Tales of the Sexual Healers Ch. 14

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Tales of the Sexual Healers, Chapter 14, Isolde enters the World of Mozart (Mozart’s Dream)

I found myself in Vienna, called to the bedside of Herr Mozart. He had been suffering for a while, his beloved Constanze had left him. He was composing the The Magic Flute. Drowning his sorrows and plagued by visions of his deceased father, he alternated between hallucinations and moments of great clarity.

His face brightened at the sight of me. I saw the restless spirits around him, who had been called by his rival, Antonio Salieri. Sweat poured from his brow even as he feverishly inscribed the divine notes. As I took his hand in mine, the scene faded from my consciousness and I entered his dreams.

The surroundings were indistinct at first but as I felt the energy of the spirits around me, I was engulfed in a world that was not my own. I felt the terror of Prince Tomino as he faced the serpent. I was there, with the three handmaidens of the Queen of the Night as he was saved, through their magic. I, too, felt the longing and lust at the sight of his handsome face and magnificent cock. The jealousy I felt at Princess Pamina! How I longed to ataşehir escort seduce him and and enchant him.

I began masturbating, rubbing my pussy through my thin dress and stroking my supple breasts as I fell into a dream within a dream. I felt his lips on mine as he caressed my body sending tingles of want throughout me. The Queen of the Night appeared and her warm hands joined mine as she tauntingly pinned my arms above my head. Her beautiful exotic eyes blazed into mine as she took control of me.

As the Prince looked on, the Queen seduced my mind… I was hers…her lips, her tongue, her hands… were everywhere. She took my breasts into her hands and worked them as my nipples became erect. I gasped in erotic contentment as she suckled my nipples, sending waves of sensation through my body. My punani was electrified as she kissed every inch of me, bringing me to heightened awareness.

She slithered down my body and rubbed her own breasts against my cunt. I was wet and moaning as she inserted one of her long gumdrop nipples into my fuck-hole. I was climaxing as she rhythmically thrust her nipple inside of me while kadıköy escort bayan rubbing my clit in circles. Just as I thought I couldn’t take any more, Prince Tomino gathered me in his strong arms and began to lightly squeeze my heaving tits. She was moaning into my vagina and taking my entire vulva into her mouth while simultaneously tracing sigils into my clitoris with her tongue. I was begging for penetration, desperate for cock.

But I was denied… As I squirted into the Queen of the Night’s mouth, the Prince took over. He was voraciously consuming my magical fluids. I smashed his face into my cunnie and took hold of his rock-hard man-pole…the three maidens gasped! “He is for Princess Pamina!” they cried out, as I took hold of his enflamed cock and tried to stuff it in my love-box. He tried to resist me, but I would not abate.

“Enter me, oh Impassioned Prince, ye who is betrothed to the Princess and I will show ye the Gates of Heaven” … I intoned in a voice that was not my own. The Goddess had entered me and I spoke with Her words. He was powerless to resist. I was so wet with girl-cum and the Queen’s saliva escort maltepe that he slipped right in. His large veiny, beautifully formed penis was awash in my Sex Magick. He bellowed at the feeling of merging with the Goddess. Images of the Ancient ones were swimming in my head as I began to chant:

“For it is in my Rites…in my Rituals, that you experienced the Sacred Marriage of God and Goddess. It is in the Rejoicing of sex and sensual delight that you come the closest to surrounding your will to God. Spirit is not to be feared or summoned for baneful magick. Our power as the Divine Feminine is to heal, never to harm. Be at peace and praise the Lord and Lady for giving you this Gift”

The prince collapsed after releasing his seed into my willing body. As the last contractions of my spasming pussy milked him, my surroundings began to fade and I came back to myself. Amadeus was awakening and I had him in my arms gently stroking his hair, as if he were my child. I felt such a wave of tenderness for him as he looked at me plaintively, his quill in his hand.

I took his trembling hands in mind and I infused him with strength. I felt the bond with him that comes when you have shared flesh. For our Spirits had merged, we had danced with Divinity. Mozart would live for a bit longer, as I had extended his life with my Magick but his impact on the world would last forever. And so it is.


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