Sylvia Pt. 03

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There was knock on the door and a female voice yelled out, “I have your breakfast for you. Can I come in?”

Sylvia said. “Just a moment.” and after covering herself with a bed sheet she opened the door.

A young girl pushing a breakfast trolley entered the room and screamed, “Dad, Aunt Sylvia.”

Sylvia held the sheet covering her body tight as she recognized the girl as Mal’s nineteen year old daughter Holly.

“When did you start working here?” asked Mal as he sat on the edge of the bed.

Holly said, “This is my first week. I was going to surprise you by telling you I had a job.”

“Well you certainly surprised me.”

Holly looked at her father’s naked body as he stood up and moved closer to her.

Sylvia was in shock as she watched Mal take hold of the zipper on the front of his daughter’s dress and slowly pull it down to expose Holly’s bra and panties.

“Do you want to tell Sylvia about us?”

Holly gave her father a nasty look and then said, “My father has been fucking me for over a year.”

“Your father is a lucky man to have a sexy daughter like you.”

Mal watched as Sylvia moved closer to his daughter and removed her dress and bra, then knelt down and slipped Holly’s panties down to her ankles and helped her step out of them. She was now completely naked except for her white socks. Mal watched as his daughter and cousin checked out each other’s naked bodies.

Sylvia cupped Holly’s small breasts in the palms of her hands and gave them a squeeze and said, “Your breasts look lovely and feel wonderful.”

Holly reached out and squeezed Sylvia’s large breasts and pulled and twisted her large nipples and said, “I like your big breasts, I wish I had breasts like yours.”

Sylvia ran her hand over Holly’s bare cunt and Holly did the same to Sylvia. It was if they were competing with each other.

“Do you like fucking my father?” asked Holly.

“Yes I do. What about you do you like fucking and sucking his cock?” asked Sylvia.

“Yes I do like sucking his cock… and fucking him,” said Holly.

“Show me how you suck his cock?” said Sylvia as she pushed Holly down onto her knees.

Mal moved closer and aimed his hard cock at his daughter’s face. Holly opened her mouth and took her father’s cock into it and began moving her head back and forth. Sylvia stood beside Mal watching his daughter sucking his cock.

Sylvia reached down and lifted Holly to her feet and said, “Let’s get on the bed.”

Holly lay on the bed as her father pushed his cock back into her mouth as Sylvia moved between Holly’s legs and began licking her bald cunt. Holly’s body shivered as Sylvia’s tongue penetrates her young cunt and then begins to tongue fuck her. Mal held his daughter’s head by her hair and moved her mouth up and down on his cock. Sylvia pushed her finger into Holly’s cunt and started to rub her clit with her thumb. Holly wanted to scream that she was coming but couldn’t because her mouth was full of pendik escort her father’s cock.

Everyone suddenly stopped when there was a knock on the door and voice said, “Open the door it’s me.”

Sylvia stood up and staying naked opened the door and let Steve inside the room. She closed the door behind him and started to undress him. Once he was naked he stood beside the bed watching Mal fucking his daughter’s mouth.

“I wondered where Holly had gone?” said Steve as he reached down and squeezed her small breasts.

Mal’s cock erupted and blasted a load of cum into his daughter’s mouth and like all the other times she had sucked her father’s cock she swallowed everything he blasted into her. As soon as Mal was finished he pulled his cock out and sat down. Holly rolled over onto her back and looked up at Steve and saw him standing there stroking his massive cock as he looked at her naked body.

“Steve I think it’s time you fucked your employee,” said Sylvia.

“His cocks too big for my small cunt,” said Holly.

Sylvia laughed, “That’s what I said… Don’t worry your cunt will stretch.”

“Daddy,” said Holly.

“Go ahead sweetheart let your boss fuck you,” said Mal.

Mal held his daughter’s hand as Steve moved between her legs and after rubbing his cock up and down her slit several times pushed the fat knob of his cock between her cunt lips. At first he couldn’t penetrate her cunt and had to apply more pressure and once he felt the knob of his cock enter her he thrust the rest of his cock inside her tight cunt.

“Fucking hell her cunts tight,” said Steve as he began fucking her.

Holly lay there on the bed gasping for breath each time Steve thrust his cock into her small cunt. Holly was squeezing her father’s hand tight as she felt her cunt being stretched. Mal reached out with his other hand and started fondling his daughter’s breasts. He pulled and twisted her nipples and she squealed with pleasure and pain. Mal loved how far his daughter’s nipples stuck out from her small breasts and continued to pull and twist her nipples trying to make them stick out further.

Sylvia climbed up onto the bed next to Holly and then squatted over her face and lowered her cunt over Holly’s mouth. Sylvia started rocking back and forth, rubbing her wet cunt over Holly’s mouth. The slurping noises coming from Holly sounded like she was drowning in Sylvia’s cunt juices.

All of a sudden Steve stopped thrusting his cock in and out of Holly’s tight cunt leaving his cock buried inside her. He then exhaled as he started to come and squirt cum into Holly again and again. As soon as he was finished he pulled his cock out of her stretched cunt and sat down in a chair next to the bed.

Sylvia was moaning and pulling on her own nipples as she had another orgasm and her juices covered Holly’s face. A few minutes later, after she had caught her breath Sylvia climbed of Holly’s face and lay down on the bed beside her. She gave Holly a quick kiss on her escort pendik mouth and tasted her own cunt juices that covered Holly’s face.

