Teacher and Student Pt. 05

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“Tell me what a bad girl you are, Sophie.” I say to her as she kneels before me on the floor, rubbing my cock over her face.

“I’m such a fucking bad girl sir.”

“First you have to have me in the mornings before school starts, then at lunch, then after school, then in my car outside of school, and now look at you… inviting me to fuck you in your own house while your parents are gone.” She’s sucking my cock at this point, and I can see it in her face how much she’s enjoying it.

I grab the back of her head and fuck her face with it. She moans, and I bite my lip. “You just can’t get enough of my cock, can you whore?” I tease as she gags a little, seeing her squirm.

“You belong on your knees with my cock in your mouth.” I say low. I pull it out, and rub it over her face again. “Look at me.” She looks up, and I shove it back in halfway. “You know I’m going to fuck you all over this house, right?” She trembles, and her eyelids droop a little as she swirls her tongue over the head, moaning. She looks up into my eyes longingly. I pull her up, turn her around, and hug her waist from behind, and press my lips to her ear, and whisper as I point around. “I’m going to fuck you on that table.” She gasps as I push a hand between her legs, and turn her toward the living room. She whines, and grinds into my hand. “I’m going to fuck you on that couch.” We turn to the kitchen. “I’m going to fuck you on that countertop.”

“I’m going to fuck you in your bathroom in your tub or shower or both.” I rub her pussy. “But first, I want to fuck you on your bed.” I turn her around and kiss her.

“Mmmm, Mr. Bell please stay here all weekend, and fuck me non-stop” She begs between kisses.

“Your parents are going to be gone all weekend?” I say suprised.

“Mmmhmm.” She breathes, kissing my neck. I sink into her.

“Take me to your room so I can fuck you like the dirty slut you are.” I say into her ear.

She gasps, takes my hand, and excitedly leads me to the stairs. I stare at her ass while we make our way to the second floor. She opens a door at the end of the hallway, and we step inside.

Her room is much bigger than mine.

“Sophie, show me your underwear drawer.” I smile wickedly. She walks over to her dresser, ataşehir escort bayan and pulls open a drawer, and proudly displays all the different colors of thongs and panties that she owns. I smile, and unbutton her jeans, and peek at the pair she’s wearing for me now. “Mind if I take a pair after?”

“Of course not, Sir.”

“Good girl.” I kiss her. “Do you have any sex toys?”

A huge smile spreads across her face, and she beams. “Do you want to see them?”

“Yes.” I say.

She takes my hand again, and pulls me through an open door, which takes us into her own bathroom. Immediately, I see dildos laying out on her counter. She walks to the shower, gestures her hand to it.

My eyebrows go up, and my jaw drops.

The walls, and the floor are lined with strategically placed dildos on suction cups.

“God, you really are a horny little slut, aren’t you.” I say, and kiss her happily, and lick her lips. “Do your parents know about this?”

“No, they never come in here.” She wraps her arms around me, and I pick her up, and carry her back into her room. I throw her down onto the bed, and yank her pants off, Knocking over some of her stuffed animals. She’s actually laying on a lot of them. I rip open her shirt, and she gasps, and bites her lip as I stare over body.

“Sophie, can I take a picture of you?” I whisper.

“I don’t know can you?” She giggles.

“Oh my god.” I laugh, and slap her thigh. “MAY I.”

“Yes, you may.” She raises up, and kisses me, and lays back down.

I pull out my phone, and take a full frontal picture of her from above, and even take a few short videos of her sexy squirming. I toss the phone aside, straddle her chest, and feed my cock to her. She sucks it as I slip my hand into her panties. I push my fingers inside her.

I watch lustfully as my student raises up to fit my entire cock into her mouth. I pick up my phone, and immediately begin filming it. Her pussy tightens on my fingers, and she moans for me, and sucks deeper.

It isn’t long until I fill her mouth, and she cums on my fingers.

I continue fingering her sexy little cunt, while she sucks up all the cum I pump out into her mouth.

I pull out, and run it over face. escort kadıöy She kisses it as it passes over her lips.

