SX69 – Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 25

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This is the twenty-fifth in a series of stories about a scientist named Edward Vitello who has in his possession a very, very powerful love potion developed in a secret government sponsored research project that, to his dismay, was cancelled. He is determined to continue the research by doing human trials on a wide variety of selected women.

The chemical is called SX69. It is an extract of Bonobo monkey DNA combined with a molecularly altered Oxytocin from the common shrew. Bonobo monkeys use constant sex as a social bonding tool and female shrew’s mate for life after one whiff of a male’s unique Oxytocin. The potion works exactly on human females as it had with animals in the lab.

Do read the previous installments which chronicle the use of SX69 from the first subject, a sweet young librarian name Sarah, who is still a happy member of Professor Vitello’s harem of women in England. He also has a harem in Cambridge of brilliant women of science led by a world-renowned scientist named, Janette Frohlich, PhD. They love their life after being dosed with SX69 and are doing advanced research on it to make it available to other women.

There are many erotic twists and surprising turns along the way in the previous twenty-four installments. These include bringing a young man named Keith MacLean as a test subject to form his own harem of SX69 dosed women. Professor Vitello is his mentor and financier.

In this chapter, Dr. Frohlich and her team of female scientists have reformulated SX69 into a short-term libido enhancer for women, what the public calls, ‘Viagra for Women.’ The market for this drug would be enormous and the benefits to womankind are immense.

Edward and his protégé Keith are having the sex lives of sultans but always keeps in mind that they are conducting a serious human drug trial for the SX69 potion and any derivatives of it. Edward’s motto is, “I have much work ahead of me combining science and pleasure.”

The Search for “Viagra for Women”

My Name is Dr. Janette Frohlich. I am the lead scientist on project to design a short-term libido enhancer for women derived from powerful SX69 drug. We are now at the stage of testing this drug on women in the presence of a male surrogate. How will their sexual instincts be enhanced and how will they act out stronger sexual impulses with the male surrogate? What are any side effects?

The drug has been in a beta trial for dosage levels and safety for the last five months. This was done on female university student volunteers in a controlled laboratory setting. We started with extremely small dosages and raised them gradually. We check the subject’s physical arousal levels such as skin sensitivity and vaginal moisture generation. We also monitored their erotic thought processes. Members of our team would ask questions of the subject at ten-minute intervals. When we went above the optimal dosage there were some incidents where the female test subjects would masturbate vigorously with any handy object or with their fingers if no suitable object was available. No injuries were reported. When we were confident that we had found the proper dosage levels, the Phase I trial was complete and we are now in Phase II.

Of course, we could not test the drug on unsuspecting women. This is the #MeToo age and besides, it is simply not ethical. The team went to great lengths to assemble a list of women who volunteered to be test subjects. An advertisement in a high-end woman’s magazine had garnered hundreds of replies. It seems that many women are disappointed in their current sex lives and strive for change.

The list was distilled down to thirty names. Woman of various ages from twenty to forty were chosen from all walks of life. They were single and married, working and stay at home. Different religions and races were included. The ladies had to have at least a high school diploma, and many were university graduates. The participants were given a thorough health and fitness checkup. This was a great sample group.

The participants all signed a waiver agreeing to the experiment. They were told a male sexual surrogate would be present after they were given a libido enhancing drug. Any sexual activity would be strictly voluntary on their part. They filled out a sex history and added their goals for the future.

Specifics of test area: Sitting room with table and two chairs, large sofa and music system. Non-alcoholic beverages in a bar fridge. Door to bedroom with bed. Two-way mirror on entire wall for researchers to monitor the subjects. Four video cameras with audio to record everything.


. Ms. W.

Age: 38 Height 5′ 8″ Weight 131.0 Lb. Measurements 38C-27-37 Divorced for seven years.

Profession: VP Finance, large public corporation.

Fitness: Twice a week in gym with trainer. Golf, once a week with no cart.

Sexual History:

Had first boyfriend as freshman in university. Casual relationship with minimal sex. Academic studies were focus. Relationship ended escort kartal as both parties went back to their hometowns, far distance apart. Occasional alcohol assisted sexual affairs but nothing of a relationship until meeting husband at workplace. Divorced after two years. Husband complained of her workaholic habits. First six months of marriage experienced passionate sex but then a decline to very little. Since divorce seven years ago, sexual contact very infrequent one-night stands. One lesbian experience was not fulfilling. Hired male escorts three times while on various business trips, unfulfilling each time.

