Sweet Sister Ch. 11

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Chapter 11 – The Twin and My Brother

I just had to find my brother to tell him all about my little session in the girls’ changing room. I eventually caught up with him in the common room. It was busy but it would have to do.

“Hi, Sis.” He called. “You look a little hot under the collar. Anything wrong?”

“Alan, I’ve got to tell you.” I ranted. “You have to hear this, right now.”

I dragged him over to a table and sat next to him behind it. “You know the new girls, the one’s just joined the netball team?”

“Yeah,” he said bewildered. “The cute twin, real girly looking, like butter wouldn’t melt.”

“The very same.” I went on. “Well guess what? They ain’t so innocent.”

I proceeded to tell how we were kept behind after the game and Miss Pike started touching us up. How it escalated to full fingering of my pussy and making me cum in front of the girls.

Alan was starting to fidget on the seat and I knew exactly why. I slipped my hand into his lap and ran my fingers over his solid tool. “Sis, not here. There’s people everywhere.” He protested.

I carried on. “You want me to stop telling you or do you just want pants full of sticky cum that you have to walk around in for the rest of the afternoon?” I teased ignoring his petition and carried on stroking him.

He relented and, knowing I’d won, unzipped his fly and reached in to fetch out the angry monster. He groaned a little under his breath as I started to run my fist up and down his shaft. I carried on with my story of how the twin had joined in and one had started to lick my pussy while her sister fingered Miss Pike.

He was enthralled and getting hotter by the second. I felt his little thrusts into my fist as I brought him closer to the edge.

“Sis, you little slut. You mean you even fucked Miss Pike?” he stammered.

“We all did.” I gloated. My hand now was working into the vinegar strokes, occasionally flipping my fingers over the head of his lovely cock to smear in the copious pre-cum leaking from his slit.

I purposely went into more and more graphic detail as I explained how I used the ball pump to fuck April and how she pissed all over me and Miss Pike through her orgasm. Went I reached the point of telling him about double fucking the two girls with the pump while Miss Pike fingered their tight little anuses Alan’s body stiffened.

He had the sense to open his legs as wide as possible to save stains over his trousers and started to spurt. His rock hard cock pulsed and jerked in my hand as I milked his cum against the underside of the table. As he slowed I felt his thick cream dribble down over my hand. I couldn’t resist a taste and having checked no one was looking lifted my hand to lick my brother’s sticky cum from my fingers.

He groaned as he watched me and slipped his dick back into his pants. “You wicked little bitch.” He chided. “You wait ’til I get you home. More importantly how are we going to get those horny twins back home so that I can give them a proper fucking?”

“Don’t worry Bro,” I soothed as we walked out of the common room. “I’m working on that one. Trust me.” I looked back at the table we were sitting at. Two girls had taken our places and one had just noticed something odd dripping from under the table. I smirked.

Back home I recounted the tale to Daddy while Alan sat and rubbed at his cock through his trousers. Before I’d finished I was bent over the kitchen table. Daddy pulled aside the gusset of my panties and roughly thrust his pent up cock deep inside my aching pussy.

“Oooh Daddy, you could have waited until I’d finished.” I gasped.

“I doubt it, darling.” Daddy groaned as he rapidly fucked me.

I continued to the end of the story with Daddy’s cock thrusting deeply inside me through moans and groans of ecstasy. As soon as Daddy had emptied his balls in me Alan took over forcing his cock into my cum filled cunt. In short order I had cum running down my thighs and into my white socks as Alan spurted another load to join his father’s.

“No self control.” I tutted jokingly to the pair of them. “I think I’d better get those girls around here soon as otherwise I’m going to be sore from the fucking you two will give me thinking about it.”

I bumped into the twin the following day. They looked rather sheepish. It was they who took the initiative and asked who the boy was they had seen me with the previous day. After I told them he was my brother their eyes lit up.

“Wow,” said April (or was it May), “half the girls in our form fancy him. Play’s rugby for the school doesn’t he?” she continued. “What’s it like having him about the house all day, having to see his body paraded in front of you?”

“Tiring.” I replied knowingly. This was going to be easier than I thought. “How about you girls come over for a sleep over Friday and find our for yourselves?”

The girls said they’d have to ask their parents but it should be ok. The plan was set in motion.