Holly returned Sylvia’s kiss with a much longer kiss pushing her tongue into Sylvia’s mouth. They kissed each other passionately and wrestled with each other’s tongues as their hands roamed over the other’s body. Sylvia squeezed Holly’s breast and twisted her nipples. She took a nipple into her mouth and gave it a soft bite and pulled it outwards causing Holly to moan.

Sylvia planted kisses over Holly’s body as she moved slowly down the bed and when she started kissing Holly’s bald pussy Holly started moaning and her cunt juices started to flow. Sylvia licked up the juices and stuck her tongue deep into Holly’s cum filled cunt tasting Steve’s cum.

Mal and Steve stroked their cocks as they watched Sylvia eating Holly’s cunt when Steve saw Sylvia’s butt moving from side to side he stood up and moved behind her and gripped onto her by her hips. Steve pushed two fingers into Sylvia’s soaking wet and cum filled cunt and she parted her knees giving him easier access to her cunt.

When Steve removed his wet fingers from her cunt she expected his fingers to be replaced by his cock. She froze in fright as Steve shoved his fingers into her ass hole and tried to lift her mouth of Holly’s cunt. Holly pressed down on Sylvia’s head forcing her mouth hard against her cunt.

After pumping his fingers in and out her ass hole a few times he pulled them out and shoved his cock against her tight ass hole. Sylvia let out a muffled scream as she felt Steve’s massive cock start to penetrate her ass hole. Sylvia desperately tried to lift her mouth of Holly’s cunt only to have Steve push her back down and push his cock further into ass.

Mal’s cock was ready to explode and he stood up and moved up beside his daughter’s head and turned her head towards his cock. Holly opened her mouth wide as her father’s cock erupted and shot a large load of cum into her mouth and the second and third smaller loads all over her face. Mal loved giving his daughter facials just as much as she loved swallowing his cum.

By this time Steve had all of his massive cock buried in Sylvia’s ass and had started to fuck her with quick hard thrusts. With each thrust into Sylvia ass he felt her trying to get away.

Holly had now let go of Sylvia’s head and she was screaming, “You’re killing me your cock is too big for my ass.”

Sylvia’s screams were that loud that someone had started knocking on the motel room door. When Mal partly opened the door to see who it was he smiled. It was Steve’s daughter Donna and he invited her inside the room.

“Dad the guests are complaining about the noise your making,” said the blonde haired young girl.

Steve looked over his shoulder as he kept thrusting his cock in and out of Sylvia’s ass and said, “I’m sorry about the noise we’re making sweetheart.”

Donna smiled as she saw her father fucking Sylvia’s ass and said, pendik escort bayan “No wonder Sylvia’s screaming… I was sore for a week after he fucked my ass.”

“That would have been great to have watched your cute butt being fucked by your father’s massive cock,” I said.

Sylvia let another loud scream as Steve drove his cock all the way into her ass and kept it buried inside her as he started to come. Steve must have shot several loads into her before pulling his cock out. Sylvia lay there face down on the bed with a large gaping hole in her ass dripping cum.

Steve moved next to Holly and began playing with her breasts and I moved next to his daughter Donna and started to undress her slim body. Steve and I had always joked about swapping daughters and now here we were about to fulfill one of our fantasies and fuck each other’s daughter. After removing her dress I stared at her standing there in a push-up bra and red thong.

Donna placed her hands on her breasts and pushed them up and said, “Do you like them?”

“Yes I do…Take your bra off and give me a good look,” I said.

I watched as Donna removed her bra and squeezed her bare breasts and gave them a rub and then took her hands away to let me have a good look. I stepped closer and gave her a kiss on her mouth and then kissed each of her breasts and sucked her nipples into my mouth. Donna reached down between us and took hold of my cock and started stroking it as I sucked on her nipples and pulled on them with my teeth.

“Oh, fuck yes… that feels so fucking good,” Donna moaned.

When I released her nipple from my mouth I gently pushed her down to her knees. She eagerly took my cock into her mouth and began sucking and moving her mouth up and down on my cock. After she had sucked on my cock for several minutes I pulled her up onto her feet and lifted her into my arms and carried her over to a table and laid her down on it with her legs dangling over the edge.

I pushed a finger into her cunt and was delighted to find that she was already wet. After adding another finger to her tight hole I began to finger fuck her with quick pumps of my fingers. When her cunt was soaking wet I removed my fingers and lifted her legs up onto my shoulders. I rubbed my cock head over her wet hole several times coating my cock with her juices and then slowly eased my cock all the way inside her.

Donna’s cunt gripped onto my cock as I began pulling my cock back out and thrusting it back inside her. With every thrust she would slide across the table away from me and I would have to pull her back onto my cock. I squeezed and held onto her young breasts to stop her from sliding and began driving my cock in and out of her young cunt at a furious pace.

She was moaning loudly as she screamed that she was coming it only made me want to fuck her faster and come at the same time. When I heard Steve grunting I looked over to see that he was once again stretching my daughters mouth with his massive cock. Here we were, two fathers fucking each other’s daughter.

My cousin Sylvia lay passed out from exhaustion on the bed and I was glad that Steve was the owner of the motel and that I had the use of the room for the weekend.

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