“You love being a dirty slut on camera, don’t you?” She moans a yes. “You want me to film you while I fuck you too, don’t you?”

She whines, and gasps another yes.

I smile wickedly. “But what if I upload it to a porn site?” She kisses my cock again, and I climb off the bed, and spread her legs, and point the camera to her the crotch of her thong, and touch it with my fingers. She trembles, and whines.

“Mmmm, I don’t care. I want you film me.” She cries, I snicker, and rub her clit through the thong.

“But what if I show all of my buddies, and they want turns fucking you.”

She gasps hearing this, and I place my cock on her crotch and begin rubbing it up and down.

“I would love that so much.” She breathes, and squeezes her chest.

“At the same time? What if we tie you up, and fuck you non-stop? Do you want to be a little sex machine? A little fucktoy?”

She moans loud, as I pull the thong to the side, and push myself into her.

I point the camera to her face, and capture her expressions as I enter her.

“I do. I love it so much.”

“Dirty slut.” I snicker and give her several hard thrusts.

“Mmmm fuck!” She cries out, and I reach and push my fingers into her mouth. She places one of her legs up against my shoulder. I film her, as I fuck her. The bed creaks. “I love your cock so much.” She breathes.

“Mmm.” I groan as I feel her cunt tightening around me. “You tease me everyday with short little skirts, high heels, blouses with plunging necklines, barely anything dress code in class, begging me to rip it all off of you, and fuck you senseless right there in front of everyone.”

She calls out my name. My first name. As I push her over the edge, and ram her pussy.

She cries out, and cums hard, causing me to erupt too, I pound her a few good times, and pull out, and cum all over her thong.

We both gasp, and I stop the video. She looks at me drunkenly. “Mmmm, why didn’t you do it inside? I wanted you to.” She sighs, as she rubs it into the crotch of panties. I smile, and lay beside her.

“Don’t wash those, and wear them to maltepe escort school Monday.” I say, kissing her. I push my tongue into her mouth and she strokes my cock in her hands.

After we make-out for a few more minutes, she gets up, and pulls out a box from underneath her bed. I sit up, she places it on my lap, and removes the lid. It’s full of gag balls, hand cuffs, rope, duct tape, and vibrators.

“God damn.” I say. I start selecting some things from inside it, and I can see the excitement lighting up her face. I kiss her, and then push a red ball gag into her mouth, and fasten it around her head. She moans, and I cuff her hands together behind her back.

“Ride me.” I say, laying back onto the bed. She struggles a moment, but I hold up my cock for her, and she straddles me, and eases me inside. She begins to bounce on it, trying hard to balance. She even teeters a little, needing me to hold her up at some points. It turns me on watching her struggle. I thrust up into her, loving how her breasts bounce in her bra as she rides me.

I smile, reach into my pants pocket, and pull out my pocket knife, her eyes widen as she sees me open it.

“Don’t worry. We just forgot to do something.” I say calmly. I reach up, peel the band of her bra away from her beautiful skin, and begin cutting it right between the two cups. She freezes as I do this to avoid getting cut. I smile at her as the blade cuts through. Her boobs drop, and the cups hangs to either side of them.

I reach up, and brush my fingers over her soft warm nipples, and they instantly become hard as diamonds to my touch.

She whines, and resumes fucking me. She trembles, and whines as I begin filming her again. Her hair spills out over her shoulders, and her bra flops around as she bounces.

“Look at my beautiful fucktoy riding me like a good little whore. Gagged, and helpless to me and my cock.” I point the camera to her cunt, and begin running my fingers over clit in an arc motion back and forth. She gasps, and shakes hard. She swivels on my cock, and I film her body up and down. She’s cumming, and it’s so hot. I thrust up into her over and over. I reach up, and pull the gag out for a moment. “Tell the camera what you just did fility whore.”

“Mmmmm fuck.. I just came.” She cries.

“And where did you cum?”

“All over your cock.” She breathes as I pound her.

“That’s right you did. You came all over my cock like a good little whore.”

I push the gag back in, and she continues to ride me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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