Susie Sells Papers! Ch. 07

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Fr. Christian Farnsworth’s voice sounded in Susanna Cox’s ear first thing on a bleary Tuesday morning at the office. “Hey, Susie, how’s it going?”

“Fine, Chris. What can I do for you?”

“Got a favor to ask. You busy today?”

Susie flipped open her appointment book. The past two weeks had been rather full, and she was just coming off a three day weekend. There were two visits coming up later in the week, but the next week was going to be a marathon. She had to get some office work done, but there was a lot of space in her calendar at the moment. Fr. Chris was her go between, so making room for him made sense. “No, Chris, not really. What do you have in mind?”

“A friend of mine’s in town, just gave my parish a superb Mission. Mike Simpson and I go back to seminary days; I think you’ll like him.”

“And how far do you want me to go in making his dreams come true?”

“I’ll give you a hundred more names for this one time. So I want you to fuck him any way he wants it, but I get to watch.”

Susie smiled to herself. “Sounds like fun. Anything special you want me to bring?”

An hour later, Susie was in the Rec Room of his Rectory. She wore a simple smock over her bare body, her feet in sandals, with a pot of water gently heating some oil and a massage table set up in front of her. A text message alerted Chris all was ready, and she heard voices progress down the hallway.

Fr. Mike Simpson and Fr. Chris entered clad only in large white towels wrapped around their waists, glasses of Scotch in their hands and a huge cigar was between the host’s lips. They were a study in contrasts: Mike’s body was sculpted, lean with strong musculature, while Chris definitely had passed his prime, with flabby arms and a small, sagging paunch. “Mike, I’d like you to meet a friend of mine, Susie Cox.”

“A pleasure, Susie,” Mike said, extending a strong hand. “You are a delight for tired eyes. Are you going to work some of the tension from my back?”

Chris wiggled his eyebrows behind Mike’s back at Susie, and she smiled. “Of course, Father. Anything to help you relax.”

“Sounds nice.” Facing away from his colleague, he shrugged off the towel and lay face down on the table, his powerful legs captivating her eyes.

She took a bottle from the pot, tested the temperature, then spread it on his broad shoulders, working it into his taunt muscles. He purred as she kneaded and prodded his flesh, and soon his back glistened in the flourescent light, all the exertion of the past few days gone from them. Sighing, she took more and worked it into his nicely rounded buttocks; looking kartal escort bayan at Chris, she saw him puffing frantically on his cigar, following her hands greedily with his eyes.

“Now, Chris,” Mike said, breaking the silence. “I know what you’re thinking and don’t get your hopes up. There was that one night at the Eucharistic Congress when we were in seminary, where we got drunk and did unspeakable things all night, but it’s not going to happen again. The only person who’s going to touch me here is this lovely young woman who is utterly fantastic.”

He spread his arms in denial. “Of course, Mike. We’ve been friends for years and have I ever pushed anything on you since then?”

“All right. But we need to talk about other things, and you need to look at my eyes. How’s Jimmy Worth and Slick Simon doing these days?” They proceeded to talk about mutual acquaintances and what they were doing in their parishes, or in some cases, how the families of departed priests were doing. Susie spent a long time working on her powerful legs, focusing on his thighs as she could get at them, before working on his feet.

“Father,” she said at last, “If you would turn over, I’ll work on your front a while.”

“Sure,” he said, turning over. His six pack was well defined, his pectoral and arm muscles strong, and the leviathan between his legs was stunning even at rest. “Look at my eyes, Chris, look at my eyes.”

“Of course, Mike. Of course. How’s your mother doing?”

Their conversation wandered up and down their family trees as she worked her way from the soles of his feet to his temples. As she passed the leviathan’s lair, it stirred gently as she worked his inner thighs, so she made a note to return after she’d done the rest of his front. He was able to continue his conversation as she worked the tension out of his chest and arms, and his voice began to quaver when she returned to his inner thighs, her hands creeping close and closer to his scrotum.

“Chris, this isn’t fair,” he said, as her hand coaxed him to an erection.

“What do you mean, Mike?”

“Some projection going on here, I think.”

“Whatever do you mean?”

“This lovely woman is getting me aroused, and I surely don’t want her to stop, but you’re getting the benefit of a little voyeurism here.”

Chris shrugged his shoulders. “I just want you to be comfortable, Mike. Susie can be trusted. Do you want me to go?”

Mike thought for a minute. “Well, you set this up, so I might as well give you a show. You can stay. Just stay in your corner and try not to drool too much.”

“Okay, escort maltepe Mike. I’m sure Susie’s getting more pleasure handling your magic wand than I am looking at it.”