Friday took illegal bahis forever to arrive and by the time it did I was a sexual wreck of anticipation. Alan was no better and Daddy practically had a permanent erection. I’d set up a video camera in my room that Alan could operate remotely so that he could watch any action that might just happen. Hi tech huh? See what a good education can do for you!

I met the girls after school and we took the bus to my house. We sat at the back so we could lark about and have a girls chat. It also gave me the opportunity to get things going on the right track.

“Can you two still believe what happened at netball?” I asked as casually as I could.

A silence fell and I thought I’d blown it. Both girls went very red and looked at each other coyly. Then April (or was it May) broke the silence.

“Well, we hadn’t done anything like that before and we were quite worried that we’d get into trouble. We were very glad you were there but we rather hoped that you liked it enough to do some more some time. When you never mentioned it we thought the worst.”

“Oh my God,” I offered, “I was thinking the same. I didn’t want to say anything in case you were too embarrassed.” And with that I gave both girls a hug and a kiss on the cheek. My hands automatically went to their milky thighs and gently rubbed them. Both girls smiled and each clasped a hand and pulled it up under their short pleated skirts towards their expectant crotches.

(No camera on the bus, sorry Alan.)

I didn’t need a further invitation and started to rub their hot little pussies through their school panties. Both were already damp and got more damp as I rubbed the material into their slits making both girls gasp with pleasure. In the meanwhile April and May reciprocated by slipping a hand each up my skirt seeking out my pleasure spots. By the time we reached our bus stop we had got ourselves quite hot and ready for more, or at least release. We straightened our skirts and ran down the stairs only just making it out of the door. It was only a short walk to my house and we made it in record time. I told them no one was home yet (I didn’t tell them Alan was already in his room waiting) and we had plenty of time to get ready. The twin wanted to make an impression before they met my family and had brought some outfits to change into.

We went straight up to my room although I did take the opportunity to squeeze and fondle their cute little bottoms on the way up the stairs. When we got into my room I dived for the bed and was followed by the twin like two eager puppies.

“Well what happens now then?” I asked cheekily.

May (or was it April) didn’t answer but turned toward me and planted her lips onto mine. Her tongue snaked its way into my mouth and I responded by sucking it deeper. April simply started to unbutton my white school blouse and slipped it open revealing my bra covered buds. Her hands were soon exploring and squeezing my nipples through my bra making me moan deeply into May’s mouth. She pushed me half over so she could unhook my bra then pushed it out of the way. The next thing I felt was her velvet tongue circling my nipples then sucking them firmly into her mouth.

It was May’s turn next as she kissed her way south and started nursing on my other nipple. Looking down and seeing a mirror image on each firm budding breast sent shivers through me and sent my cunt aching for attention. I stroked the girls hair and urged them on.

I had a pre-arranged signal planned for Alan to burst in unannounced by “accident” and catch us but I was feeling a bit selfish and wanted the twin to make me cum first. The way it was going I wouldn’t have to wait long.

May continued her trip south pulled my skirt up out of the way and deftly hooked her fingers into my panties and pulled them off in one movement. My wet cunt was now on full display and now so were May’s fingers as she slowly smeared my juices over my lips before dipping her index finger into my slit. I groaned loudly as her finger pad grazed my clit in its travels.

“Oooh baby,” May said softly, “We’re going to make you cum now.”

“Oh pleeease May, use your fingers on me, rub my clit. I want to feel your tongue on me, suck my pussy for me pleeease, darling, please.” I whimpered.

She didn’t reply but just lowered her head into my lap and flicked her tongue over my soaking pussy lips. She inserted two fingers just inside the entrance to my hole and ever so slowly pushed them in all the way while continuing to flick my clit with her tongue.

“Ooooh May, that is so …. ah ..sexy …. oooh, aaaaah.” I moaned.

My cunt was on fire now and freely oozing love juice all over May’s exploring fingers. They began to slosh in my hole and I started to buck my hips towards them trying to get more and more in. May’s tonguing and fingering became more feverish as I gathered momentum towards a huge orgasm. All the while April kept suckling on my nipple and playing with illegal bahis siteleri the other.

I was stroking April’s small tits through her blouse and bra and wrapped my hand around the back of May’s silken head as I tried to push her into my desperate soaking hole. I wasn’t going to last and both girls knew it. I felt a third finger, April’s I think, enter my pussy for the briefest of seconds before withdrawing then, as my orgasm broke, she swiftly slicked it into my rectum.

