Surprise Family Affair Ch. 03

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Situation and summary of the first two parts: Sam and Susan have two grown daughters. Betty is married to Bob and Barbara is going to be wedded to Bruce. This family shares sex with each other, including Sam having sex with his daughters. Also, Susan is pleased to have two sons-in-laws who go to bed with her.

Many guests were attending Bruce and Barbara’s wedding. Of course, Bruce’s parents, Jane and John, were present.

After the ceremony, Jane whispered to Susan, “Let’s go outside where we can have some privacy. I have a question.”

Susan and Jane walked to a corner of the yard away from other people.

Jane turned to Susan, “My son mentioned to his dad that your family has an unusual family arrangement. Bruce said that he was in bed with you. Is that true?”

Susan looked a little embarrassed, but knew she had to tell the truth, “Yes, your son is a very good lover, too.”

“Does Betty know that Bob is in bed with her mother?”

Susan decided to tell everything, including Sam having sex with his two daughters.

Jane could hardly believe what she heard, but then said, “That does sound interesting. My husband, John, got rather excited and told me it could be an interesting relationship. He was suggesting we might join your family. We didn’t know your daughters had sex with their dad.”

“Yes, they seem to love their dad so much, they really enjoy being in bed with him. I think it is a nice relationship since it is all in the family.”

Jane pondered a minute before asking, “Do you really like being in bed with your two sons-in-laws?”

“Yes, they both are good lovers. Sam isn’t too active in the bedroom anymore. These two younger men can get a much harder erection and are much more vigorous. I really love having orgasms with them.”

Susan continued, “Now that Bruce is married to our Barbara, you are a part of the family and I know you and John are welcome to join us. Bruce and Barbara are not going on their honeymoon right now, so both of our families can be together tomorrow evening. I’ll invite Bob and Betty over. I think you will find Bob is a very good sex partner. He is young and vigorous. I’ll suggest to Betty that she pair up with John. I think she will agree.”

Before going back to the party, Jane said, “I was a virgin when I married John. He is the only man I’ve ever been to bed with. John and I have recently discussed getting involved with another couple, so this will be a first time for me. I want to try it.”

Later when Susan had a chance to talk to Betty and Bob, they both agreed to pair up with Barbara’s parents.

Betty chuckled as she said, “If he hasn’t had sex outside of marriage, it will be fun to break him in. It’s sort of like finding a virgin.”

Both families gathered the next evening at Sam illegal bahis and Susan’s home. For at least an hour, drinks were being passed around until everyone was feeling fairly good. Then the subject of sex came up.

Susan announced, “The wedding of Bruce and Barbara merged both of our families together. Our family has been completely comfortable and happy to share love and sex. I feel that we now have an extended family. To initiate our new couple, John and Jane, into the family group, Betty and Bob have volunteered to pair with them. After they go to the bedrooms, the rest of us can continue to have another drink or do whatever comes naturally.”

Everyone laughed since Susan’s voice was affected by the drinks.

Bob and Betty got up, went to John and Jane and disappeared down the hall. Once Bob entered the room with Jane, he noticed she looked very nervous.

Bob said, “Don’t be nervous. I heard you have never been with another man except John.”

She seemed a little reluctant to talk and kept her distance from Bob

Bob suggested, “Let’s just sit down together on the bed. We’ll take it slow.”

Bob put his arm around her waist while sitting on the edge of the bed. He turned to kiss her cheek and neck. Then she turned her head for a kiss on the lips.

She said, “Go bring us another drink. I want to get drunk so I can loose my inhibitions.”

While Bob was walking through the living room to the kitchen, he noticed the only people left in the room were Sam and his daughter Barbara. Sam had his pants off and Barbara already had removed her blouse and bra. Her ample breasts looked very inviting.

Bob asked, “What are you two doing in here?”

Barbara responded, “The bedrooms are already filled up, so we volunteered to stay here.”

As Bob was walking toward the kitchen, he noticed Sam was kissing his daughter’s breasts.

Bob fixed two very strong drinks and returned to the living room again. He noticed Sam was completely naked now and Barbara was down on the floor in front of him with her dad’s cock in her mouth. Bob decided not to bother them and immediately went on down the hall to be with Jane. He passed the bedroom door where his wife of two months was in bed with John. Bob listened for noises but didn’t hear anything.

He entered the bedroom where Jane was waiting for him. She had already partially undressed and was sitting up in bed. Bob handed the drink to her. In a very short time, her drink was gone, but Bob took only a few sips. He wanted to stay sober and enjoy his time with Jane. He noticed she was getting very tipsy.

Bob asked, “How do you feel? Have you had enough to drink?”

Jane was slurring her words as she said, “I’m doing just fine big boy.”

Bob was a little surprised at her words.

