Tales From Behind the Bar Ch. 02

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Group Sex

Pain and Pleasure

Hey how ya doin? Sam here. Samuel Sanders owner, chief cook, bartender extraordinaire and when necessary bottle washer here at the Midnight Bar and Grill. A guy in my position hears all kinds of stories about all kinds of things. Some things are believable others are the no way in hell type. Tonight however I got a friend of mine to stop by and tell you his story. I got to warn you it’s a bittersweet tale, but let me let him tell it. Come on Scott man; tell the people your story.

Thanks Sam. I guess for the sake of this I better keep it simple. My name is Scott Caldwell and this story starts about 3 years ago. I met a lady by the name of Nelly Braeden. Nel was and still is a bombshell. She’s 5 ft 5 with deep dark brown almond shaped eyes. She wears her hair just above the shoulders. She’s not a big-hipped woman even after having Audra Marie. Her ass though fills out skirts and pants like nobodies business. Her breasts also are showstoppers even though they aren’t overly big, a B or a C depending upon the make of the bra. I think what I always marveled at from the first was her smooth peanut butter colored complexion.

We were introduced by my best friend at the time Willie Lones aka Thugg. He was nicknamed that before vocabulary like Thug Life came into existence but he tried to live that lifestyle. His rep was that of a tough almost gangster type of Negro who played whatever lady he was with. With me however he was my road dogg and I would have gone to war side by side with him – at one time. They say keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Well you’ll see a bit later.

Nel and I were thick real quick. I mean inseparable. She tried that Michael Baiseden/Illyana Van Zant stuff about put a brotha on hold from the pussy for 90 days to see if he’s for real or not. I was cool for the 90 days but on day 92 I asked her where were we going with this relationship, deep or shallow. She said she wanted to go deep VERY deep. Long story short she gave it up that night and for me there was no turning back. Another friend of mine and an acquaintance of hers tried to warn me that in those first 90 days that I should have been taking inventory of her assets and liabilities as well. I thought I had but later I found out different.

Well as far as I knew the relationship was smooth. Hell I didn’t even trip when she told me 6 months later that she was 2 months pregnant. I figured I was going to make the relationship permanent anyway so no big thing. Audra Marie was and is the cutest little girl you could ever want to see. A little lighter than her mother she had those same deep dark brown eyes but with the sparkle that only comes from being innocent. She was born with a head full of hair, which thrilled the relatives. They said that a head full of hair was a good sign. Of what I have no idea.

Anyway Nel had us wait 10 weeks instead of the usual 6 per her doctor’s orders before having sex again. I noticed a change in her pussy but figured it was all because of the baby. In the beginning Nel was pretty set in her sexual habits. She liked it a lot wanted it a lot but only certain ways. Her favorites were her on top and doggy style. No kinky stuff like spanking that ass or half on or off the sofa or the kitchen table. Other than when she was cumming she was rarely loud. She did however like oral sex. She used it often to get her point across or her way. Hey what can I say, a woman that is a great cocksucker can get most anything out of a man. After the baby though she didn’t seem to want to be sexually involved as much. Oh she would still suck my cock almost at the drop of a hat but where before she was insistent on what she wanted now it was me who was insistent. Now it was mostly in the bedroom at night in the bed. I guess I should have suspected something because more than a number of times I let her use the baby as an excuse That would have been fine but most of the time the baby was at her mother’s house.

I worked hard focusing on when I would present her with her engagement ring and officially ask her to marry me. I wanted the ring to be completely paid for when I put it on her finger. It took me the better part of 6months but I finally had the ring in my coat pocket. I decided that we would have a romantic dinner at a local restaurant with several of our friends where I would pop the question. It worked like a charm, the girls were in tears and the guys were stunned. She accepted I was elated. We decided to set the date a year away in order to handle some other business. It was 3 months into this waiting period that I uncovered the truth.

Soon after the baby was born Nel gave me a set of keys. One was to her apartment the other to her car. Nel’s thinking was that she wanted me to be able to get into her apartment if there was a situation with the baby such as me having to pick her up or retrieve something for her. I thought it was unnecessary because the baby usually stayed with Nel’s mother. I rarely ever had used them but Nel wanted me to have them just in case. In hindsight I’m sure she wouldn’t have bahis firmaları done it if she realized what could happen.