“Oh God … you’re going to make … aaaah … me … aaaah …. Cummmmmm. Oh shit I’m cummmming … I’m cuuuuuummmming, yes, yes, Oh god YESSSSSSSS.” I exploded bucking my body off the bed as I thrust myself against the invading fingers. “April,” muffled May, “fuck her arse hard sis, keep fucking her. We’ll get her to go again.”

And they did, the relentless finger fucking took me over the edge again.

“Fuck, yes.” I yelled. “Oh god, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck my cunt and arse … here it comes again … yes … yes ….nnnnnngh, aah, aah, aah.”

The world went blank for a moment then sudden shock set in as a voice broken through my heavy breathing.

“Well that looked spectacular.” It was Alan’s voice obviously fed up with waiting for my signal or just too horny to wait any longer. He was standing at the end of the bed with a dumb ‘I need a fuck’ look on his face. “Can’t trust you girls to be all alone in the house now can we.” He mocked.

The twin looked shocked and just sat there open mouthed. It might have been because they were just discovered wanking off a young girl and fingers caught in the honey pot, so to speak, but I prefer to think it was the tented front of Alan’s jogging pants that stunned them. “Alan, you bastard, don’t you ever fucking knock?” I chided. “Well now you’re here I better introduce you to my two friends. April, May meet Alan, my brother.”

“Nice to meet you ladies.” Alan graciously offered. “I guess April and May are a couple of months I’ll get to enjoy.” With that Alan lifted May’s dripping fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean. He then took April’s finger that had been up my arse and licked that too. The girls were stunned.

“Forgive my brother,” I apologised, “He’s far too forward sometimes. I think we better teach him a lesson in manners. Ladies first, I think.” With that I reached forward and pulled his jogging pants down letting his erect cock spring up and slap against his belly. I clasped the base of his prick and squeezed my fist up the shaft causing a big drop of pre-cum to form at the slit.

“Girls, perhaps you’d like to meet my brother’s cock.” I offered.

“Mmm, love to.” They both chanted and leaned forward, their tongues extended. The tip of each tongue met just under the big shiny head then looped forward each sharing a taste of the pre-cum droplet and smearing it over Alan’s cockhead.

“Uuugh.” Alan grunted, lost for words as the two young twins started a slow lapping of his prick. Their mouths closed over half the side of his knob and, tongues still working in unison, traversed the length of the rigid member up and down. As each reached the top they took it in turns to take the helmet into their mouths and wash it with saliva while a tongue tip forced into his piss slit.

I watched mesmerised for a moment then absently started running my hands over the girls’ backs, then around to their firm little breasts squeezing and lightly pinching their nipples through their bras.

As the cock sucking began to move up in tempo I slipped a hand under each short skirt and started to stroke a tender pussy with each hand. The girls started to moan around Alan’s cock sending a low vibration into the shaft. Their juices started to dampen their tight white panties as my fingers pressed into their slits. I felt pressure as each girl pressed themselves down on my fondling hands rubbing themselves to higher levels of pleasure.

“Girls, I’m going to .. aah .. cum soon. You’re going to get a face-load of my hot juice. Oh God I can’t hold on much longer.” Alan cried out.

“Yes, Alan. Spray their pretty little faces, bro.” I encouraged. “I want to see you cum in their mouths and all over their faces. Go on girls, milk his cock, make him cum all over you.”

All of a sudden Alan was cumming but the girls worked together making sure a mouth was over the end of his pulsing cock at each spurt. I was disappointed not seeing their faces dripping with my brother’s seed but the best was to come.

As Alan’s cock slipped from one of the twin’s mouths the two looked at each other in silent agreement. At last May (or was it April) turned to me, leaned forward and placed her lips on mine. Her tongue forced its way between my lips and I felt warm liquid bubble into my mouth. My surprise turned to lust as I realised that the horny minx had a mouthful of Alan’s seed and was feeding it to me. I hungrily sucked and licked her mouth clean then passed some back to her some leaking between our lips and canlı bahis siteleri smearing on our chins.

April was next and seamlessly took over from her sister kissing me and sharing the cum in her mouth. Our tongues intertwined as we slurped and sloshed the creamy goo between us.

After some minutes of cum swapping play I looked up at Alan who had a look of supine bliss on his face and an iron hard cock in his hand: He hadn’t lost an ounce of pressure from his erection and clearly was keen for more.

