woman and placed a pile of books on the table. “Miss Cross will be absent for the rest of the week. My name is Miss Danvers, I shall be continuing your lessons until she comes back.”

Dave’s face fell, and the stirring in his trousers subsided. He had been a little wound up about seeing Miss Cross after last night. He looked at Miss Danvers instead, taking in her overall appearance as a first impression. She was taller than Miss Cross, maybe about 5’6″ and she wore heels that accentuated her rather shapely ankles. Her skirt sat just above her knees was tight with a split at the back. As she rubbed the board clean, she kicked one leg out to the side slightly and the skirt opened to reveal the slightest hint of lace. MMMMMMM he thought. Stockings! Maybe things weren’t so bad after all.

She turned round to face the class, and Dave noticed a smear of chalk on her blouse just where her nipple would be. It drew his attention to her breasts, which he could see were large and full. She had top 3 buttons of her blouse undone, revealing a very ample cleavage. As she leaned forward to pick up a piece of fallen chalk, gravity pulled her tits and Dave had a good view down the front of her blouse. White satin bra and he was betting sussies to match. Stirring in his trousers again, as he imagined running a hand up inside her skirt, parting her legs as he slid fingertips around the lace of her stockings. Then the smooth soft skin of her inner thigh, his thumb teasing the edge of her panties, a fingertip teasing just underneath on the edge of her pussy lips…

He sat up with a jolt. Had to compose himself, a whole lesson ahead of him. Miss Danvers was back behind her desk. She picked up a book and walked round to the front of the desk, turned to face the class, and slid herself onto the desk. Her legs parted slightly and her skirt hitched up, just long enough to confirm what Dave had hoped. Suspender belt and a flash of white satin panties. He wondered if he could get them nice and wet for her, ataşehir escort bayan grinding that nice white satin into her clit, making her moan in ecstasy. He licked his lips at the thought, and glanced up to have a look at her face properly. Hard to get his glance past those tits though! She was older than Miss Cross, forty at least, maybe more but she dressed as if younger. She wore her make up well, in fact didn’t need much, she looked like she used a sunbed. He wondered then about white bits, and smiled to himself. She had very intense blue eyes, and her hair was up in that messy, tousled way, with stray strands falling around her face. His favourite hair colour too. A very intense red, helped by a bottle certainly, but she suited it well. He smiled to himself again as he thought… Porn star hair!!!

Her eyes caught his, and for a moment he could imagine looking into them as her lips curled round the tip of his now throbbing cock. Older woman, she would know just what to do with it too. She took his stare and returned it, smiling slightly and knowingly at him. He blushed at the thought of her realising he was daydreaming about her, and looked away, focusing on the now very obvious bulge in his trousers.

Miss Danvers was having a few thoughts herself. Looks like this is the one Rose had told her about. The one who had been watching her? He wasn’t without his charm she supposed. Tall, broad shoulders, and a waist she certainly wouldn’t mind wrapping her legs round. She could see him squirm in his seat, and realised she must be having an effect on him. She smiled as she decided to play a game. He looked as though he was struggling to concentrate on the work, so she thought it only right to help him out.

He looked up in time to see Miss Danvers walking towards him. He swallowed hard as she moved behind him and leaned over his shoulder. As she pointed out passages of text, her left breast brushed against his shoulder, and he noticed long manicured nails. Nails he would love to feel digging into his back, or scraping lightly against his balls. He felt them tighten at the thought. He could also smell her perfume, and as he glanced at her mouth from the corner of his eye, he could imagine that pale pink lipstick glistening on the end of his cock.

Just then the bell rang, the last lesson of the day was over. He didn’t leave though, wanting to wait until the class had cleared, hoping the raging hard-on escort kadıöy would lessen enough for him to walk out of the class. He didn’t hold out much hope though, he needed release and he needed it now!!!! The teacher looked up from her book, stood up and walked over to Dave. “Something I can help you with?” she asked. “Umm no Miss, I don’t think so.”