I decided on a Friday to surprise Nel with dinner. I stopped by our favorite restaurant and picked up her favorite dishes. I also picked up some fine wine and her favorite flavor of Hagen Das. I went over to Nel’s apartment and let myself in. She would be home from work in a few of hours and I wanted the food to be ready to heat when she got there. I set everything down and put the ice cream in the freezer and the wine in the fridge. It was as I was turning to start preparation on the entree that I heard it. My heart jumped and my blood ran cold thinking at first I was found out. First a little squeak, then another, my heart sank as my trepidation rose. Then a cold hand gripped my heart as I heard a sound I had grown to love. That high pitched squeal that Nel would utter when she’s on the verge of having a hard orgasm. Now some of you might say well maybe she’s masturbating. Went there tried that, it was blown out of the water the next instant when I heard:

“Ohhh goddamn Nel. I’m gonna cum.”

“Oh yeah cum all up in me Thuggy. Cum in me daddy.”

Then I heard a scream come from Nel that I had never heard before.


I’m sure the neighbors in the apartment building across the street heard Nel climaxing. I was stunned. I crept to her bedroom and peeped in the crack of the door. What I saw left me totally disconsolate. There on the bed that we had loved and made love on was Nel almost in a bicycle position screaming and tearing at the sheets as my so-called best friend Willie Lones was earning the title of his nickname as he drove his huge cock down into her pussy.

“You — like this — cock — don’t you bitch!”

“Yes daddy shit yeah!”

“You like watching it as it goes in and out of that pussy don’t you?”


“That’s right, take it bitch. Take all this cock.”


“After I get done with this pussy I’m gonna take dat ass too.”

“Yes Thuggy anything you say baby. It’s yours daddy.”

Thugg was driving his cock into Nel with such force that they were bouncing on the bed. My cock swelled in my pants as I watched the scene. Nel had refused me sex last night saying she was exhausted. She refused to try a similar position when I suggested we do it in the living room on the sofa. She complained that her back would get tired leaning up against the sofa. Here the only thing that was propping her ass up were her own arms as they struggled to keep her hips moving up to meet his down stroke. She hardly ever made noise for me even when I knew I was hittin it right. Here she was screaming her lungs out. Then it hit me. Thugg said he was going to take her ass and she said YES. When I mentioned anal sex as a joke she went ballistic on me calling me nasty and disgusting. Swearing that the day I got her ass would be the day after she died. As these revelations manifested themselves my cock strained even harder in my pants. I was tempted to pull it out and jack off but another scream from Nel put that thought to rest. My pain and anguish overpowered everything else. As Nelly finished her climax Thugg pulled out and pushed her over to the side of the bed. He jumped to the floor and grabbed her by her legs. He roughly stood her up in front of him then bent her in over until she was half on half off the bed. She barely managed to grab a pillow and bury her face in it. Now with her ass swaying in the air she whimpered but didn’t move as he reached over to her nightstand and pulled the baby oil. He applied it liberally to his hands then to his cock. Then he squirted it directly onto her ass and started massaging it in. First he sent two fingers into her pouting pussy and she moved back on them as he brought her passion to a boil. Then he pulled out leaving her shaking from her near orgasm. She gasped and moaned loudly as he slipped one, two then three fingers inside her brown hole.

“Does my boy Caldwell tap dis ass?”

“Ohhh no baby only you. Only you fuck this ass.”

He smacked her ass several times and each one of her yelps stabbed at my heart. Then I watched as he re oiled his cock and placed the head at her puckered sphincter. Again I heard a wail from her that I had never heard before as he slowly sunk the whole length into her ass. I watched her legs tremble and as he started to move in and out going deeper each time.

“Yeeeeesss Thuggy you feel so good fucking me deep in my ass.”

I kept watching as he steadily picked up speed. Soon he was stroking her ass nearly as hard as he had her pussy. Her wails and moans told me she loved every inch of it. I watched in fascination and despair as she came screaming to a hard anal orgasm. It was easily the loudest I ever heard her climax. By the time he finally knutted deep inside her ass she had several almost back to back to back orgasms. She fell in a shivering heap on the bed. Willie crawled in behind her and cuddled her to him. I closed my eyes and turned kaçak iddaa my head away as I struggled to control my anger at their betrayal. Maybe if given a minute or so I would have just walked away then I would have missed the turning of the knife in my back. My eyes snapped back open when I heard:

“Oh shit Nel that’s so good and nasty.”