The twins whispered something in my ear. “No,” I protested. “You ask him, he won’t bite – or at least not much.”

May took a took a deep breath then asked “Alan, will you fuck us now please. We’d love to feel that big hard cock deep inside our pussies.”

“May, darling” I soothed, “Let’s get these panties off then bend over so Alan can fuck you from behind.”

I helped both girls out of their underwear leaving on the rest of their clothes for expediency. (See, another big word, those school fees were sure paying off).

I pulled May over and took the opportunity to ease my fingers into her sopping cunt hole and masturbate her for a few moments.

“Mmmmmh, Sam,” moaned May (or April?), “That’s right open me up with your fingers for that hard cock of your brother’s. I can’t wait to feel that hot meat in my fucking cunt. Let me suck those fingers while Alan fucks his cock into me.”

I did as I was asked, good girl that I am, I offered my dripping fingers to her. She sucked them deep as Alan pushed his hard cock against the entrance to her tight little fuck hole. I felt and heard her groan heavily as Alan’s prick sunk deep into her pussy.

“God, fuck she’s tight,” hissed Alan as his cock bottomed out against her cervix. “Thank fuck she’s soaking wet otherwise I’d never have got it in.” And he started a slow pumping action as May pushed back against each stroke.

April leaned in to have a good look at Alan’s cock impaling her sibling and licked her lips sexily. She reached around behind Alan and cupped his balls in her small hand gently squeezing.

“April sweetie,” I asked “kneel down next to your sister and get ready for Alan’s prick. “He’s going to fuck you both together as we don’t have much time before Daddy comes home”.

April did as she was bade and as I didn’t want to be left out I lay on my back in front of the two fuckees. “Can the girl not being fucked get her tongue inside my cunt please because I’m on fucking fire here and need some attention.”

We all laughed except May who was far too pre-occupied. April buried her head between my wide spread legs and started lapping her tongue from my anus to my clit. “April, oh God, April, mmmmh that’s sooo lovely. Lick my juices up darling, fuck me with your hot little tongue.” I whimpered.

Alan started to switch his attention now to April, preparing to fuck her too. He reached over and push two fingers into her hot box and started to finger fuck her. “Mmmph, uuuuurg, fuck” came the muffled voice of April her mouth working wonders at my slit.

“Ooooh Alan,” panted May, “I’m sooo close, make me cum please before you start to fuck April. Oooh Alan, yes, harder fuck me … haaaarder … I’m, I’m going to , going ta, … ta cummmm, Oh god I’m cummmmmmmming … aaaaargh .. nnnnnrg!”

She collapsed forward into my pussy, pushing April aside in the process, groaning and panting as she came down off her orgasm. I pulled her into me as she automatically started to suckle on my cunt lips sending shivers up inside me. One of her hands reached between her legs and massaged her pulsating cunt.

Alan moved over and aligned his slippery cock with April’s finger fucked hole. He was in with one thrust which made her yell out. “Fuck yes, skewer me Alan, aaaagh fuck yes, fuck me til I cum all over that lovely cock of yours.”

May’s tongue inside my own cunt was quickly sending me up to the heights of orgasm again but I wanted to wait until April came with me too. I gritted my teeth and grabbed a handful of blanket to stave off the inevitable.

Alan was now shafting April in rapid deep movements. She was being shoved forward with every stroke despite how much she pushed back against Alan’s thrusts. “Alan, fuck me baby, god that’s it, cum for me cum in my cunt and fill me up with your hot cum. Ooooh Alan I’m nearly there, fuck yes, …. I’m cumming, I’m cummmming all over that lovely prick Alan … fuck yes …fuck yes … fuck yeeeeesssss”.

It was her screams that took me over the edge flooding May’s mouth with my creamy love juice. I grabbed a handful of May’s hair and shoved her hard against my cunt soaking her face as I came and came.

“Oh fuck, ” cried Alan, “Her cunt’s clamping my cock. I can hardly move.” Christ that’s sooo tight, I’m going to spurt, God I’m going to fill you up April. Oooooh god take it, take it, here it comes ….. nuuuurg … nuuuuuuuuuuurg, aaaaaaah … shiiiiiiiit!”

Alan pumped his hot seed deep into April as she soaked his cock with her girl cum. The pumping, groaning and squelching became slower as we all expended ourselves. May and I moved behind April so that we could lick Alan’s cum from her slit as she slowly cooed at our gentle lapping.

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