Taming Ruchi Ch. 01

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My name is Piyush. I am 35 years old. I am married to Ruchi, who has just turned 25. Yes, she is 10 years younger to me. This is the story of how we met and got married.

Many years ago, when I was in college, I started looking for tuitions to earn some pocket money. Ruchi’s family lived in our neighbourhood in West Delhi, but until a common friend introduced me to her brother Rahul, I had no idea about their existence.

Rahul was a couple of years younger to me and studied in the same college that I went to. When Rahul came to know that I was looking for tuitions, he asked me if I can help his sister with mathematics. His sister was sharp, but was unable to do well in mathematics despite working hard, he said. It seemed like a good idea because their home was close by and mathematics was my favourite subject.

Over the weekend, I went to Rahul’s home to meet his parents and sister. Now, Rahul had a very average personality, so I was taken aback to meet his beautiful mother Alka, who was around 40. She did not look her age at all and it was a pleasure to meet her.

She, sort of, interviewed me asking questions about my family and educational background and why I was interested in taking tuitions despite being from a well-to-do family.

Convinced with my answers, she called her daughter – Ruchi – and introduced me to her. Ruchi was as good looking as her mother, but a little taller. She came across as an intelligent and ambitious girl.

After a few minutes, Alka left to get some tea, leaving me along with Ruchi. I spoke to her, mostly about her studies, trying to understand which areas we should focus on first for quick results. We decided that I will come to teach for two days, on weekends.

I left their place after some time, with pleasant thoughts.


I am 5.8 and around 65 kg. Pretty average looking, but in college i was pretty well-known for being a good student. I had a lot of female friends, but still remained a virgin, which is generally the norm in India.

However, I had a strong sex drive and often masturbated at home. I was also hooked to a lot of porn and was a frequent visitor to sex story sites. But six months ago, I got hooked to a different kind of addiction.

My sister escort bostancı Nikita (we call her Nikki) and I lived in separate rooms, but we shared a bathroom. Nikki was a couple of years younger to me. One day, I woke up late and went to the bathroom. I was sitting on the toilet, thinking about a story I had read during the night, when I saw Nikki’s panties hanging in the bathroom.

I am not sure what happened to me, but I picked up Nikki’s panties and started sniffing it. I have no idea, why it happened, because I never had a thing for Nikki. Well, not up till that point.

Soon, I went to bed and started rubbing my dick on the cushion while sniffing Nikki’s panties. I came off within minutes.

For the next week or so, I felt very low and guilty. But, soon I got over it and whenever I got a chance, I used Nikki’s stuff to jerk off.


The tuition classes helped me divert attention from Nikki. Over the next few weeks, I went to Ruchi’s place over the weekends. I went in the evenings and would stay there for a couple of hours. She was a bright student and quickly picked up what I taught.

Ruchi’s father was a businessman and often returned late from work, so we rarely met. But over these few weeks, Rahul and I became good friends. He started coming to my house too, and we saw movies and discussed cricket.

One Saturday, I went to Ruchi’s house an hour early. My parents wanted me to come with them later for some social gathering. Ruchi’s house had a small lawn in front and I crossed it and reached the front gate. I was going to ring the bell, when I noticed that the door was not locked. I pushed the door slightly and what I saw changed my life forever.

Ruchi was sitting on the sofa holding Rahul’s dick in her hand. Rahul’s shorts were at his knees and he was holding Ruchi’s breasts. Ruchi was completely naked from waist up. On the table, a porn flick played on Ruchi’s laptop.

When Ruchi saw me, she did not know what hit her. She covered her breasts quickly and ran out of the room. Rahul seemed to be frozen and in seconds his dick had retraced completely. He quickly pulled his shorts up and rushed out of the room, leaving me alone.

I did not know what to do – follow ümraniye escort them to the room or sit back and wait or return. I decided on the third option. I shut down Ruchi’s laptop and started walking towards my home.

On the way back, I saw Alka, she waived and drove past me.


I did not go to teach Ruchi the following Sunday. Neither did i turn up the next weekend. Every time I thought about her, I visualised her breasts and pink nipples. I didn’t know how to face her. I also did not want to embarrass her or Rahul for that matter. After all, I also had been cheating on my sister Nikki, though I had limited myself to sniffing my sister’s panties.

A fortnight after the incident, Rahul came to my house. We sat quietly for some time after which he asked me, why I had stopped coming to teach Ruchi. I told him that I did not want to embarrass the two of them.

Rahul nodded understanding my dilemma, but added that his mom Alka was getting agitated about this. He said his mom wanted to know why I left teaching Ruchi mid way. He pleaded with me to come and added that his mom might land up at my house if I did not show up.

I did not want Alka to come to my house, so I accompanied Rahul to their house. I found Alka sitting on the lawn, sipping tea with Ruchi. Alka smiled and asked me to join them. I looked at Ruchi, but surprisingly found defiance in her eyes. There was not a hint of embarrassment or remorse or guilt.

Alka asked me why I had discontinued teaching Ruchi abruptly. She added that her daughter had started doing well in mathematics. I came up with a lame excuse, telling Alka that I had to dedicate more time for my MBA preparation, which were coming up 2-3 months. At this point, Ruchi surprised me. She looked at me and said she had started enjoying studying with me and wanted me to continue.

I was not prepared for this and gave in quickly.


Things continued to be normal for some time. I started taking weekend tuitions, but Ruchi acted as if nothing was amiss. For me, it was an extremely difficult period though. Every now and then, I would visualsise the images of Ruchi holding Rahul’s dick, her breasts and the lust in her eyes. It kartal escort bayan started becoming difficult to concentrate with her sitting in front of me nonchalantly.

At home, the frequency of my masturbations rose. I would still sniff Nikki’s panties, but fantasied about Ruchi.

One day, Rahul came to my house. We were chatting just random stuff, but all of a sudden I got all worked up and asked him about the sex episode. He got agitated and stood up to leave, but I quickly caught his hand and pulled him back.

I told him everything that had happened to me after seeing the two together – my fantasising Ruchi and also about me sniffing my sister Nikki’s panties. I thought by sharing my secret with Rahul, he would emphathise with me and also understand that I would not be judgemental about him and Ruchi.

I was correct and thank god for this. Rahul opened up slightly. He said what happened the other day was Ruchi’s idea. They had been playing with each other for some time and that particular day Ruchi forgot to lock the door when her mom left earlier. Also, he reminded me that I had walked in early and without ringing the bell.

I apologised for barging in, but grew curious about Ruchi now.

Rahul said he still had fun with Ruchi, but the two only masturbated each other and were not into intercourse. He said Ruchi was very imaginative and often asked Rahul about me.

Hearing this, I had no control over my dick. I was in my pajamas and Rahul could clearly see the tent that my dick made.

He said he wanted to see my dick. I didn’t know what to say. I just said no. But he was in no mood to listen. He said since I had seen his dick, I also should show mine.

I just sat there on the chair, not knowing what to do, but Rahul came closer to me. He sat on his haunches and pulled my pajamas down. He took my dick in his hand and after some time pushed it inside his mouth.

I did not believe what was happening, but controlled myself. After some time, he got up and asked me if I still had Nikki’s panties with me. I said I had one hidden in my wardrobe. I got it for him.

By then Rahul had stripped. He climbed on the bed and asked me to join him. I reluctantly slept beside him, half naked. He took Nikki’s panties and sniffed the crotch. He then took my hand and signalled that I hold his dick. With his other hand, he held my dick.

We both started shaking each other, taking turns sniffing my sister’s panties. Soon, we started cumming, together.

End of Part 1.

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