Current Sexual activity: Has not had sex for three years. Blames high stress job. Never masturbates.

Her objective for participating: Career goals have been reached and work-life balance is now possible and desired. Best friend in college recently died of breast cancer. Realizes that she is alone with no relationship or children. Wants to change that. Libido is dormant. Hopes treatment will kick-start her sex life.

The Session Notes of Dr. J. Frohlich:

From my and my team’s observation posts in our lab next to the test room we will record our observations. Subject

will be a tough test since her sex drive is very dormant. It was decided that Keith MacLean would be the male surrogate rather than Dr. Vitello. He is younger and likely more desirable as a sexual partner for a female like Ms. W.

The subject is led into the room by Melissa Stewart PhD., a research team member. The room has soft lighting but excellent visibility for our scientific observations. Hidden cameras record everything. Soft music is playing.

Dr. Stewart: “Ms. W., let me go over the procedures. After I leave, the male surrogate will come in and introduce himself. Remember that you have complete freedom to refrain from any intimate activity with him. Simply proceed at your personal comfort level.

If, after meeting him, you wish to proceed, he will give you a sealed envelope in which there is gauze pad with the drug agent. Open the envelope and inhale fully the active ingredient. You should feel the effects almost immediately. Don’t worry. It is very pleasurable and will dissipate in a few hours. From then on, proceed as you wish. After an interval of one to three hours, you will begin to feel sleepy. After you awake, the effects of the drug will be gone. Is that clear? Good.

I’ll leave you now. The male surrogate will be in shortly.”

Keith MacLean Observes the subject from behind the two-way glass.

Ms. W. is an attractive woman. From her profile I read she is a successful executive. She dresses the part with a pinstripe grey pantsuit and blouse with low heel brown leather, Oxford laced business shoes. One would expect a woman to wear more casual clothes to the session, but I expect Ms. W. only has business-wear or formal dresses.

True to her non-nonsense look, she has short auburn hair and stylish eyeglasses. I hope the new SX69 formula can melt some of the ice that is evident. Ms. W. is exactly the market we would target for a ‘Viagra for Women.’ It will be interesting to see how the drug will perform.

Here she comes toward the mirrored wall on her side opposite me. She’s adjusting her hair including the short bangs above her very intense and beautiful blue eyes clearly visible through her glasses. Her skin is powdered and perfect. Quite the full, powerful, attractive executive package.

Best to give her a few minutes to relax and then go over to meet the lady. I’ll just go with her flow. If she wants gentle, I’ll be sweet. If she wants strong, I’ll be masculine like with my harem women. The drug trial is about the SX69 derivative boosting her libido not mine.

The experience of Ms. W.

It’s hard to believe I’m here but I’m willing to try anything to get my sexuality back. I haven’t had pleasurable sex in almost forever. My pussy is dead. My desire is gone. This is hopefully a wakeup call.

Dammit, I should have left that business meeting early and gone home and changed out of my business clothes. But that’s my bloody life work, work. work.

I hope this isn’t a waste of my time. The man they send in better be good looking and masculine or I’ll just leave. A brute doesn’t turn me on, but a man should have air of strength. The male escorts I hired a few years ago were too effeminate. I’m sure they serviced men more than women. I find most men too weak for a strong woman like me.

Shit, I just remembered I wanted to shave my pubes. Christ, that bush of mine has been growing for years. Oh well, too late now.

A young, good looking man, mid-twenties, enters the room. I offer him my hand. He has a firm handshake. That’s a good start.

“Good afternoon sir. My name is Christina and yours?”

“I’m Keith. Very happy to meet you.” His hand is warm and soft. This is the hand of a professional not a physical laborer.

I can see he’s a confident, relaxed individual. I sense he has a good brain maltepe escort behind those eyes. This could be an interesting afternoon.

He says, “If you are happy with your initial impression of me, why don’t we sit down and chat.”

I say, “Fine with me.” He comes over to pull out the chair in an old-fashion gentlemanly way. “No Keith, that’s okay. I can handle my own chair, thank you very much.” As soon as the words leave my lips, I cringe inwardly at how stiff that sounds. I must try to lighten up. This isn’t the office.

He says, “The session moderator likely gave you the information as to how we proceed. If you wish, I can repeat it.”

