Swapping Daughters Ch. 02

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We had a relaxing meal over which we planned our day. Max and I decided to play tennis while Julie and Jackie headed for the spa. They decided to get the full treatment starting with mud baths, facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and sauna. They would be occupied for hours. The girls decided to get one of the small sail boats and sail out to the small island on the lake where the teenaged set congregated.

“Ted,” Max said, “You know there’s a lot of sex going on out on that island, don’t you?’

“No, I didn’t know that. Maybe we should head over there after tennis to make sure our sweet little girls aren’t up to some mischief.”

Tennis was fun. It had been some months since I’d had a chance to play so it was a pretty good workout too. After we were done, Max and I stripped off our jocks (worn for safety reasons) and headed for the showers.

The shower facilities consisted of a large room with a rubberized floor and a dozen showerheads. There were bottles of liquid body wash, shampoo and a stack of fresh washcloths and towels. Even small cans of spray deodorant were supplied.

Max and I showered and I felt my cock starting to stiffen as we talked about our hot little girls. As Max talked about Candie being such a hot fuck, I closed my eyes and visualized my cock pumping in and out of her hot little hairless pussy. The vision of my hands holding her hips and watching her ponytail swish from side to side under my ministrations had me fully erect in seconds. When I opened my eyes, I saw that Max was avidly stroking his cock as he talked.

“I can’t wait to sink my cock into Lisa.” He said. “She has been teasing me for years, parading around in the nude and in thong panties and a little shelf bra. I actually have some pictures I took of her a couple of years ago when we were up here. I jerk off to them sometimes…” His voice trailed off as a giant load of cock cream erupted from him.

I güvenilir bahis noticed that two other guys, a man and his son, had joined us in the shower area. They were both listening and watching and they too were erect. I saw the father reach down and stroke his son’s cock. “This is how you do it Ryan…just like that guy is doing…see, it feels really good…see…pure pleasure….”

As I watched, I saw the youngster’s skinny cock turn bright read and his hips began to buck as though he was experiencing some kind of seizure. The kid came like a rocket, firing a huge blast half way across the shower area. He had a huge grin on his face and he began giggling uncontrollably. His dad just smiled at him and patted him on the shoulder.

“See Ryan? I told you that would be fun and it would feel great.” He looked at Max and me and smiled.

“I loved your story, it makes me wish I had a daughter too. I saw you gents at breakfast this morning and if those are your daughters I have to say they are beautiful.”

We both thanked him. Max smiled at him. “Hey, I know my wife has always wanted a son. I could talk with my daughter and wife, maybe we could take your boy for a night and you could have a daughter for a night. What do you think your wife would say about that?”

“I don’t know…let me drop some hints and see if she would be game. I’ll look for you guys later to let you know. By the way, my name is Dan.” He extended his hand to both of us.

Max and I headed over to the snack bar to have lunch. While we were standing with a couple of nearly perfect burgers and fresh made potato chips and drinking beers looking for a place to sit, we saw Dan and his wife and son sitting at a large table with several extra chairs. Max moved toward them.

“Hi, do you mind if we join you?”

The guy looked a little startled for a second and then a large grin took over his face. He introduced us to his wife, Tami and türkçe bahis reminded us his son’s name is Ryan. Tami is a very petite young lady with a very dark, almost copper toned tan and beautiful breasts. Her hair is sort of auburn brown with reddish highlights. Her face isn’t perfect, the chin being a little too severe and the nose slightly hooked, but the bright blue eyes and sparkling smile made her very pleasant to look at. She is slender with a fully shaved pussy. She has a charming southern drawl. Her eyes seemed to have a hard time looking beyond Max’s massive cock.

“These are the fellows I was telling you about that we met in the club house.” Dan tried to clarify our relationship for his wife. “They’re the ones with those beautiful girls we saw this morning.”

“Oh yes, the girls, they certainly are beautiful. Like they’re mothers.” Tami said.

We thanked her for saying that and then Max and Dan maneuvered the conversation to kids. Max mentioned that Jackie had always wondered what it would be like to have a teenaged son. Tami mentioned that they had often thought it would be fun to have a daughter. My eyes kept focused on Tami’s beautiful tits. I noticed that Dan seemed a little nervous, maybe this conversation was a little premature, I thought.

Max boldly suggested the swap. Tami was a bit taken aback at the swiftness but she didn’t reject the idea off hand. “Gee, we’ll have to think about that…” she said, chuckling. She looked a little sheepishly at Dan and Ryan. I noticed that Dan’s cock was hard again and, still trying not to stare at his wife too obviously, mine was too.

After lunch we excused ourselves and procured one of the skiffs. Since it was equipped with an electric motor, we knew the trip to the island would be an easy one.

We made it out to the island in a few minutes and motored around it, looking for our daughters. About three quarters of the way around it, we spotted güvenilir bahis siteleri them. They were sitting on a couple of towels talking to some boys (what a surprise). The guys looked a few years older than Candie and Lisa, and one of them had an impressive erection. He was talking to Lisa. From where we were, it was easy to see why he was aroused. She was sitting with the soles of her feet together and her hands behind her, leaning back. Max pointed out that he could see that his daughter’s pussy was not only exposed, but also gaping open. All she needed was a sign that said “Wanna fuck?”

The guy that was talking to Candie was actually giving her a back rub at the same time. He was kneeling behind her and rubbing her shoulders. It was all very innocent.

After a few minutes, I noticed that the guy working on Candie had moved his hands around to her front and was sensuously rubbing her little titties and tweaking her nipples. At the same time, Lisa had taken the other guy’s cock into her mouth and was doing her best to give it a massive hickey. That guy had his hands on her head and was moving it to and fro as he fucked her face. Max used the zoom lens on his camera and took a series of photos as we lingered just off shore, totally unknown to our daughters.

The guy who was face fucking Lisa said something and started to move away from her. We saw her turn around to arrange her towel as the guy moved to his hands and knees; his erect and wet cock was aimed at her inviting pussy. As she lay back and he guided his cock in to her, Candie glanced over at them. Because of the angles involved, we were now in Candie’s field of vision. She said something and suddenly Lisa sat up, pushing the lad out and off of her. She covered her mouth as Candie waved to us. The boys disappeared, as it were, into thin air.

Max and I beached our boat and walked up to the girls. He made no attempt to hide his massive hard on, which kind of betrayed the mock outrage and concern he had on his face. Lisa’s eyes, and Candie’s too, for that matter, locked on his fuck pole as he approached.

More to come. Your votes and comments are appreciated.

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