I refocused my eyes on the sight of Nel’s head bobbing up and down as her tongue snaked all over Willie’s reviving cock. From my vantage point I could see her face. The look was one of total submission and crazy lust. I wasn’t surprised that it didn’t take long for her to have him at full mast. She then sucked him even harder and noisier till he screamed and came in her mouth. She never missed a bob or a drop. Then holding the shrinking pole in her hand she moved up his body and tried to kiss him. He turned his head and pushed her away.

“Whoa bitch, I keep telling you no way am I gonna kiss you after you just finished sucking my cock after it’s been in yo ass. You better use some Listerine or something.”

“Why’d you put that dick back there then?”

“Cause I know you love having my hard cock up your ass.”

He slapped her ass and she yelped but didn’t move from him. Finally he grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her up to look him in the eyes.

“Nelly girl why you keeping all this going? When you gonna straighten this shit out? I mean Scott is my friend, but you love me. I don’t like the fact that you making me look like I’m backdoorin my best friend.”

Nelly’s face looked downfallen. She sighed and lay next to him.

“Thuggy you my boo and all but Scott is my boo to. He’s the father of my child. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to hurt him.”

“Maybe this should be the end then. Maybe I should bounce and not come back.”

“NO. No Thugg. You don’t know what you mean to me. You know I’m crazy over you. Even when I’m with Scott all I can think about is you.”

“Yeah I know but you engaged to him and all. Damn Nelly girl, this shit can’t happen. You and I were bangin before you gave it up to him. While you had him on 90 days probation you were ridin me. Two weeks after the baby we was bangin again. Hell even now you put him off when you know you gonna be with me. That don’t sound like no love to me. Sounds like you gamin girl.”

“No it ain’t nothin like that. Like I said I love you both.”

“Yeah well you can’t be married to him and ride me. Somethin’s got to break quick. Shit I knew I should a broke this shit up in the beginning. When I introduced you two I never meant for you and him to get together. You were always meant to be my bitch.”

“I’m sorry Thuggy I can’t help I fell in love with Scott. But you’re right I can’t marry him. I just need to find a way to break it off without hurting him. For the baby’s sake.”

“Yeah well see that you do and soon. For right now though get yo ass up and use some Listerine bitch yo breath stank.”

My heart broke as I watched her jump out of bed and go to the bathroom. As I listened to her gargle I contemplated all that I had heard. All this time Nelly had been jockin Thugg? She made a punk out of me during those first 90 days but she was giving the booty up to Willie? She was fucking Willie two weeks after the baby was born? How could she say she loved me and play me like that? Suddenly my contemplations stopped as Nelly came bouncing back in the bedroom and straddled Willie. I watched as she licked and sucked on his cock till it was rock hard again. Then she slowly lowered herself on to his straight up pole. Soon she was moaning and groaning as she posted herself on his dick.

I had seen enough. I went back into the kitchen and looked at the food I had bought. Then I dumped it all in the wastebasket. As the aroma began to spread I pulled the ice cream out of the freezer and turned it upside down in the sink. I started to dump the wine too but thought better of it. Finally I took my wallet out and removed two pictures. One was of Nelly the other of Thugg and me. I removed both her apartment key and her car key from my key ring. The car key I laid on the dining room table. The apartment key I stuck through both pictures and left beside the car key. Then I took my bottle of wine and quietly left as Nelly was having yet another of her earth shattering orgasms.

I was shattered myself. I drove around for the next few hours then went home. During my drive my pain gave way to anger. The anger demanded some sort of payback. Willie/Thugg or whatever he wanted to be called would be paid back by the permanent loss of my friendship. He would need me a lot sooner than I would ever need him. When the other fellas found out what the real deal was there would be a split there too. Willie would trip hard when it got out that he backstabbed his best friend. No Willie would pay the price. It was Miss Nelly Braeden that needed to be taught a lesson. I wondered what would go thru their minds when they found what I had left. I wished I had had a video camera so I could record what I saw. Then I could have taken her to kaçak bahis court and sued her ass to get full custody of Audra Marie. That would crush her. Since I didn’t have a camera I tried to come up with an alternate plan.