“No, I’m up to speed. Let’s do it.”

“Okay, here’s the envelope. Open it and inhale deeply.”

I can see a white gauze in the envelope. I put my nose inside almost touching it and inhale as much as I can. I want this to work. It has a slight minty odor. I hold it in my lungs as long as I can. I take a second whiff, just to be sure. I close my eyes and sit back in the chair with my hands together in my lap.

The air immediately seems fresher, more oxygen filled. Whew, the palms of my hands are suddenly so much more sensitive. I feel the soft fabric of my pants over my thighs. It’s electric on my palms and my thighs buzz with feeling. Oh, sweet Mary, a surge of pleasant feeling just ran down my spine to my bum. Oh yes, that’s so sweet. I straighten my back and my chest lifts, and I can feel my nipples graze the inside of my bra. This is beyond incredible. My body is coming alive.

A male sexy voice slides into my brain in slow motion, “How are you feeling, Christina?”

I open my eyes and all I see is a handsome face with a wickedly, sexy smile and bedroom eyes gazing at me. His skin seems to glow. My brain absorbs his question in slow motion. I obey and check out how my body is feeling. I can feel a huge smile break out on my face as my body answers with a wave of pure pleasure from my toes to my scalp.

I answer, “I feel great. This is marvelous. Thank you so much for asking.”

The ice around my heart seems to melt in a warm glow of friendliness. I feel my mouth is in an unfamiliar but so nice feeling broad smile.

My body is suddenly so sexy. Let me smooth my hair to look good for this gorgeous man. Aha, he looks down at my chest. I hope he likes what he sees. I’ll lift my breasts up for a better presentation. He smiles when I do that. It makes me feel good that he’s pleased. I want him to be attracted to me. I feel like I’m the flower. Please desire me.

His shirt is so tight against his chest. I can see his well-developed pecs though the thin cloth. There is the outline of his nipples. I wonder if he has hair on his chest or just around his nipples. If it pleases him, I’ll lick and suck on his nipples. Fuck, where did that thought come from? Oh god, I just licked my lips and my lipstick tastes so nice. My taste buds are so intense.

He’s got his hands on the table between us. They seem to be pulling me to touch them. They are like a big magnet, a very big magnet.

“Is it okay if I hold your hands?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

I feel so grateful, “Thanks so much. You are so kind.”

The bitchy demanding me has peeled away like an unwanted layer of old skin and a fresh, vibrant, nurturing feminine one that wants to please has joyously filled me.

When my palms touch the backs of his hands, they have what I can only say is a mini-orgasm of sensation. My throat groans at the pleasure of the touch skin-on-skin. I lift his hand to my lips a kiss his palm. It tastes of salt with a wonderful masculine scent. I kiss it hoping that he sees this is me offering myself to his masculinity. If I’m feminine enough, he will want me. I want to be wanted. I need it.

His voice, like music to my ears, says, “Would you like to sit on the sofa. It’s more comfortable there.”

“Whatever you say Keith, of course.”

I hold his hand tightly as we walk over. He is tall, muscular and walks like an athlete. I’m totally smitten. I feel so girlish beside him. Stopping, I snuggle against his body and kiss him under his ear in surrender. He wraps his strong arms around me. I reach up to the back of his head and bring my lips to his. Our bodies touching is crazy making as our tongues swirl in a deep French kiss. I just want to do anything for this incredible man.

I plead into his ear, “How can I please you? What can I do?”

He hesitates and then says firmly, “Why don’t you help me off with my clothes?”

I don’t hesitate. Quickly the buttons of his shirt are undone, the shirt tossed aside, and I kiss his beautiful muscular chest. I hug his body with my cheek against his muscular chest. Then down on my knees, the belt opens, the zipper down and together the underwear and pants are gone. I nestle my lips under his erect penis and kiss his ball-sack in adoration. It feels so good to be on my knees with the manly smell of his sex filling my nostrils.

I look up pendik escort bayan at his handsome face and ask, “What can I do for you, my love?” I’m joyfully his and I know he knows it.

He takes my hand and helps me up.

“You can do something for me. Just come over to the table here and lean down and put your elbows on it. Yes, just like that. I’m just going to undo the zipper of your pants and open your waistband back here. Okay, there we go. I’m going to pull your pants down. You don’t mind do you.”