Susie deftly manipulated his staff, teasing the head, caressing the balls, running her dripping fingers up and down his shaft before stroking him. Going slowly at first, then building steam until his member turned bright red, she fondled and manipulated him as his breathing grew more erratic. Just when she thought he was going to shoot his load, she bent over to take him in her mouth, licking and sucking until he sent streams of fiery liquid she swallowed greedily.

Mike lay on the table, staring upward. “My, that was fantastic. Chris, you are the ultimate host.”

“Thanks, Mike. Glad you enjoyed it.”

“Wow. Susie, I am beyond words.”

She wiped her mouth and smiled. “Anything to make you happy, Father. My pleasure.”

“Is there anything I can do in reciprocation?”

“Oh, no. That’s not necessary.”

Chris stirred in the corner. “Perhaps Susie would like a back rub. Susie, lie down on the table and let Mike work you over.”

Mike got up and Susie reluctantly took his place, face up on the table. “Okay, I’ll work your front first.”

Getting the oil bottle, he began with her shoulder and worked his way down her arms. He used quite a lot of oil on her breasts, massaging them and teasing the nipples to full hardness. She purred as she worked her stomach, then down her shaved mound between her legs. A finger slipped between her lower lips, teasing, taunting, before he moved down her thighs and legs to her feet. “Turn over, Susie and I’ll do your back.”

She did as she was told and he worked up the back of her calves. As he arrived at her ass, she parted her legs, inviting him in, but he passed it by, moving to the small of her back. His hands on her shoulder blades and higher was heaven, and he whispered in her ear: “Turnabouts is fair play.”

He returned to her nicely rounded ass, and worked down between her legs until he found her swollen lips. One finger entered, followed by another and another, as she writhed and moaned.

Just when she was ascending the mountain, Chris broke in: “I see the Phoenix was arisen.”

“So what?”

“Perhaps you should put that where I can’t see it.”

“I should put the towel back on?” He asked, puzzled.

Chris laughed. “No, dummy, I was thinking of someplace else.”

“I’m not putting it where you want me to.”

He laughed again. “I think you have a closer option. Surely Susie is ready for you.”

Mike climbed pendik escort up on the table, and touched her vagina with the head of his penis. She widened her legs and pushed back against him, inviting him in. With a thrust, he plunged in.

The bucked and thrust together for several moments. He slapped her butt several times with loud cracks, then probed with his thumb in her crevasse. She gasped as his thumb entered her asshole, and her thundering orgasm made her writhe and buck underneath him.

After she calmed down, he pulled out and stroked himself. “Well, thanks, Susie. . .”

She turned and said: “You’re not done yet.”


“I think Susie wants you to put it somewhere else. Perhaps where your thumb was.”

“Oh.” He put some oil on his hand and worked a slick finger into her back passage. She laid back and raised her hips up to give him better access. Chris brought over a cylindrical pillow and put it under her pelvis; she raised up to let it slide in and settled down onto it. Mike poured more oil between her cheeks and worked two fingers into her asshole to loosen it.

Satisfied, he placed the head of his cock against her rectum and she wiggled her butt back against him. With a pop, the head went in and gradually the leviathan disappeared its full length. They pumped together as his second orgasm built.

“More, more,” she moaned.

“I’m all the way in,” Mike said, “What do you want?”

“Finger my clit.”

“I can’t reach it.”

“I can,” Chris said. He came over to stand beside them, cigar still burning like a censer between his lips.

“All right, Chris,” Mike said, “but don’t touch me. I don’t want to feel your hand on my balls or my leg.”

Chris crossed himself, and reached under her pelvis to insert a finger in her dripping slit. “More, more,” she moaned.

Mike thrust faster and Chris added a finger, play with her clitoris with his thumb. Her breath grew ragged and she begged for more; Chris added a third and fourth finger. Another demand for more; Chris looked at Mike and balled his hand into a fist, gently pushing it in. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes,” she screamed, relishing the full, double penetration for two minutes before Mike shouted and erupted into her bowels.

He pulled out and Chris moved over to keep fisting Susie. Before long, she orgasmed again with loud screams and almost uncontrollable writhing. She held his hand inside her until she recovered before she pushed it out.

Chris went back to his chair and Mike put his towel back on. Susie moved to her side, and smiled. “Fancy a cigar?” Mike asked.

She nodded and Chris gave Mike his to transfer to her. As she puffed, she and Mike watched while Chris lovingly licked her juices from his hand. “This is new for you,” Mike observed.

“Not at all,” Chris said, “Perhaps there’s a stray sperm or two here for me.”

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