Jane illegal bahis siteleri said in a rather demanding voice, “Come on to bed and fuck me. I’ve made up my mind that I’m going through with this. I haven’t been fucked by anyone but my husband up until now. I’m going to be real cool about this.”

Bob was still a little bewildered with her words. She seemed to be rather drunk and the drink sure loosened her words. Bob stripped off, then helped Jane get naked.

She laid on her back and spread her legs as if to say, “Come and get it. Fuck me!”

Bob crawled on top and started to enter her. She was very dry. Bob moved down to lick and juice up her pussy.

Jane held his head tight at her pussy and said, “That’s it, Big Boy, eat my pussy. Say something nasty to me.”

Bob had never said any dirty words to any girl in his life. Now this drunk lady wanted him to take dirty to her. He wasn’t sure what to say.

He got the courage to say, “Jane, you are a slut. You are a drunken slut.”

“That’s what I want to hear. I know I am drunk. Fuck me fast.”

Bob started fucking her faster. He then asked, “Does your husband talk dirty to you?”

“No he doesn’t, but I wish he would. I know I am a slut for cheating on him.”

Bob couldn’t let that statement go by. “You’re not cheating on him. He is in the other bedroom with my wife, Betty.”

Jane groaned in a drunken stupor to say, “I hope he is fucking her good. He always wanted us to swap with another couple. Now he is getting his wish, and I’m enjoying it, too.”

Bob was fucking her rather fast and she was vigorously pushing up to him every time his cock plunged deep in her pussy. Bob was wondering if she was too drunk to have an orgasm. However, it wasn’t very long before she groaned and yelled as she had an orgasm.

Bob had not cum as yet. He wondered if she would give him a blow job in her drunken state.

Bob decided to be firm about it. He said is a strong manly voice, “I’m going to pull out and then you are going to suck me off.”

She didn’t say anything but laid very still. Bob waited a few more seconds, then pulled out.

Bob said in demanding voice, “Sit up and take this in you mouth.”

She responded to his demand, sat up, leaned over but seemed a little too drunk to get it in her mouth.

Bob then decided to get her in a position so he could fuck her mouth. He helped her get out of bed, sit on the floor with her back up against the bed to keep her steady and not fall over backwards. He stood in front of her and aimed his cock at her open mouth. She took it and clumsily raised one hand to hold his cock and feel his balls.

Bob started back and forth movements. When she wasn’t caressing his balls, they were bouncing up against her chin. He canlı bahis siteleri was amazed that when he pushed forward that she could take his full cock in her mouth and throat. Bob kept looking down at her to see his cock going back and forth in her mouth. He felt he was about ready to cum.

Bob had difficulty keeping his knees from weakening as he started cumming in her mouth. He was groaning and grunting as his cock continued to spew. She held his cock and tried to push him away to keep from gaging. His cock came out of her mouth which allowed cum to spurt on her face and dribble on down to her chest. After she gulped his cum, he put his now flaccid cock back in her mouth. She held his balls while she sucked on his little member. Then she looked up to meet his eyes.

Bob backed away and sat down on the floor. They looked at each other and laughed.

Bob said, “You are a mess. I’ll help you clean up in the bathroom.”

She responded, “That’s what happens to a girl when she gets drunk. Help me stand up and take me to the bathroom.”

Bob was glad they were in the master bedroom with the private bath. He wanted to clean Jane up and get her dressed before appearing in front of the rest of the family. He wondered if his wife, Betty, had finished with John. He wanted to see her in the living room and whisper in her ear that he loved her.

Bob took a very wet wash rag and gently washed his cum off her face and her chest. Then he had her sit on the bed while he struggled to put on her panties. He noticed her pussy lips were slightly spread where his cock had been. He had given her a good orgasm and he got his by fucking her mouth.

Bob was tempted to quickly lick her pussy. He pushed her back on the bed, moved the small piece of panty cloth to one side of her pussy and buried his head between her legs.

She said, “That feels good, but we better get back in the living room.”

Bob knew that she was beginning to sober up. He finished helping her dress, then he dressed himself.

Bob told her, “I’m sorry if I offended you with my dirty talk or any thing else. You are a very nice lady.”

She responded by saying, “Next time I won’t drink so much. I hope I satisfied you and I’d like to do this again with you when I’m sober.”

Bob and Jane walked out of the bedroom and into the living room to see all the other family members had returned from their sex activities.

Susan greeted them, “It’s nice to see you two. You two are the last to finish for tonight.”

Bob saw his wife sitting on the floor with her sister, Barbara. She smiled and looked very radiant. He assumed she had a good orgasm with her older lover. Sam was smiling too. Evidently, he enjoyed the blow job his daughter, Barbara, gave him, or maybe he ended up fucking her. Everyone seemed to be pleased. The evening had been a pleasure for everyone.

Bob could hardly wait until he and Betty were alone. He would then learn if she sucked off the new member of the family or did he fuck her and fill her pussy with cum.

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