I was still working out the details when I finally walked in the front door to my apartment. Already my voice mail was full of messages from Nelly begging me to call her. I erased all messages and continued to let the phone ring. I knew exactly how I would take my revenge on Nelly. I looked in my planner for a crumpled old piece of paper. On that paper was a special phone number, one that I never thought I’d have enough nerve to call. The one person that I knew Nelly not only looked up to but also was intimidated by. We had talked on several occasions when we ran into each other when we were out and about and always had a great time. I never let it get any depth though because I was committed to Nelly. Nelly had always been irritated when ever I talked to her. Most of those nights were some of the best sex I had with Nelly. I guess on those nights she made an extra special effort to bring my attention back to her. Well if she thought I was just going to sit on my ass and cry like some punk well she had another think coming. I dialed the number.


“Hello Pam Faulkner?”

“Yes who’s this?”

“This is Scott …”

“Scott? Scott Caldwell?”

“Yeah it’s me.”

“Hey Scott! To what do I owe this pleasure? How you been?”

“I’m doin fine. Listen I know it’s short notice and all but are you busy tonight?”

“No I’m just chillin. Why?”

“I thought we might hook up and catch dinner then the play at the Ensemble Theatre. Interested?”

“Well? Yeah I’d love to. When do we roll?”

“Well let’s see it’s about 6:30 now the play don’t start till 8:00. Tell you what I’ll pick you up at 7:20 we’ll catch the play then a late dinner, then maybe stop at a club for some dancing.”

“Hey that sounds good to me. I don’t have to get dressed up do I.”

“Oh please girl no, just be casual. You know you dress up anything you put on anyway.”

“Ha ha ha. That was cute, elementary, but cute. Thank you.”

“Okay I’ll do better. I will be there at 7:20.”

“I’ll be ready.”

At 7:20 I was at her front door nervous as hell. If you had seen Pam you’d know why. She opened the door and even though dressed casually she was breath taking. A little taller than Nel at 5’6” she had proportions that made Nel look like an immature teenager. I thought she favored a young Chaka Khan back when she was still with the band Rufus. Light complexion with large bright hazel eyes and a broad smile all framed by long thick hair down to her shoulder blades. When I first met her not only her beauty but her bearing as well intimidated me. She was sharp I mean real sharp. She blew off more men in one week than most women do in 3 months. I found her strength and intelligence refreshing. She and I could sit and talk for hours about almost anything. I never really considered myself as a contender for her affections so I never worried about impressing her. I guess that’s what allowed us to have a good time.

The whole evening went extremely well. The play was excellent and the late dinner was great. Pam was relaxed and very shall we say huggable. Things started to heat up though when we stepped into the club. Sister girl could go and I noticed several other brothers in the place get in trouble with their dates as they watched her tits and ass. She kept her attention squarely on me though which did wonders for my ego. I almost lost it though when we slow danced. At first I hesitated when the music changed and another brother tried to step in and ask her. She turned him down COLD. The next thing I knew she had stepped into my arms as she clowned me about not letting her get loose up in here. Then she pressed her body to mine and I forgot all about revenge or any other hurt or pain. Her body felt even better than it looked. She laid her head on my shoulder and I felt her hot breath on my neck. I tried to be a little slick and slip in a little grind and was surprised to find she not only returned it I heard her moan as well. My cock was rock hard and she felt so good I thought at one time I’d have to break away to keep from cumming in my pants. I barely managed to hold on though and the dance continued. When the set ended I kept my arm around her hip. She moved it up over her shoulder leaning hard into me. The rest of the night passed all to quickly and soon I was escorting her to her front door.

“I had a great time Scott. I don’t get out much. Thank you for calling me.”

“I had a great time too Pam. One that’s well worth repeating.”

She gave me a quick peck on the lips and unlocked the door to her apartment. She opened it just enough to let herself in and pushed it closed. I stood there thinking about how great the evening went. Just then her door popped open. Not a lot but enough so I could see it wasn’t secured. The dogg in me said that this was a definite sign to come git some. The friend in me said to just knock and she’ll come back and secure it. I knocked, no answer. I thought, maybe I’ll just peak in and call her so she can come and secure her front door. I opened the door slowly and called out to her.

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