Miss Danvers came closer and looked down at Dave’s bulging crotch. “You sure about that sweetie?” H e looked up to see her smiling. “Rose was telling me about you. You know Miss Cross, she’s a good friend of mine, a VERY good friend” She raised one leg to sit on Dave’s desk, this left her legs apart and a clear view right up her skirt. She reached down to take Dave’s hand and placed it on her knee. He started rubbing her leg in small circles and started to move upwards underneath her skirt. She moved her legs apart more as his hand moved higher and he reached that lovely smooth skin at the top of her stockings. He paused there looking up as Miss Danvers then moved so that she was sitting on his desk, legs either side of him feet resting on his chair.

He placed both hands on her knees, as she leaned back, one hand undoing the rest of her blouse buttons, his thumbs travelling up to the edge of her panties. He let them linger there pulling the material away a little, teasing, then slid them both inside both rubbing up + down feeling the wetness of her cunt and her swollen clit. He slid a thumb into her pussy, she was still nice and tight for her age, and nice smooth shaved lips to boot.

She grabbed his shirt, pulling him to his feet, and pulled his face to hers. They kissed, tongues licking lips then finding each other, nice long deep wet kiss, as he lifted her hips and pulled her panties down. Her skirt was pulled up around her waist as she reached down to undo Dave’s trousers and push them down over his hips. She ran her fingers over his bulging calvins, feeling his cock twitch at her touch. She slid her fingers inside, his cock all sticky with pre cum, and flicked her fingertips across the tip of his cock. Then she pushed the underwear down over his hips, her fingers wrapping round his swollen cock, rubbing up and down, then running her fingernails along its length.

She looked up into Dave’s eyes as she lightly touched the tip of his swollen member with her tongue, it glistened with pre-cum a tiny sliver of it connecting his cock to her tongue as she pulled maltepe escort away. She pulled forward on his cock, her two hands wrapped round it as she put her mouth to her hands making an exquisite vacuum with a nice hard suck! He gasped as she thrust his whole cock into her mouth and held it there, her tongue rubbing hard on it inside her mouth. The sensation was driving him nuts! and more importantly he was now as hard as he was ever going to be.

She stood up. By now she had her blouse off, and had pulled her tits out of her bra. She had firm tits for her age, nice big round nipples, which were certainly hardening between his teeth. She held his head in her hands as he started to move lower, using his fingers to expose her clit. He looked up at her as he took the swollen nub in his mouth, and smiled to himself as she moaned louder. He sucked hard then licked softly, driving her wild. But he needed his cock in that wet cunt now. He stood up again and placed the tip against her clit, rubbing it up and down. But then, shook his head, lifted her down off the desk, and turned her round. She bent forward, tits squeezed against the desk, as he positioned her hips to the right angle. He stood back for a moment to admire the view, the smooth pink cunt lips, clit just visible glistening wet between them, further up nice tight asshole. His thumb ran over asshole, making it twitch. He held her hips again, placing his cock at her cunt, sliding in slowly, listening for her gasp. He held it there as she looked back at him, smiling, urging him to start pumping her cunt.

He started slowly at first, feeling the walls rub against his cock. He gave her ass a spank, making her jump and moan a little. He liked seeing his pink handprint there. Fucking harder now, banging her so hard against the wooden desk that it was moving forward with every thrust. She moaned loudly each time he rammed his cock in, but he slowed as he felt himself close to cumming. Wanted them to cum together. She started to arch her back, and he knew she was close. He got faster again as he felt the first shudder, then paused just before he came hard inside her now soaking wet cunt. He leaned forward against her back, feeling her breath heavily against him, her body shaking with every breath.

She moaned gently as he pulled his spent cock from her pussy, a slight trickle of his cum mixed with hers ran down from her cunt to the top of her thigh. He smiled as he surveyed the view, as she looked round and said sharply… “Mr. Smith! Are you still with us Mr. Smith? Would seem that you didn’t get enough sleep last night!”

He jumped in his seat, disorientated for a moment as the realisation hit him. He had been asleep, it was all a dream…

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