My pussy is on fire and my clothes feel so restrictive. I put my chest and cheek onto the tabletop. “No, of course, please pull them down. Whatever you want is good.”

“Ah, that’s what I thought. Let me get right behind you and strip those pants down to your knees. There we go. Very nice bum, Christina. I’ve become quite an ass-man. Yours is very nice. Hmmm. Feels very firm. Ah, very nice panties. My, what a big wet spot. I think you’re getting horny. Why don’t I pull them down too? Wow, what a nice hairy pussy we have back here. I love a natural pussy. Let me feel it. That’s okay Christina, moan and groan as loud as you want. It’s all good. That’s right twerk your hips with my three fingers up your vagina. Looks like you enjoy that. That is so fucking horny, I just have to put my cock into that hot pussy.”

His dirty talk is making me so horny. “Yes, do me. please, please do me.” Oh, sweet joy, he does desire me.

I can feel him grip my waist just above my hips and move into place to mount me. My whole being, wants and desperately needs this. The tip of his manhood expertly finds the opening to my vagina and I scream in ecstasy as he fills me, driving his weapon into my center. My body shakes as he humps me over and over. I reach back to hold his ass as he fucks me with youthful vigor. In no time my pussy explodes in huge orgasm. It reverberates through my body and rocks my brain. He stops. We are both panting with him balls deep in me. I don’t think he came. Sweet mercy is there more pleasure ahead? I might die.

He says with a swagger, “My god, you have a great tight pussy. I love it. Yes, a very fine pussy. Let me just languish deep inside and enjoy it.”

I’m content to have his member lodged inside. I feel him push up my blouse and undo my bra. Oh, my goodness he’s reaching under to cup my breast. That feels so wonderful. My nipples are diamond hard. I feel like such a tart with my breasts hanging down lewdly. I love being used like a slut.”

“Nice tits, Christina. Nice firm womanly tits.”

He gropes and massages both breasts with experienced hands. When he tweaks my nipples, I squeal in pleasure. My senses are so alive.

He backs out and his penis gives a plopping sound as it exits my pussy. I stand up awkwardly with my pants and panties around my knees. He smiles at my discomposure.

“Why don’t you get undressed and we’ll go into the bedroom for some more randy fucking. That is unless you want to finish the session now?”

“No way Keith, I’m still very game. I’ll just strip off. You lead the way.”

I hold his hand tight trotting behind him while admiring his tight, naked ass. My brain is lit up in a happy place as I anticipate more wonderful touching ahead through that door and into the bedroom.

I see the bed and say, “Wait, let me get the bed ready.” In a maternal, nurturing manner, I carefully pull down the comforter on the bed, exposing the white sheet below. Where this nesting behavior is coming from is a mystery to me, but it makes me feel so good. “There we go. That’s better.” I lay down on my back and hold my hands up to Keith in a welcoming way. Standing there, looking down, he scans my naked body from head to toe. My body and mind open like a flower. Please desire me. Please touch me and make me whole. I need a man’s energy. Oh, sweet joy, his penis is filling and rising. He likes me.

He kneels on the bed beside my head and says, “Suck my cock Christine.”

I haven’t done oral since university, but his manhood calls me. I’m his and I’ll do anything he desires. I rise on one elbow and gobble the head into my mouth. The musky, manly smell of his crotch is like an aphrodisiac, I love it.

“Very good, Christine. Bob your head just like that. Very good. Mmmmmm. Now lick my balls. Yes, very good. Make them nice and wet. Sweet. Spread your legs. I want you to show me the pussy I’m going to fuck. Ahh, yes. There it is that nice tight pussy.”

He moves on his knees to between mine, eating me with his eyes as he goes. The anticipation of him mounting me builds as he puts his strong hands under, high on my thighs near my ass. He lifts so my feet are up by his shoulders and my pussy is a perfect height for his magnificent cock to split. Sweet mercy, my heart leaps as he notches the head to my love opening.

I plead, “Yes, baby. Fuck me good.”

A shit-ass grin breaks out on his handsome face as he falls forward on me and his weapon plunges deep into my center. A tsunami of intense feeling washes over me and scrubs my brain of logical thought. With fingers spread wide, I hold his tight butt as it flexes with every thrust into my ecstatic vagina. Animal instincts are my only driver as I hear my loud moans and pleadings bounce off the walls.

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